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21 Killed Redtail

Redtail Is so awesome and he was the father of sandstorm

He killed redtail that's one of my favorite cats in that series

Oh gosh, He just wants power! - bluestar10

Redtail dead?! No! Stupid tigerclaw (yes claw. He doesn't deserve to be called tigerstar)! Redtail was more of a deputy than tigerclaw ever was. -flooddstar leader of moonclan

22 Attacked the Black Kit As An Apprentice

The black kit was scourge. Tigerpaw attacked the kit because his ambitious mentor Thistleclaw urged him to do so. If he didn't attack the kit, scourge wouldn't have gone insane trying to take over the forest and Tigerclaw WOULD ACTUALLY BE A GOOD GUY.

I voted for the one cause scourge was one of my favorites

Then don't blame him blame the fox-dung! (thistleclaw)

The black kit laugh out loud

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23 Killed Runningwind

Okay, I know Runningwind was not a very popular cat in the first series but I LOVED him. For reasons I do not understand I got so attached to him and I CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED when he died. I was so angry I almost threw my book across the room. Runningwind was and still is one of my favourite Warriors (don't ask why) I think maybe its cause I relate to him in a lot of ways and I am still getting over his death (says the girl who is reading Dawn of the Clans ) I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR!

Runningwind had so much life left to live! There was no reason for Tigerstar to kill him (does he EVER have a reason to kill? ). And I felt so bad for Mousefur! :(

I just like flow of the name, and I like his attitude. Tigerclawoffhisface just saw him as another obstacle and it made me so sad :(

When he died I wanted to cry. I have read all the series and he is still my FAVORITE CAT EVER
Thanks u Firestar, u killed the killer

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24 Turned other cats evil

If Tigerstar had never been born (or died at birth) I believe that Darkstripe wouldn't have been evil!
I mean it was Tigerstar who made Darkstripe (and many other cats) evil right?

25 Persecuted Half-Clan Cats

This reminds me of WWII. Tigerstar is Hitler, the Half-Clan cats are Gypsies/Jews, Tigerstar's cronies are the Nazi Party along with Tigerstar, etc. , etc. He wanted no mixed breeding and Hitler wanted a "perfect" race.

By far the worst thing he did. Anyone else see parallels between the purge of the half-Clan cats and the Holocaust?

Anyone else see parallels between the purge of half-Clan cats and the Holocaust?

This just proves that Tigerstar is the cat version of Hitler. Think about it, he promised to bring Shadowclan to its former glory, tried to take over all the clans, and persecuted any cat he didn't see fit.

26 Killed Greypool

I cried and cried and cried when Greypool died, the warrior cats books would be very different without Greypool, she raised Stonefur and Mistyfoot/star and told Fireheart the truth and I mostly hate Tigerstar for killing Stonefur and Greypool! RIP STONEFUR AND GREYPOOL!

I was so sad when Greypool died, I almost died myself. When Stonefur was killed, (I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR! ) I was so sad, but then I remembered he was now reunited with his foster mother. (Why did ever of them have to die?! I hate you Tigerstar! )

He manipulated her into thinking he was Oakheart and when Graypool realized it was not Oakheart, HE KILLED HER!

He killed greypool,

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27 Broke the Warrior Code by attacking Tiny/Scourge

SOmetimes, the Erin Hunters are oblivious to their own books. Yes, Bluefur said a warrior does not need to kill to win battles, but did she remember that it's against the warrior code to let harm come to a kit, no matter where from? No.

So yes, Tigerstar broke the Code for the first time when he attacked the kit, Tiny.

No matter what, you should NEVER attack a kit!

I agree NEVER attack a kit

28 Took Over 2 Clans

If Tigerstar didn't do that, Stonefur would be alive!

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29 Got Kitted

Well, duh! This should be number 1! If Tigerstar wasn't kitted, so many cats would be alive, and Scourge might not have become evil, and Bluestar wouldn't have gone crazy, or died so soon. (DIE OVER AND OVER AGAIN EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE DEAD, TIGERSTAR! )

If he was never kitted, then SO many cats would be alive.

Agreed but in the end thistleclaw is to blame so screw HIM for being kitted plus he killed antpelt in the omen of the stars

When u read blue stars propecys list an to gorsefur or whatever the medic was the medic said that tigerstar should have never survived

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30 Led Cinderpelt to Thunderpath

, I cried so much after that. Cinderpelt is my precious medicine cat. And my favorite.

So unfair he crippled my fave cat in the books.

I don't like her, so I really don't care about this one

Cider pelt is my favorite cat so I was sooo sad -leopardclaw

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31 Making Cats Kill Grey Paws Kits

NOBODY messes with grey paw tiger claw is a noob

32 Hurting Darkstripe's Feelings

Oh, poor, poor, darkstripe, I know how he feels, sometimes I find someone I'd really like to be friends with, but they don't care, so I keep trying to please them, doesn't work, luckily, I'm done doing that now - hopefully -..

Stop showing Mersey he deserves that for finding his back on the Thunderclan.
Thanks for reading, Echohawk

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33 Tried to Get Bramblepaw to Join His Side

In the book the darkest hour tiger star tried to get bramblepaw to join his side I mean why would he expect that after all the evil things he did? Yeah go Bramblepaw!

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34 Led dogs to Thunderclan territory that killed Swiftpaw and hurt Brightheart

Yes he truly crippled Brightheart and all the cats that ever saw her! (

35 Help start the DarkForest battle

Common people this one is pure evil - AnonymousChick

36 Went Insane

By the way I know why he is evil the fact that he should not have survived made him want to get stronger so he turned EVIL -leopard claw

He was insane since forever. But still...I HATE YOU TIGERSTAR!

37 Tricking Ivypool
38 Trained by Thistleclaw

Maybe if this demon cat as bad then who do you blame? HIS MENTOR BECAUSE THIS FAT UGLY KITTYPET TTRAINED HIM TO BE CRUEL AND RULE THE WORLD. I'm painting him purple and getting fnaf characters to kill him

39 Tigerstar going to Hawkfrost and Brambleclaw's dreams

Obviously SOMEONE was gonna find out! Thanks Leafpool! Tigerface... Er... Tigerstar... FAILED

40 Lied to the Cats Who Wanted to Protect Their Clan
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