Top 10 Ruby on Rails Development Companies

The list incorporates the top Ruby on Rails development companies that provide top notch ROR development and have been known to deliver quality. Check out the list and vote for the rails development company you have had the experience to partner with.
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1 Sparx IT Solutions Sparx IT Solutions is a web & app development company that creates user-centric websites. Designing apps that could easily engage the audiences is one among the several profiles of the company. The company has a dedicated team of professionals as a result of which it successfully delivers projects within the estimated time period that too by satisfying the clients. Sparx IT Solutions is also into the business of offering services like app development, internet marketing, theming & integration, e-commerce web development, Big Data Analytics etc.

They do awesome creative work. Very work oriented team & absolutely a breeze to work with. I had an website done throught them and could not be more satisfied with the outcome.

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2 Anadea Anadea is a custom software development comapany with 15+ years experience in building web and mobile applications for business. It practices agile approach and specializes in Ruby on Rails, Java and Scala programming languages.

I've worked with different companies, but this one impressed me so much. They really know what they do, and nothing can confuse them, it's a great example of professionalism! Thank you for my perfect RoR app, and for your individual approach which I was looking for among other IT companies but failed.

I was lucky to find this company. They are good in putting together the requirements and in the technical implementation. As for their knowledge in Ruby on Rails I could see that they are true experts in it.

These guys a true fans of what they do. They are brilliant Rails programmers, can provide technical advice when needed and they are flexible to changes.

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3 CSSChopper Established in 2009, CSSChopper is a recognized web development company that has successfully served in over 90+countries so far. Backed by a team of 228 odd developers, the company proudly boasts a huge clientele that includes major brands and companies. The ardent developers employed by this company more.

Good work, quality project and ardent technical knowledge, the mixture of all these attributes I have received. In my 6 months of working experience with csschopper, I have never found any loophole. They fulfilled my specific requirements by delivering exceptional solutions within the stipulated time.

I have heard various positive reviews given by the csschopper clients that are mentioned on the site as well as web. So, I thought to pick this company for ROR web development project and I am pleased to share that it was an awesome experience ever experienced before with any service provider. Their supported team is perfect who made me capable of accomplishing my business needs. I just want to say one word for it which is "perfect".

I would like to be a part of your clientele again with my another project in the future. Your team did an amazing job which is indeed laudable. I am happy for hiring you for ROR project and want to try another technology assigning a website project and hope you will satisfy me this time as well with quality work as you did before.

One of the best Ruby on Rails development companies. I am very satisfied with their working style.

4 Hashrocket

Here is my biased opinion as an employee at our marvelous Chicago office. Hashrocket is a great place to work because of our excellent process, excellent people, interesting projects, and great benefits. Our developers have ample opportunity to grow as software authors, speakers, writers, consultants, and to just better our craft. Come join us!

Hashrocket has an amazing hiring process. Their process ensures that they only hire very talented developers. It also ensures they stay small and true to their values. The team is always professional and are constantly considering how much value they bring to their clients. Hashrocket is the best consultancy on earth.

Hashrocket came into our company for a two week training session. Two of their developers worked with 8 of our developers. It was an awesome experience - and we've definitely adopted some of their best practices and have written better and cleaner code. I think we're planning on hiring them yearly to refresh our training for a couple of weeks.

The Hashrocket developers are very friendly and open to helping with difficult coding problems. They have a lot of experience and like to share their knowledge through their blogs and TIL (Today I learned), a micro blogging site that gets thousands of visits every week.

5 Bit Zesty

Bit Zesty has a very strong focus on the value for money and customer satisfaction. They embrace agile practices and strive to incrementally build exactly what you want. There is a lot of communication, demos and sessions to generate the ideas for further development. They know rails well and produce high quality code

Bit Zesty is a software development company specializing in complex and dynamic web applications. They work in partnership with clients to build applications that improve business efficiency, increase profitability and provide a competitive advantage.

London based ruby on rails development company, who have built a wide variety of complex applications and who's clients range from the UK government to startups.

Going great work and they also support apps built elsewhere.

6 Altoros

Altoros Systems is a global software delivery acceleration specialist that provides focused product engineering to technology companies. Areas of expertise include Microsoft. NET, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Adobe Flex/Flash, and mobile technologies.

Altoros is maybe not the best Ruby/Rails service company in the world, but definitely one of the best in Europe. They have the right size, sufficient quality and what is more important, brilliant developers.

