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1 Which is worse Sitting on glass or standing on hot coal?

Glass. It might be thick and and not broken - darthvadern

Hot coal. I'll survive glass. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Well, it didn't say that the glass is broken, did it? - Misfire

The coals would be worse. Sitting on glass distributes less weight (not all of the weight of your legs), and over a larger surface area, and on a large, thick muscle that can sustain more damage. The feet, however, would support ALL of your body weight, on a smaller surface area, with little to no cushion as the feet are bony. Once the skin was burnt away, then countless muscles, sinews and tendons are exposed to the heat. You may never walk right again after the coals, but you would almost certainly sit just fine again after some time.

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2 Which is worse being chased by bees of being chased by wasps?

Wasps. Bees only sting you once and die right after. - CharismaticKat

Chased by wasps. Because wasps can sting more than once. - Camaro6

Chased by wasps. - Luckys

Wasps. Bees can only sting you once, but wasps are more aggressive and can sting you many times. - PackFan2005

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3 Which is worse listening to a fork scratching a plate or listening to annoying orange for 20 hours?

A fork scratching. You didn't say for how long - darthvadern

Hard choice. Probably Annoying Orange. - Camaro6

Annoying Orange - CharismaticKat

Annoying Orange... - Luckys

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4 Which is worse rap music or country music?

Country music - darthvadern

I don't care for both of those genres. I guess today's rap music's worse. - Misfire

Country music. Rap is cool for me. - CharismaticKat

Country music - Camaro6

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5 Which is worse E.T Atari or Superman 64?

I have never play before so I do not know

ET Atari - Randomator

E.T Atari. Superman 64 was also bad, but E.T Atari was worse - KingSlayer93316

E.T Atari. Unlike Superman 64, it almost single-handedly destroyed the video game industry. - Entranced98

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6 Which is worse getting you iPad smashed or getting your iPhone smashed?

I have neither but iPhone I guess - darthvadern

Phone just because I use it more - Randomator

I have neither so... - Luckys

IPhone. I use it more than my iPad although both of them are very expensive... - KingSlayer93316

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7 Which is worse getting sat on by an elephant or getting sat on by 20 horses?

I feel like the elephant would outweigh the horses - Randomator

Elephant - Camaro6

Elephant. - Luckys

Horses, they may be the equivalent to one elephant. - PackFan2005

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8 Which is worse Hotel Mario or Sonic 06?

Hotel Mario - Randomator

Hotel Mario, the game made no sense. - PackFan2005

Hotel Mario - KingSlayer93316

Hotel Mario, only because at least Sonic 06 has good music and there's really nothing good to say about Hotel Mario. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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9 Which is worse getting punched by superman of getting strangled by the Hulk?

Strangled by the big guy. - Misfire

Superman - darthvadern

Strangled by the Hulk - Camaro6

Strangled by Hulk. - CharismaticKat

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10 Which is worse dieing in 5 minutes or living forever?

5 minute death. At least if you lived forever you could experience everything and not worry about dying - Randomator

Living forever - Camaro6

Dying in 5 minutes. - Luckys

Living forever. Imagine how lonely and boring it would be. Also,you spelled dying wrong.

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11 Which is worse, Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin?

Stalin. Hitler was at least trying to improve Germany and was at least emotional. Stalin didn't give a crap about his wife, killed his allies, and was an overall douche who should've died before the Great Purge - TheDarkOne_221b

Stalin - Randomator

Stalin. - CharismaticKat

Stalin. He killed more people than Hitler.

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12 Which is worse, Justin Bieber or Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj the stupid haw. - Misfire

Nicki Minaj is way worse - Randomator

Nicki Minaj. She sucks way worse than JB. - Camaro6

Nicki Minaj. - Userguy44

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13 Which is worse boiling weather or freezing weather?

Boiling. Cold is way better and it's the temperature of snow! - Peppapigsucks

Freezing weather. I'm more used to the hot weather. - Luckys

Boiling. I love the cold!

Freezing Weather. - Randomator

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14 Which is worse, Baby by Justin Bieber or Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj?

Stupid Hoe is slightly worse - Randomator

Stupid Hoe. - Userguy44

Stupid Hoe - Camaro6

Stupid Hoe is a lot worse. - PackFan2005

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15 Which is worse Osama Bin Laden or Kobe Bryant?

Why is this even a question? Osama Bin Laden - Randomator

Osama. Kobe Bryant is just a basketball player. - CharismaticKat

Osama Bin Laden - Camaro6

Osama Bin Laden. - Entranced98

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16 Which is worse, Sanjay and Craig or Breadwinners?

Breadwinners is probably the worst show in existence. So breadwinners - Peppapigsucks

Sanjay and Craig - Camaro6

Breadwinners is far worse. The only thing Sanjay and Carig did was be boring.

Both are terrible, but I go Breadwinners. - PackFan2005

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17 Which is worse, Jersey Shore or Keeping Up with the Kardashians?

Jersey shore. It's really mean spirited - Peppapigsucks

Kardashians - Camaro6

Jersey Shore actually. The Kardashians are bad too. - PackFan2005

Jersey shore

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18 Which is worse, murderers or rapists?

Murderers literally kill people. Rapists are bad too but you have a better chance of surviving - Randomator

Both are terrible people. Probably rapists...they cause misery, while murders can put you out of it. - Camaro6

Rapists. - Userguy44

Rapists can be murderers, so... - PackFan2005

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19 Which is Worse, Sonic 2006 or Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric?
20 Which is Worse Fortnite or Justin Bieber?

Fortnite is WAY worse. Justin Bieber is not popular anymore and some of his new songs are not that bad. Fortnite is boring and everyone is obsessed with it for some reason.

