Best Ways to Get Onto the FBI Watch List

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Google "Best Torture Methods"

Totally never done this...

Threaten Donald Trump

End the shutdown, or we will take your KFC!

Make A List On how To Get Onto The FBI Watch List

I can personally gauruntee that I've never done this

Watch a Video on How to Tie a Noose

I already know how to, so I don't need to watch a video. Wait, I mean I don't know what a noose is.

A noose is a loop with a running knot, tightening as the rope or wire is pulled and used to trap animals or hang people.

Hang Out With Convicted Criminals

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just if you're with like 10 of them every day, people who don't know you may become suspicious

My friends have blew up entire planets and eat puppies for dinner!

Look Up "How To Dispose of a Dead Body"

Drive into the middle of nowhere, but do not touch it. I suggest wearing very covering new clothes and a mask. Hike a mile into the woods. Drop it.

And bury it. For the smell. Backpackers are abnormally curious fellows

My friend told me how to. Well, former friend.

Is it too late for this?
FBI OPEN UP! 1! 111

Look Up "How To Break Into The White House"

I don't see what's wrong with this one

Move Large Amounts of Money

Just because I'm shipping 14 million dollars to a rich guy 4,235 miles away doesn't mean that I look suspicious

Have a Criminal History

Some offenders often repeat their crimes

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Leave The Country Suspiciously Twice A Month With Lots Of Money
Try Accessing Child Pornography

I mean pornography with sex on children, not children watching sex.

It's on the dark web.

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