Top Ten Warrior Cats in Riverclan


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1 Mistystar Mistystar

Mistystar is half-clan but she is still loyal to RiverClan! First she got mad at Mothwing when she found out that the medicine cat didn't believe in StarClan, but later Mistystar was fine with that! Mistystar is the best RiverClan leader EVER!

She is halfclan but did that stop her from becoming leader! I hateed the part when stonefur died because TIGERSTAR SAID SO! For all I care, tigerstar can go jump in the river! He needed to exsperiance all the pain and suffering that mistystar had. MISTYSTAR MAY STARCLAN LIGHT YOUR PATH! I HOPE YOU SEE BLUESTAR AND STONEFUR AT THE MOONPOOL!

This beautiful, strong, independent leader is one of the greatest RiverClan cats ever. She was first introduced as Silvey's best friend and a nursery queen. She was a very loyal friend and didn't tell everyone Silverstream's secret. Then when she found out Bluestar was her mother she forgave her. And she served her clan well as a deputy and leader. But she was a balanced out character. She was very sarcastic in the beginning to Firestar but she eventually managed to trust him. She didn't forgive Bluestar immediately and it took a while to do it. She sent Mothwing to the elders den just to realise she had made a huge mistake. I think she is a fabulous character and definitely a great leader.

Misty will always be my bae.

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2 Crookedstar

I think crookedstar is the best ever because he had so much hardships and even since mapleshade and rainflower got in his way and didn't love him anymore he still tried to make her believe that he was going to be the best leader of all. I agree that he is better than any leader and leaders to come. He is way better than firestar, bluestar, misty star, and most of all tigerstar.

Crookedstar endured so much pain even more than Bluestar! I think he deserves to be 1. Mapleshade made him promise to be loyal to his clan above anything else I HATE YOU MAPLESHADE!

-Redtail loyal deputy of thunderclan

Lived probably one of the roughest lives, crooked jaw, mapleshade's evilness, loosing everything he loved! - Jewlwhisker_456

He went through pain, misery, sorrow, not to mention tricked by the promise he made to Mapleshade when he was Crookedkit. He watched as Twolegs took his mate and had to fight to get her back. His mate, Willowbreeze, dies while kitting along with two other kits. And even though Silverkit managed to survive, she still passes away while giving birth to Graystripe’s kits, Featherkit and Stormkit. I think he’s endured the most because he’s gone through so much and still stood strong over it all.

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3 Silverstream Silverstream

Silver stream was always beautiful and she even helped handsome Graystripe from the river. She died giving birth to Graystripes kits that was so so so sad when it happened and now Stormfur is in the tribe and Feathertail is dead + Graystripe has a new mate Millie she has his kits buts gets sick and silverstream said that she would do anything to make Graystripe happy.

Silverstream is a very honorable warrior. When she and Graystripe met, She was very aggresive to him and Fireheart/star, Then Graystripe made jokes and Fireheart/star noticed Silverstream's whiskers twitching with amusement. Fireheart/star soon found out that when Graystripe was sick he was sneaking off to meet Silverstream. Graystripe and Fireheart/star soon got into a bug fight about it then Silverstream died giving birth to Graystripe's kits. I LOVE YOU SILVERSTREAM!

I love Silverstream! She was a beautiful and nice cat and deserved to live longer. I mean, she died when she gave birth! THAT'S sad! Then, one dies and the other is in a cat-tribe! Silverstream was a wonderful warrior and would've made a great deputy too!

She’s annoying, a spoiled brat, does nothing. Yeah, spoiled brat has Silverstream written all over it. She knows her father would do anything to not lose her, so she basically becomes selfish and tells her father to shut up like the selfish brat she is. And then, she continues meeting this fat guy she just saw. She then goes into a battle and stands around, until Fireheart tries to kill her. But then sadly, he doesn’t. And then, she walks over to ThunderClan just to die and have dumb kits. And that’s it, that’s Silverstreams "Legacy". - SilverstreamSucks

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4 Stonefur Stonefur

Seriously how could you not love Stonefur?! He died a proud warriors death, defending and fighting what he believed in, and REMEMBER without Stonefur, there would be NO FEATHERTAIL OR STORMFUR! GO GRAYPOOL AND STONEFUR!

I love Stonefur so much! Maybe even more than I love his sister. The first warrior book I ever read was the darkest hour and then I read the rest of the first series. In the darkest hour my favourite male character was Stonefur and I cried a river when he died. I didn't expect there to be so many deaths in one tiny book. And Stonefur's was the worst. I love the fact that he's a loyal and forgiving warrior. And the bravest deputy ever.

Yeah I guess he should be their in the first place. Guess I just forgot. Sorry Stonefur should be number two. - Jewlwhisker_456

He's so amazing, loyal, strong, and probs a total hunk, so...

