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1 Dovewing Dovewing is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. She has pale gray fur with green, pr sky-blue, or pale gold eyes. Her first appearance is in the fourth arc, know as Omen of the Stars, in the book The Fourth Apprentice. She was part of the Power of Three, and her power was to hear and see things very far away, farther than any normal cat could ever do. Her parents are Whitewing and Birchfall, and her sister is named Ivypool. She has three kits; Lightleap, Pouncestep, Shadowsight, and a mate named Tigerstar. (The second)

- Before I begin I have to say I mean no harm with my words and respect everyone's opinion, this is just mine. Thanks. -

Of all the cats in the Warrior cat franchise Dovewing may be the whiniest, selfish, cockiest and most undeserving of them all. From the whining point I come to this conclusion from the way she talks. When things go slightly wrong she demonstrates extreme emotions, like for example in Tigerheart's Shadow when he states that he can't leave shadowclan this is what she does, and I quote: "Then stay!" Dovewing green eyes flashed with rage "If your clan is more important to you than your kits, stay with them," I mean he does have a right. Shadowclan did need him. And instead of understanding she yells at him and basically calls him a Horrid father, if you read between the lines. Now, on to the selfish part. This one is very easy to explain as she demonstrates it on various occasions. One for example is how she hangs with Jayfeather and Lionblaze more than Ivypool, ...more

I can't even put into words how much she annoys me but I also have to admit she isn't a Mary sue. Dovewing has many flaws but a lot of the cats in the series do and she isn't my lest favorite character. Honestly I probably just don't like her because ai love Ivypool. So I say yes Dovewing is annoying but she isn't awful and she has some good moments.

Out of all the Mary Sues in the Warriors franchise, Dovewing is the worst. She has absolutely no personality beside being perfect. I seriously wondered why both Tigerheart and Bumblestripe wanted her, she's as dull as a rock! Speaking of which, I'm mad that she picked Bumblestripe, because she hardly knew the guy, but she knew Tigerheart well and therefore they have a better connection. But no, she picked Bumblestripe because 'It's the right thing'. I'm so mad that it was her that got the third power, because there is no doubt that she would use it for good. I would have preferred it if Ivypool, who worked for the Dark Forest, had the power so that they could pose even more of a threat. But no, it's given to the queen of the Mary Sues, Dovewing. And how she hardly let poor Lionblaze teach her because she thought she was right just made me mad. She has such a Queen of the Manor attitude and is ALWAYS right cause she's just that perfect! I hate this character so much. She is absolutely ...more

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but here is some things.
1. She did care for Ivypool. Ivypool kinda treated her like dirt in Fading Echoes because of her jealousy. Dovewing didn't really treat her like trash, only as an apprentice a bit because Ivypool was the one who started it.
2. Dovewing wasn't with Tigerheart all the time. She also began to use her senses, and think - Have you ever thought how Dovewing woke Ivypool up when she was in the Dark Forest so Ivypool could suffer less?
3. The reason she whined was because she was used to her powers. Think of it - You were able to see a oak tree from a hundred of miles away while sitting in front of a television, but then something happens and you only see the television like if you zoomed a hundred times?
4. Rather Dovewing not act like a real mate to Bumblestripe, or Bumblestripe to get a new mate that does like him? I honestly don't care about forbidden relationships, since it was just part of the code to not have a mate ...more

2 Breezepelt

He's so annoying and whiny! I mean sure his parents have some trobles TALK TO THEM also he says his parents don't pay attention I mean geez if you hate them why do you care?

Breezepelt is stupid and overrated! I hate him so much! I loathe this cat. Dovewing is good! She actually does have flaws, despite what some people seem to think. Hollyleaf is way more annoying and worse than Dovewing. Do not hate Crowfeather for neglecting him, because he never wanted to have kits with Nightcloud. If you defend Nightcloud, that means you support someone being forced to fall in love with someone else that they do not love. Breezepelt is very annoying. He is spoiled, and even attacked Jayfeather and Poppyfrost for no reason. I personally hate Ivypool and Hollyleaf more than Breezepelt. But, this cat is still very annoying to read about. Also, his bitterness makes me hate him more. Is he ever happy in any scene? He stole Heathertail from Lionblaze. I shipped them!

Jealous loser. I mean yeah, okay, it sucks that your parents and jerks. But geez! Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker had a stupid neglectful father and a whiny mom, but they turned out just fine! Feathertail and Stormfur grew up with no parents and they turned out just fine! Crookedstar grew up with an abusive mother and he turned out fine, despite the terrible events of his life! I mean at least try to make yourself feel better! You've got Hearthertail, the respect of Onestar, at least you're not alone! And what do you do to make your life better? You walk in the Dark Forest. He's just a selfish, stubborn, whiny douchebag.

I'm against Breezepelt hate. I used to really hate him like everyone else in the warrior cat fandom did. But just think about his life for a moment...His mother was overprotective of him and his father never really liked him. In Crowfeather's Trial it's obvious that he really isn't evil. He saved him mother, risked his life to save his Clan, endured his Clanmate insults and hate, saved Lionblaze and fell in love with Heathertail. (I mean, his Clanmates even blamed him for Nightcloud's "death". Why would he do that? ) Poor Breezy...all he wanted was for someone to love him.

3 Berrynose

Just because he has half a tail don't mean he can boss everyone around like he's a leader. Quote from Dovepaw: "Who died and made you deputy?"

He is definitely annoying but at the least he has SOME character development. For his character, what l don't understand is how he managed to get two mates, like seriously, Honeyfern and Poppyfrost just... likes him. I also don't understand why Poppyfrost and Berrynose gets so much hate. Do you guys actually want Berrynose to live in the past, remembering Honeyfern and being a sad, lonely, annoying cat for the rest of his life? It's not wrong remembering the dead but it is good to move on. But... l (genuinely) guess that he and Poppyfrost got together TOO early for many fans liking. Anyways, if you're still reading, thanks!

