Top Ten Worst Fairy Type Pokemon

We are knocking off the ten Pokemon that really shouldn't be Fairy Types. Stuff like Sylveon, I can see, but these are ridiculous!

The Top Ten

1 Mr. Mime

There is NO reasons for this thing to be fairy. I would have make it Psychic/Ghost because of how creepy it looks, but fairy? No.

Like, seriously. Of all the Pokemon you needed to make into a Fairy Type, you chose Mr. Mime. Mr. Mime. What is one reason for him to be a Fairy?

It's almost impossible to imagine a mime overcoming a dragon!

Its psychic/ghost not fairy and its 1!

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2 Flabebe Evolutions

I'm not saying they shouldn't be Fairy Types, I'm saying they shouldn't be ONLY Fairy Types. They're holding flowers! That Means They Should Be Grass, Because They're Plant Like POKEMON! Think about it! - Pokebro2001

It would just fairy/grass because it looks like a fairy holding a flower.

What a lazy game freak creator! Didn't even add bug or grass type!

My first reaction to Florges Cool, but it looks like a Who from Dr. Seuss. So, you would think it would be part bug or grass. Nope.

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3 Mawile & M. Mawile

Why is this Pokemon even close to being on this list? I agree with the world that mawile hands down should not be a fairy type. However, though I never owned a mawile or a Mega mawile I know they are power houses (Wait I made a mistake I actually have a Mawile on my Pokemon black. OOPS! )

Why are you going to make a vicious, man eating, steel chomping Pokemon, and just because the body looks cute, (When people are only looking at the mouth), make it a fairy? How does that work? - Pokebro2001

A great Pokemon, but it shouldn't have become part Fairy-type. Mawile is a far better physical attacker than special, and the only physical Fairy-type move currently is Play Rough, which is inferior to Moonblast. If it had to have gained a type, Dark would have been much better in my opinion. It learns more Dark-type moves, and the type fits much better with it than Fairy in terms of what it is too: the DECEIVER Pokemon.

Why are these Fairies? I know I am wrong, but I almost swear! The first time I saw Mawile, I thought it was Dark type! It pretty much has all the elements of one, with the devious style, the dark steel jaws...yet it is Fairy.

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4 Klefki Klefki

Haunted Keys? That should make it Steel/Ghost, not Steel/Fairy! - Pokebro2001

Almost nobody likes Klefki. Actually, there is a pretty darn good chance nobody does, because I have not seen or met a soul who thinks a rings of keys is a good Pokemon. I see nothing wrong with its Fairy type, though. I guess it fits...

"It fiercely jingles it's keys at attackers." JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE HELP ME

Why do people bash on this so much

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5 Carbink Carbink

It's magical. That's what makes it fairy.

Too ugly and rocky to be a Fairy Type Pokemon. It could be a Brock fairy though. - Pokebro2001

This has all the elemetpnts if a Fairy Type. It is so cute, it has the mystical appearance. Fairy.

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6 Swirlix

Rock/Fire Cookie? I actually think that would be a cool idea, because I don't see any problem with inanimate object Pokemon. It could be like a living Lava Cookie or something

I will never eat a danish ever again. thanks Pokemon - katzinhatz1

I see no problem with inanimate object Pokemon.

I don't know whether to train it or eat it

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7 Granbull Granbull

Wait. How can you take a really cool vicious looking Pokemon and make it a fairy type? It should be a normal dark or normal fighting type, not normal fairy!

Granbull has always been the Faerie Pokemon. Or the Fairy Pokemon. Or however you wanna say it. I saw no reason for this, and I really saw no reason for them to make him Fairy Type! What's your super good reason, aye? Because of his species? Oh, ya. Great reason.

"Oh look at that attack stat, oh crap why are these other stats so mediocre."
It's not fast, barely bulky to take a attack, and doesn't even look like a fairy, they could have at least kept it normal and that would have helped it, but not, it's a single type.
Good job, you truly helped granbull game freak.

