Top Ten Worst Bug Type Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Metapod Metapod

My Metapod tackled a Dewgong with 8/20 health and I won the Elite Four. - Tacocheese

Metapod used harden... It killed the world

I always train my metapod in Pokémon Yellow so that I can beat the first gym. Butterfree is the best! - beatles5

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2 Paras Paras
3 Kakuna

If I catch a kakuna in santalune forest on Pokemon x and y it only knows harden!

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4 Wurmple Wurmple V 1 Comment
5 Scatterbug

Bug bite is weak and we've got enough caterpillar worms in the first place!

6 Shuckle V 1 Comment
7 Shelmet
8 Surskit
9 Dustox
10 Sewaddle

It stinks seriously guys.

He's not the best Pokemon

He is really cute. - Tacocheese

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The Contenders

11 Genesect Genesect V 2 Comments
12 Ledyba
13 Weedle Weedle
14 Caterpie Caterpie

It just looks dumb and is annoying in gen 1 and gen 2. In gen 2 you can even catch a level 10 Caterpie. Bye Bye Butterfree!

I hate it because I have never pronounced it right and people always correct me

15 Yanma
16 Spinarak
17 Burmy
18 Wormadam
19 Mothim
20 Ledian

I was surprised when this wasn't on the list it has nothing better to do than baton pass boosts, set up dual screens, knock off people's items, or retreat with u-turn. This is the only thing ledian can do somewhat effectively.

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