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21 Extremely Repetitive Content

YouTube sucks now.

I still like youtube and I don't like reading too much but really did google really buy it ok whatever

22 The Dislike Button

Youtube sucks cause of disike buttons but dislike buttons used to be good sometimes to TAKE DOWN THE BAD VIDEOS

I actually found the dislike button useful. - wrests

23 Bad Layout

The YouTube layout USED to be a great, fresh-looking style until YouTube ruined it.

Couldn't agree with this more. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

It's so plain and boring. - wrests

24 Who's watching this in (year) Comments
25 No Video Censor
26 Game Theorist Fans

What does this even mean

27 Advertisement Friendly Guidelines V 1 Comment
28 People Who Pretend to Be Big YouTubers

"SQUEAK SQUEAK" YouTube site is depending on those bad guys out there.

I despise these people the most. They start putting "hip" intros or selling merch or whatever popular people used to do. I have cringey kids from my school who vlog about their daily lives. They think their lives are so interesting and people are "intrigued" by their humor and all that. It needs to stop

29 8-year-Olds are Having YouTube Accounts

I don't think 8 year olds should have youtube because they might use their parents number and when that person gets money off youtube they will ring the kids parents

I agree. Little kids aren't being banned for being under 13 when they should be banned.

30 Bad Video System/Quality Controls

Old YouTube, you click the quality you want, you play it, and you can skip back forward with minimal buffering. Current YouTube, you click the quality you want, click play,wait 20 minutes to buffer, hope that your quality doesn't drop to 144p, and maybe, if you're lucky after 5 refreshes, your video plays.

31 YouTube Forcing Content

YouTube now finds it necessary to shove popular channels down your throat after watching only one of their videos.

The recommended videos are videos you don't even find interest in.
Example: You watched a video by Leafy. You later watch a video by Smosh. But you have Leafy videos overflowing your suggested videos page. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

32 The New Comment System

It must be a complete coincidence that YouTube blocked comments after Trump won the election. What delicate snowflakes they are.

Actual comments marked as spam.
"WHOS WATCHING THIS IN _____" and "SUB TO ME AND ILL SUB TO YOU" comments left alone.
Well done YouTube. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

33 Retro Hipster Kids That Think They're The Best Because They Like Pop Culture From the 1950's, 1960's, And 1970's While Their Peers Don't

Why isn't this number 1? I hate it in the comments when old people are like "Our generation was better! " Then cherry-pick information about what kids today do. I'm a kid and I don't go drinking and twerking at parties. I bet 99.9% of what they think about kids is what they see on those "shocking" news channels where the kid(s) get kidnapped by a pedo for posting some nudes on Instagram or whatever. And then those, "Kids these days lie, cheat, and steal." Like yeah, you've never lied to your mom to get a candy bar, never looked over someone's shoulder on a test, never took something without asking in your ENTIRE LIFE.
It's even more annoying when teenagers try to copy those old people by trying to be "edgy" by hating on popular things for no reason. Just because someone shakes their butt ONCE then they hate the song/video and then they try to say that ALL videos are like that. There WERE songs and video like that back in the "good old days" except they were mostly hidden due to ...more

34 Haters Are Everywhere


35 Sub4Sub

Back then, there was no Sub4sub. Then nowadays, so many stupid kids are using Sub4sub and all it does is sub back to other random multiple channels. Wow, they have 5000 subs and they have like 50 to 100 views. - Ghalia14

I agree, it sucks and I know stupid idiotic 7-10 year olds are using this!

YA IKR, I donno why they use it

36 No More Funny Videos

YouTube used to be very funny to go on, now it's not anymore.

The funny videos are gone, people don't make them anymore, they got too focused on money and sex that they want to make some of the stupidest videos around.

YouTube is dead. - nelsonerica

THERE IS FUNNY VIDEOS there is guy call explodingTNT and he do funny minecraft videos lol

Well, most YouTubers are still funny, at least who I watch. I'm sure that there's a bunch of YouTubers that aren't funny, but whatever. - funnyuser

37 YouTubers Become Bad People

YouTube used to be full of awesome people, but it seems it took the Disney Channel route, with good people becoming bad people, we've seen original people, like Smosh, Miranda Sings, Fred, Jennxpenn, and NigaHiga.

These are the most famous originals, now they're all bad people because they made bad choices such as posting videos about garbage and sexual content uncensored, yet they even swear.

It just ruins us that many of the YouTubers that got millions of views would do that later on in their life, and as Disney Channel took that path, YouTube took it too.

Miranda Sings today does not swear. She's a good Christian girl and GETS MAD at people once they curse. - NocchiCheese

Yeah, indeed

Youtuber now is EVIL? at least I have fun watching these videos :P whatever

38 YouTubers Don't Care About Their Fans Anymore

They used to do videos for their fans, they loved doing what their fans loved, they were even complimented by their fans.

Now that can't happen anymore, now they're too focused on making money, and they're trying too hard by making some of the laziest and pointless videos on the planet, and they aren't even good to watch, they used to make awesome videos, but now, they can't anymore. - nelsonerica

39 Search/Recommendations

I've searched for videos I KNOW exist, but couldn't get a result because of the dreadful search algorithm. And the recommended videos have little to do with the bulk of videos I actually watch.

40 Radical People

Vegans, feminists, religion, homos, supremacists, you name it, YouTube has it

Their are too many stupid retards in comments section

Hear hear! +1

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