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1 Which is worse, being chased by bees or being chased by wasps?

Being chased by bees is worse. First, it could sting you. Next, who like playing chase. Last, I hate bees. That is why getting chase by bees is worse.

Wasps. Bees can only sting you once, but wasps are more aggressive and can sting you many times.

Being chased by wasps, because bees are not as hostile as wasps, and they can only sting once.

Wasps. Unlike bees, they can sting you again and again without breaking a sweat.

2 Which is worse, sitting on glass or standing on hot coal?

The coals would be worse. Sitting on glass distributes less weight (not all of the weight of your legs), and over a larger surface area, and on a large, thick muscle that can sustain more damage. The feet, however, would support ALL of your body weight, on a smaller surface area, with little to no cushion as the feet are bony. Once the skin was burnt away, then countless muscles, sinews and tendons are exposed to the heat. You may never walk right again after the coals, but you would almost certainly sit just fine again after some time.

Hot coal. Hey, no one said the glass are shattered glass pieces! So I can just sit on a thick panel of glass

Hot coal. What if it's a huge piece of thick, bulletproof glass with not one crack?

Standing on hot coal. That will burn and the glass could be a whole panel.

3 Which is worse, boiling weather or freezing weather?

you can easily cover yourself from the freezing cold with just a bunch of warm blankets or fur clothing. Boiling temperature however, you can stand half naked and still suffer through profuse sweat. the answer is obvious.

Boiling weather. No way to be cold here, in comparision to freezing weather where you can be warm inside

Boiling weather. I gotta prepare myself for the summer every year

Boiling. It really sucks, and I actually like freezing weather.

4 Which is worse, dying in 5 minutes or living forever?

But wouldn't living forever be painful? You have to watch your family die and grow and die again, and what about the end of the world? Who will you talk to? What will you do? You have to watch all the bad things happen before you and everything!

Dieing in 5 minutes becaues you could be far away from your friends and family, but if you live forever you can see everyone group up around you, I mean sure they die, but at least they can get to see you before they die.

Dying in 5 minutes because there is more than 5 minutes until June 29. I want to live forever anyway.

Dying in 5 minutes. I would love to live forever because I would claim to be a vampire, lol

5 Which is worse, getting your iPad smashed or getting your iPhone smashed?

Getting an iPad smashed. It's my mom's but I mostly use it. It's one of my favorite things to use.

IPhone. I use it more than my iPad although both of them are very expensive...

Getting my iPad smashed. I don't have an iPhone, but it would be a nightmare!

My iPad. Especially considering that it's for school.

6 Which is worse, listening to a fork scratching a plate or listening to annoying orange for 20 hours?

I feel like curling my fingers and closing my eyes when any sound like fork scratching a plate or board is made.
Annoying orange for 20 hours?
Well..No one said I'd have to bear the fork for 20 hours so...

A fork scratching a plate. Then again I am just like annoying orange!

Listening to a fork scratching on a plate. I hate both though.

A fork scratching. You didn't say for how long

7 Which is worse, falling of a building or dying alone and scared?

I would rather just stop

8 Which is worse, rap music or country music?

Depends on the rap. If it is Eminem then Country music BY FAR. But if it is like Lil Yachty or Lil Wayne or Drake then rap music is worse.

Country because all the songs sound the same and bad, but I like some rap like River by Eminem.

Country is kind of boring to me. I only like Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton.

I hate all country music, and I like some rap music, so country is worse

9 Which is worse, getting sat on by an elephant or getting sat on by 20 horses?

Both have the same outcome so it's a question about wether AIDS or Ebola is worse

Getting sat on by 20 horses. I would probably die with my face being in 20 butts.

I feel like the elephant would outweigh the horses

Horses, they may be the equivalent to one elephant.

10 Which is worse, getting punched by Superman of getting strangled by the Hulk?

Getting strangled by the Hulk. I wouldn't be able to breathe.

Punched by superman because superman my favorite

Either way I'll break my bone and die. Probably Hulk

Hard choice? Because both could kill you.