I am truly impressed by your firm. In fact, I speak to my clients about your firm whenever they ask about our technology.

Very good professionals, excellent people, always caring about how to help you to get the best for your business.

7 thoughtbot

They are a full-service, full-time team of web designers and developers. They focus on providing the design and development services required to build modern Ruby on Rails backed web applications.

Thoughtbot is cool company! I like using their open source technology for my projects!

Amazing open source used by tremendous amounts of Rails applications.

8 AndolaSoft

Andolasoft is one of the leading mobile and web app development company from USA. We have leveraged upon the 5 years of industry experience on Ruby On Rails. With 50+ RoR developers and around 40+ customer from countries like USA, Australia, UK etc. makes this organization, one of the best rails development company.

9 Vinsol

Having personally worked for the company, I'll say it is indeed a good place to work and you'll surely learn a lot. Company recently has improved a lot on the cultural aspects as well and is one of the best places to work if you like good quality code and are ready to learn.

The place to work on ruby on rails.
A great team to work with.
Great projects they are working on.
Agile web development is the culture.
Great training one can ever have.

Great place to have apps developed using Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android, even Windows Phone 7.
Great work culture too.

This is best company to work for, best co-workers, best seniors. Company pushes you out of your comfort zone to make best out of you.

10 HireWebDeveloper HireWebDeveloper is a recognized web development company known prestigiously for delivering exclusive, reliable and affordable web and app development solutions. Being equipped with world class development solutions, the company also participates in providing web app developers who are meticulously more.
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11 ChilliApple
12 Iflexion Established in 1999, Iflexion is a global IT solutions company with 400+ employees. Iflexion serves clients from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies in more than 30 countries worldwide. Iflexion has solid experience delivering advanced web & mobile solutions in different areas like web & enterprise more.

Iflexion dedicated RoR department with 50+ engineers delivers full cycle ruby on rails development services: custom app development, mvp development, code audit and QA, custom API development, 3d party software integration, support and maintenance services.

Trusted company with strong expertise in RoR. Over 17 years in the business.

13 Railwaymen

We have worked with Railwaymen for nearly 4 years. The team is excellent. They helped us develop a modern, clean and user friendly website as well as proprietary software systems that have improved the efficiency of our business and led to better customer retention. When developing our website and software systems, they took into consideration the needs of our business and made smart suggestions on improving functionality. We would highly recommend them!

Hiring Railwaymen team means that you hire a group of experts. They give always good price for high quality software. They provide good methodology in cooperation with the client, which I confirm. They are experienced developers and they work flexibly that is why cooperation was amazingly smooth. I am sure if I need development work in the future I hire Railwaymen team again. I honestly recommend them.

I've worked with the principals of Railwaymen off and on for six years on multiple projects. They are fast, professional, easy to get along with and super-talented. Lukasz and the gang work more like programming partners than outside contractors, so they've been especially helpful in helping me think through the usability implications of different approaches. I highly recommend them!

Excellent client service, experienced developers - this is shortly what my company can say about our few months of cooperation with Railwaymen. They deliver services at highest standards. After trying to cooperate with other overseas developers or local Ruby on Rails developers, only Railwaymen fixed all the problems and deliver good software in no time always.

14 Allerin

As a social bookmarking site who had a bad experience with our first Rails programmer, we were so happy and relieved to find a gifted company like Allerin. Not only has Allerin given us an amazing site, but they have been able to work around and fix the work of the previous programmer. Most of all, Allerin is loyal, helpful, and cares about providing exceptional customer service and programming. Working with our programer was a joy from the start. His ability to understand our needs and translate them into a functional site has been so comforting when on a tight schedule. The owner of Allerin, has always taken personal interest in our project, being available all along for anything we needed. Allerin is not only the company who build our site; they are a part of our team. I wholeheartedly recommend Allerin to anyone who wants a great experience when developing their project

Allerin is the best at what it does. Working with then and their reports, I feel like I am working with a local team because they are ALWAYS available. Their execution of my Ruby on Rails app was well planned, code was clean, well thought out, and functioned to spec. The best part was his commitment and honesty to the deadlines. They added two more developers to the project at their cost to deliver on time

Lovely experience working with Allerin Technologies. They have a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals working on Ruby on rails. They are always available to sort out your problems and give perfect solutions which would be more technically feasible and would be user friendly. They help to make your application look look best in the industry.

