Top 10 Worst Bronies

Remember that I used to be part of the My Little Pony community back then, so don't get too overraged all over this. This is a subjective list, so please add whatever people you want to add!
Anyways, Let's begin!

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1 2007excalibur2007

Untalented, lazy and never puts effort into his videos unlike people that deserve popularity and are actually talented. not even to mention he's a secret clopper on his DeviantArt examples, Liked a somewhat sexual picture of Applejack's arse, Any more just look through his favourites

An unoriginal YouTuber who does nothing but copy other people with Pony-version videos. Jabmorenowned got him involved with a different Top 10 Worst Bronies List.

2 Chris Chan Chris Chan Christian Weston Chandler (Who is now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; more.

Did I need to say more?

This is a list of worst bronies. Why is this guy on here? - Thifer20

Make him number one

He's a Brony?

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3 rabiesbunx86

Isn't that a Ear rape torture to kill the american police I thinks so - SkolasKellofKells

An untalented [YTPMV+] artist who makes videos containing Ponies as a source. Your usual YTPMV maker, but rabiesbunx introduced the most unoriginal subject ever invented, the "PonyDub."

That's how people started to make YTPMVs with the dub in it "SpiceDub," "SpongeDub," "BeaDub," etc.

4 Auroradawn

No I really liked rainbow factory

She is the Founder of Rainbow Factory on Creepypasta on FIM fictions - SkolasKellofKells

5 JackTHerbert

A reaction video artist who REALLY wants to rip your ears off as they bleed.
He's annoying as ever and he really doesn't need to do these. At the 100th Reaction video, he stopped doing these things because he got so many requests that his grades were beginning to fail, and he started to make different things (Wii you Party Let's Play). Thank GOODNESS.

What does he do now?

^ to the guy above
That is irrelevant.
This is about him being bad, not being awesome.

6 BronyComms

They just shouldn't have bothered.

2 Boring Teenagers who used to be YTPMVers but now do stupid reaction videos out of pony versions of videos.

I hate reactions to the episodes

7 Saberspark Saberspark

Making unfunny videos about being a brony and saying critism is equal to trolling.

8 Dustykatt

Bans people who critics him on YT. Get angry at some lame spaghetti jokes.

Fooled bronies to think that watching a girls show is manly and is he favourited furry porn and sexual MLP Pictures,
Examples look at his older favourites on Deviantart when he exploded in popularity

9 BVids
10 Slendermane

The Contenders

11 Askglaoslaboratories
12 Cartoonlover98

He's Not A Brony And He's A Great YTP Creator

13 Animeme
14 tiarawhy

She is one of the most puke-wanting, disgusting, childhood ruining on this planet. She also makes me ashamed of being a female and MLP fan

Thanks for ruining my childhood, I wish all cloppers would die in a fire. You are the most homosexual thing on the planet.

A digusting clopvid maker.

Examples: "Dueling Magic: Let's fighting love," and "Button's Poke Mom."

I went on her website... I saw EVERYTHING! 😭

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15 Ilovekimpossiblealot

Is she here because of how spunky and bubbly she is? - bobbythebrony

Her recent Drama does not help her. Unless she can change, she's doomed.

I love Ilovekimpossiblealot

It’s sad how many people are so blind to how terrible she really is “as a person”. Good content doesn’t automatically mean they’re good as a person.

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16 jabmorenowned

A hypocritical 16-year old YTPMV artist and Ranter who does nothing but bash people for no reason. He has little to no intelligence of caring for other people. He has been very upset and angry towards other YouTubers who want to give out their opinions. He keeps telling them to start agreeing in my opinion.

Jabmorenowned already made a list like this on YouTube, but I don't give a damn. There are a few relationships to this video and this list.

17 Jerry Peet

She's the most obnoxiously arrogant hypocrite I've ever come across. She's worse than the many many MANY people she's criticized. This List is suppose to be limited to YouTube, but I think, so far, she is the absolute worst brony of all time.

He's okay but a bit too negative

18 MisterDavie

Three words: pony gore videos.

I Agree What A Sick Sick Man

I like gore

The most disgusting brony ever

19 Digibrony (Digibro)

When his YouTube account got deleted one time, he couldn't take everyone's opinions about not caring about him and raged on Twitter. Wow, what a loser.

See bronies like digimon not Pokemon that's when I found out about it. They hate... By the way bronies are losers and digimon is full of buthurt fans. Pokemon will always be the best same goes with Grand Theft Auto, battlefield and Mario.

He's a college dropout and a total loser.

Oh sure, he hates SAO and Asterisk War, but not My Little Pony?! What an overrated Brony otaku who has a profile that makes him look like a loser (literally, his picture has the face of a loser)?

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20 ToonkriticY2K

Toon is a Pedophile that was doing a lot of nasty things to a young girl (who was a minor) for over a year such as soliciting Nude photos from her.

Toon not only did that horrid sexting act, he was also known for groping women at conventions (and molested a kid at the 2014 Bronycon), would cheat on others, even emotionally manipulate other people, including other women he'd have on-off relationships with, because he thought all women are just toys to be played with and he was so famous he could get away with doing anything illegal. When he was finally caught, he wasn't sorry for what he did nor did he care about his victims, he cared more about his "horse fame", so-called, and tried to weasel his way out like the coward he is. He'll be jailed eventually. - SailorSedna

21 Moliminous

Alongside Sethisto, Moliminous is the worst. They're both as cruel and unfair as the show's writers themselves and the rest of the bronies.

Let's stone him to death,should't we

An MLP review and info based channel that doesn't cite any sources that he finds. When he talks about a topic such as "Could Sunset Shimmer return to Equestria? " He will find the source and talk about it without giving proper credit, nor he puts a link as to where he got it from. Also he does CinemaSins inspired videos which aren't original and still doesn't give proper credit. Not only that he also has 5 other channels apart from the main one, so here they are:

Moliminous: The main channel that does reviews and other information as well as CinemaSins videos.