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5 Feathertail Feathertail

She might not have been in RiverClan too long but she was raised there and born on their original territory so in my opinion she is full RiverClan. She was so understanding to Crowpaw/feather, and the Tribe- she even hunted for them in StarClan! She is one of my favourite cats and I can imagine her in my head- she purdy!

Feathertail is 1000000000000000000x awesome!

Why is Feathertail in 12th place?! She should be in 1st! She is so kind and brave and smart and pretty and just do awesome!

She is adorable. Would make the best mum? The answer is yes! Her and Crowfeather would be perfect together. She may now hunt with the tribe but who cares! I still love her

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6 Oakheart Oakheart

I think that Oakheart should have been a leader and I don't think that he should've died. I love Oakheart, He was a good father to his and Bluefur/star's kits :) He raised them up to be great warriors and the only thing that sucks was that Mistyoot and Stonefur didn't know that Blufur/star was their mother until they were sitting with her and Fireheart/star on the edge of the river and they found out from Fireheart/star they then forgave her :) Oakheart is such a noble and loyal warrior and always followed the warrior code except for when he took Bluefur/star as a mate.

He was a good, encouraging brother to Crookedstar when Rainflower turned away, and he was a noble warrior from what we saw in Crookedstar's Promise. He's definitely deserving of the leader position.

He should of been leader but rocks took him - Jewlwhisker_456


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7 Stormfur

I would vote for Feathertail but she isn't on here so I'll just vote for Stormfur. Go Stormfur!

Stormfur is the best! He should be no. 1 on this list! He is so Awesome! - WaffleyPelt57

He is so cool he never got to meet his mother and his father lived in a diffeent clan his sister was all he had in hs clan then she died he had noting left in riverclan

Stormfur was a great warrior. He never knew his mother and didn’t live with his father in his clan. The only cat he had was his sister, FeatherTail. He wasn’t chosen for the journey, and he still went on. His sister died, and he was left sad. Even if his sister was killed by SharpTooth (or a falling rock) he stayed noble and a great warrior. Go StormFur!

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8 Graypool


I really admire Graypool. She's so brave. All her kits died and she still raised her sister Willowbreeze's mate Crookedstar's brother Oakheart's kits right after it. Tigerstar: You are so evil, I do not have words for it. I'm ready to help kill you.

Took in bluestar's kits - Jewlwhisker_456


Mistystar and Crookedstar are overrated :/ Why aren't underrated cats like GRAYPOOL AND STONEFUR (who SACRIFICED HIS LIFE BY THE WAY) higher than them?!

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9 Willowshine

I love willowshine! She should totally be number one on this list because ever since she was a kit she desired to be a medicine cat and even though her mentor had no belief whatsoever in starclan she still pulled through and remained loyal to mothwing by not telling her secret to the clan. Willowshine is a nice, caring, and overall loving cat and should really be the best cat in the history of river clan aside from river ripple of course! Also she and jayfeather would be an adorable couple even though that has nothing to do with this!

Okay first if you ever saw a picture of here she is ADORABLE big cute blue eyes and fluffy fur! So cute! Sorry about that she's just so cute! :3

Willowshine is THE best! Her name is so pretty, and she's pretty herself, too!

Willowshine is THE best. She's my mentor, by the way. - Junipersong

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10 Stonetail

If you mean Stonefur, I totally cried! He was so brave!

I obviously need to reread because I'm sitting here like who the heck is stonetail!

Who's stonetail do you mean stonefur?

Ok it was a simple mistake. AuquaStar of dew clan, I'm Silkstar of Stromclan and bluestars dad is StromTail and whoever made this bluestars son is stonefur of riverclan.

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The Contenders

11 Leopardstar


Most people think Leopardstar was evil because she joined Tigerclan or whatever it was called, but she's just trying to do what she thinks is best for her clan. She was kinda stupid when she let her deputy get murdered though.

Leopardstar-the medicine cat Mudfur's kit-before he became a medicine cat, spoiled from birth..How did she become the proud loyal smart cat she is? And I just love her name, it makes you know the cat bearing it is really beautiful, graceful..Leopardstar is all that and more!

I love leopardstar she's my ital.and sure she joined tigerclan with tigerstar but she was only protecting her clan.but seriously what did she ever do wrong? She's a great leader.and I support that.

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12 Reedwhisker

I love Reedwhisker so much! Quite mysterious because he's never really talked about in depth.

He's pretty cool. Almost drowned twice though(once as a kit, once as an apprentice). That's too much for a RiverClan cat, don't you think?