Allerin Technology were a pleasure to work with. I hired Allerin Technoogy to produce the backend of a bespoke e-commerce web application for my company. They were timely, courteous, trustworthy, knowledgeable, patient and tolerant of spec changes, communicated status updates on practically a daily basis, and were even willing to help me with technical queries weeks after the project was completed.

15 Muffins

RailsMuffin was extremely helpful for us - their developers knew testing, architecture and best practices inside and out. We learned a lot from them, and got more and better work done.

RailsMuffin - San francisco based Ruby on Rails development shop. Small team of developers from another planet who bake delicious web products in there Ruby on Rails oven.

RailsMuffin is the most knowledgable and professional dev shop I've ever worked with! They write good, clean code and were an absolute pleasure to work with.

I can recommend RailsMuffin to my friends. This guys know their craft, and produce a quality work in time.

16 Selleo

Selleo designs and develops custom Ruby on Rails web and native / cross-platform mobile applications. Businesses and NGOs hire us to help them go mobile or provide them with innovative software solutions. Since 2005 we have collaborated with companies and organizations around the globe and delivered over 80 custom web and mobile apps in diverse domains. Our focus on services industries has often allowed us to go beyond technology and provide valuable product and business insights to proactively co-create web / mobile solutions with our clients.

Selleo eagerly contributed invaluable insights with a view to improving both our product and - more importantly - the business venture behind it. The kind of engagement was particularly useful while collaborating on the system technical specification.

Selleo have allowed us to quickly scale our existing teams with additional developers. They are a company pleasure to work with and have always delivered outstanding quality.

In short, Selleo really took their time to understand the fundamentals and the goals of our businesses and transformed our ideas into functional web platforms.

17 Codebrahma

Codebrahma is best India.


Oozou is an awesome Ruby on Rails development house. Using RoR, TDD, Node. Js. With customers like 500 Startups & Twitter they are leaders in what they do! Founded in 2009 & based in Bangkok, Thailand.

19 Intridea

Intridea is a web products & services company specializing in agile application development, user interface design, and custom mobile app solutions. Founded in 2007, Intridea has a proven track record in deploying social & collaborative web tools for the Enterprise.

20 Codeminer42

First Ruby on Rails software boutique in Brazil. They are growing very fast delivering high quality software to major companies looking for Rails applications.

21 Idyllic

This is one of the only companies that talk more than web development. Their pitch is to enable start-ups & small businesses and has been known to deliver several complex projects quickly.

The development philosophy is "pragmatic" and their recommendations towards product development gives you a sense of working with a partner than a vendor.

They are more than a software development company with their recent equity partnership with StartupGuru which will enable them to not only build the web applications, but also help with funding, marketing and business building activities to make them a one stop shop for business building.

It is like hiring a group of experts for a startup that can not afford the experts. I was relieved that I don't have to do individual hiring or pay high just for retaining a great development team. It was so easy with Idyllic Software in picture. They not just gave me experts, they also took off the infrastructure cost. And the work was amazingly swift and smooth. I didn't realize that the team was offshore. I am sure to keep all my development work with Idyllic Software for ever and I highly recommend startups to give them a try.

Idyillic Software certainly surpassed my expectations. They have been professional, on-time and have create a top class application for a very fair price. Communications throughout the project have been open, prompt and clear which is a real asset when working from different parts of the globe. Their coding has been excellent and certainly agile, re-acting to feedback and small changes along the way, all with 100% transparency. I'll certainly be using them again in the future, and would be happy to refer others down the same path.

They have worked with brands like
1. Bridj (It is your everyday transportation system that adapts in real time to where you live work and play)
2. digitdemos (Helping you vote digitally on bills in Colorado)
3. Orderlyprint (This is one of the best-selling apps on Shopify)

Also, they have recently introduced a service named 'Burst Mode Development' which is a road-mapped approach to a speedy development rather than using the Agile approach that takes longer comparatively.

22 Railsware

Railsware is a European company offering complete Ruby on Rails development and consulting services to clients in North America and worldwide. They deliver full-cycle product development, from scoping through production to deployment and support, with a strong attention to business goals and consumer benefits.

Having a team of more than 40 great engineers they strongly support open source and contribute to the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

Railsware also build own products like Mailtrap, PivotalBooster, PiRo which are extremely helpful for engineers worldwide in daily activities.

I think they are the best. Trust me

23 DevBatch
24 Daftcode
25 Prograils
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