Top Ten Ways/Phrases for a British Person to Confuse an American

A lot of people say the British get confused easily. Well let's see how many of these you'll understand!

The Top Ten

1 Offer them a Crumpet

I'm an American and I understand most of these things. - nintendofan126

Haha so right!
"What's a...crumpet? " - Britgirl

2 Arrange to meet them outside Tesco's

This sounds like Taco Bell but British version. No offense. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I can imagine them replying with "sorry, I only know wallmart" - IronSabbathPriest

Fresh outta Tesco's innit. - IronSabbathPriest

3 Pull over next to them in a black taxi
4 When you pull over, pull over in the car park

The parking lot? A parking space? - Songsta41

5 Get out a paper and pencil and ask for a rubber

I actually know what the British kind of rubber is since I'm friends with some Brits on here. - funnyuser

"Why are you scribbling over your answer? You should've used a rubber" - Puga

Lol They have the dumbest terms over there 😂😂

6 Go down the Chippy
7 Offer to go and smoke a fag

Although I'm not British, I do know that a fag is a cigarette. I spend too much time online... - Merilille

The meaning of "fag" that I know just makes this sound weird - ryanrimmel

8 Put the shopping in the boot of the car

Yeah, well, we know what the bonnet is, too. Get over yourself.

Trunk - SeandeLlama

9 Use the metric system

Are ya kidding. It's TEN times easier than the American system. Over here, we actually can walk and chew gum at the same time--at least half of us, anyway.

Plenty of us use the Metric system, it's simple

I sorta kinda maybe know the metric system.Celsius, however, confuses the heck out of me. - Teravolt1422

10 Put on a wooly jumper

Jacket - SeandeLlama

The Contenders

11 Offer them a Full English
12 Call the fuzz on them

We know that one pretty well. - Songsta41

13 Put on trackies

Seandelama, sorry but if you think trackies are shoes... - IronSabbathPriest

Shoes - SeandeLlama

14 Refer to the times when you were in primary school

I would understand the last 2. Primary school is like elementary school and secondary school is like middle and high school. But I don't get the rest of the items. - cosmo

I understand this one and ten. Mainly because that is how they are reffeered to in Mexico. - AnonymousChick

15 Tell them to take the lift
16 Stuff a flannel in their mouth
17 Perform the full monty and kiss each other's arses

This is just stupid. Who added this? - icthruu

18 Refer to the times when you were in secondary school
19 Report them to the coppers

Not the coppers, na Gardaí. - Puga

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