Top Ten Ways to Reduce Gun Violence in the U.S.

Gun violence, while declining, is still a major problem in the U.S. Here are ten ways to reduce it.

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1 End the War On Drugs

The War on Drugs has made violent crime skyrocket, especially gang-related crime. It does this in two ways. One, drugs are still easily accessible, because of black markets. Black markets bring murder, theft, extortion, bribery, and other crimes, just like it did during the 1920s during prohibition. Secondly, the US does a pretty terrible job of rehabilitating criminals. Therefore, if one goes to jail for several years, they are likely to come out violent and unchanged. Almost every single economist states that by ending the illegality of drugs, the crime rate will drop significantly. - Alpha101

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2 Educate people about gun responsibility.

Let's be honest. There are lots of people who don't deserve to own firearms. These people might have significant mental health issues. They might have a serious criminal record. They may treat guns like toys, instead of deadly objects. They may leave them out in the open, accessible to children. These people should not own guns, and in a perfect society, they wouldn't. Sadly, they do, and there's little that we can do about it. After all, there will always be black markets. If more communities stressed the importance of gun safety and responsibility, gun deaths will fall. The evidence supports this. When more responsible people own guns, crime rates drop. - Alpha101

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3 Increase mental health funding.

It's no secret that our mental health system is a complete joke. It's also no secret that a disproportionate amount of murders are committed by people with mental health issues. If we drastically increase funding, crime will fall. - Alpha101

4 Reform the prison system.

The prison system needs to focus on rehabilitation than on punishment. There's little evidence that suggests that longer sentences reduce crime. Actually, many studies claim that they actually increase crime, by exposing inmates to violence and oppression on a day to day basis for years. Obviously, one is not going to come out of jail unscathed. - Alpha101

5 Address the violent culture in America.

It's no secret that we have a culture of violence. I mean, look at what's on T.V.. Half of the shows have someone beating someone up, shooting them, triggering an explosion, etc. It should be stressed to everyone that violence isn't admirable or attractive, and that it shouldn't be glorified like it currently is. Guns are a deadly weapon, and should only be used if necessary. - Alpha101

6 Decrease poverty

One of the main causes of gun crime is poverty. To combat poverty, education can be improved, welfare can be reformed to encourage work, the government can create a pro-growth tax plan, etc. - Alpha101

7 Discourage alcohol consumption.

Alcohol is involved in around 40% of all crime. While we shouldn't ban alcohol, there are several things that we can do to discourage its abuse. We can raise taxes on alcohol. We can teach about its dangers in schools. We can copy South Dakota's policy of stripping people of their right to drink if they harm someone while intoxicated. - Alpha101

8 Ask communities to be more involved.

Evidence shows that when communities are more involved in its citizens' lives, violence decreases. Communities should be encouraged to help console past offenders and possible future offenders. - Alpha101

9 Make a bigger effort to combat racism.

Blacks disproportionately commit crimes in the U.S. Black families are also, on average, more impoverished. If we work harder to eradicate racism, poverty would be less common in black communities, which would lead to less violent crimes. - Alpha101

10 Make a bigger effort to combat sexism.

Domestic abuse is a major crime in the country, and it can turn violent. By empowering women and doing more to discourage sexism, violent crime will decrease accordingly. - Alpha101

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11 Ban private gun sales

Nobody should be allowed to buy a gun, except the police and the military. If you want to hunt, you'll need to check out a gun from the government, and check it back in when you're done. We need a zero tolerance policy, it's just not worth it to let this go on. - Y2K

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