Top Ten Weirdest Dreams

This has mine, but you can add your own weird dreams.

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1 Weird creature wants me to join it

Basically a weird thing that looks like it's made out of lava rock with horns keeps asking me to join "us" and taking about power. - ToptenPizza

2 Teenager Tries to Drag Me Somewhere

I'm on the beach and some kid comes and tells me his side is more powerful and I should join them, then tries to drag me somewhere, but I'm stuck to the ground. - ToptenPizza

3 I ride a unicorn in a burning city being chased by a ghost
4 Hooded man slaughters everybody

A hooded man in midnight while it is training comes around knocking on doors then killing whoever answers. - ToptenPizza

5 I make out with a zombie

I woke up from this dream and puked. - ToptenPizza

6 Haunted bike tries to burn my house down

And tries to kill me... I'm starting to think my dreams would make the best horror movie ever... - ToptenPizza

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7 Guy yells at me then turns into a dragon and flies away

He yells at me in a language I don't know, becomes a Dragon, and flies away - ToptenPizza

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8 I enter the hunger games with lots of characters you wouldn't wanna fight V 1 Comment
9 The hunger games happens in my school with all my classmates V 2 Comments
10 I'm the only person on earth

The Contenders

11 Tony Stark "Iron man", Hulk, and John "Spartan 117" work together to battle against aliens from the movie Aliens V 1 Comment
12 I converted a shopping cart to a tank
13 A unicorn captures me and says she's my magical unicorn companion

This dream was so weird.

14 I battle evil plants and mutated bees and wasps corrupted by Dr Blakk himself

Thankfully Eli Shane gave me a blaster and Doc which I used to cure the plants and insects. The plants retreat into the ground and the now normal sized bees and wasps attack Dr Blakk. (Dr Blakk was riding one of the wasps initially.) The insects are mutated to the extent that the wasps have scorpion claws and the bees have spider fangs. (Dr Blakk and Eli Shane are from the T.V. show Slugterra)

15 Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson hanging out with Eileen from Regular Show while playing with whoopee cushions
16 I watch my class kick their legs around then Bill Cipher steals my pants V 1 Comment
17 I've Had Sex with Scarlett Johansson V 1 Comment
18 Everything becomes extremely trippy
19 I Dreamt I Won Miss Universe

Well, I add this item cause I dreamt that once and I wish it become True... Haha Just kidding - Righteous

20 I dreamed that Outlaw Star the anime had a comical Teen Titans Go Like series
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1. Weird creature wants me to join it
2. Teenager Tries to Drag Me Somewhere
3. I ride a unicorn in a burning city being chased by a ghost



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