Berrynose in a nutshell

Berrykit-Cute and adventurous, the opposite of his stupid mother Daisy

Berrypaw-Kind and enthusiastic, a making of a good warrior

Berrynose-Bossy idiot who thinks he is superior to everyone else

Berrynose couples

BerryxHoney-Very cute couple, changes my horrible opinion of Berrynose ( slightly ).

BerryxPoppy-La la la I love you Honeyfern oh no you died ( thanks to Millie's parenting skills ) I am so sad I will cry forever oh wait your sister is pretty now she's expecting my kits best couple ever ( not )!

Sums up to Berrynose is the worst cat ever!

I really don't like him, since he is SUCH AN IDIOT! "What is it like when Firestar loses a life? " He says. Brambleclaw was right for telling him off, because it was a completely STUPID question! And he constantly acts like he's the leader of the clan and it just gets SO ANNOYING! Also, I hate that he pretty much took Poppyfrost as a mate because Honeyfern's her sister! I don't hate the fact he had two mates, just that he took his mates SISTER!

4 Crowfeather

I know a lot of people are going to think negatively of this, and do I care?
Crowfeather lost feathertail in the rockfall, and was depressed for such a long time, until he was with leafpool.
And God do we all wish we could've helped her, god do we all wish it was us instead of her...
But that wouldn't fix what's broken...
When his and leafpool's kits were born, he did not abandon them.
They had to risk being exiled from the clan, or give the kits to the person leafpool knew she could trust to raise them, her sister.
Leafpool is a medicine cat which means she could not have kits.
If her clan found them she would be exiled and her kits possibly killed.
When leafpool died, he took another mate, nightcloud. Their son, breezpelt/paw/kit, was ignored mostly by crowfeather.
I do believe this was partly because he never wanted the kit in the first place. He didn't love nightcloud, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love his son.
It was just his fear of ...more

I think the only time I liked this character was when he was mated with RiverClan's Feathertail, who let me tell you now, was way out of his league; considering he was at that annoying snobby apprentice stage in life while she was a warrior who was born into misery and died, leaving her brother and Crowpaw in misery, who was so selfless. While Crowpaw really just wanted to be a warrior faster to avoid being told what to do by a mentor.
Then after his mate, Feathertail, dies and he receives his warrior name, Crowfeather convinces Leafpool to mate with him, and she agrees. And then she just slowly loses her mind, braking the code, and they run away together. So, you know, Leafpool's that character that breaks a rule yet is so loyal to whatever it is (in this case, warrior code) she'll return to it. And he doesn't except that and gets mad, and just abandons her.
In the next arc, it's revealed he mated with a snobby beeyatch named Nightcloud and birthed the annoying ...more

Crowfeather had the right to hate breezepelt. Nightcloud was not right for him and I only blame him for that, feathertail and leafpool were the only DECENT people in his life! His one true love feathertail was crushed and leafpool was a medicine cat leaving him to obey the thunderclan rules. All breezepelt did was just sit there like an annoying kit waiting for the attention to role in, and instead of going to a friend for help he went to the dark forest. Of all places! In my final opinion breezepelt is a disappointment of a son and deserves to be fed death berries by his neglected kits.

I disagree. Crowfeather had a rough life. In the Ravenpaw comics, we learn that Crowkit (or maybe it was Crowpaw) thought that none of his clan liked him so he ran away but Ravenpaw and Barley brought him back. When Crowpaw finally finds someone that actually cares for him and they fall in love, she dies to save him so he has once again got no one that loves him. Then when he meets Leafpaw, they run away together but Leafpool left him. When his clan didn't trust him, he chose a mate and had a kit so they might trust him more but he doesn' love either of them. It is his fault that Breezepelt became who he did but at least Crowfeather dealt with his past better than Breezepelt. He should've just talked to his father.

5 Millie Millie is a character in the Warriors series. She's a small, short-furred light gray tabby with blue eyes and a torn ear. Also current mate of Graystripe and mother of Bumblestripe, Blossomfall and Briarlight.

Millie is my least favorite character. And I didn't even ship SilverxGray I just really don't like her. Graystripe deserves so much better and Even though I didn't love him and Silverstream it was at least better than him and Millie. Also yes Blossomfall I think was overreacting a little bit but I would feel the same way. Millie should have showed love to all her kits and not just the crippled one. Like Jayfeather was blind and Leafpool still loved her other kits. So in MY opinion Millie is the most annoying character in the whole series.

She is so annoying I mean geez just cope already and stop whining about Briarlight and clamoring her and yelling at Jayfeather HE"S DOING HIS BEST LADY! I kind of get it but geez don't look at Briarlight with pity and ignore your other kits.

I know I'm probably an extreme hater of this character, and a lot of people probably disagree with me, but Millie is SO ANNOYING! I don't know why I don't like her so much but she just never clicked as a good character for me. She always argues with Jayfeather and the medicine cats over Briarlight even though they know what's best; though maybe unintentionally, she makes Briarlight feel useless and at one time wishes that she was dead! And she completely neglects Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, which drove Blossomfall to the Dark Forest! Just overall, I wish Graystripe had mated with a different cat after Silverstream.

