Worst Deeds Done by Warrior Cats

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Tigerstar: Leading BloodClan to the Forest

He made the biggest mistake with this of his life. I wonder if he recognized Scourge from when they were younger.

Well it was a good bad thing it killed lots of cats but you met Scourge the most awesome cat besides Firestar. Scourge is a good bad cat because the only really bad thing he did was kill Tigerstar but that would have happend any way

In The Darkest Hour Tigerstar led BloodClan to the forest, casing his an Whitestorm's death.

Everything turned out in the end! Now leading DOGS into the forest is a different story.

All Ancient Clans: Driving SkyClan out

Yes that was a terrible deed they didn't even care that there were always five clans they were just greedy and they were like 'no I need every inch of my territory"

In Firestar's Quest it is dicovered that there used to be another clan, SkyClan, whose home was distroyed by twolegs. The other clans didn't care to help them and made them leave, which killed the Clan.

Urgh redstar didn't even odject all he like 'may star clan protect you" I hate him!

Skyclan is my favourite clan! Shame on those leaders. At least they all apoligise in Firestar's quest and each leader gives Leafstar some of her nine lives

Mapleshade: Starting the Evil Chain

Sorry to Burst every one's bubble but maple shade didn,t start the evil chain. Apple dusk did. She was just a link.

I mean seriously! You could of just fought with riverclan and it wouldn't be as bad. Made thistleclaw evil who kills cats who makes tigerstar/claw/paw evil who kills so many cats who turns darkstripe and hawkyfrost evil darkstripe kills 1-2 cats, tries to kill sorreltail ( kit at the moment ) well planned evil chain... Well planned... Your still worse than tigerstar! You made him this way!

Obviously this is the root of all problems! Without Mapleshade starting this chain, probably none of the evil stuff that happened later would have been! And Crookedstar's family would have survived were it not for the curse! And Thistleclaw and TIGERSTAR ESPECIALLY would not have been evil!

DEFINITELY. I mean, seriously. She was the first cat in the Dark Forest, and she corrupted Thistleclaw, who corrupted Scourge and Tigerstar, and they killed so many cats.

Clawface: Killing Spottedleaf

I kinda like clawface apart from killing my favorite cat... That was a terrible thing he did, but at least spottedleaf was happy in starclan until mapleshade had to ruin it all

In Into The Wild, Clawface killed Spottedleaf and kidnapped Brackenkit and his siblings which caused a battle between ShadowClan and ThunderClan

Spottedleaf was an amazing medicine cat not to mention perfect for firestar! (even if they didn't have a future) Stupid Clawface deserves to rot in The Dark Forest

JUST WHY? I wonder if she didn't die.. What woul have happened between her and Firestar. But anyway, I am so happy that Clawface finally got what he deserved- DEATH.

Hawkfrost: Leading Firestar into a Fox Trap

How dare you hawkfrost you are a terrible cat haha I'm laughing at you you accomplished nothing in life

DARN YOU, HAWKFROST! I'm happy Brambleclaw killed you. You deserved it! Rot in the Dark Forest, and never come back!

Hawkfrost was manipulated by tigerstar. Oh and the dark forest changed him, making him more evil. - Catsarah123

Turned out just like Tigerstar. What a shame.

Making Firestar lose a life! Every life is damn important! ;-;

Hawkheart: Killing Moonflower

I never liked hawkheart but this... This is just terrible. Goosefeather your sister is dead and you don't even care

I really can't believe he killed her like that! He had no excuse. She was just following orders, and there was no need to kill Moonflower. He had wounded her so badly she couldn't get up! She was beaten and broken, and he had to know she was Bluepaw and Snowpaw's mother, because every cat, especially medicine cats, tend to know of all the family relationships between cats in other Clans, and as far as he knew they were still kits because they hadn't been to the gathering yet! What he did was KNOWINGLY beat up a mother of two VERY YOUNG kits right in front of them, to the point where she couldn't even move, and then killing her anyway? How is that okay? And after, when her kits run up to her body he literally just doesn't care.

