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81 Littlecloud (Littlestar)

Definitely Littlecloud! He's such an awesome little cat and he is better than Thistlestar so ha.

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82 Flintfang

He would've been a great leader of Shadowclan he wouldn't have trained all those kits to early or kill those kits whose's death he blamed Yellowfang.

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83 Squrellflight (Squirellstar)

It's spelled Squirrelflight. When she first appeared, I immediately thought "this cat would be a horrible leader". But she has really matured and grown. I think she would make a fierce, strong and brave leader.

I think she deserves to be a leader. Loyal brave strong and fierce. But she was sadly put to shame by Hollyleaf at a gathering. She only did any rong out of loyalty to her clan and sister. She still loved her sisters kits as if they were her own. CURSE YOU HOLLYLEAF!

I would of got graystripe because he is so nice and loyal, BUT! Squirrelflight is honest, silly, has a sense of humor... I love her! If I were her, I would mate graystripe! Anyway, she would make an awesome leader! Go squirrelflight/paw!

I hate squirrelflight I hate her - tigerstar908

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84 Sorreltail

She's amazing! Way better than Firestar or HAWKFROST? Seriously?

She is a senior warrior, and a loving mother. She might be a good one, actually.

Sorreltail did die from injuries. She is also very powerful able to live through being fed deathberries by darkstripe and she had pinned darkstripe probably for return

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85 Whitewing

She is kind and caring.

I ship Whitewing x leadership! Calmest warrior ever, would have been like a girl Firestar. She always looked after her daughters, I can see her doing the same for her clan mates. Just like Bumblestripe, she would like to talk instead of battle, and risk every life for her clan mates. When I was in elementary school, 2 of my friends and I played warrior tag, a game where we were one of our favorite warriors and when we were it we were bad warriors. I was Whitepaw when I was good, and I loved playing her.

86 Mistyfoot

She is loyal to Riverclan and helps Graystripe learn the news about his kits.

Umm... after Leopardstar died, Mistyfoot became her successor. How could you not know that?

She is a leader now.

Have u people even read the books? - tigerstar908

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87 Berrynose

I think he talks back too much, and he brags a lot too.

I dislike him, he's alright at times, though sometimes he makes me cringe.

His rudeness would be too much for me

He would have been great Feathertail lover4571 🐱

88 Shellheart (Shellstar)

Shellheart is one of his son crookedstars biggest supporters. I guess he knew Hailstar will pick crookedjaw to be the next deputy so he became a elder. The other reason is that he is very old ( well he is probably 8-10 years old that is very old for a cat).

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89 Cherryfoot (Cherrystar)
90 Thrushpelt (Thrushstar)

He was so nice to Bluefur/Bluestar when she lost her kits, and he was always with her every step of the way! I think Thrushpelt/Thrushstar would be an awesome leader! Go Thrushstar!

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91 Weaslefur (Weaslestar)
92 Pebblefoot (Pebblestar)
93 Mallownose (Mallowstar)
94 Patchfoot (Patchstar)

Patchfoot would have made an amazing kits.

95 Sparrowpelt (Sparrowstar)
96 Maggottail (Maggotstar)

Maggottail is super evil. He kinda is already a leader (in the dark forest). Also maggotstar is a weird name

He's a bad guy! Come on, you're practically saying that you want evil to win and the Clans to be destroyed!

What cruel mom would name their kit maggot? Does anyone know who his mother was?

I've heard somewhere that he took on the name maggottail as part of his pride. The story I heard was that he had a fox bite on his tail, survived, and changed his name because he was proud of surviving a fox bite. Probably fanon though - Talljake


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97 Skywatcher (Skystar)

He would have been a great leader!

There already is a cat called Skystar... Clear Sky's new name

Only one left who believed in StarClan and did not become a kittypet

He should of been leader of SkyClan!
I'm very sad that he died!
He would make a fantastic leader!
Skystar1! Skystar forever!

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98 Willowfrost

So basically she's a Mary Sue.


Mary Sue much? - TheEliteComet

Lol lol lmao

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99 Sweetbriar (Sweetstar)

Isn't sweet paw named after her

100 Toadfoot (Toadstar)

He went with the other cats to free the water after the beavers blocked the water by doing a dam and Toadfoot was brave against the beavers and helped the other cats destroy the dam

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