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41 Anaheim, California

Beautiful women abound, too bad they don't like people passing thru. Otherwise blah. Everyone knows Disney World, home of the child eating alligators and terror, is better.

They got Disneyland

42 Hell, Michigan

There is such thing, I was on a travel channel show called extreme towns, there's a restaurant that has some very spicy wings, and a Halloween themed ice cream shop, and a gift shop

This is actually a real place. Not kidding. - Turkeyasylum

I remember hearing about this on bbc news and hell being 'frozen over' - Harri666

The name alone makes it scary 0_0

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43 Omaha, Nebraska

No way! Omaha's great! It might not be big or fancy, and yes it has it's bad parts, but overall it's a nice city.

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44 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

SO... MUCH... TORNADOES! Why the hell do people still live here?

People still live in Oklahoma because they have that strong small town spirit. And I admire that.

Tornadoes crime expinsive stuff


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45 Nashville, Tennessee

They hate people passing thru or moving in, not friendly, dangerous walking around. Can be viscous to republicans. - johnf

Nashville is actually a great place to live, we do have some ghetto parts though

46 Boise, Idaho

Nothing to do, no funding for their crappy schools, full of Republicans, very racist, its not diverse, very isolated, closed minded people, and very boring. The only reason anybody wants to move here is either wants to commit suicide since Idaho has the 6th highest in suicide rates and Like I mentioned since nothing happens here its safe.

Wow the poster below me is why we hate liberals and diversity. Proud republican with a confederate flag.

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47 Sacramento, California

Its not that bad it has great diversity, nice people, rarely any natural disasters here,

48 Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Recent home of terror, people found floating in bodies of water, vehicular child homicide, truck drivers mysteriously abducted when stepping out during Easter Sunday. Being like a recently annexed territory and a police state is the least of the problems. Indian gambling casino is about as much fun as losing all your money in an ugly crowd. There are some small isolated nice areas but beware of the rest, like a Miami annex.

Cuban and Islamic terror. Salt with Mexican. Destroy people and society. Democrats open your eyes if not you. Maybe not all but many. Mix in Northern terror and corruption and international and you have the worst from everywhere put together. Top off with worst surveillance state on earth *for the terror and corruption* and you get the idea.

They should be at least in the top 20 list, they made it illegal to feed the homeless, and as a result a 90 year old WW2 veteran and 2 pastors got arrested for feeding the homeless, they are basically making compassion illegal, compassionate people deserve to be recognized, not arrested, but apparently, Ft. Lauderdale doesn't believe in compassion

Maybe some good people but need to look and watch your back.

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49 Stockton, California

They have too many violence! Like more than 20 people a year are killed!

Don't live in the south, east, or downtown, and you'll be fine.

Extremely high crime rates, not even kidding.

Wow 20 people killed a year! holy Sea cow

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50 Cincinnati, Ohio

It really isn't that bad except for downtown, price hill, college hill, and mount Washington. - OhioStateBuckeyes

To be honest it isn't as bad as it used to be...

This is bullcrap this city is safe, nice, fun etc should Not be on this list

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51 Portland, Oregon

Traffic with no place to go. 3 Companies to work for, all know each other. Warn people many there are weird. Most popular fun person actually had an interesting hobby - flying his plane to San Fransisco California - in other words the one interesting thing to do was to get the hell out of Portland! At least for the weekends. Don't like strangers or new people moving in.

Portland Sucks. Dead zone - I suggest stay away.

Full of stupid hipsters, way too expensive, crappy roads, homeless outbrakes etc. Portland, I'm moving back to Iowa city.

Love ot

52 Buffalo, New York

It's boring there, Cold weather, No good restaurants, crappy schools... it's horrible there

All we have is old buildings, we just got a popeye's When I turn 21 I'm moving to California

I been there before, it was cold and there wasn't anything to eat. - FrozenisOverrated

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53 Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is a bad city. My older sister and I flew to Phoenix and let me tell you, THAT CITY IS SO BAD. The worst part is the weather. Too hot and in the winter, the temperature drops down to only 70 or 80 degrees. In the summer, it feels like around the 150 degrees mark. I'm not talking about Fahrenheit by the way. It's also boring and bad and the directions are confusing, the roads are also bad. The people here are also mean and ignore people usually and sometimes they want to smack you in the face. Arizona is a bad state. - TopTenJackson

Easily the worst I've been to. The city is an eyesore, mostly just generic strip malls and houses, nothing but chain stores and restaurants you can find anywhere else. No nightlife, art, outdoor, or foodie scene. The people are the worst part, some of the most rude, racist, ignorant, heartless people I've met in any city, and tweakers are everywhere. Not to forget the horrible weather, way too hot. Avoid at all costs.

Phoenix is great! Though my only complaint is the temperatures... - EpicJake

It's freaked hot there I would be pissed off if I was your sister

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54 Wichita, Kansas

I went there before and my flight got cancelled by a tornado warning I was there for like six hours

His town sucks big time cops are bad and try to fanagle you all time talk bout color disc

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55 San Jose, California

This place is a complete hell. people here are stupid as F. drivers are terrible and everything there is chaotic. it's terrible. trust me. you won't have fun there. - SanicHeghog123

56 Salt Lake City, Utah

Not as many Mormons here in fact salt lake has a bigger non Mormon population now. Nice city, clean, and even though the west side is ghetto and ruined the rest is great. Lots of big sports fans (especially Utah and BYU) and plenty of fun things to do.

What are u talking about they're loke the least racist people

Just call our state "Joseph Smith." - toptenzen

The place where the no. 1 criminal of TTT lives: Assman.

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57 San Francisco, California

San Francisco should not be on this list. It is never too hot and never too cold. The bridge made it famous. Downtown may be busy but it's a nice place to be. - EpicJake

Never gets too cold? Mark Twain once wrote "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco". The place is like an icebox except for about 3 weeks a year, usually in the early autumn.

So boring. Why do tourists want to go? To see homeless people? And the 689th best bridge in the world? Oh, don't forget that long windy road that just so happens to be there. - SoldierOfFortune

In 1903 there are lot of earthquake of San Francisco in history - SpencerJC

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58 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There is awesome stuff to do their and it's historic. - funnyuser

I'm from pittsburgh, This is a bit offensive to me.

It's awesome there why is this on here

This city is awesome! I don't live there but I have been there and it is really fun! Cities rock! - RiverClanRocks

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59 Boring, Oregon

Its name definitely explains what it is! BORING!

60 Wichita Falls, Texas

It's a really run-down, festering, broken-down version of San Antonio. The only advantage is that things aren't as far away from each other there in comparison.

Also, there's no Taco Cabana. - xandermartin98

Actually, Tornado World is Oklahoma City and Moore, OK

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