Top 10 Cutest Baby Boy Names

One of the first exciting parenthood tasks you get to dive into is picking out a name for your bundle of joy. But with millions of names to choose from, it can be a bit of a challenge to find the perfect one. So, how about we start with something adorable? This list is all about the cutest baby boy names that will make you go, "Awww!"

From timeless classics to modern trends, from the charmingly traditional to the delightfully unique, there's an entire universe of cute baby boy names to explore. Whether you're looking for something that radiates sweetness or a name that carries a whimsical charm, each name in this list has its own appeal that might just tug at your heartstrings.

Think about the names that make you smile every time you hear them. Maybe it's a name with a joyful ring to it, like "Leo" or "Max," or maybe it's a name with a comforting warmth, like "Oliver" or "Theo." Or perhaps it's a name that's simple yet endearing, like "Jack" or "Sam." The beauty of this is that cuteness is subjective - what's cute to one person might be totally different for another.

As you cast your vote, consider the factors that make a name cute to you. Is it the sound of the name, the meaning, or the way it rolls off the tongue? Or maybe it's the sentimental value, a precious memory, or a cherished person that the name reminds you of. Remember, every vote counts as we attempt to identify the cutest baby boy names that would make any newborn stand out in a crowd of cuteness.

And of course, names are more than just labels. They carry identity, heritage, and even a bit of personality. They become an integral part of your child's story, the first gift you give to your baby. So, as you scroll through this list of names, envision your little one growing into it, because a cute baby boy deserves a name as adorable as he is.
The Top Ten
1 Jack

Jack is such a nice name. I can imagine a chubby, playful little boy with a cheeky grin and little chubby cheeks that you just want to pinch. Awww... So sweet!

Britgirl, That is so adorable. I really like it!

Jack will always be my favorite name! I really like Jack Braiden, Jack Oliver, and Jack Connor

2 Bryan
3 Buster

My cat's name is Buster, so I usually think of it as a pet name, but I guess it could be a good name for a human too.

4 Eric

When I think of the name Eric, I think of a cute little boy who loves to play, talk, and has cute little kitty cat stuffed animals! Aww!

I like this name, it's named after my sisters' favorite princesses husband! (Ariel) This name is so cute!

5 Kyle

So cute, if I had a boyfriend that would be his name! But apparently I'm 2 young

This name sounds so good when spoken...just makes me think I should keep on saying it

I have someone called Kyle in my class I have a crush on him and Kyle is a cute name

6 Matt

Matt is one of my favorite names and I know a lot of Matts as well

7 Adam

I love the idea of the name Adam it's a Vary cute name.

I think Adam is such a cute baby boy name that's what I am going to name my baby boy

8 Connor

I've always liked the name Conner. My baby nephew is named Dash. It's different but I love it.

9 Chris

Chris is the cutest name for a boy!

10 Raven

Cool boys name. Lots of meaning. Don't know any peeps with this name. I think it is supes cool!

The Contenders
11 Jamie

Jamie is my dad's name and my middle name! It is so awesome!

, my Ex's Name is Jamie, he is so sweet it's remarkable that we are still friends. I absolutely love it and me that this should be so much higher because he is an angel and I love him with all my heart. Even though I really want him to date me again ( lol ) I'm am still cool being his friends because he is the best.

My cousin who is a girl is called jaimee and my crush who is a boy is called Jaime. I really love this cool name

12 Billy
13 Charlie

Love the name Charles Daniel! Charles means manly so does Almonzo I love love that name too!

I know someone who's Nickname is Charlie. But it's a girl. Awkward..

14 Vinny
15 Cole
16 Clyde
17 Ethan
18 Levi
19 Austin

This is my boyfriends name and my neighbors babys name and it's the cutest name ever! if I didn't already have so many austins in my life id name my kid that!

20 Jerry

That's the name of the most cutest animated character ever: Jerry Mouse!

21 George
22 Devin
23 Felix
24 Max

Max has such a good vibe! I do not know why every boy is not name Max!

It's my cats name that's why I voted.

25 William
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