Top 10 Web Browsers of 2014

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1 Google Chrome

Google Chrome out performs all Browsers. Google is easy to manage and do every thing a Browser is required. Supported by all open source operating systems and Windows. Hands down nothing compares to Google.

This browser is very easy to operate. It have "Web Store" which contain some most useful and most interesting apps. Not only that, it have a excellent look. This browser is faster than others in my uses (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera & Maxthon).

Although both Chrome and Firefox are great, I have to pick Chrome as my favorite because it is the browser I use most often, and also I find Chrome to be the fastest.

I've been using this for more than 5 years, yet its simplicity and remarkable speed beats any other browsers. Its simple design makes the browser itself easy to navigate than any browsers. Google Chrome for the win!

2 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a heavy tank compared to it's counter part Chrome, it being a light tank. Firefox would be able to take hits after hits after hits, and it wouldn't break down. Firefox has more add-ons, it has the best security, and is used by more users compared to the other browsers.

Look, Firefox will be always safer, and "SAFETY" is better than "LIGHTNING FAST", Chrome can put their fingers on their ass.

I like Firefox but suddenly it started showing ads everywhere and random things I click on open an ad. I use safari now.

Mozilla Firefox is faster than Chrome and better than Safari!

3 Apple Safari

It has very smooth function and it is much faster than Google chrome as I used it yesterday Google is very slow and I realized that safari 5.1.7 is much faster than it and I heard that apple safari is the best browser in the world

It just plain works and I cannot possibly justify downloading anything else and have to reload all my web sites as news bookmarks.

Hope apple will make new version for windows and I hope that it is much better than 5.1.7

Safari is so fast I downloaded a movie inn less than 2 minutes than amazing

4 Opera

Most secure browser. Plus you can literal control flash or gif That are in the any page you go to. Can download torrentes, has the turbo speed for slow connections, its looks pretty also, has the sync feature of your favorite pages, more deeper opera offers streaming from your own computer just you have a mini server or something and etc! The point it, its has lot of thing.

The newer versions of Opera are amazing. Everything about the browser is great, love the setup!

Its much better then chrome or mozilla, secures your browsing and takes less RAM storage. - MrFahadKhan

So god damn fast. I've used internet explorer, firefox, chrome and safari and none of them come even close to performing as well as Opera - zombefied115

5 Internet Explorer

Because its best for business

Since V 10 IE is much faster stylish and good display also Microsoft Narrator is also supported which the others lack

I'm tech since 90s and never used any other browser. Any test shows that IE is the best! Agree, IE should be #1 (Google Chrome also good)

Fak the internet explorer

6 Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon has lot of cloud features like cloud push, cloud download, cloud share, cloud tab. It also has lot of unique features. It is also a better browser than Chrome, Firefox.

In my opinion Maxthon cloud is quicker by far than others and responds all the time, unlike chrome which only responds some of the time

I have tested it on two computers and both times it out-performed Google Chrome and Firefox. It is simply the best browser I have ever used.

This is the best browser you can download any video from any site easily and its ad free!

7 Torch

Best all in one browser

Torch is actually one of the best... Good with games... Torrent... Much better than firefox and explorer... I'd say even better than chrome sometimes

It does more of what I want. Torrent download is one big feature.

Too Good in terms of Extra Features which even Google Chrome lacks.

8 Android Browser

Android browsers is fast, reliable and easiest browser for me till now.

In my opinion, to use this browsers is more better than other.

Didn't mean to vote

It's flabulas and mind blowing browsers.

9 Epic Browser

I have been using Epic for several months now... (probably a couple of years, I think) & its fabulous! No tracking, no browsing history & no ads. Best browser ever. the only con is that it's a bit slow but the other features make up for it!

The best feature of epic browser is, it doesn't track your a$$.

How to install epic browser

Like Tor but faster

10 Opera Mini

Better then everyone


The Contenders
11 Citrio Browser

It can download video's. Got a long trip ahead? Just download some awesome video's and you will never get bored.

Citrio can download files much faster than Chrome. Very useful with big files.

Actually it's rather good. Looks like Chrome, but can download torrents.

Good browser. Fast and has some interesting features. Better than Chrome in some aspects.

12 Nintendo 3DS Internet Browser

Wow this isn't even good. it's so glitchy and slow. I prefer better web browsers like Avant Find, Google Chrome, or Yahoo.


13 UC Browser

For me its best app

Dis browser is very nice

14 Comodo Dragon

Number 1 Best secured browser in the world!

Best best best

Best one!


15 Deepnet

This is great I love it

16 Avant Browser

No one even likes pale moon avant is where its at baby!

Avant is so helpful. TY avant!

17 Microsoft Edge

Fast, simple, easier and safer to handle than explorer, faster than most browsers out there!

Sometimes disappears but still good

18 Pale Moon

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser optimized for today's processors. Smooth and speedy, compatible with firefox's extensions...

I like it beacause it has File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help like Ffox 28 did
But now hides those functions.

Avant find is sooo terrible. Pale moon can destroy Avant find anyday. ily all

19 Seamonkey

This is alright check it out even though Avant is better I use it a lot

'tis alright like Avant better though. I find myself using it late at night often because of the convinience

20 Rockmelt

Do not listen to below

Rockmelt, more like Sockmelt. Avant find kicks butt baby

21 SRware Iron
22 Tor

Tor Browser is built off of Mozilla Firefox, so it has all the necessary features. Also, the Tor Network makes security easy and solid.

World's best anonymous netwotk!

Its good if you like privasy

23 Baidu Browser

I don't care about what all can say, this is the best browser ever!


24 Nano Browser

Nano Browser is a smartest web browser available for Windows, MAC, Linux, Android/iOS. It is easy to access and free to download. It's a user friendly browser and have taken a full privacy guarantee of user's data. It has a great set of features that provides flexibility to users like nano shot that allow users to take a full web page screen shot in just a single click, wishlist in which users can save website links for further use, can easily make bookmarks, can make a multiple reminder like can save an event's date, birthday reminders etc.. It takes a very less time to load a web page i.e., it's a fast web browser for faster web browsing. I have been using this browser, thus shared my views about it over here.

I agree with Nano Browser. Really it works fast and I have been using this browser on Mac and Android.

25 SeaMonkey Navigator
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