"Oh, that was your mom I just killed? Suck it up, buttercup." Basically his sentiments in a nutshell. Jeez.

Hawkheart is my third favourite cat in all the Warriors books. I love him so much! Yea, he killed Moonflower. But when you think about it, Moonflower would have caused the deaths of WindClan warriors, kits and elders if Hawkheart didn't do something. Yea, he broke the Warrior/Med. Cat Code by killing a cat in battle. But remember, Firestar killed Scourge in battle and everyone loves him. Many other amazing warriors, such as Lionblaze, killed cats in battle as well. What makes Hawkheart so different?

Well, the code says you could only kill someone if you absolutely have to. Firestar killed scourge because the battle would not have ended if he didn't. I think if hawkheart had just let moonflower go after she lost, there wouldn't have been a need to kill her.

In Blustar's Prophecy Moonflower and Stormtail were in a battle with WindClan and Hawkheart killed Moonflower

Dark Forest Cats: Training Lake Cats to Kill E Four Clans

This is just tertible they tricked the cats into thinking that it was making them a better warrior.

They are vengeful! I hate Tigerstar for leading them and killing Firestar and all other stuff he did!

Honestly I felt that Brokenstar was leader of Dark forest, but ya! - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

They caused the death of Firestar! He was the best cat!

This battle caused the deaths of Spottedleaf, Ferncloud, Mousefur, Hollyleaf, and FIRESTAR! He was the best cat ever! Can't believe he died!

Thistleclaw: Telling Tigerpaw to kill Tiny

In Bluestar's Prophecy, Thistleclaw is Tigerclaw's mentor, an when they see a tiny kit on their territory he tells Tigerstar to attack him. It was so sad, that helpless kit getting attacked by a rambunctious cat. :(

Yo I agree stupid thistleclaw he made BOTH tigerpaw and tiny badd... - Aquastar_of_DewClan

STUPID THISTLECLAW! If Tigerpaw hadn't attacked Tiny, then Tiny wouldn't have wanted revenge on him! Thistleclaw led his apprentice to his death.

Thistleclaw never directly told Tigerpaw to kill Tiny. Thistleclaw asked Tigerpaw what they should do, and Tigerpaw said that they had to teach Tiny a lesson. Sure, Thistleclaw never told Tigerpaw to stop attacking Tiny, but Thistleclaw NEVER told Tigerpaw to attack Tiny, and he certainly did NOT tell Tigerpaw to kill Tiny.

HORRIBLE. Tiny doesn't deserve it because he was exploring, running away and because he was a kittpet. He didn't want to get thrown in the river, (which was told by his sister, Ruby) so he ran away! But then Tigerpaw/claw/star and ThistleClaw had to ruin it. If only they listened to Bluefur/star "There is no need for this! " Since Thistleclaw told young Tigerpaw/claw/star to kill small little tiny/scourge, tiny wants to get revenge and turns into the most evillest cat in the books. Oh, god.. :( At least Scourge killed TigerStar..

Tigerstar: Murdering Brindleface

What did brindleface ever do to you tigerstar? You are just killing innocent cats

Brindleface was my favorite character before she was killed by Tigerstar to give the pack a taste for cat blood.

"Brindleface was my favorite character before she was killed by Tigerstar to give the pack a taste for cat blood"

I completely agree!

Why. That's ok I'm asking...

Darkstripe: Feeding Sorrelkit Deathberries

He did so so he could go meet princess and have kits. He is coludtails father.

Darkstripe you might not know this but you are accidentally feeding sorrelkit deathberries... Darkstripe? DARKSRIPE?! Oh no.. Its on purpose

That is the most evil thing you can do to an innocent kit. The reason Darkstripe did it was evil to. It was so little Sorrelkit could not say Darkstripe was a traitor talking to Blackfoot then he became Blackstar.

What kind of person (or in this case cat) would feed a kitten deathberries? CURSE YOU DARKSTRIPE! CURSE YOU!

