Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Last Day Alive

The Top Ten

1 Go on a crime spree
2 Be in nature reminiscing about the past

My plan. - Cyri

3 Revisit your birth place
4 Spend the rest of your time with your family

And also play multiplayer video games and have the best food.

5 Take a nap to speed up the process
6 Face a nitrous oxide tank
7 Burn down your house if you live alone
8 Spend your day like any other
9 Get into a high-speed chase
10 Go to your idea of paradise and relax

The Contenders

11 Listening to your favorite music

Never have too much music. Not me anyway. I'm in love with music, mainly rock and metal.

12 Play basketball
13 Not wear any clothes
14 Meeting your favorite people/celebrities
15 Enjoying nature
16 Watching YouTube
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