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Wondering what is the best SQL documentation tool. This list provides the answer. It contains an easy-to-use SQL documentation tools, found across the web and sorted here. These tools make SQL documenting simple and can save you some time and money allowing you to document your database from top to bottom in different formats HTML, CHM, PDF, XML, etc...

The Top Ten

1 ApexSQL Doc Visit Website
2 Dataedo

Powerful database documentation tool.

A free version sufficient for most applications is available. Paid version is ridiculously cheap for its features.

Supports more than just SQL Server.

Simple and powerful

Visit Website
3 Database Documenter

Do you hate writing documentation? Have you taken over support for a database that you know nothing about? Are you looking for a way to provide consistent database documentation? If you answered yes to any of these questions then Database Documenter is the tool for you.

Database Documenter generates easy-to-read and detailed documentation for SQL Server 2000/2005 databases with a few simple clicks.

4 dbdesc
5 DBScribe
6 SQL Doc 2
7 GenesisOne SQL Server Documentation

O Determining LOE hours
o Getting new developers up-to-speed in half the time
o Documenting numerous aspects of your projects
Some of the features include:
o A step-by-step English language translation of what the code is doing
o A graphical depiction of how data moves through the code
o Precise detail of code dependencies for rapid impact analysis
o High quality documentation that can be used as project artifacts
For a free fully functional trial, please contact us at,
IBM Technical Validated Partners

8 Visual Expert Visual Expert

Known best for automatic documentation generation. The generation of diagrams synchronized with the code help to understand code dependencies easily. Various scheduling options for impact analysis as well as documentation generation. The speed of developing high-quality code gets increased noticeably for the developers. Also, the database code stays neat and it gets really easy to transfer knowledge about source code to new entrants in an existing project. - nimit156

No hassle in generating the SQL server project documentation, as it can directly connect to your SQL server and collect database structure from there. Also, meaningful filters are available to choose from the DB objects, in case if the partial documentation is needed. Generates a responsive HTML documentation, which can be referred to from any place, any device.

Easy to read and quick documentation generation

9 SqlSpec
10 SQL Documentation Tool

A huge time saver compared to generating documentation by hand.
Helps your development team get to grips with large and complex databases.
Ability to document multiple databases.
Range of output documentation formats, including HTML, HTML Help, RTF/Word and plain text formats.

The Contenders

11 SQLRaptor
12 TechWriter for Databases

TechWriter for Databases is a documentation tool for databases that leverages the information locked inside your database to automatically produce database reference documentation for Access, MySQL, Oracle, SAS, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and DB2 databases.

13 dbForge Documenter for SQL Server

It's a powerful and easy to use tool with a wide range of options. - JordanS

14 SQL Help Builder
15 SysKit SQL Manager

Use SysKit SQL Manager to eliminate endless manual SQL environment documentation. It takes only a few minutes to generate professional-looking documentation about your SQL Server settings:

- SQL Servers

- Databases


- Azure

- Always On

- Failover Cluster

Document the SQL environment for your client, or provide a complete report about your internal IT infrastructure to your boss.

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1. Visual Expert
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