Honestly, I don't hate Millie. Call me crazy, but Millie isn't that bad of a cat. She was only a bad mother to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, that's pretty much it. Can you really blame her right after Briarlight is crippled? What mother wouldn't be horrified after that? Briarlight did need attention, but Millie cared for her other kits too. It says in the Wiki that ''although she cared for her other kits, she wished she spent more time with them after her desperate attempt for Briarlight.'' Although I understand why people hate her, I actually think Millie is frequently hated for the obvious of reasons. Millie is a bad mother, but not an overall bad character in general. (In my opinion, at least.) (Unpopular opinion alert): I prefer her and Graystripe, not with Silverstream. This is because Graystripe and Millie had development over time, him and Silverstream felt like a teen-love romance. People say she's a replacement of Silverstream, to which I understand, but Millie respects ...more

6 Daisy

Okay. Yes she isn't my favorite but her liking Cloudtail wasn't her fault. And it wasn't his. And Brightheart had a right to be upset. And honestly she is a good mother unlike Millie. like Millie is TECHNICALLY a warrior but she is worse and SUPPOSEDLY does more. But anyway I think Daisy is decent.

Ok she's annoying. All the other cats are working hard and she's napping in the nursery when she's not expecting kits! Go join the elders if you wanna be lazy!

This is one of the reasons I feel like I want to leave the fandom sometimes. The sexism towards cats like her or Ferncloud for having kits. "She stole Cloudtail from Brighheart🙄" No she didn't, you don't choose who you have a crush on. by the way she didn't even try to get with him, she admired him and that's all. I'm not saying it was wrong of Brightheart to get slightly jealous and sad, actually I don't think anyone is in the wrong here, neither Cloud, Daisy or Bright.

People say they got annoyed at Ferncloud always being in the nursery and having kits but all Daisy does is sit in the nursery doing nothing while her clanmates have to hunt and fight. She is so useless there is no point even having her in the series she does nothing whats the point. LET HER DIE not sorreltail or ferncloud at least they fought not winged they way through every single day!

7 Billystorm Billystorm is a character in the Warriors series. He is from SkyClan, and is mates with Leafstar. He has three kits: Stormheart, Firefern, and Harrybrook. He died when badgers attacked on the mission to find the other Clans.

He was supper stupid! Thinking of making Leafstars KITS a kittypet! How dare he! I don't like that move he did. Did he even think about how Leafstar would feel if her kits grew up as Kittypets? No! He did not! And then he said that she could go with! How stupid is that! Leafstar has a Clan to lead and then he says she could become a KITTYPET?!?!

He doesn't sound annoying except for his name. I read his jistory in a quick summary, and it doesn't seem very bad. I see that him thinking "oh, take my kits to become kittypets" is stupid, but that it. Nothing else bothers me.

Billystorm is amazing, go past his unusual name, and you'll find he's a loving cat with a mate and kits.He left his twolegs to live with Skyclan. He DIED protecting his clanmates from badgers. If you ask me that is loyalty, and this cat doesn't deserve hatred..

His name is quite unusual but you should focus on his character rather than his name. He has a fine personality.

8 Tigerstar Tigerstar is a villain in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Son of Leopardfoot and Pinestar, former mate of Goldenflower and Sasha, and father of Bramblestar, Tawnypelt, Mothwing, Hawkfrost, and Tadpole. This brown tabby cat almost causes the downfall of the clans. But is killed, firstly by Scourge, who strips all his lives away. And then by Firestar, who moves on to StarClan when they meet again during the Great Battle II. Tigerstar is a large, scarred, dark tabby tom with black stripes, bright amber eyes, a scar over his nose, and a nick in his ear. He has long claws, a broad head, massive shoulders, and a long tail.

While he's on top of the bone hill,
"Half Clan cats can no longer be tolerated. Blah blah blah Clans need to be pure again."
Says the cat who was exiled from his Clan for murdering many cats and attempting to murder cats. Also led a pack of dogs to the forest, led a group of rouges into ThunderClan camp, and led BloodClan into the forest. After exile, he joined ShadowClan and randomly became leader. Yeah, I wouldn't want to have him lead a Clan whatsoever. TigerClan didn't seem pure at all. Although his death was kind of sickening.

I really hate this guy, but he should be lower. When he killed Bluestar and Swiftpaw, I was screaming for me to kill him a third time in my mind, but I didn't. I feel like he kind of has a reason to be evil. First - IT'S ALL THISTLECLAW'S FAULT! 2 - Pinestar leaving him was depressing, and that hurt Pinestar's character for me. 3 - Leopardfoot didn't care how THISTLECLAW trained Tigerstar. So he's a good villain in warrior cats, but not likable in HE KILLED BLUESTAR, but likable in character.





Seriously; this guy is not at the top of this list?! Bruh. This tom was the antogonist for the first warrior cat books and y'all BARELY remember him? Okay, okay, okay, GZ. I'll explain him in quite a few words for your convinice. Calling this guy "chaotially evil" is a direct understatement. Also, for the people that have only read the first book and don't hate him as much, this is a lil note: Some people ship Tigerstar with Bluestar. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with my lil cup o coffee and I spit it out and choke on ma tacos when I hear someone ships that. P.S. please tell me I am not the only one with nightmares about this guy and I'm not the only one who imagines him with Morrowseer's voice from wings of fire

Tigerstar wasn't annoying, unless your talking about all the deaths he caused. Yes, I have to say that was very annoying, and when they threw in Brindleface just because no one really knew much about her, that made me mad. I felt SO bad for Ash and Fern, but not for Spottedleaf of course ( Flippin' mary-sue) But I do feel that he was needed, I don't know why, actually wait I do. Because if he hadn't attacked ThunderClan and Spottedleaf died, then Firestar would've never loved Sandstorm and I would be ripping my face off right now :3

9 Mapleshade Mapleshade is a character in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Mapleshade is a large, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat, with a scarred white muzzle, and white patches throughout her pelt. She is thick-furred, and her pelt is ragged, patched, and scarred. Her fur is thick around her neck, like a mane, and she has a broad muzzle and face. She has amber eyes. she is mistakenly described as ginger-and-white.

