Top 10 Ways to Describe Modern Pop Music

Modern Pop Music is a bomb and here my ways to describe it.

The Top Ten

1 Awesome

Some Pop fan added this! - Neonco31

Okay, that's honestly pathetic. If they think pop is awesome, they can say that it's awesome. I don't get why this list has to be negative towards it. - SwagFlicks

It's anything but awesome.

2 Classy

Since when were songs about butts, drugs, and sex considered classy?

3 Cool
4 For Smart People

No. It's for dumb people.

5 Talented

You need talent for EVERY genre...except for Bro Country. - AlphaQ

6 Great
7 Good
8 Funny
9 Annoying

Ugh I regret making this list because I love Modern Pop but I guess I'll just leave it here for your pleasure anyways - Neonco31

Imagine "Baby" being sung to me all day:


I WANNA DIE! - Neonco31

10 Terrible

Some of the modern songs like Stupid Hoe and Baby are just some examples - Neonco31

Listen to rock and metal not this talentless crap

Yep - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Autotuned

If it doesn't sound bad, the artist isn't singing bad. I don't see how this is a problem, although I do see how it describes modern pop music. - SwagFlicks

12 Boring

Agreed, I do not like pop nowadays, it is so bland and uncreative. - AnimeDrawer

13 Unoriginal

They copy moves and tunes from other musicians - Neonco31

14 Weird
15 Hated by Stupid People

Nope. The hate for modern music is justified.

Hated by ignorant people who don't bother to listen and prefer stupid metal and country music. - AlphaQ

That's true, especially since they think every song is meaningless. - DCfnaf

It's actually the smart people who hate this autotuned, talentless cliché crap. - Kfox101

16 Sex, Drug, Partying, or Love Related
17 Obnoxious
18 Talentless

There is no such thing as no talent. It's another made up thing by people who hate pop and rap to justify those genres are bad. Absolutely pathetic. When will people listen? - SwagFlicks

Auto-tune covers that item - Neonco31

19 Stupid

Stupid Hoe for example - Neonco31

Hell yeah it's stupid - Kfox101

20 Original
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