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21 The Fake Dislike Button on Comments

The one that's right next to the THUMBS-UP button on someone's comment. They're making us think the opinion counts but they don't actually show how many dislikes a comment has...

What fake dislike? - Frouze

22 Extremely Repetitive Content

YouTube sucks now.

I still like youtube and I don't like reading too much but really did google really buy it ok whatever

Well, back then until...2011 I'ma say, YouTube was just so you could upload short little videos. Watch the first few videos ever uploaded and compare it to all the trending channels. You'll see how some YouTubers have lost their sense of creativity. - naFrovivuS

23 No More Channel Customization

YouTube used to allow people to customize their channels, but that can't happen anymore, YouTube has changed so much lately, it sucks. - nelsonerica

YT channels now look... so plain. Nothing stands out. - wrests

24 8-year-Olds are Having YouTube Accounts

I agree. Little kids aren't being banned for being under 13 when they should be banned.

I don't think 8 year olds should have youtube because they might use their parents number and when that person gets money off youtube they will ring the kids parents

All they do is curse with emojis, spell things horribly wrong, use all those "cool" trends, and act like they're fans of someone when really they're stupid little kids who want to be those douches on the internet. Who even buys them all this equipment?

25 YouTube Red

It is a rip off and a way of getting money. You get no ads and extra videos, it is injustice just like how the world is now, Africa starving while celebrities are getting loads of money from showing a nipple in a scene of a 2 second movie. Well done

Honestly...who's ever gonna buy this? - ClicheUsername69

Youtubers get money from ad revenue...if you're going to have Red not have any ads then where is your compensation?

Ripoff version of Netflix original series

V 1 Comment
26 YouTube Heroes

Youtube should know by now that there are a bunch of knuckleheads on it's sites and will only use this to screw every single youtuber over. What is wrong with you, Youtube? - UltraGamer

Worst crap ever

Youtube : I'm d.ying...

Ughh Youtube heroes

27 Who's Watching This in (Year) Comments
28 The Dislike Button

Youtube sucks cause of disike buttons but dislike buttons used to be good sometimes to TAKE DOWN THE BAD VIDEOS

I actually found the dislike button useful. - wrests

29 Bad Layout

The YouTube layout USED to be a great, fresh-looking style until YouTube ruined it.

It's so plain and boring. - wrests

The layout was so organized, and was full of videos released from similar channels, as well as videos from that channel. Now, it's overfilled with just trending videos, recommended bullsh! t and barely any videos from the creator. - naFrovivuS

30 No Video Censor
31 Advertisement Friendly Guidelines V 1 Comment
32 Search/Recommendations

I've searched for videos I KNOW exist, but couldn't get a result because of the dreadful search algorithm. And the recommended videos have little to do with the bulk of videos I actually watch.

I wish youtube added the disable recommendations button. - SlavicViking

33 Radical People

Vegans, feminists, religion, homos, supremacists, you name it, YouTube has it

Their are too many stupid retards in comments section

Hear hear! +1

34 The New Comment System

It must be a complete coincidence that YouTube blocked comments after Trump won the election. What delicate snowflakes they are.

35 Cringe Compilations

These Are Seriously Cyber Bullying

36 Haters Are Everywhere


37 Sub4Sub

Back then, there was no Sub4sub. Then nowadays, so many stupid kids are using Sub4sub and all it does is sub back to other random multiple channels. Wow, they have 5000 subs and they have like 50 to 100 views. - Ghalia14

I agree, it sucks and I know stupid idiotic 7-10 year olds are using this!

YA IKR, I donno why they use it

38 Account Termination for No Apparent Reason

My son is now going through this. Unable to communicate with anyone from YouTube to discuss the issue. Seems YouTube is untouchable.

39 No More Funny Videos

YouTube used to be very funny to go on, now it's not anymore.

The funny videos are gone, people don't make them anymore, they got too focused on money and sex that they want to make some of the stupidest videos around.

YouTube is dead. - nelsonerica

THERE IS FUNNY VIDEOS there is guy call explodingTNT and he do funny minecraft videos lol

Well, most YouTubers are still funny, at least who I watch. I'm sure that there's a bunch of YouTubers that aren't funny, but whatever. - funnyuser

40 YouTubers Become Bad People

YouTube used to be full of awesome people, but it seems it took the Disney Channel route, with good people becoming bad people, we've seen original people, like Smosh, Miranda Sings, Fred, Jennxpenn, and NigaHiga.

These are the most famous originals, now they're all bad people because they made bad choices such as posting videos about garbage and sexual content uncensored, yet they even swear.

It just ruins us that many of the YouTubers that got millions of views would do that later on in their life, and as Disney Channel took that path, YouTube took it too.

Miranda Sings today does not swear. She's a good Christian girl and GETS MAD at people once they curse. - NocchiCheese

Yeah, indeed

Youtuber now is EVIL? at least I have fun watching these videos :P whatever

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