Poor Mapleshade. She lost everything in life: her Clan, her mate, her kits, her home...everything. First, she went through the agony of having kits, only to be later kicked out of her Clan. Then, she crossed the river and her poor kits drowned even though she tried to save them. Then her cheater of a mate, Applebutt, forced her to leave and stinky Darkstar made her leave RiverClan's territory. What idiots! Then, she found out that ugly Frecklewish had watched her kits die and didn't do anything about it! She was the only cat who had a GOOD reason to be evil. Back off, Mapleshade haters. You obviously don't know what she's going through, since all she did was fall in love.

I have mixed opinions for this cat. She killed Spottedleaf, a medicine cat, a leader's daughter, a warrior, and probably more cats. But, she did unfairly get kicked out of her clan for forbidden love, when many other cats had forbidden love and stayed in there clan. Maple's kits were killed in a river, then her mate blamed her, took a new mate, then had kits with her. Appledusk blamed Mapleshade so he wouldn't get crap from his clanmates. I think he might of deserved to die, along with Ravenwing- maybe? But Sandstorm and Spottedleaf were completely innocent, and her KILLING Spottedleaf is why I have mixed emotions about her. If she hadn't of killed Spottedleaf, she'd be viewed different by a lot of people, besides the fact that she killed Frecklwish.

Poor squirrelflight... No! She's not selfish or boastful or annoying or a know-it-all, or up herself! A little stubborn, but she also strong-willed! You need to be nice. This is mapleshade.
M- more like maggotshade!
A-annoying and evil, and cruel and...
P- princess maybe, no. Ruler of the forest she thinks
L-lame. Scourge is better than her
E- eouch! She has a mean tongue. It killed cats
S- selfish. Not likeable in my opinion
H- hated cat. Go wander in your forest for all I care!
A- arrogant. Enough said
D- do you need more? MURDERER!
E- evil! Like... Pufferfish! I'm done telling you


Thoughout maple shades vengeance it was sad and I pitied her but when she killed three cats it so satsifying I was happy! What happened to maple shade was tragic and I don't blame her for killing those cats. If I had nothing to live for I'd honestly do the same...
I think maple shade is a very good villain with a good plot. ALL warrior villains have no good story apart from maple shade.
Tiger star- didn't have a dad boo hoo
People blame thistle claw but it ain't his fault
Scrouge- most overrated villain ever! His issues were being bullied and small. Get over it!
Sol- kicked out of a clan
Thistle claw- perfect life (wasn't villain. He never hurt a thunder clan cat or never planned)
Maple shade- good plot and tragic

10 Teller of the Pointed Stones

He is so grouchy and ungrateful after all the clans have done for him I mean geez show some gratitude. He also never chose a successor and Jayfeather had to choose one.

Honestly people are talking about Half Moon and the one we see in the main series. I think the one in the main series is annoying, but Half Moon is great!

I don't get why everyone likes half moon, I swear her and jay feathers so called love was random and made no sense. I don't know, if someone could explain that to me, maybe I'd change my mind. I get half moon liking him, cause , jay's wing and Jayfeather, spot the difference! But him liking her...why?

God he's so annoying! First he's like: oh I will welcome the clan cats! Then: I must keep the clan cats prisoner! After that: ok bye friends! And then: I will not let the clan cats come! Straight after: you can stay! And then he gives up on his ancestors. AND he though STORMFUR was the prophesied cat. The prophecy says silver, not grey. That's right Stoneteller: Stormfur is GREY.

The Contenders
11 Clear Sky

He's not annoying - he's a great character and a great leader, his only issue is that he's a bit "I'm-Always-right" but, in his head, he second guesses himself, and actually thinks about the advice even by others. OK, if there *actually* was not enough prey to go around, creating boarders IS a good tactic - as for kicking out the weak, not a horrible tactic either IF it was neccacary. However, clear sky's whole motive is to protect his cats and keep them strong, and by kicking out the weaker ones, he just has stronger cats left...but, the whole point is to protect his people, (cats?) and he kind of forgot who he was fighting for. I think, he's just a bit paranoid, he watched his mate get snatched from his life, his sister die before his eyes, he even regrets killing misty, I'd say he just needs some good therapy. Just meet with River Ripple, that'll sort you out. And his paranoia is what lead him to reject thunder, he felt he was not fit to be father, which is probably better then ...more

He rejected his kit and probably didn't even thank Gray Wing (It was he who saved Thunder, right?) for saving at least one of his kits from the Twoleg den. Like... yeah.

Clear Sky. Oh my gosh, he's such a prig. First off, his mates. OK, I'm not hating because he has more than one mate, but because of the way he got them. His love for Bright Stream is perfectly fine, but he just SNATCHED Storm away from Gray Wing. And in the end, he chose NOT to go after her, which just goes to prove that maybe he didn't even love her. HE started the Great Battle that killed so many cats, HE invited One Eye into his camp, and HE is the reason his family hates him. But it gets even worse. Thunder was in love with Star Flower, and Star Foower liked him back. However, when Star Flower betrayed him and the Clans, Clear Sky was MAD AT HIM. And you know what? He swoops in and takes Star Flower AS HIS OWN MATE. What? That's just weird. Even worse, he's so selfish that he gets literally every single Clan involved in rescuing Star Flower. He is begging them to share their prey with Slash and his rogues just so he can have his precious little Star Flower back. So many cats would ...more

Killed countless cats. Lets see...
Got cat killed for boundaries, and would have killed their kits
Got another 500 cats killed in great battle, one of which helped raise him
Was at fault for the death of his mate.
Turned away two injured cats to die, one of which was his brother
Turned away his son
Killed Micah and told their mate it was Micah's fault
Need I go on?