He sounds nice
Couldn't think of another cat other than leopardstar

And Reedheart would be a black she-cat with green eyes

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13 Mothwing Mothwing

Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan, but like brambleclaw, she isn't evil like Hawkfrost and Tigerstar's- P. S- TIGERSTAR! GO DIE IN A HOLE

She may not believe in starclan and she may have been a rouge but she remains loyal and kind unlike her brother hawkfrost - Jewlwhisker_456

Mothwing deserves so much. She's great. Tigerstar how could you father such an amazing cat? And of course Bramblestar and Tawneypelt are great, too. It must be your mother Sweetbriar's blood in them, not your personality.

She’s boring and does nothing. Honestly she’s extremely boring to reading about. - SilverstreamSucks

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14 Brambleberry

She rocks! She's been nice and even though she's secretive, she's awesome.

She was always looking out for crookedstar - Jewlwhisker_456

Brambleberry, you're pretty, you're brave, you're wise. Who could ask for more? Everybody should love Brambleberry like I do, she's amazing!

Brambleberry I love you

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15 Mudfur

Mudfur is a great medicine cat and a really encouraging mentor to Mothwing who certainly wasn't very sure of herself in Midnight despite saying she's not scared of anything. I think Mudfur should be voted the best.

He beat Adderfang one-to-one! And he risked his own life to protect the whole Clan and prevent more blood from being lost! - officialstudyqueen

He was a great warrior, he had a beautiful mate, he lived an awesome life. Until Brightsky died, with all his kits but one-Leopardkit. Mudfur was really wise, he made a lot of good choices for his Clan.

16 Willowbreeze

She deserves to be higher. I cried so much when she died!

Oh, WIllowbreeze, I will love you forever.

She should have lived much longer!


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17 Hailstar

Just the leader a Clan needs, willing to sleep in the open rain until Every. Single. Cat had a warm dry den. Pretty awesome!

This cat was an awesome leader!

He was an awesome leader

He was a pretty good leader! 3

18 Hawkfrost Hawkfrost

Made a cute kit, not SO cute when he grew up. Still, brave, could've been such a leader!

Sure, he was evil, but it really wasn't his fault. He's kinda cute in A... Murderous way...

I'm so glad he's dead! I hope he burns in hell!

I only liked Hawkfrost for getting rid of Hollyleaf. But that’s the only thing that I think he didn’t good. - SilverstreamSucks

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19 Graystripe Graystripe

I'm not sure hat he counts. He was only in Riverclan for a short period of time. But still, I like that he is counted!

I love grey stripe. His short time in river clan told him were he truly belongs. - sparrowpool-

He's a traitor he doesn't deserve to be here!

He was only there for a little bit

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20 River Ripple

He is the founder of river clan for starclans sake why was he not number one on this let alone LAST!?!?
River ripple is an awesome cat and renamed himself in honor of the river in which saved and cared for him and was a really wise and kind cat. River ripple is one of the best cats ever!

Adorbs, clever, knowing, independent, humble, noble, caring, and AWESOME. This cat is amaze.

He is founder of riverclan and started all of their ways so why is he not first!? - Rainshadow

Uhm, how #21?

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21 Beetlewhisker

Beetlewhisker was so nice and kind! Its a shame he died. Why brokenstar why!
He would have been the perfect RiverClan cat and he was so gentle and loyal and was tricked into training in the dark forest. He was kinda stupid when he tried to leave right in front of brokenstar. Beetewhisker rules!

Loyal kind and brave. I'm my opinion he should be #2. He should have never died in the dark forest and he should have become Mistystar's deputy and maybe leader

STUPID BROKENSTAR! You killed him because he was a loyal warrior to his clan and not stupid YOU. And he didn't even go to StarClan, his body just laid there in the stupid dark forest and his spirit went nowhere. I hate you brokenstar

Beetlewhisker, you were brave and did what no other cat was brave enough to do. You deserve StarClan's best hunting a millon times over and more. Brokenstar, you ought to be proud of your mother but you don't have a whisker of heart. I hate you more than I can ever say.

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22 Mapleshade Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white tail and mistakenly described as ginger-and-white. She has her own novella and is a villain in the series after she is exiled from ThunderClan, after which she watched her kits die and was abandoned more.

I know she was evil and born in ThunderClan, but she did live in RiverClan at some point and it's not her fault she's evil. Her mate left her for some reason, and I think that tom was Crookedstar's grandfather.

She is not Riverclan she never even stayed there for a day silly - Catsarah123

Mapleshade was never an official Riverclan cat, but she is still amazing. I mean, she loved a cat from another clan (Like that's never happened before! Stupid Thunderclan! ) And then had kits. She was driven from Thunderclan, (A bit harsh there! ) And her kits died when she tried to go to Riverclan. You know the rest of her story. She didn't deserve the Dark Forest, she lost everything, and her family is waiting for her in Starclan, yet she'll never see them again. It's too sad.

