Top Ten Ways to Get Kicked Out of an Amusement Park

So, you're going to Cedar Point or Disney World, or one of those amusement parks. You go and buy your tickets, and make it past the bag check (somehow). With about an hour 'till closing, you come to realize how unpleasant your experience was there: bad service, exorbitant prices, lengthy lines, and of course, boredom.

Most people like to just post a bad review about the park, which gives advice to other people. However, of you're one of those vandals who likes to get revenge for your underwhelming experience, this list is for you.

WARNING: It is not intended to do if you actually LIKE going to the park. Why? Because you could be kicked out, for, well... forever.

The Top Ten

Smuggle in fireworks, and light them in the middle of the park. Right before they go off, yell "Death To (Country Park Is In)!"

Be sure to yell this out in the country's primary language, because nothing is more awkward than yelling in Korean somewhere in California!

That list is hilarious! I totally can imagine how people would react if I went to Canada Wonderland and screams this...

Once you enter the park, pull out a tranquilizer gun, and shoot the people who want to take your picture once you enter with it.

Well it would save you from take ing a picture with Winnie the pooh.

"Hey, do you want to have your picture ta-"

Once you get into a roller coaster, smuggle rocks on (the bigger, the better), and start to throw them at people walking around.

This would work for you getting kicked out of the amusement park, but it's simply "abusing" for the people walking!

That, and you may get a "vacation" in jail.

I'd be a killer if I did this. Well, at least that stupid kid at my school named Joe will be dead. :D


Before you leave, put pennies down at one of the roller coaster tracks.

In case you don't know, pennies are rumored to possibly derail a train. Derailing a roller coaster is just as likely, and more dangerous!

Just don't try to put pennies at the parts that are upside-down.

Run a vehicle of some sort into a track

"Oh no! He ran into the gate! On no! He's heading directly for the Speed Bead! "

Track? You mean like a train track?

Walk into one of the gift shops, and begin to spray paint all the merchandise.

This one could be rather expensive if they follow the "you break it, you buy it! " policies.

This is kinda funny now that I think about it.

Death to all those cheap, tacky keyrings and baseball caps!

Whilst in a long line, bring a torch with you, and threaten to burn anyone who doesn't let you cut them.

Depends on the weather, because if it's raining, don't try it. Just don't.

I could have used this information earlier.

Smuggle gum into the park. Then, chew the gum for just a little bit, and start to stick it on the roller coasters.

While gum wouldn't actually do anything to derail/stall/stop/cause to malfunction on a roller coaster, it would be annoying if you spat it on a coaster and it hit someone.

Maybe you'll be the cause on why Jimmy can't get off the coaster.

People at the amusement park by me actually do this.

People do this all the time.

Put large amounts of acid in a wave pool

Everyone out of the water! Now!

Did that happen in Action Park?

Abuse one of the mascots by doing physical damage to them.

Punching them, kicking them, anything works. Just be sure to not accidentally kick one of the strangers near you by accident.

Thanks for reading this list by Samanime and Turkeyasylum!

I once did, but I got in trouble. I would have gotten away with it, if it weren't for those meddling kids and their dog.

Apparently once a high school had a dance at Disney world, and shoved Mickey Mouse off of the ferry boat.

Then you take off the costume and the kids are traumatized.

The Contenders

Film on a roller coaster

Rules state you should stow all loose articles, including cameras, before riding a roller coaster, or giving them to a non rider.

A lot of people don't get kicked out for doing this.

That the easy way

Watch porn and masturbate
Eat poop in front of everyone

That is weird

Beat up all the mascots in the park

Justin. Bieber.


Bring Godzilla in the park

Godzilla is a fictional character but OK

Purposely drop your hat over a fence the climb it while videotaping yourself

This actually happened

Beat up park employee for declining you from riding a roller coaster

Especially if you are fat

Bringing Trump to the park and hurt all the Mexicans

The SJW Answers go on... Trump doesn't actually hurt Mexicans, lousy stereotyping whoever added this.

Throw a ball at all the mascots

That would gather a huge ban

Strip off all your clothes

This is a theme park not a strip club!

Bring in every single illegal drug in the park and sell it to the mascots

They're gonna need it. Walking around all day in an animal costume getting mauled by little kids must be stressful, and what better way to relax than with crack?

Put a middle finger to the on ride camera then demand to get that picture for free after the ride

Same can be said for the OK sign after people believed a hoax on 4chan.


Not sure what to comment here...

Make a bomb threat

Woah wow I am then totes gonna get the POLICE FOR THIS ONE TAKE THAT PUNK

Scream ALLAHU AKBAR during a ride

Drop the nuke.

They’ll think you’re a terrorist or inspired by one. That’ll definitely get you kicked out.

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