12 Sol

I really hate him he is really selfish.
All he does is trick cats into liking him so that he can betray them. Or use them for selfish gain I really hate him. He was a good kittypet he should of stayed that way.

Him and his honey soothing voice is sooooo annoying! Ugh, he's such a faker, he knows nothing except what Midnight told him! Every time I heard honey soothing voice, id groan.

I actually liked TigerStar more than sol, I mean: What would the books been without TigerStar? The books wouldn't been exiting.

He seems like a terrible character! his story is just bland, I've heard much hate for him, and something makes me dislike him without knowing him!

13 Ashfur Ashfur is a character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior Cats. Ashfur is a muscular pale gray tom with darker flecks and dark blue eyes. He has short, thick fur, and a torn ear.

As much as I like Ashfur, I think it's about time he went down! What annoys me most about this cat (As with all my posts, beware of spoilers) is how he got a free ticket to StarClan because he "Loved to much" and then ThistleClaw didn't! Like, come on! He tried to kill four cat! And how did Thistleclaw not get into StarClan? Like, ThistleClaw didn't go around trying to murder cats and then complain that he "loved to much" so how could StarClan take in a murder like this, but leave out ThistleClaw? Just the fact that they took in Ashfur and not ThistleClaw is what annoys me most about this character! It gets on my nerves! It's not like ThistleClaw did anything wrong! But then their gonna let in Ashfur but not let Thistleclaw come in? ugh! This annoys me so much!

Squirrelflight messed with his MIND. She decided to dump him like that and get kits five minutes after and say their Brambleclaws. Think about it though, He got dumped and his ex had "Kits" right after and they were "Brambleclaws" then he sees them being lovey dovey and he's sad and his parents die. That is a lot to take on. Nobody cared about him or noticed him. He was there breaking inside while Squirrelflight was off having the time of her life in the center of attention while Ashfur is there hurting until it drove him crazy. He deserves so much better.

What annoys me is (spoilers for the Warriors series) he tried to kill four cats in horrible ways just because they had a relative that didn't want to date him. What makes him more irritating than the characters that did worse things is that he didn't seem to get any consequences for his actions. There wasn't a rational reason given for that. Maybe he was let into StarClan on some sort of insanity denfense-he was too mentally ill to realize he was doing something wrong during the attempted murders-and since being in StarClan seemed to cure cat's illnesses and disorders, he became mentally healthy in the afterlife. So he was no longer dangerous. But he didn't "love too much.".

YES! Ashfur is the worst, most annoying, mousebrained idiot in. The whole. Entire. Series. His ultimate guide page states that his only crime was 'loving too much'? Do the Erins not know what they themselves wrote? He almost killed three totally innocent cats just because he couldn't get over a little heartbreak! Then he sees Squirrelflight in StarClan and acts like he's real sorry and has totally reformed...then comes back from the dead, kills her mate, takes over his body, exiles a whole bunch of totally innocent cats, drives Bristlefrost round the bend, and then takes squirrelflight off to the place of no stars. He's so annoying. If you ship ashflight...YOU CROWFOOD-EATER! (Squirrelflight forever)

14 Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

SO ANNOYING! She gets to me so bad! She thinks her life is so horrible. Hate to say it brought this upon yourself and totally ruined Squirrelflight's mate relashinship, her bond with the kits you dumped moons ago, and basicaly her life. You were a terrible sister. People might think Squirrelflight fixed all the problems Leafpool made her go through...but NO. Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw are still super cautious and their is A LOT of tension between them. Also Lionblaze and Jayfeather never really looked at he rlike their mother again. Oh yeah...because of you your daughter made tons of mistakes and died. Wow! You are so great Leafpool! Bet you are proud of yourself!

How is Leafpool on this list?! She gave away everything - EVERYTHING - that she had for her Clan! It's unfair to call her "annoying" just because she's one of the few cats who actually cares for her Clan above herself and isn't so arrogant that she can't love! She made cats happy. What could be less annoying than that? She can actually love, unlike, basically, all the other cats in this series. She gives up her life to save other cats! She has already lost her parents and one of her kits. And she gave up everything else as well - for her Clan! I'd like to tell you Leafpool's whole life story and why she should so not be on this list, but I won't because there are so many different factors that it would take forever.

, Leafpool is so annoying. She acts like her life is terrible when she brought it on herself. Crowfeather has a reason to hate her, she ran away with him and left him behind. It was her fault Cinderpelt died, totally and we all know it. Cinderpelt could have lived if Leafpool or Leafpoop had stayed, and Cinderpelt was a great cat. Leafpool then had kits with Crowfeather, which broke both of the codes. Other cats may have had forbidden kits, but they didn't leave their own clan for love. She lied to her kits and all the clans, then when they found out, Hollyleaf did bad things all because of her. She tried to kill Leafpool, which I would have been happy with for sure.

Okay.. First of all
Leafpool wasn't the first medicine cat or plain cat in the Warriors series that had a forbidden relationship. I mean, look at Yellowfang, she had a kit that was bloodthirsty and ambitious that killed MANY cats, and Yellowfang is still pretty popular. And just because Leafpool kept the secret from her kits and clan doesn't mean she was bad. She was just trying to protect them from hatred and being lonely and rejected. She SAVES cats for Starclan's sake. And if you think about it everyone's favorite cat in the series Jayfeather wouldn't be a medicine cat if it weren't for her, heck he wouldn't be ALIVE if it weren't for her! So move on people!

15 Spottedleaf Spottedleaf was a medicine cat under Bluestar's leadership in the forest territories. She was born as Spottedkit to Adderfang and Swiftbreeze alongside her littermates, Redkit and Willowkit. Initially, Spottedpaw was apprenticed to Thrushpelt; however, she decided to become a medicine cat with Featherwhisker as her new mentor. After earning her medicine cat name, Spottedleaf received a prophecy from StarClan that referred to the newcomer, Firepaw. The two felt something for each other, but they never revealed their true feelings as Spottedleaf was killed by Clawface, a ShadowClan warrior. She ascended to StarClan and particularly appeared in Fireheart's dreams. She then gave Fireheart a life more.