MoliminousNetwork: Hasn't been touch since 2 years ago but there are only a few videos such as his channel trailer, a how to video, his home page video and a episode discussion video.

Moliminous2: Only does PMV videos but this is where he is a disgusting perv.

MoliminousMusic: Promotes Brony based music and just like Moliminous2 he is still a disgusting perv. This time he does give proper credit but ...more

22 Brony Analysis Community

The Brony Analysis Community is one of the worst communities out there. They were never my favorite when they first started and they never were to begin with.

23 Sethisto

I wanna smash his face into a brick wall for all his perverted nonsense - bobbythebrony

God dawn I hate him and his 'waifu' trixie. Not to mention that he can't shut up about how great the show is AND he likes dragon and pony PORN. Sick

Please no more pony porn

He's not THAT bad y'know. - Pegasister12

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24 ForNoGoodReason (FNGR)

Another disgusting autistic brony that thinks he is better than everyone else and thinks he is going to get popular by climbing YouTube Mountain one day. For any reasons that is not going to happen.

Pathetic autistic brony that starts and stirs drama but doesn't win at said drama.

He's a pedophile. He erped with a 20 year old woman, Buttons, but they were roleplaying as a daddy/daughter thing and then later as underaged children. He gives people with autism a terrible name. - SailorSedna

25 Lauren Faust Lauren Faust Lauren Johanna Faust is an American animator, screenwriter, director, and producer, best known for developing Hasbro's animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, as well as working frequently with her husband Craig McCracken.

See me feel me was banned for strobe light seizure but was banned anyway but she evil and evil doer I guess. - SkolasKellofKells

No Bonnie Zacherle created My Little Pony originally called My Pretty Pony (1981) when they looked like ponies and people say Friendship is Magic is completely different its not girly girly just because they look less like ponies in friendship is magic.

The guy who married Twilight Sparkle not on here. Jin1515

She's LITERALLY the creator of mlp. Ran out of ideas?

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26 TheMysteriousMrEnter TheMysteriousMrEnter
27 BronyDanceParty
28 Byter
29 Yelling At Cats

Made a song about some girl who disagreed about ponies.

>song was about raping/killing her
>Song was set to perform at convention

30 Littleshyfim

God. I'm surprised Cinema Sins hasn't sued him.

Bad mouth littleshyfim and will murder you in your sleep

The world shouting annoy guy is prick - SkolasKellofKells

Imagined Cinema Sins goes to flag Littleshy's channel for taking Cinema's idea.

31 FalloutEquestria

Worst idea ever ID companies - SkolasKellofKells

Fallout and My Little Pony are not compatable to crossover with


32 JHaller2

The world animated artist idea is the worst one ever but he a jerks - SkolasKellofKells

33 General Zoi
34 Acoustic Brony

A very talented musician who doesn't deserve to be in the very top. But the reason he/she is on this list is because Acoustic Brony claims that the songs that he/she made were actually from the show.

35 iteachvader

Iteachvader is a ex-YouTube Pooper/Sparta Remixer that has gotten way to many negative attention from the YTPMV community from not taking the "kill yourself" criticism well from other people. He also got featured in jab's top 10 worst bronies video, which is pretty acceptable. He also flagged all of Jab's videos relating to him.

I know this guy!

36 Armosk

One of the biggest trolls in the world, also annoying bastard.

37 Shutterfly

Like like when southerly say everything wrong with mop but I don't like is everything is right.

that unacceptable anti brony laws

but bronies are evils.

"Batman" Bruce Wayne - SkolasKellofKells

38 Calpain
39 Gunhammer5000

A former Deviantart user who is somehow able to be homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic, racist, and anti-American (in levels that even the French would find ridiculous) all at the same time. When called out, he'll simply use his favorite saying "game over, fag. thanks for playing" and then block them, claiming the whole time that their silence was them being scared of him.

40 hotdiggedydemon

He is very, very, very, inappropriate. 18 up. No children. They use horrible words. Like really bad!

The only thing I like about him is his art. Everything else about him is garbage.

41 ZXinsanity

A lazy untalented hack who ponified everything and uses nothing but Nicholas Cage jokes and Apple Jokes in his Equestria Girls videos

42 Yaplap

He is so annoying and swears too much.

43 Mastermax888

Max was original, awesome, and funny. And now he's nothing more than a retarded Markiplier clone and does nothing but play Five Nights At Freddy's for 90% of the time.

I used to like max but, all he ever does is react to crappy fnaf videos and play fnaf. I miss how he used to be cool. :(

He use to be so awesome, now he's just an unfunny Markiplier clone who does almost nothing but play Five Nights At Freddy's (I don't hate FNAF, I just hate how Max almost never gives the game a rest).

Meh, I could put up with his FNAF posts, sometimes they are annoying though. - Pegasister12

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44 Jennabun
45 Jakewhyman
46 Woodentoaster Woodentoaster

Aka Rainbow Dash of the devils of Creepypasta rainbows factory of hellspawn from the DOOM video games - SkolasKellofKells

He work of Rainbow dash somewhere on Rainbow Factory weather it call, Clouddales weather corperation of the hellspawn that kill children flesh for rainbow blood and make a total mistake to releasing the demon from the DOOM video games - SkolasKellofKells

47 DocGrowth

How he become a French brownies - SkolasKellofKells

49 JaxBlade07

The What it is the world monster I never heard but he is Nazi - SkolasKellofKells

50 Broniescomms

What even mean to this wife and husband of the old bastards - SkolasKellofKells

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