Best Forensic Email Analysis Software

Email examination is now a tough & typical task for forensic expert, since the technology advances day by day. One of the biggest challenge among forensic investigator is collaboration of evidences from multiple custodians. The another challenge is that how to search the email evidence item from such a bulk store. For solving these issues I am going to describe the list of email examiner forensic tools which let you perform the forensic email investigation efficiently.
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1 Xtraxtor

An all in one email investigation software. Must Try for Once. Incredible inovation

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2 MailXaminer Forensic Email Analysis Software

MailXaminer Forensic Email Analysis Software perform data collaboration & access. In email archiving it support multiple mailbox like Mac Outlook, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, IncrediMail, Exchange, OST, The Bat, Sea Monkey etc. After data access it is simple to search mail items with this forensic email examiner, since it is equipped with search filters which let you perform the accurate forensic email search. Recovering mail evidence, storing & preserving email evidence, analyzie mails, exporting mail items into MSG, PDF, TIFF, EML & HTML file types, managing case study etc, are also the key feature of mail examiner forensic email analysis software

We used MailXaminer software for analyzing forensic email data. So, Mailxaminer is one of the best tool for reducing time and cost.

This is the most reliable email forensics tool used by top law enforcement agencies across globe.

Really Appreciable Solution for Forensic Email Analysis which cut down my times to many folds.

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3 Aid4Mail Fookes Software

Aid4Mail is a great multi-purpose tool. It's often used by e-discovery and forensics professionals to search through mail and produce results based on filters set by using key words, wildcards, regular expressions and custom scripts. It can then convert mail to most industry-standard production formats.

Probably the most accurate email forensics product on the market. Preserves hidden metadata much better than the others, and that's pretty important.

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4 MxToolBox Email Software
5 Paraben Email Examiner

A great tool that can be used for digital forensics or e-discovery. The large variety of mail formats supported and comprehensive searching of email and attachments.

I like how the Electronic Evidence Examiner because it allows performing the investigation of different types of evidence, including email databases in a similar way

Large variety of email formats supported and amazing reporting options.

Great tool, comprehensive, and easy to us.

6 OSForensic Software
7 Advik Email Forensic Wizard
8 Email Forensic Wizard
9 Kernel Outlook PST Viewer
10 R-Mail by R-tools-technology

Supports *.pst file format: Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003.
Recovers deleted messages, contacts, notes, etc., even from the Deleted Items folder.
Recovers damaged Microsoft Outlook data files when Outlook cannot open them.
Recovers data from Outlook data files with "No Encryption" and "Compressible Encryption" (default) options, both with and without a password. Automatic or manual search for Outlook data files.
The utility searches for data files on all local disks visible to the operating system.
Recovered data can be previewed in R-Mail for Outlook in an interface very similar in appearance to that of Outlook preview, and can be opened directly in Outlook and Outlook Express. Works with Outlook data files stored on read-only media (CD/DVD, etc.). That allows the software users to work with Outlook data backups stored on such media. Works with Outlook data files on computers on which Outlook is not installed. With such computers, Outlook data may be viewed, copied, ...more

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