Spottedleaf. Oh dear. You never really deserved Firestar, I'm sorry to say. You were so PERECT it irritates me! You have to have SOME flaws, come on people! And besides, you were like WAYYYYYYY older then Firestar in the first place...

I mean she was in love with Thistleclaw when she was an apprentice, two generations later Firestar walks in and she's like MY LOVE! Despite being old enough to be his Grandmother AND a Med Cat, She's described as "Young and Pretty" but is older than Whitestorm! And she delivers ALL the prophecies, she never even said a word to Fire before she died and appanently has a crush on him, It was SO dramatic that she sacrificed herself for FIrestar but "It was always her destiny" As if loosing her is so tragic.

Spottedleaf isn't the worst warrior cat, but this list is most annoying warrior cats. And she's number one with this. I mean, leave her alone for a while and she gets killed. Maybe by Clawface, or then ripped out of the fabric of existence. She can't even save herself from anything, even in Starclan! In the first book, there is no mention of them having any relationship. After that she just romps in and starts a bothersome love square that makes Firestar seem more player than hero.

This character is why I wish the evil Spottedleaf AU was canon. Oh, boy, where do I start? First off, her Novella is so bad that most people don't even want it in the canon Warriors timeline. Then, there's just her in general. She stalks Firestar in his dreams, even when he is with Sandstorm, then proceeds to stalk his daughter in her dreams, too. She wasn't interesting when she were alive, nor when she were dead. I'm just glad the Erin's decided to tear this bothersome thing from existence.

16 Brambleclaw Bramblestar is a dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Before he became leader his name was Brambleclaw. His father is Tigerstar, his mother is Goldenflower, and his sister is Tawnypelt. He also has a half brother Hawkfrost and a half sister Mothwing.

I don't see him as annoying...I actually think he is pretty cool. But he and Squirrelflight need to fix their mate issues and fast before it destroys their whole clan! Though I really appreciate him. I just wish he hadn't changed form the cat he was in the New Prophecy.

Here is the reason that I decided to give up on warriors after the Last Hope. The whole time I was surfing through this list I kept mentally asking where Brambleclaw was. To see him at only 34 is beyond disappointing in my opinion. He and Squirrelflight are my least favorite characters in the entire history of warriors. They were shipped, killing something that had already been sent to the grave long before it started. They then tried presenting us with what the cat dragged back from the dead, which was Brambleclaw being a newly established father to Alderheart and Sparkpelt. He was a lousy excuse of a character and still is. I'll be thanking God when he is gone once and for all if I can ever return to the series after he became leader.

I hate Brambleclaw/star so bad. I can't even express it in words, only rage. But let's just say this, you're pretty much mates with Jessie for a bit and then you just stop and go back with Squirrelflight. First of all, many people hate him for being Tigerstars son, but that's not it at all for me. He tries to be like firestar which is impossible. He treats squirrelflight like a piece of crap and she is somewhat still with him? Bruh. Break up already. Not to be mean, but I do hope Bramblestar dies and squirrelflight becomes leader. He is also a terrible leader did I say that?

Whoever said he was annoying, and paid more attention towards his brother than his mate, literally knows nothing. I mean, let's just imagine yourself in his pawsteps. You just found out you have a half-brother, what would you do? I mean, pretty much he was just trying to know him better.

17 Blossomfall

Blossomfall is so stupid she wanted to explore the tunnels and went into the dark forest because it's all about her I mean what Millie did wasn't right but geez get some empathy!

I get why she was upset, but also, why she was being incredibly selfish. Her sister just got hit by a tree, and is now paralyzed. Then, her mother, naturally, focuses on her injured kit. I'm sure Millie talked to Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, and watched out for them, she was just so worried about Brairlight, so she focused on her. When she snapped at Blossomfall, I think it was from fear and grief, she was just scared, it doesn't mean she doesn't love all of her kits. Then, Blossomfall complains, and joins the dark forest, sorry, but your sister is depressed and frustrated, and you're worrying about how much attention you're getting? Who does that?!

Whine whine whine. Are you capable of anything else or is that your entire vocabulary? Thought so. Blossomfall is entitled and whiny, she gets so overdramatic simply over not having her mother's attention. No one said Millie didn't love Blossomfall and Crowfeather isn't attacked as much for neglecting Breezepelt but I don't hate him for that either to be frank. Millie only didn't pay attention to Blossomfall after kithood and apprentices don't tend to talk to their parents anyway. Yes Millie was wrong but she was doing what she thought best and was traumatised and rightly so, after all Briarlight almost died A LOT. Blossomfall reacted impulsively and foolishly, she could've tried to bond with Millie by spending time with her and Briarlight but didn't, instead she made more of a fool of herself.

You might forget, she felt awful for feeling resentment and jealousy towards Briarlight; unlike Clear Sky or Breezepelt she never wallowed and indulged in self-pity. Blossomfall genuinely regretted her choices and loathed herself for envying Briarlight and joining the Dark Forest.

"Joining the Dark Forest was the biggest mistake I could have made. I... I'm not sure I can forgive myself."
— Blossomfall to Dovewing about the Dark Forest in Dovewing's Silence, chapter 8

"No. A good cat wouldn't be jealous of an injured littermate. So that's why I've ended up in the Dark Forest. I'm not stupid. I know it's where cats go if they're not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won't get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I'm getting good training, better than anything we get here."
—Blossomfall explaining to Ivypool Sign of the Moon, page 246

18 Rainflower

Rainflower just took one look at Crookedstar and was like, "Nope, you're ugly because you broke your jaw." I mean, what kind of mother is that?! You don't just hate your son because he broke a bone or is now ugly by your standard. That was your kit, Rainflower!