I mean it should be dark fighting or ground fighting or maybe steel

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8 Arceus w/ Pixie Plate

A lot of people underestimate arceus as a fairy. I actually use him in my party because fairy type is weak only to steel and poison, and arceus can learn moves to counter both. The most common type is dragon, and with recover and a fairy judgement, he is very hard to beat

I don't know why they put him on the list cause your talking about the god of Pokemon

Yeah arceus is terrible! Its overdesigned and overrated

Arceus is able to turn into any type you idiots!
If you don't like his fairy type version all you gotta do is take away it's god damn pixie plate.
Besides, if he's really one of the worst, then why the hell is he number one for the toptens of THE BEST Pokemon?!

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9 Dedenne Dedenne

Everyone says that he's not a copy of Pikachu. He's not. He's a recolor of Pikachu. Get your fax right, people. And Emolga is a Pikachu flying squirrel.

Game Freak, stop making Pikachu recolors and variants.

No it looks more like a Raichu. Just make the tail black, give it a spike at the end, give it weird ears, make it smaller and add whiskers and it should look a lot like a dedenne.

Seriously, Game Freak, SERIOUSLY?!?!

Dedenne is cute all, but how is an electric mouse a fairy type!?

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10 Slurpuff Slurpuff

It is just a crap load of cotton candy! It's skills are not bad but designs, a cup of cotton candy!

Its actually a cupcake but anyway its still a lazy design if Pokemon were real then I would eat this thing

Why is this here? Belly Drum + Drain Punch/Play Rough = Sweep. - noo7na7

The Contenders

11 Azumarill Azumarill

Adding the fairy type to this thing turned it into a BEAST. Huge power significantly increases its attack and play rough becomes deadly to just about anything

A Fairy Type Bunny That Lives Underwater? - Pokebro2001

I defeated the champion with this Pokemon!

It reminds me of a kinder surprise! It does not deserve to be on this list!

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12 Mime Jr. Mime Jr. V 2 Comments
13 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Jigglypuff is not the worst it's the cutest

Its just a ball that sings. Sure its cute but its meant as a troll

Jigglypuff: It fails to put opponent to sleep, it faints. 0.0

Yes sure is the worst -

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14 Igglybuff Igglybuff

I think Igglybuff would look like a fairy type...

Igglybuff is cute not the worst!

Igglybuff is worse than jigglypuff, arceus, and M. Mawile by a long shot!

15 Aromatisse Aromatisse

I'm confused about this Pokemon. Gamefreak, I don't get the evolutions, design or the point of this blob of feathers that got raised from an egg they are making it look like crappy human nature. It's ruining Gods creations.

How could a cute little bird like Spritzee turn into this weird fat thing?

Hands down, worst Pokemon cry ever. it sounds like a person singing a series of v's

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16 Charizard Charizard Charizard, known in Japan as Lizardon, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Charizard is not a fairy type. What nonsense is going here.

I love every Fairy Type. And I hate Charizard. Even if it's not a Fairy, I can't NOT vote for it!

I'm going to guess this is an april fools joke

Charizard is my favorite fairy because he is such a happy big fairy.

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17 Sylveon Sylveon Sylveon is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Fairy type Pokemon, and one of the many evolved forms of Eevee. It was one of the first Fairy Pokemons revealed, although its typing was not shown till later. Classified as the Intertwining Pokemon, Sylveon has ribbon-like more.

I don't HATE this character I just wished they could make a different eevee type, like ghost. (they HAVE to make it next)
And besides, sylveon gets too much attention, it's like every other eevee is invisible and sylveon is hogging all the spotlight, again I don't HATE sylveon, I just find this Pokemon overrated, (by the way I voted for mr mime, I just wanted to tell how I feel about sylveon too)

Kind of odd they made a bow version of eevee but she is cute!

You all need to pick this beauty it has the cutest face and it is really strong

By the way this a top ten worst fairy types not the best fairy types

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18 Clefairy

What Clefairy has fairy in its name its fitting

Nah you are wrong

19 Salamence Salamence V 1 Comment
20 Gardevoir Gardevoir

It didn't get put on the list because this is the WORST fairies, not the best.

Why did this Pokemon not get put on the list it is awesome it can use hypnosis and then defeat any Pokemon with drwam eater and it can kick dragon type Pokemon butts

Who put gardevoir here? I played Y and Alpha sapphire with a gardevoir. It can learn moonblast which has 90 power.
Moonblast Psychic
Shadow Ball Thunderbolt/Energy Ball

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