Rowan Blanchard

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Rowan Blanchard is an American actress. She is known for her role as Riley Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World.


Where do I begin? I hate Girl Meets World because everything they say on the show is so dramatic. I can't really describe it, but the way that the characters talk is so weird and vague. It's just hard to watch. My biggest reason that I dislike her is because she's such a brat in real life. Seriously, go through this girl's Instagram. She's constantly complaining about feminist issues that aren't even real issues and she hates on everyone who disagrees with her in the slightest. Now I'm not a feminist, but I do have respect for feminists who are level-headed and rational, but Rowan is not one of them. Instead she just complains on social media and acts like she knows everything. Not to mention that her fans will attack you if you insert the slightest of an opposing opinion. She acts like she knows everything and acts like she's oppressed, when in reality she's a rich ass Disney kid.

Not only does her voice make me want to punch myself in the face, shes also whiny and bratty and overall a terrible actress. Shes one of the many reasons why Disney Channel has gotten so awful in the last five-ten years (seriously what is this Girl Meets World I want that's so Raven and the Suite Life of Zach and Cody back). Also she was given the title of "feminist of the year." What did she do? Literally all she did was whine on social media about first world "women problems" that don't exist. I'm not a feminist, but how the hell did this whiny toddler get the award and not Malala Yousafzai? At least she did something for truly oppressed women.

Now, let me begin by saying I do think she's a very intelligent, beautiful young lady, & despite not really liking nor disliking her show, I think she does a decent job on it. HOWEVER-this little girl is just so politically correct it makes me want to vomit in my mouth every time I hear the latest ridiculous thing she finds some kind of problem with (or as the overly PC snowflakes like to say, 'problematic'). And I'd love to know how it makes sense to say you don't want to label yourself (or something about yourself), then in the very next sentence put a label on yourself. It seems like those who claim to hate labels seem to be the ones labeling EVERYTHING, but I digress. But I have to give her a break, she is only a teen, & she's at that stage where a lot of teens are very pretentious-hopefully she'll chill out as she matures, & realizes that there are MUCH bigger problems in the world than people telling her to smile ('because it undermines people with depression! '-give me a break, ...more - aj555

She literally can't act for crap: she always makes the dumb, stupid smile EVERY SINGLE TIME she talks. Like seriously? Not to mention "Girl Meets World" sucks at it is - a complete embarrassment to its parent show, Boy Meets World. I can't believe Rowan got the lead: she can't sing at all and she strains her face to smile every single time she's on camera. She overacts all the time and I wish they would have casted someone else for the lead in GMW. Even though it's not nice to hate on someone even though you "don't know them", I just wish they would have put Rowan through more acting and singing lessons: maybe then she would be more tolerable (and to be honest I don't care if someone gives me crap about her "just being 12" and "she doesn't deserve this". If she honestly cared what other people thought about her, she wouldn't have become an actress on a widespread network like Disney Channel if she wasn't prepared for hate).

My goodness the attitude on this little girl is insane. I think I would like GMW but she ruins it for me. She is 14 but acts like she wants to be 20. Don't get me wrong feminist issues are important but SHE IS 14...she should show some happiness too. Then she complains that people ask her to smile. GIRL GET OVER YOURSELF AND BE A ROLE MODEL TO THE LITTLE KIDS THAT FOLLOW YOU not a whiny celeb child star. Been there done that

In the first episode of the show, when she gets off balance and some how managed to sit on Lucas's lap, I cringed so hard. I wanted to go to the writers and force them to stop the show. There's a reason why people were disappointed in this show because I think that she ruined it for boy meets world fans. To be honest, the best acting that she has done so far, is when she starts tearing up or crying. As for her friend, Maya, she is a way better actress in my opinion and I think she could've done way better. But I wouldn't go to far in judging her looks and say that Rowan is ugly in any way cause I think she is quite beautiful and cute. But I would admit that her voice is quite annoying at times and all though she doesn't sing the best, I wouldn't say she's horrible.

