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121 Earthworm Jim is overrated
122 Clone High was not bad but was pretty dull and boring overall
123 Family Guy did not rip off the Simpsons

I agree with this. The humor is nothing alike. - RalphBob

124 The Simpsons is still a somewhat decent show even today

I think that it is as awesome as it ever was. - RalphBob

125 Pokémon Black/Blue wasn't really anything to get worked up over, it was just PETA being stupid as always

Not to mention the fact that PETA SUCKS and is a terrorist organization. Do not support PETA. They never do any good.

126 We need Waluigi in Smash Bros.

As an actual character, not just one of those stupid "assist trophies". Little Mac got to become playable between Brawl and 3Ds/WiiU, why couldn't Waluigi?

127 We need Daisy in Smash Bros.
128 Quote would probably be very overpowered in Smash Bros.
129 Johnny test did not rip off Dexter's Laboratory

Phineas and Ferb is kind of a ripoff, even though I like it. I mean, secret agent animal, boy creating gadgets, though personality-wise, Phineas and Dexter are almost opposites. - RalphBob

130 Family guy is not starting to go downhill V 1 Comment
131 The Lion King is horrible
132 Mufasa is a bad father figure
133 Knuckles is not stupid or dumb

Ed from The Lion King is much dumber; He chews on his leg for Pete's sake! Knuckles on the other hand, managed to find every piece of the Master Emerald. Why the heck do some people think that Ed is smart and Knuckles is dumb when in reality it's the other way around? God...

He's not stupid, he's just kinda slow..:

Except in Rise of Lyric...
Random Robot: do you know where the blue hedgehog is
Knuckles: we're not gonna tell you they're a few floors down!
Robot: :flies down:
Amy: :punches Knuckles:

134 Shadow the Hedgehog is not a bloodthirsty killer

Nor is he emo...

135 Star Fox Adventures deserves more praise than Kingdom Hearts
136 'Captain N: The Game Master' is a much better TV show than 'Timon and Pumbaa'.
137 Shenzi, Banzai and Ed don't do their species' reputation any justice

No wonder why Disney got sued by a hyena activist.

138 Timon and Pumbaa are not funny, they're disgusting
139 Simba is a whiny brat

Well, it doesn't help that he grows into an angsty adult who later becomes too overprotective of his own daughter that he never lets her do what she wants.

No he isn't. He was just clueless at some point. He was just really playful too.

140 Non-Disney movies deserve more love
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