23 Rushtail

My favourite three riverclan warriors are Crookedstar, Silverstream and Rushtail cause she made the most awesome battle tactic ever as an apprentice

I think rushtail should be top ten because she was an amzing cat and an awesome apprentice

I love her, she's named for a battle tactic, StarClan's sake!

24 Ottersplash

Ottersplash should be number one she the best and prettiest!

25 Shellheart

Great father and awesome deputy!

Most bossly cat in crooked star"s promise
He accepted crooked stars accident and he stood up for him to
~solar sky
Deputy of ThunderClan

I liked Shellheart I'm glad he didn't die.
Queen of ShadowClan - VideoGameTiger

26 Sunfish

Oh, such a good mother, so warmhearted and kind! I think she should be 11th!

She has a pretty name and foster mother to silverstream

Silverstream's foster mom

Best. Name. Ever. enough said.

27 Rippletail

He died on the beaver quest. It was very sad and I felt awful for poor Petalfur.

I loved rippletail why did he have to die?! Ok now I hate beavers #poor petalfur


28 Heavystep

He is immortal! Live forever, Heavystep!
-Silverfrost of RiverClan

Hehe he must be a wittle chubby

No, Heavystep is a good elder in RiverClan!
Queen of ShadowClan - VideoGameTiger


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29 Reedshine

A caring mentor. I think he should be number1!

Ummm she is a she-cat so but still she should have become leader after Splashheart

30 Echomist

Echomist is a really great queen, and not just to her own kits, because she helped Crookedkit as well. I feel like there is more to her - like she is a deep character, and I wish that there was more written about her. Go Echomist! This last part is random, but I also love her name. It is very elegant and mysterious. Echomist, Echomist.

Your thinking of Echosong but I still love Echomist. She was a nice and sweet queen to both her kits and Crookedkit, who all grew up to be awesome warriors. She is so much better than Rainflower!

Don't forget about SkyClan! Echo mist is such a great aid to Leafstar and a good medicine cat in general!

31 Scorge

I love him! He was so awesome but not in RiverClan

Umm... He was never in RiverClan - Emberflight_of_StormClan

He was bullied as a kit it changed him like the part where Tigerpaw nearly killed him he got his revenge and was killed by firestar ~Ruby the kittypet

He killed tigerstar in the worst way possible, but think of his life and what had happened to him to make him like that! besides tigerstar did almost kill scorge when he was a kit named tiny </3 ~Silverstar leader of lightningclan

32 Fallowtail

Good mother although she shouldn't have fallen for Reedfeather. I mean he took their kits from her. And if Greypool and Willowbreeze lived in WindClan, Crookedstar wouldn't have a mate, Silverstream wouldn't have been born and who would have looked after Mistyfoot and Stonefur?

33 Petaldust

A great friend to Crookedstar.

34 Riverstar


-Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan - LindenheartInsanity

35 Cedarpelt

He trained Crookedstar into the warrior and the leader he is to day he did not trust crookedkit to be a loyal warrior but he trained him very well. I think he deserves more recognition.

36 Shimmerpelt

What a wonderful cat. -sparrowpool- (pretty river clan warrior)

37 Skyheart

I think she should be added she's so sweet, kind and nice. Skyheart has a lovely dappled coat to. But still I liked her very much in Crookedstar's Promise.

38 Petalfur

Her brothers all died and her mother died but she just kept going had Mallownoses kits everything! She's awesonr she should be number one. She suffered so much grief but she just kept on going.

39 Millie Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Ugly awful Millie and if she was in river clan she would make it the worst clan and to me it's the best!

Once again, not RiverClan - Emberflight_of_StormClan

She is an awesome RiverClan cat

Millie’s better than Silverstream. - SilverstreamSucks

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40 Loudbelly
41 Firestar Firestar Firestar is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He's the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar. He's mates with Sandstorm and has 2 kits: Squirrelflight and Leafpool. He was formerly a kittypet.

Fire star, why is he down here?

Firestar has so much history. He gave up his kitty pet life, Witnessed many battles, had to say goodbye to Graystripe when he switched clans, and died protecting his clan. I'll always have a place for you in my heart, Firestar. My
StarClan light your path.

NOT RIVERCLAN. FOR THE LAST TIME - Emberflight_of_StormClan

42 Honeyfern

She didn't deserve to die for no reason! I love you, Honeyfern!

Not RiverClan! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

43 Tigerclaw

He may be a terrible cat but he still didn't deserve th death he got ~Silverstar Leader of LightningClan

AGAIN, NOT RIVENCLAN! - Emberflight_of_StormClan

44 Dapplepelt
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