Top 10 Worst Bronies

Remember that I used to be part of the My Little Pony community back then, so don't get too overraged all over this. This is a subjective list, so please add whatever people you want to add!
Anyways, Let's begin!

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1 2007excalibur2007

Untalented, lazy and never puts effort into his videos unlike people that deserve popularity and are actually talented. not even to mention he's a secret clopper on his DeviantArt examples, Liked a somewhat sexual picture of Applejack's arse, Any more just look through his favourites

An unoriginal YouTuber who does nothing but copy other people with Pony-version videos. Jabmorenowned got him involved with a different Top 10 Worst Bronies List.

2 rabiesbunx86 V 2 Comments
3 Chris Chan Chris Chan

Did I need to say more?

Make him number one

4 JackTHerbert

A reaction video artist who REALLY wants to rip your ears off as they bleed.
He's annoying as ever and he really doesn't need to do these. At the 100th Reaction video, he stopped doing these things because he got so many requests that his grades were beginning to fail, and he started to make different things (Wii you Party Let's Play). Thank GOODNESS.

What does he do now?

^ to the guy above
That is irrelevant.
This is about him being bad, not being awesome.

5 Auroradawn

She is the Founder of Rainbow Factory on Creepypasta on FIM fictions - SkolasKellofKells

6 BronyComms

2 Boring Teenagers who used to be YTPMVers but now do stupid reaction videos out of pony versions of videos.

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7 Dustykatt

Bans people who critics him on YT. Get angry at some lame spaghetti jokes.

Fooled bronies to think that watching a girls show is manly and is he favourited furry porn and sexual MLP Pictures,
Examples look at his older favourites on Deviantart when he exploded in popularity

8 tiarawhy

She is one of the most puke-wanting, disgusting, childhood ruining on this planet. She also makes me ashamed of being a female and MLP fan

Thanks for ruining my childhood, I wish all cloppers would die in a fire. You are the most homosexual thing on the planet.

A digusting clopvid maker.

Examples: "Dueling Magic: Let's fighting love," and "Button's Poke Mom."

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9 Saberspark

Making unfunny videos about being a brony and saying critism is equal to trolling.

10 BVids

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11 Slendermane
12 Askglaoslaboratories
13 Cartoonlover98 V 1 Comment
14 Animeme
15 jabmorenowned
16 Digibrony (Digibro)

When his YouTube account got deleted one time, he couldn't take everyone's opinions about not caring about him and raged on Twitter. Wow, what a loser.

See bronies like digimon not Pokemon that's when I found out about it. They hate... By the way bronies are losers and digimon is full of buthurt fans. Pokemon will always be the best same goes with Grand Theft Auto, battlefield and Mario.

He's a college dropout and a total loser.

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17 Ilovekimpossiblealot

Is she here because of how spunky and bubbly she is? - bobbythebrony

Her recent Drama does not help her. Unless she can change, she's doomed.

I agree with you bobby I felt sorry to your friends - SkolasKellofKells

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18 MisterDavie V 2 Comments
19 Jerry Peet

She's the most obnoxiously arrogant hypocrite I've ever come across. She's worse than the many many MANY people she's criticized. This List is suppose to be limited to YouTube, but I think, so far, she is the absolute worst brony of all time.

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20 Sethisto

I wanna smash his face into a brick wall for all his perverted nonsense - bobbythebrony

God dawn I hate him and his 'waifu' trixie. Not to mention that he can't shut up about how great the show is AND he likes dragon and pony PORN. Sick

He's not THAT bad y'know. - Pegasister12

Goes on and on about his "waifu" Trixie

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