We are back and now for the great finally the worst mother of the year award is too... RAINFLOWER thankyou thank you I'm so happy maybe next year I can win the most important mother) I'm the judge ( yea right you make me laugh rainflower ) what do you mean judge.

I hate Rainflower. Its her fault that Crookedstar broke his jaw. Then he got tricked by Mapleshade and she killed his whole family. Crookedstar has gone through so much because of Moonflower.

I can't BELIEVE that Rainflower isn't higher on this list! I mean she is the worst mother EVER! Just LOOK at what she did to Crookedstar!

19 Mothwing Mothwing is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series Warrior cats. She is a golden she-cat with amber eyes and darker gold dapples. She's one of the refugees currently living in ShadowClan, She's the daughter of Tigerstar (The Prophecies Begins) and Sasha, sister of Hawkfrost and Tadpole. She was known for being the first medicine cat who did not believe in StarClan.

She is NOT annoying. She does state in Lost Stars that she does acknowledge that StarClan exists, but that she doesn't think they're any wiser then they were before, which is probably true.

Her mentor died before she could get all her training in, her brother manipulated and blackmailed her.

She becomes an amazing medicine cat, and even helps Jayfeather find the burning reed sign from a religion she doesn't believe in. She's a great mentor. Whoever made the smoothie comment, what the hell? Was it the same for Cloudtail?

Moth wing is a sort of forgotten character to be honest. I used to really like this character but now I feel as if she is sort of plain to be honest. She is only famous for not believing in star clan and its such a big deal they make it a massive thing during the new prophecy and then there is an e book about it. When I got misty stars omen I was actually sort of excited about hearing things from misty star but... Yeh

Mothwing is great! She's loyal to RiverClan and a great friend to Mistyfoot/ Mistystar! She's a great mentor to Willowshine (one of the best medicine cats). Who cares if she doesn't believe in StarClan! Last comment, you are too childish. Leafpool and Mothwing are friends, and that's awesome. Hollykit and Willowpaw are great friends, and that's cool. She's still the best medicine cat RiverClan could have anyways. Go away haters.

Person who said they want to make Mothwing into a smoothie, you are disgusting. It's a fictional cat. Who doesn't believe in a groups "god" more or less. While yes, Mothwing is constantly mentioned not believing in starclan, she's still a good cat.

20 Darkstripe

He's actually kind of useless. Like, his entire character is filler. The plot would have carried out almost the same. In my opinion.

So annoying! just get rid of him he feed a kit death berries and his actions never get noticed. He's like tigerclaw just how to get away with murder version

He's not the worst, but definitely not a cat I'd want to share my den with.

Right after he said he wasn't going into exile with Tigerstar, he betrayed the clan, but I don't see why he got rejected when he first entered the dark forest- he was so scared and I felt sorry for him

21 Bumblestripe

People who read Spotfur's Rebellion... yeah. He didn't even listen to Spotpaw's and Stempaw's explanations and things... He just sucks.

Ok yeah.
He's childish, annoying... but really.
It actually isn't his fault. He was spoiled by Millie is all and admit it Dovewing actually did date him because In warrior ca taking walks at night and eating prey with somebody is romantic. And the whole time she's thinking about her side boyfriend! This actually is cheating. Sorry, Dovewing. I actually wouldn't call Bumblestripe dumb however. He's just childish. Also I think he's kind of sweet and really nice...

"Hey Dovewing! Let's be mates and have kits together! " "Hey Dovewing! Are you hungry? " "Hey Dovewing! Fight beside me." UGH. Why do people think this cat here deserves Dovewing more than Tigerheart?
Even worse. Now Rosepetal supports him. "He likes you for goodness sake! You don't have to bite his head off every time..."

I have to admit, Bumblestripe is annoying. He kept on wanting for Dovewing to like him, but she didn't! If Bumblestripe was less annoying maybe she would choose him over Tigerheart! He kept on asking Dovewing and bugging her. No wonder he is annoying!

22 Onestar Onestar is a fictional character from the book series "Warriors" by Erin Hunter. He is/was a WindClan leader, and is mottled, small, brown tom cat.

I only liked him as Onewhisker. He turned Onestar and he was like "Yo! I'm the best! I could be leader for all the clans and still be the best! Oh wait...if I'm the best...I don't need allies, or friends. Bye, bye Firestar, the cat who litteraly helped me become leader, and one of my closest friends!" Onestar should have been smarter. I think that was mostly pride issues.

I hate this guy! He is SO annoying, why so you have to be leader huh? He's trying to prove that " I don't need thunderClan", no DUH the whole world knew that, and so he made foolish dumb dessions which made him NEED them! Plus, he's a massive coward, (do I really need to give an example here?) He also didn't give shadowClan the herb out of pure spite, chose a successor out of pity (though harestar turned out pretty good), cannot take asdvice, and killed onewhisker. Yes, oneSTAR and WHISKER are different people, and in the 9 lives ceremony when they say "your old life was no more" he took that way to literally. Oh yeah, says nasty things to bramblestar (your a leader, be professional, gosh!), refuses to compromise in Dark River, and expects forgiveness for killing his son? PUh-leaze, yellowfang killed her son TWICE. You got nothing on her.

Onestar is really annoying. One day he's like, "Oh hey, Bramblestar we are BFF!" But then another day he's like turning his back on Bramblestar. I really hated him when he didn't give Shadowclan the medicine that they needed to cure the new sickness. He was so mean! Tallstar was a way better leader.

