Best Ways to Get Onto the FBI Watch List


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1 Google "Best Torture Methods"

Totally never done this... - SirSheep

2 Threaten Donald Trump

End the shutdown, or we will take your KFC! - SirSheep

3 Make A List On how To Get Onto The FBI Watch List

I can personally garuntee that I've never done this - SirSheep

4 Watch A Video On How To Tie A Noose

I already know how to, so I don't need to watch a video. Wait, I mean I don't know what a noose is. - SirSheep

A noose is a loop with a running knot, tightening as the rope or wire is pulled and used to trap animals or hang people. - ToddHoward

5 Look Up "How To Dispose of a Dead Body"

Drive into the middle of nowhere, but do not touch it. I suggest wearing very covering new clothes and a mask. Hike a mile into the woods. Drop it. - Cyri

Is it too late for this?
FBI OPEN UP! 1! 111

My friend told me how to. Well, former friend. - SirSheep

6 Hang Out With Convicted Criminals

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, just if you're worth like 10 of them every day, people who don't know you may become suspicious - SirSheep

7 Look Up "How To Break Into The White House"

I don't see what's wrong with this one - SirSheep

8 Move Large Amounts of Money

Just because I'm shipping 14 million dollars to a rich guy 4,235 miles away doesn't mean that I look suspicious - SirSheep

9 Have A Criminal History

Some offenders often repeat their crimes - SirSheep

10 Leave The Country Suspiciously Twice A Month With Lots Of Money

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11 Try accessing child pornography

I mean pornography with sex on children, not children watching sex.

It's on the dark web. - Cyri

12 Look Up Top Ten Ways to Get on the FBI Watchlist
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