Top Ten Weirdest Dreams

This has mine, but you can add your own weird dreams.

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1 Weird creature wants me to join it

Basically a weird thing that looks like it's made out of lava rock with horns keeps asking me to join "us" and taking about power. - ToptenPizza

2 Teenager Tries to Drag Me Somewhere

I'm on the beach and some kid comes and tells me his side is more powerful and I should join them, then tries to drag me somewhere, but I'm stuck to the ground. - ToptenPizza

3 I ride a unicorn in a burning city being chased by a ghost

I had a very similar dream where I was riding a horse in an abandoned mall while being chased by a zombie. In the dream, I was also shooting the zombie with a gun but it didn’t kill it.

4 Hooded man slaughters everybody

A hooded man in midnight while it is training comes around knocking on doors then killing whoever answers. - ToptenPizza

5 I make out with a zombie

I woke up from this dream and puked. - ToptenPizza

6 Haunted bike tries to burn my house down

And tries to kill me... I'm starting to think my dreams would make the best horror movie ever... - ToptenPizza

What scares me is that I have weirder dreams than this... - Minecraftcrazy530

7 Guy yells at me then turns into a dragon and flies away

He yells at me in a language I don't know, becomes a Dragon, and flies away - ToptenPizza

Is the dragon speaking Dovahzul, or used the Thu'um?

8 I enter the hunger games with lots of characters you wouldn't wanna fight

Freddie Kuogar, Jason, Slender Man, Herobrine, Jeff the Killer - ToptenPizza

9 The hunger games happens in my school with all my classmates

I wish I had a dream like that. - DynastiNoble

For some reason I had no problem massacuring my friends. - ToptenPizza

10 I'm the only person on earth

I am legend

The Contenders

11 My mom rode a horse in the kitchen

I had to check to see if it was real when I woke up. It wasn't, thank goodness.

12 Tony Stark "Iron man", Hulk, and John "Spartan 117" work together to battle against aliens from the movie Aliens


13 Everything becomes extremely trippy

I wonder what drugs you took in those dreams...

14 I dreamt I won Miss Universe

As long as Steve Harvey doesn't mess it up like he did with Ms Universe 2015

Well, I add this item cause I dreamt that once and I wish it become True... Haha Just kidding - Righteous

15 I converted a shopping cart to a tank

I thoughtit would be cool in real life

16 A unicorn captures me and says she's my magical unicorn companion

This dream was so weird.

17 I battle evil plants and mutated bees and wasps corrupted by Dr Blakk himself

Thankfully Eli Shane gave me a blaster and Doc which I used to cure the plants and insects. The plants retreat into the ground and the now normal sized bees and wasps attack Dr Blakk. (Dr Blakk was riding one of the wasps initially.) The insects are mutated to the extent that the wasps have scorpion claws and the bees have spider fangs. (Dr Blakk and Eli Shane are from the T.V. show Slugterra)

18 Mandy Moore and Ashlee Simpson hanging out with Eileen from Regular Show while playing with whoopee cushions
19 I watch my class kick their legs around then Bill Cipher steals my pants

This was a very weird dream.

20 I've Had Sex with Scarlett Johansson
21 I dreamed that Outlaw Star the anime had a comical Teen Titans Go Like series
22 SpongeBob jumped out of a trash can and chased me
23 I dreamed that I was in my backyard, there were a bunch of hands sticking out from the grass, and I heard my sister laughing but she was nowhere to be seen
24 Two identical clowns start dancing and looking at each other romantically while old music plays
25 I stole a coin operated horse
26 I was exploring an abandoned mall when I can across a zombie and as I was running away while shooting it with my gun it fell on top of me
27 I got attacked by Catwoman
28 As a 2 year old I was drinking milk and then I suddenly vomited out of nowhere
29 I was at a dentist office at a Children's hospital in Boston where not only did I get free potato chips, there were also crayons for sale and I brushed my teeth too hard that some of them fell out and they shattered all over the floor.


30 I got my diaper changed as an adult
31 at a gala dinner my former high school homeroom teacher threatened to pull my ears hard so I got revenge by choking a random kid by the necktie
32 my class was singing Chinese karaoke
33 I went to LA excited for a vacation but instead it was for a wedding and not a vacation
34 I got free potato chips at the dentist at a children's hospital in Boston
35 As a toddler I rode my aunt's chihuahua like a horse
36 I was skateboarding in my late grandmother's living room
37 At the Mirage Las Vegas there was a human sacrifice ceremony
38 My aunt and I rode a horse while exploring the Blues Brothers mall (Dixie Square Mall)
39 My relatives and I watched a home video of my aunt changing my poopy diaper as a toddler and I made a reaction video of it and uploaded it onto YouTube
40 I can time travel back to my toddlerhood

It would be so cool if I could do that for real!

41 At a Chinese restaurant my relatives were treating my cousins like babies and I got really annoyed. Then my mom snapped at me in an extremely harsh manner and I got so mad that I flipped the whole table over, destroying everything
42 My family was attending a wedding in a fancy restaurant during a mall's closing hours and while we were waiting for the food we played on a Hedstrom spring rocking horse and a makeshift ball pit filled with stuffed animals
43 Naked in the eighth grade hall when it's filled with 3rd graders
44 Disney's Hercules on Pampers diapers

The Greek gods were on the diaper. I had this dream in like high school.
If Disney bought Proctor & Gamble, who makes Pampers diapers, this dream may likely come true...

45 Naked in school bathroom stall with mom, another kid and school speech therapist
46 Kid throws up in high school gym and teacher pours bucket of water on the vomit and it splattered everywhere

I SWEAR that I could smell SOME of the vomit that was in my dream...

47 I threw a tantrum over green tea flavored rice

I had a dream where my sister (and family? ) had green tea flavored rice and they put it in the fridge. I was the only one who didn't eat it and I completely forgot about it. One day I went to eat some and I found out that it was moldy, then I threw a temper tantrum screaming "IT'S NOT FAIR, I DIDN'T GET TO TASTE IT! "

48 I have a pet Jersey Devil and I ride it around NJ/PA trying to protect the community while armed with a gun and bow and arrows
49 I was in a 4 year old Pre K class in 1997 and the teachers took all the kids into a school bathroom where we all got free school supplies

It was also from the first person point of view and the plot is similar to Rugrats (it was how we, the Pre K kids, viewed the world)

50 My relatives and I went to an Asian temple and while everyone else was praying I stood there looking very confused
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