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Tigerstar: Killing Redtail

You selfish cat you killed him because you wanted to be deputy he would've been a gokd leader

Redtail is my #1 favorite cat. If you read Redtails debt, you’d understand.

Tigerstar killed Redtail just because he really wanted to be Deputy. It was so vicious and cruel!

Ok, he killed Redtail, and blamed it on Oakheart! WHAT MORE EVILNESS DO YOU WANT? He just wanted to be deputy! Thank goodness that Fireheart (Firestar) saw through the act.

Tigerstar: Leading the Dogs Into the Forest

Most hated part! This piece of fox dung and his flea pelted dogs killed my favourite character, Bluestar! I hope the falling cat is Tigerstar, not Bluestar!

I HATE you TIGERSTAR! He killed Bluestar, Brindleface, and Swiftpaw all with his stupid dogs! Boo hoo!

This was the worst battle besides the dark forest battle! I miss all the cats killed...

Because of you Swiftpaw is dead and Brightheart has a disfigurement

Tigerstar: Killing Gorsepaw

Totally Horrible! I felt so bad for Gorsepaw, who didn't even do anything wrong! It's all Tigerstar's fault.

In The Darkest Hour ShadowClan battles WindClan to warn thm what would happen if they did not join TigerClan, and Tigerstar killed Gorsepaw

Tigerstar is a stupid GUTBAG! WHY TIGERSTAR WHY

One of the most horrifying Warriors moments of all time!

Tigerstar: Telling Stonefur to Kill Graystripe's Kits

Stonefur died a noble death so you're just gonna kill innocent cats because they were born, huh tigerstar? STtonefur-good tigerstar-bad

Stormfur and Feathertail did nothing, they couldn't control being half clan! Tigerstar is evil. Stonefur, GOOD JOB BUDDY!

Good job Stonefur

That was so sad, stormfur was so brave and did not deserve to die... At least now he can be with his mother, bluestar, in starclan

Stonefur was loyal to the warrior code. If Stonefur didn't die the prophecy wouldn't be completed and all the clans would die.

Tigerstar: Killing Runningwind

In Rising Storm when Tigerstar is a rogue, he attacked a border patrol and killed Runningwind, and told Fireheart he would pick off ThunderClan warriors, one by one.

Jerk he blamed it on white throat and he died by a monster

Oh, well. He lives in the paws of star clan. But he was very young!

Runningwind was mousefur's brother

Tigerstar: Plotting to Kill Ravenpaw

Tigerstar is a noob


Tigerstar kills people...just for dem 2 shet ep -_-

Good thing fireheart got him away from him, and remember when fireheart told everone, tigerclaw pretended to be sad GR HE MAKES ME SICK!

Rainflower: Treating Crookedstar So Bad

Rainflower was not evil, just overcome by grief. But still, most mother cats support their kits to recover from an injury, but Rainflower didn't.

It made him feel like he was rejected that lead to her death

Dang it, I posted this before I saw this, whoops!

I Hate rainflower! She changed Stormkits name to crookedkit, left him alone in the nursery, and called him an ugly mess!

Sedgekit: Boasting about the Tunnels

Ha! Now Lionblaze blames heathertail and dreams of killing her. And now heathertail even has a chance of being killed by Lionblaze, all thanks to Sedgekit.

In Dark River Sedgekit an his siblings got lost in the underground tunnels and five apprentices had to rescue them. Then in Eclipse he bragged to the WindClan leaders about going in the tunnels which caused the battle in TunderClan territory, where all for clans were involved.

The poor thing is an innocent kit...

This stupid kit started the war against thuderclan

Mapleshade: Creating the Dark Forest

Mapleshade obviously didn't create the Dark Forest. What about the voice she heard? And the "other cats" it talked about?

