Wierdest Addictions

The Top Ten Wierdest Addictions

1 Drinking Blood

What a living vampire I'm gonna have nightmares that is just not right. Being a baby used to be #1 till I stumbled upon this. - AzaleanGirl

2 Living Like a Baby

People do this! - Userguy44

Throw a grenade. - Ananya

Adults being babies who poop their dipers and eat baby food. - AzaleanGirl

3 Being Madonna

If you are being like madonna you are very weird and you will not have friends

A man is addicted to being Madonna - AzaleanGirl

4 Eating Sand

People eat some weird stuff. - AzaleanGirl

Woah...that's not possible - Ananya

My Strange Addiction is #1 on my list of strangest T.V. shows, several images I wish to forget are being conjured by this list... Eee - keycha1n

5 Eating Poop

That would be gross instead - Ananya

The reason this isn't higher is because it is more gross than weird - AzaleanGirl

6 Bee Stings

I heard of someone being addicted to bee stings - trains45

So if she saw a hive of killer bees she'd throw the thing on the ground and be like,"YAY STING ME YAY THEY GOT MY HIP I'M GONNA PASS OUT YAY SO MANY BEE STINGS! " - AzaleanGirl

This imagination is so horrible right now... - Ananya

7 Being Identical

The frightening thing is one will die before the other and the remaining one will be all alone and lost completely. - AzaleanGirl

8 Sticking Coffee Up Your Ass
9 Living Like a Doll

I'd shoot an arrow if I saw one... - Ananya

Me: Excuse me do you sell Ken dolls?
Store manager: yes. They are over there.
Me: oh no not those, the lifesized talking one who hates barbie.
Store manager: uuuhh
Me: oh right I'd like a barbie too. - AzaleanGirl

10 Eating Rocks

I remember when someone's dog ate rocks - trains45

I underestand why people can be addicted to candy,fast food and other tasty addicting food's but ROCK'S?! Seriosly?! HOWW?! :O How did they eat them? I thaught it's imposible. weird...

The Contenders

11 Memes
12 Vapor Rub

Lady, vapor rub is for when you have a cold, not for the mere pleasure of it! - AzaleanGirl

Oh dear! - Ananya

13 Murdering

I've seen such people - Ananya

Dude... Someday you will be haunted!

14 Drinking Gasoline
15 Being on TheTopTens

Then I'm happily weird..:D - Ananya

16 Hoarders

I like to collect Disney Parks merchandise, Disney’s Hercules merchandise, brochures, school supplies, stuffed animals, etc. My mom, however, thinks I’m a hoarder.

17 Licking Feet

I like a similar thing! I like sucking my big toe whilst in the hot tub!

18 Cleaning
19 Playing Video Games

This is possible someone I know had this happen - trains45

I'm autistic and I have a shameless obsession with Super Smash Bros.

20 Bouncing a Ball
21 Watching Netflix
22 Dating Old People at a Young Age
23 Eating Your Spouse's Ashes
24 Eating Furniture
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