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11 Which is worse, E.T. Atari or Superman 64?

E.T Atari. Unlike Superman 64, it almost single-handedly destroyed the video game industry.

Like I said before I haven't played either so I can't choose.

E.T Atari. Superman 64 was also bad, but E.T Atari was worse

I have never play before so I do not know

12 Which is worse, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

Stalin. Hitler was at least trying to improve Germany and was at least emotional. Stalin didn't give a crap about his wife, killed his allies, and was an overall douche who should've died before the Great Purge - TheDarkOne_221b

Stalin. He killed more people than Hitler.

Adolf Hitler for sure.

Stalin was far worse.

13 Which is worse, Hotel Mario or Sonic 06?

Hotel Mario, only because at least Sonic 06 has good music and there's really nothing good to say about Hotel Mario.

I can't choose since I haven't played either games.

I never played either so I can't choose.

Hotel Mario, the game made no sense.

14 Which is worse, Baby by Justin Bieber or Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj?

Around half of people love Baby by Justin Bieber and the other half of people hate Baby by Justin Bieber. Ask a Justin Bieber fan and Baby is either one of their favorite Justin Bieber songs or one of their least favorite Justin Bieber songs (personally I'm indifferent to it). Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj on the other hand almost nobody likes not even Nicki Minaj fans and the people that do claim to like it only like it because the lyrics are "funny" not because of the actual singing. Baby (as well as Friday by Rebecca Black) as much as some people dislike them they're ultimately harmless, but Stupid Hoe on the other hand is extremely inappropriate on top of bad singing.

Stupid Hoe. Seriously, that song should have been number 1 on Worst Songs of All Time instead of Baby. I hate Baby, but Stupid Hoe is worse.

Stupid Hoe is worse, but Baby sucks too

Baby is at least a harmless song.

15 Which is worse, murderers or rapists?

Murderers literally kill people. Rapists are bad too but you have a better chance of surviving

Rapists sometimes kill you when they are done with you so does it matter?

Rapists can be murderers, so...

They are both worse.

16 Which is worse, stepping on a Lego or walking on hot coal?
17 Which is worse, Jersey Shore or Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Jersey Shore actually. The Kardashians are bad too.

Jersey shore. It's really mean spirited

Kardashians. I can’t stand them

Jersey shore

18 Which is worse, Glenn Quagmire or Herbert the Pervert?

Herbert the Pervert. I don't like Quagmire that much anymore because he doesn't like Brian

Herbert the Pervert. He's a thousand times creepier.

Herbert the Pervert

19 Which is worse, Chris Brown or Jason Derulo?

Chris Brown.

Chris Brown

20 Which is worse, Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners?

I can't decide. That's such a hard question. I'm going with Sanjay and Craig (though it's animation is better than Breadwinners.)

Both of these cartoons are awful but I don't understand why these two shows are always mentioned.

Breadwinners is probably the worst show in existence. So breadwinners

Breadwinners is far worse. The only thing Sanjay and Carig did was be boring.

21 Which is worse, Osama Bin Laden or Kobe Bryant?

Why is this even a question? Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden

22 Which is worse, guns or knives?

Knives. Guns kill faster. The faster, the lesser the pain

Guns, since they can shoot from a long distance.

Knives honestly creep my out far more.

Knives because they hurt more. I think.

23 Which is worse, Baby by Justin Bieber or Boyfriend by Justin Bieber?

Boyfriend is worse

Baby is much worse.

24 Which is worse, Fortnite or Justin Bieber?

Fortnite is WAY worse. Justin Bieber is not popular anymore and some of his new songs are not that bad. Fortnite is boring and everyone is obsessed with it for some reason.

So a dead horse music artist or an overrated video game? Bieber would be worse

Fortnite. The only reason people play it is because it's violent

Justin bieber fortnite is awesome

25 Which is worse, Total Dramarama Izzy or Modern SpongeBob Mr. Krabs?
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