Top Ten Video Game Theories

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1 Link Is Dead In Majoras Mask

Not true.

2 Child Abduction Scheme - Animal Crossing
3 Future Predicting Radio Channel - Fallout 3
4 The Great Pokemon War - Pokemon Series

Didn't this become official in generation 6?

5 Squal Is Dead - Final Fantasy 8
6 Shepherd In Mass Effect 3 Is Possessed

The "indoctrination theory" has to be the best and most believable, too bad it's not true

7 Nazism In the Legend of Zelda
8 Game Theory: Why Mario is Mental: Part 1

NO! Just NO!

9 Metal Gear Solid Is Just a Training Simulation

The theory is that Snake Eater is a simulation.

10 Earthbounds Final Boss Gygas Is a Fetus

The Contenders

11 Super Mario Is Just a Play

Super Mario Bros 3 is a play

12 Jack is King's brother in Cave Story
13 Yidder, a phrase in the now unpopular Tomadachi Life song "Operation Robodachi Fist", is actually an in game racist term against Miis whose favorite foods include watermelon and chicken
14 Companion Cubes Are Humans

Never knew GLADoS Would do that

You want some cake?

15 Sans is Ness
16 Ninten is Ness' Dad
17 Golden Freddy is Fredbear

This is actually true.

18 Dr. Mario is the Third Mario Brother

Mario would need at least 10 years experience to become a doctor.

19 Cubone is a Baby Kangaskhan
20 Crazy Hand from Super Smash Bros Melee is Autistic

It's quite possible, actually.

21 The Inklings from Splatoon are Idiots
22 Sonic is Not as Cheap as We Thought
23 The Legend of Korra is Actually Ocarina of Time, but in a Different Timeline and Place
24 Link and Zelda are Toon Link's Parents
25 Zelda is pregnant in Breath of the Wild

She LOOKS like it.

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