Worst Celebrity Baby Names

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21 Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa

It's the worst name among Frank's children... It makes Dweezil sound great! Haha

22 Jermajesty

I mean really! Your majesty?

23 ESPN Malachi McCall

Not celebrities bofore, this couple from Florida named their child, ESPN, pronounced Espen.

24 Bindi

I loved Steve Irwin, but this is a super weird name and a super weird kid! - luvtoread

The name sounds nice, but it is that little spiky thing that gets stuck in your foot when you walk on grass! No thanks!

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25 Nahla Ariela
26 Chicago West

I mean, Kanye West is from Chicago, so I guess it's a reminder for that. Its still a pretty lackluster name though. - CrimsonShark

27 Frances Bean Cobain

I like nirvana but i think kurt was high when he named his daughter

lmfao thats the funniest name ever - Jeheffiner

28 Pilot Inspektor

jason lee's son (the guy from my name is earl)

29 Ethan

What this is a normal name! Strange people...

There is nothing wrong with this name.. - Catacorn

30 Blanket

Michael Jackson will always be the greatest. Blanket (even though a nickname) is unique.

31 Saint West

Why isn't this in even top ten? I mean.. Seriously?!.. You proclaim your baby to be a saint when he had barely lived life?

Makes north west sound cute

32 Harlow Winter Kate
33 Harper Seven

David Beckham and Victorias daughter. Why a number?

34 Tu Morrow
35 Sunday Rose

what taste does Nicole Kidman have?

I thought it was Sunday roast - squire

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36 Reignbeau
37 Denim
38 Siri

Hey Siri - lovefrombadlands

39 Pirate
40 Rocket-Zot
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