Fortnite. The only reason people play it is because it's violent - Peppapigsucks

So a dead horse music artist or an overrated video game? Bieber would be worse - Randomator

Dumb comparison, you can't compare a popular video game to a annoying pop singer - ToddHoward

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21 Which is worse falling of a building or dying alone and scared?

I would rather just stop

22 Which is worse, Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea?

Haven't really heard Iggy Azalea's songs aside from "Fancy". - Misfire

Nicki Minaj - Randomator

Nicki Minaj. - Userguy44

Iggy Azalea. - CharismaticKat

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23 Which is worse, finding oil in your backyard only to find out you don't have the mineral rights, or buying an expensive diamond ring only to find out it's a phony?

Oil - Randomator

Oil - Camaro6

Oil. - PackFan2005

The oil - KingSlayer93316

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24 Which is worse, Modern SpongeBob or Modern Family Guy?

Modern Family Guy. At least Modern Spongebob is occasionally funny - Randomator

Modern family guy

Modern Family Guy, but I dislike Modern Spongebob as well. - PackFan2005

Modern Family Guy, because I never liked Family Guy anyways. Modern Spongebob can actually sometimes air really good episodes. - Catacorn

25 Which is worse, Adam Sandler or Pauly Shore?

To be honest, Adam Sandler is worse - KingSlayer93316

26 Which is worse, Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj or Anaconda by Nicki Minaj?

The first one. - Misfire

Stupid Hoe is worse as a song. Anaconda is worse as a music video. My eyes are scarred for life...and so is my iPad from where I threw it against the wall. - Camaro6

Stupid hoe - Randomator

Worse Song: Stupid Hoe
Worse Music Video: Anaconda - PackFan2005

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27 Which is worse, Robot Chicken or Drawn Together?

Drawn Together. - Peppapigsucks

Drawn Together - Randomator

Drawn Together. - PackFan2005

Drawn Together. I like Chicken Robot more - KingSlayer93316

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28 Which is worse, Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus - Camaro6

Justin Bieber - KingSlayer93316

Miley Cyrus. - PackFan2005

Miley Cyrus. - Powerfulgirl10

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29 Which is worse, Glenn Quagmire or Herbert the Pervert?

Herbert the Pervert. I don't like Quagmire that much anymore because he doesn't like Brian - venomouskillingmachine

Herbert the Pervert. He's a thousand times creepier. - Entranced98

Herbert the Pervert - KingSlayer93316

30 Which is worse, being captured by ISIS as a hostage, or being banished to Antarctica?

Banished to Antarctica. I'd rather not be tortured. - CharismaticKat

Being banished to Antarctica. - ElSherlock

ISIS. I like the cold. - Camaro6

Antartica. Lower survival rate - Randomator

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31 Which is worse, guns or knives?

Knifes - Peppapigsucks

Guns. - Camaro6

Knives. - Luckys

Knives - Randomator

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32 Which is worse, Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj?

Minaj - Camaro6

Nicki. - PackFan2005

Waning Crescent Moon

Nicki Minaj. - Powerfulgirl10

33 Which is worse, Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden?

Hitler - Camaro6

Both - ToddHoward

Hitler. - Userguy44

Hitler. - PackFan2005

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34 Which is worse, porn rap or pornogrind?

I don't know what those genres are, but they both sound bad to me since it includes that... word. - Misfire

I think they're tied. - Powerfulgirl10

35 Which is worse, Baby by Justin Bieber or Boyfriend by Justin Bieber?

Baby - Randomator

Baby - Camaro6

Baby. - PackFan2005

Baby - KingSlayer93316

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36 Which is worse, Chris Brown or Jason Derulo?

Chris Brown. - PackFan2005

Chris Brown - KingSlayer93316

37 Which is Worse Cupcakes or Smile HD?
38 Which is worse, Lil Wayne or Soulja Boy?

Like my old comment said, Waning Crescent Moon. - saturatedsunrise

Soulja Boy is worse - KingSlayer93316

Soulja Boy definitely because Lil Wayne at least has 3 good albums and tons of good mixtapes. Sure his new stuff is bad but he was one of the best in the 2000s. Soulja Boy is the worst rapper of all time and has no good songs - venomouskillingmachine

Waning Crescent Moon

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39 Which is worse, Vlad the Impaler or Adolf Hitler?

Hitler - Randomator

Vlad - BeatlesFan1964

Hitler, though Vlad was pretty sick. - PackFan2005

Hitler. He was responsible for more death. - Cyri

40 Which is worse, dubstep or trap music?

To be honest, dubsteps worse - Peppapigsucks

41 Which is worse, Michael Bay or Uwe Boll?
42 Which is worse Princess Peach or Samus Aran

Princess Peach - KingSlayer93316

Samus Aran is worst than Peach

43 Which is worse, Lil Wayne or 2 Chainz?
44 Which is worse, 2 Chainz or Soulja Boy?
45 Which is worse, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe or Mortal Kombat 4?
46 Which is worse, Christianity or Islam?

That isn't a good question to ask. - Misfire

This is offensive. - Camaro6

NOPE - Peppapigsucks


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47 Which is worse, Jigsaw or Child's Play?

Probably Child's Play. - CharismaticKat

48 Which is worse, pink eye (conjunctivitis) or sore throat?

Pink eye is worse. I have it now. Gooey eyes, crust eyes when I woke up, pink eyes, rude people calling me creepy (I don't know if anyone else had people calling them creepy but I did) staring people, nosey people, eyes stinging. Eyes itching. Imagine that.

49 Who is Worse Christopher Columbus or Andrew Jackson?
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1. Which is worse getting you iPad smashed or getting your iPhone smashed?
2. Which is worse, Baby by Justin Bieber or Boyfriend by Justin Bieber?
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1. Which is worse being chased by bees of being chased by wasps?
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