She's an ugly pig and has no talent whatsoever and I CONNOT STAND RILEY in girl meets world! It's so CORNY I hate her she sounds like a pig going to the slaughterhouse! She's a liar about being single so she can get attention, well guess what? NOBODY likes you! If you are reading this Rowan Blanchard just to let you know that you drive everybody insane! Not the good insane, the horrible insane. I hope you find this and cry yourself to sleep. If you think you are friends like Sabrina and Peyton just to let you know that They hate you! Your 13-14 and there like 16-17! It will never work so stop thinking that you are a loved person. By the way stop saying your 80 pounds! You drive everyone crazy that they want to commit suicide! I'm 13 and I weigh 115 pounds! You make me feel bad so I am making you feel bad, you are a retarded little snake, you have no talent, everyone you think likes you doesn't! (if you like rowan blanchard and posting nice comments then you are insane to like her! ) I ...more

Why does everybody put Rowan on these kind of lists? Imagine if you were in Rowans shoes right? Just because you're famous doesn't mean that you don't have any feelings? Right? If you can't say nice things about (Rowan) than just don't say anything because words can hurt.

I think she's pretty. The only thing that annoys me about her is the way she talks. Its like she has a hard time breathing through her nose, like she has the flu or something. Its really annoying.

She has really changed and not for the better, she's way too opinionated, you say anything about girl meets world that isn't " I love your show" and she'll act all offended and sic her little gmw stans on you, she thinks she's an old soul but knows nothing about the world, people pleaser for sure. I don't know nan I think she's pretty but she's changed a lot, she tries to save the world and it's like you're not Riley boo you can't change people.

Also she tries to intimidate people, one time I was on her Twitter and this girl said that Riley acts dumb on the show. She replied to the girl that Riley isn't dumb but is creative and has a big imagination. That girl apologized to Rowan so fast you'd think Rowan was god himself. She practically begged Rowan to not be mad at her and take what she said the wrong way, it was pathetic but also shows how Rowan is. It's one thing to defend your show and character however Rowan and the gmw writers take it too far, they're always trying to ...more

SHe genuinely can't act since I thought it was supposed to be her character on the show but that's the way she's in real life and every facial expression is just too exaggerated she kind of ruined boy meets world by appearing on girl meets world

Yeah, Rowan Blanchard is kind of stuck up about herself and how she is a "actress" (barely). But what I really hate is the screwy plot line! What the heck is going on? They say things that don't make since and is so "deep" and "meaningful" like what the!? It's weird! No one every single day of their live focuses on the meanings of friendship and family! God.

I don't know why you people are making horrible comments about Rowan Blanchard. She is one of my favorite actresses. For one thing she's very talented, and I'm being honest. I am glad they chose her to be on girl meets world, because she is perfect for Riley Matthews. And another thing is that she is very beautiful. When I saw some of these comments about her I started shaking up. So I don't know why you guys think she's terrible. So my point is, is that I think she is great for who she is, and that she will continue to be an accomplished actress. I am being very honest about this comment. And Rowan Blanchard I look forward to seeing many more movies and episodes with you in it, especially girl meets world. So keep up the good work. Your my favorite actress. - Lordoftheringsfan

She's a PSYCHO! She did an interview where she said she was all for opinions no matter if she agreed or not, BUT the minute her fans were saying all lives matter and that they didn't like feminism she told them to unfollow her, get educated, curses them out, everything negative you can think of. Then she attacks other adults in the industry or online but the minute they retaliate against her she starts crying like a baby and playing them "i'm just a child" card.

She ALWAYS attacks white people, especially men. She claims white men are the ones attacking her in her comments on Instagram, BUT how is that possible when the majority of your followers and commenters are young girls of ALL races?

