Top Ten Most Unrealistic Moments in The Loud House

As most of you probably know by now Loud House is a slice of life show that despite being a cartoon is for the most part realistic. Though there are some moments where stuff happens in the show that will most likely never happen in real life (I personally enjoy these moments). So here is a list of these unrealistic moments.

The Top Ten

1 The Sisternado - Heavy Meddle

This was one of the weirdest, randomest, unrealistic moments of the entire show! Though I still enjoyed it! - Spongehouse

2 Lisa's time travel machine - The Mad Scientist

Yep Lisa actually created a time machine, happens everyday in the real world, but seriously that would be cool if a time machine was built in real life and actually worked. I would just hope that it doesn't malfunction while I'm in it - Spongehouse

3 Mr. Coconuts being alive

As you probably know Mr. Coconuts (The brother of Mr. Coconut from Total Drama) is Luan's wooden dummy that she uses for comedy. The weird thing about this dummy is how it seems to be able to move and talk on its own as seen in "Ties that Bind" and "Stage Plight." Crepy! - Spongehouse

4 Trashy - Chore and Peace

I loved trashy though he was incredibly unrealistic. Though he would make a good pet - Spongehouse

5 The Street Cat Gang being mentioned

I don't know why the Casagrandes didn't call the exterminator yet! It be weird seeing a gang of evil cats in real life. Especially if they had leather jackets, cigarettes, and were riding motorcycles - Spongehouse

6 Fenton's head hanging up in the sky - The Crying Dame

This was pretty creepy and if it would happen in real life I think I would die. No wonder the parents were running away! - Spongehouse

7 Plessy the lake monster - Washed Up

While there have been rumors before of these kind of creatures being alive today, I highly doubt those rumors are true. Though it'd be cool if these creatures were still alive today! - Spongehouse

8 The goat with Lucy's hair - The Write Stuff

It would be extremely weird to go to a petting zoo and seeing a goat that has the same hair as you. Lucy didn't seem to mind though - Spongehouse

9 Lincoln Being Born in The President's Limo - Not A Loud

You all know this story of Lincoln being born in the Presidents Limo. Yeah that's a very believable story (sarcasm) - Spongehouse

10 Paula playing sports while having a broken leg

Despite having a broken leg with a cast Paula still plays sports such as soccer and basketball, which would be really hard to do in real life - Spongehouse

The Contenders

11 A bad couple having 11 children and being able to support 11 children.

How can they afford to feed 11 children?!?!

12 Lucy Turns into a Vampire - Butterfly Effect

Being bitten by a vampire bat will not turn you into a vampire. - egnomac

13 Sergio - Relative Chaos

Birds can't talk

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