Top Ten Video Game Theories

The Top Ten

1 Link Is Dead In Majoras Mask

Not true.

2 Child Abduction Scheme - Animal Crossing
3 Future Predicting Radio Channel - Fallout 3
4 The Great Pokemon War - Pokemon Series

Didn't this become official in generation 6?

5 Squal Is Dead - Final Fantasy 8
6 Shepherd In Mass Effect 3 Is Possessed

The "indoctrination theory" has to be the best and most believable, too bad it's not true

7 Nazism In the Legend of Zelda
8 Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental: Part 1

NO! Just NO!

9 Metal Gear Solid Is Just a Training Simulation
10 Earthbounds Final Boss Gygas Is a Fetus

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Is Just a Play
12 Jack is King's brother in Cave Story
13 Yidder, a phrase in the now unpopular Tomadachi Life song "Operation Robodachi Fist", is actually an in game racist term against Miis whose favorite foods include watermelon and chicken
14 Companion Cubes Are Humans

Never knew GLADoS Would do that

15 Sans is Ness
16 Ninten is Ness' Dad
17 Golden Freddy is Fredbear
18 Dr. Mario is the Third Mario Brother
19 Cubone is a Baby Kangaskhan
20 Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros Melee is Autistic
21 The Inklings from Splatoon are Idiots
22 Sonic is Not as Cheap as We Thought
23 The Legend of Korra is Actually Ocarina of Time, but in a Different Timeline and Place
24 Link and Zelda are Toon Link's Parents
25 Zelda is pregnant in Breath of the Wild

She LOOKS like it.

26 Kirby is Katamari's Ball
27 Alphys' Way of Feeding the Amalgamates in Undertale is to Nakedly Pleasure Them and Serve as Their Nightly Vore Victim When No One's Looking
28 Bently from Sly Cooper is the Distant Time Traveling European Cousin of Ron from Rocko's Modern Life
29 Super Mario Bros 3 is a Stage Play
30 Serena from Pokemon Has an Abusive Mother

It's obvious in the anime.

31 Lara Croft is Gold Turned Human
32 The Goodbye Fox Ending in Star Fox Command Was Fox's Real Future
33 Nintendo Bought Rare Without Telling Anyone About It

That explains why the cloaking device from Perfect Dark was an item in Smash Bros Melee.

34 Nintendo Bought the Rights to Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie and Killer Instinct Before Rare's Purchase but Didn't Tell Anyone About It
35 Ladybug and Cat Noir are Dawn and Clemont from Pokemon Fighting in the Smash Bros Team in Lumiose City

That's the most random theory I've ever heard! It's quite possible though...

36 Killer Instinct is Mortal Kombat

Not true. They were both created by Midway, though.

37 Detective Pikachu is a Replacement for the Pokemon Diamond Pearl Remakes Nintendo Promised Us
38 Saki Amamiya is a Woman

He sure LOOKS like one.

39 Ayumi Tachibana Was Going to Have a More Important Role in Super Smash Bros

That's true. She was planned for Melee.

40 Ashley is an Orphan - WarioWare
41 Ryder (from GTA San Andreas) was not created to be a villain, but something happened in Rockstar to change Ryder's role in the game
42 Luigi Can Destroy the World
43 Phosphora is Palutena's niece

That's actually true.

44 Orca is Link and Aryll's grandfather - Wind Waker
45 Neku from The World Ends With You is the next Smash Ultimate newcomer
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