He is supper anoying! Attacking ThunderClans camp! He thought ThunderClan thought they where the best Clan and he wanted to prove them wrong! But stealing prey, and attacking a camp in the middle of the night?!?! How insane is that? He is SUPER DUPER anoying! I miss Tallstar!

23 Thistleclaw Thistleclaw is a villain in the Warrior Cats series. Thistleclaw is a gray-and-white tabby tom with spiky fur and amber eyes

Like lion blaze, crooked star, bramble claw, and ivy pool this cat trained in the dark forest. Thistle claw is basically mud claw but he didn't do anything wrong. Thistle claw never killed a cat or plotted against his clan and the only dirt people really have on thistle claw was that he nearly killed Scrouge. I just want to say that thistle claw didn't make tiger paw attack Scrouge. He just watched tiger paw. Thistle claw and blue star hated each other. Just cause blue star is the main and everybody loves her doesn't mean that thistle claw is now a murderer. At the end of this list all I can say that he was eager to fight off clans and intruders (notice how I didn't say thunder clan or blue star? ) thistle claw is arrogant and a little violent which means he does to hell while cats like mud claw and ash fur get to star clan on a stupid excuse like mud claw thought he was doing the right thing or ash fur loves too much so he tries to kill. Mud claw deserved to go to star clan as he ...more

I HATE HIM BUT he's not the worst. I say, I'm very attracted to egotics that are good guys/learn from being stupid, but he doesn't, and I'm like THE NUMBER 1 BLUESTAR FAN (I think, but likely/likely not). His arrogance is annoying and isn't like Johnny Cage (character from Mortal Kombat). Johnny becomes a really good character -I have to say, his arrogance in Mk reboot is seriously annoying- but he becomes not arrogant but is KIND OF cocky. NOW THISTLECLAW is just arrogant to the bone, which bothers me. Also, how he treats Bluestar is CRAP! I also feel like he's the reason why Tigerstar/Tigerclaw is evil (me: Sunstar, you shouldn't have chose him as Tigerclaw's mentor). A bad/annoying character, but not the worst.

I hate Thistleclaw. When Snowfur died, and everyone else was mourning her, he tells Bluefur/ Bluestar to stop playing with Whitekit/Whitestorm because he is his dad and Bluefur is his aunt, so she's more distantly related to Whitekit. She tries to teach Whitekit that love and strength can go together. Thistleclaw says these two things that pretty cold. "Just keep away from Whitekit… or I'll make you." and "It's your fault Snowfur is dead, kittypet- loving kit thief. You are the reason Snowfur is dead."

I don't understand how he's on this list, he's more cruel and evil than annoying. And besides, you can't help but sympathize with him after hearing what Bluestar had done, and after hearing his mate had died...

24 Hollyleaf Hollyleaf was one of the rare, strictly loyal cats of ThunderClan.

Her birth broke the warrior code, and she killed Ashfur in fear of him revealing the truth over her family. She lived in the tunnels for a while, before rejoining ThunderClan. Hollyleaf was slain by Hawkfrost and spent her last moments with her mother Leafpool saying her last words ”I couldn’t bear to… to leave without knowing my mother.” more.

I hated her so much in power of three. She was SO annoying, she stuck her nose in everything, bossed everyone around, was just so whiney and "I want what I want" and was an all around SNOB. Then, she is a hyppocrite, totally spills leafpool and Crowfeather's secret, and 'dies'. And I had two words: good riddance. Worst of all, she had good ideas! She was smart! Ughhh this made me hate her more! Then, she kind of gets an upgrade, grows out of her annoying qualities, and I like her. So this comment is centred around PO3, cause in OOs the only thing remotely annoying was that she had to die, and right when she was growing on me...

I can understand why some people would hate Hollyleaf, but if you think about it, all she did was for the good of her clan or another cat. In my opinion she is my favorite cat in all the series and didn't deserve to die. I mean, at least she didn't train in the dark forest unlike some cats, like Ivypool and Tigerheart (Not saying I don't like them) and they are pretty popular. She did kill a cat though, but to be fair he tried killing her first. She pretty much lived by the warrior code. She only told everyone that Leafpool was her mother, because she couldn't stand the lies. Though she did try killing Leafpool she was probably very upset and angry at the moment and was willing to take risks, but this happens in normal people, if we are feeling confident, angry, or upset, we are willing to test our limits.And when she found out that she wasn't part of the three, she was fine with it! Maybe a little disapointed, but she wasn't a brat about it. Unlike how Dovewing was when she lost her ...more

She's edgy, a goody two shoes, and totally overrated. All she ever does is obsess over some stupid rules that were set by ancient cats. She murdered a cat, which you can argue that Ashfur was a bad cat, but her excuse for that was because he was going to tell a secret. That secret was very well kept, considering everyone knows because she told them anyways. The warrior code doesn't tell you how to breathe, does it? But Hollyleaf treats it like it does.

Hollyleaf is just...the worst. She killed Ashfur, okay, but that was because he might have told 'the secret'. I get that. But what does Hollyleaf have to do? Open her big fat mouth and tell the entire world the same secret! Selfish much? And then she goes and runs away. More selfishness. And the whole time in the tunnels she's like "Ugh I can't go back, ughh my life stinks, ughh I hate my parents! " Just. Shut your muzzle, Hollyleaf.

25 Jessy

She's Mary suish and overall super annoying to read about, but I guess I have to give her a little credit for leaving thunderclan so bramble star could be with squirrel flight.

She annoyed me. She's not a Mary-Sue, but she was a bit pushy with Bramblestar, telling everyone to leave him alone when he was sleeping. Plus she immediately moved her nest next to his. I didn't like her.

No, she is not a Mary Sue. I personally loved her in Bramblestar's Storm. For some reason, people who hate some cat automatically call them a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. Chill out, you prigs.

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