She twisted what cat calling means and turned it into something it's not just to get support. She's changed up her story MULTIPLE times about how she got into feminism, first it was because of her dad then it was because of the "cat calling" like PICK A LIE *ahem* ...more

I do really hate Rowan Blanchard's "Riley Matthews" role. She looks like a dumb girl trying to understand what is going on. I think her roles should be named "stupid girl". I don't understand why they even call her an actress! I think they should name her dumb,fake, stupid and idiot girl ever! She is a little brat! She is trying ro be an actress! In Girl Meets the World, I hate her role Riley and I hate her dumb stupid smile! It looks like a bus got over her face! I wanna just kick her face when she does that! I think her Riley voice is awful! She can't even make a special voice! I think they should not make a movie with Rowan in it! She is a little idiot brat!

She sucks at acting! The show has such bad casting because all the "kids" look like they're 30! The show has ruined boy meets world, which I used to like. Also, the show has the worst plotline, because the dang plotline does NOT make any sense! I hate her!

Why I hate Girl Meets World

1. Is it realistic to have your dad as your teacher?
2. This show is cheesier than a 5 pound block of mozzarella
3.The script is weird and doesn't make sense
4. The actors talk and act like they are zombies (they show no emotion)
5. Don't you just hate it how they always try to get into serious topics, but then they have to try to make it funny?

Anyway those are the reasons I hate Girl Meets World. Nothing against Rowan, except her bragging about her weight.

I hate her in the role of "Riley Matthews" in her Girl meets the World show. She totally is so dumb looking in that role. Which she really is! I used to like her but than I realised that she was really silly. I also hate her show. She totally doesn't deserve it!

I can't believe she was mean to Paris Berelc! Paris can act! Rowan can't! If you're reading this, Rowan, then be a nicer person and volunteer at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen and stop talking back to you fans! They adore you and you're mean to them! That's really bad, Rowan! If you were nicer I'd think you're a good person, but right now you're a big fat bully!

Rowan Blanchard is amazing! And so is Riley Mathews! Girl Meets World is like my favorite show ever! So what if a few things she says aren't true, wich none of you people can prove anyways, that just makes her human! If you people have never told a little white lie before, then maybe YOU aren't human! Who do you guys think you are, going around hating on everyone, just because they are better at something than you are! DoYou know how many people you've probably ruined this show for? Well I'm not letting you haters ruin Girl Meets World, or Rowan Blanchard for me! You wanna know why? Cause I'm 10 years old, and I'm going to like whomever and whatever I want, and I don't care what you and your hater friends have to say about that! Sorry if that affects anybody, but I have to stand up for my favorite celebrities, like a true fan.

You shouldn't say mean things about her like that! You can't say she has a terrible singing voice since that has nothing to do with it! She isn't the best actor on Disney Channel but if u can't say something nice then don't say anything. People need to realize how much their words effect others. Self confidence doesn't come easy to most teens and it doesn't help when u tear them up like that!

Why is everyone commenting on the character and not the actors and actreses. Everyone is making this the list of charactors that you don't like. Their acting to make an entertainment show that the directors and script writers came up with. You all are just being mean. Everyone who said these actors and actresses are bad at their job then the next Disney show audition they have you should try. You might just be jealous that these actors and actresses are on Disney Channel and your not. Just have peace because would you really say it to them in person.

Please don't hate on her. She may not be the best actress but her character is fun and lovable and you can't judge Rowan just because of her role. She's doing her job, its not her actual personality. Good grief people seem to forget this sometimes :/// so you have no right to judge her personality if you've never hung out with her and I bet no one here has so ya

I hate Rowans part in Girl meets World it sucks, Rowan sounds like she has boogers in her mouth nose and through. She always sounds as if she has a stuffy nose all the time also I hate her smile it is terrible. No offense but I hate the show in general and she makes it all terrible because she doesn't know how to act.

Watch the original show. The first one is way to good for kids to understand apparently because Disney won't tune it again. But boy meets world is one of the best shows Disney has ever had, maybe if you watch it you'll get the plot line.

Absolutely unconvincing actress, same expression on her face all the time, her interactions with other characters are devoid of emotion, a voice that makes you want to rip out your eardrums, just every component of a bad actress put into one.