Top Ten Video Game Franchises That Should End (But With a Great Last Game)

Vote for the video game franchises you think that need to end now, but with a great last game so it can be remembered in the future. The companies need to end something and then creat something new also.

The Top Ten

Call of Duty

Nothing needs to be said here, end it.

I don't care if they make the last Call of Duty game the greatest game ever.
I'm throwing a party when the series is over.

Assassin's Creed
The Legend of Zelda

I hope it ends around 20th generation or more.

Mortal Kombat
Street Fighter
Final Fantasy
Grand Theft Auto

Not with a "great last game", it just needs to end.


As feared, after Bungie departed the series degraded, degraded to shiny toy soldiers that took away the feel of being a Spartan, Cortana dying followed by insta resurrection and turned evil, the story where you don't even play as chief 80% of time, the incomplete game at launch bull that is poisoning the gaming community, and the random loot and disgusting micro transactions that may give way to free content but makes earning pieces take forever to coax you into buying them, Chief talks.

(Glad they at least put it in different saga's)

I'm not saying it all should have ended, but Halo the story of Master Chief should have... did end for me with Halo 3, its not about Halo anymore.

Mario bros

Insert name of Mario game where the Mario brothers die in order to save the universe.

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