Top Ten Worst Bug Type Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Metapod Metapod

My Metapod tackled a Dewgong with 8/20 health and I won the Elite Four. - Tacocheese

Metapod used harden... It killed the world

It can own any one with:Max Defense, and Explosion

Metapod, use Harden
Metapod, quick, counter it with Harden!

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2 Kakuna

If I catch a kakuna in santalune forest on Pokemon x and y it only knows harden!

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3 Paras Paras
4 Wurmple Wurmple V 1 Comment
5 Scatterbug

Bug bite is weak and we've got enough caterpillar worms in the first place!

6 Shuckle V 1 Comment
7 Shelmet
8 Surskit
9 Dustox Dustox
10 Sewaddle Sewaddle

This is the worst pokemon ever it is even worse then magikarp but magikarp is the goat so there is that

It stinks seriously guys.

He's not the best Pokemon

He is really cute. - Tacocheese

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The Contenders

11 Weedle Weedle

Should be 1-3. So weak. My friends favourite pokemon.

Wheedle looks so bad it looks like a shy butt with huge monky pinky underpants I mean it's so ugly

12 Genesect Genesect V 2 Comments
13 Ledyba
14 Ledian Ledian

I was surprised when this wasn't on the list it has nothing better to do than baton pass boosts, set up dual screens, knock off people's items, or retreat with u-turn. This is the only thing ledian can do somewhat effectively.

15 Caterpie Caterpie

It just looks dumb and is annoying in gen 1 and gen 2. In gen 2 you can even catch a level 10 Caterpie. Bye Bye Butterfree!

I hate it because I have never pronounced it right and people always correct me

16 Yanma Yanma

Frigen it's a bad Pokemon and its evolution had a choice bugflying or dragon/bug but no amother friggen bugflying

17 Spinarak
18 Burmy
19 Wormadam Wormadam
20 Mothim Mothim
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