? I don't think she created it. I think Starclan put her in the evil inducing place. ( pretty sure it makes cats more evil once their there. )

one-eye created the dark forest but whatever

She did not mentor Thistleclaw Silverhawk did he was also in the dark forest

Leapardfoot: Giving birth to Tigerkit

She technically killed firestar. If tigerstar was never born then firestar wouldn't have been in a position to be smudged by a tree.

She couldn't help it! She didn't know he was gonna be evil! And besides, the reason Tigerstar became evil was because his father left to be a kittypet, he was mentored by Thistleclaw, and his sisters died as kits! This shouldn't even be on here!

Yes definitely if she never gave birth to him he wouldn't have brought chaos to the forest with his ambition

She didn't want Tigerstar to be that way, she just wanted him to be loyal to his clan!

Hawkfrost: Killing Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf looked just like my cat until she got hit by a monster. Poor blackberry my little kittypet. :'(

How was Hollyleaf stupid? In my opinion Dovewing is more stupid than her

Hollyleaf was my favorite. Hawkfrost, You suck

R.I. P Hollyleaf. Hate you Hawkfrost

Ashfur: Threatening Squirrelflight to Burn In the Forest Fire

So what if he was dumped, get a life Ashfur! Stop trying to kill Squirrelflight's loved ones and stop being a jerk! Holly is epic, I'm glad she killed him. I laughed at his death

I was like WHAT THE HECK when I saw that Ashfur was in Star Clan! Die ashfur die!

Ashfur is a jerk! HOW did not go to the dark forest?!

He was a adorable apprentice, but it's such a shame he was corrupted by jealousy. I want him to pay for his crimes, but at the same time going to Starclan.. ( which he did )

Tigerclaw: Turning Hawkfrost Evil

I think he used Hawkfrost like Thistleclaw used him. And manipulated his ambition into greed and his childhood loss into heartlessness. I feel that if Tigerclaw was out of the picture Hawkfrost would just want to be leader( and be a good one ) Like mentor like apprentice I suppose( I think Hawkfrost did the same thing to Ivypool )

Tigerclaw did NOT turn Hawkfrost evil. He was fishy from the first place. I still don't like Tigerclaw.

Would you rather be loyal to your father, or to a town in which everybody doesn't like or trust you?

I am not a fan of Hawkfrost, in fact I'm glad that he went to the dark forest. He tried to kill Firestar! It's not even all his fault. If Tigerstar hadn't made him evil, Firestar wouldn't have almost died! Then, he wouldn't go to the dark forest, and they could have been defeated easily! But no, he went to the dark forest, and what happens? FIRESTAR, SPOTTEDLEAF, AND A MILLON OTHER CATS DIED! It all because he's Tigerstars son! And of course Mapelshade had to go and start the evil Chain... THEY BOTH FAIL! - Love ya! (If you agree with me. ) Rainleaf of Thunderclan.

Brokenstar: Killing Kits

I feel sorry for yellowfang two kits die and the other one is evil

Can anyone tell me why he did this?


I think it was so mean to kill Brightflower's kits.

Appledusk: Making Mapleshade evil, thus making her start the evil chain.

I mean, heck, Mapleshade was admired by her Clanmates, who said she could become a leader. Then Appledusk came along, got Mapleshade preggers, which banished her from ThunderClan, then banished her from RiverClan, which made her evil. Just because she couldn't swim well enough to save her Kits. She's a THUNDERCLAN cat, for Tribe of Endless Hunting's sake, do you expect her to be better than the fish you catch at swimming? Then Maple started killing cats, one act of which was because of Appledusk. This act was her killing three cats, one for each of her drowned kits. I think her drowned kits stated a bad Creepypasta somewhere, and if there's not then I'll probably write one.

Just think, Thistleclaw and Tigerstar could've turned into fine warriors, deputies, or even leaders, if Appledusk just never existed.

I don't care what you pieces of Foxdung think, Appledusk, go die in a whole. *picks up Mapleshade and carries her to StarClan, tossing Appledusk into the oblivion that ...more

Yeah maple would of never been mean and start the chain and stuff fadge you Appledusk Mapleshade deservea better then you :/
- River

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