Why Abstract Art is Way Better Than Selfies


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1 Abstract Art Has Feelings

Comparing abstract art to selfies because they both involve art is like comparing a dog to a shark because they're both animals. - BlarchBlaces

Well, it is inanimate, so it can't have feelings. however, it can convey something to the viewer. - Teravolt1422

Haha screw selfies whats the point of taking pictures of yourself dur dur dur normies amrite? - ProPanda

2 Selfies are Pointless and Unimportant

There are more important things (e.g. education, finding a job, etc) to focused on than just taking a selfie (or at least too many of them). Would a selfie help you achieve better school grades? Would a selfie help you apply for a job? And also, would a selfie be your MAIN GOAL to focus on No!

3 Selfies are Just Focusing on Faces Only

I honestly have the feeling that you haven't seen a job application. Or a visa card. Or both. - Swellow

4 Abstract Art Has Good Visuals to See
5 Selfies are Just How Pretty and Famous They Are

I know. My friends upload selfies and they're viral celebrities. Can't believe I'm not even though I spent the last 10 hours making abstract work. - Swellow

6 Abstract Art Has Random Imaginations
7 Most Selfies are Annoying to See Their Faces
8 Selfies are Just Talentless and Easy to Shoot Selfies are Just Talentless and Easy to Shoot
9 Abstract Art Has Efforts to Draw, Paint, Etc.

Although it is one of the easier art forms to create. I finish my pieces in about 15 minutes or so. - Teravolt1422

Art, drawing, painting, colouring in, etc are my favorite hobbies. 🎨

10 Selfies are are More Overrated Than Abstract Art

You've never been to an art gallery, have you? Abstract art tends to be one of the more overused styles. - Swellow

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