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1 McDonald's

Obviously McDonald's is the most unhealthy one. Their chicken nuggets are DISGUSTING. I HIGHLY recommend not to eat their chicken nuggets, my sister had some when she was younger and they made her barf. Also, their burgers are okay, but they keep getting thinner and thinner every year, but they are the same rip off price. Their fries only TASTE good when they are hot, eat them right away. But if you leave them about they taste gross and soggy. I also watched their french fries process once. GROSS. They will put one bucket of fries in a container and salt them. Okay. But then they put another bucket and add more salt, so you are adding more salt to the bottom batch. And the process goes on and on, that's so much salt. :/ one time I had their mango smoothie, and it tasted like butter :/

Now to their staff problems. My mom ordered 2 hamburgers only ketchup for me and guess what I got instead. 2 hamburgers with onions, pickles and mustard. How you screw up so bad? I know not. You ...more - dragonfly99

Chicken nuggets in my opinion aren't disgusting but pretty boring though I still eat them. - sryanbruen

When I was 5, I got salmonella from there. IT WAS AWFUL (if you have had it and know how it feels) besides, hey just make everyone so fat and it is a gross place. I rarely go there anymore.

It always smell likes kids feet awful and gross, the burgers are thirsty and cold without the things that they offer or they have to much condiments like ketchup or mustard, no cheese, the meat looks a little bit greasy the lettuce it's old and the bread it's like old bad bread (except the ones with chicken), the coffee it's extremely hot, and I don't remember the year but my mom was eating a salad there and in the end of the salad in a lettuce appears a fly so gross! They don't check the food there or what... And I forget the bathrooms ar horrible smells the same like the entire place and they say that it's the best place for the kids have food HAHA are you kidding me the clown look at you like it's the house of the devil

McDonald's is absolutely GROSS. Now they decided to actually make their chicken nuggets with "real 100% white chicken". At one point before the "real chicken" bullcrap, I searched on the internet how they were made and it was horrendous. I had to show my grandfather because he was feeding these garbage Mcnuggets to my little cousins. I even got sick there on a few occasions and their food WILL keep you in the bathroom for a long time. McDonald's is unsanitary, smells like ass, even the soap in their bathrooms are disgusting. Their fries are only good when hot, but when they get cold, they're all soggy and taste completely nasty. They (most to all of the time) get your order(s) wrong, and the burgers are so fake. Their fish sandwiches are gross, especially with tartar sauce (I particularly don't like tartar sauce). The only things I like at McDonald's are their ice cream (without that chocolate crap), their cookies FRESHLY BAKED, their dollar cokes and the fries (only when hot). I very ...more

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2 Jack In The Box

The one restaurant that I have always hated was Jack In the Box. One of my friends who worked there told me about the things some of the employees would do to their food. They would spit, sneeze, and do other distgusting things to the food. Also, even if they did stop doing these things, Jack In the Box would still be very distgusting. There chicken fingers and french fries are good, but the burgers don't even taste like real meat. It taste like a scientist tried to make fake meat, then failed and threw it in a dumpster.

I am from Vancouver, Canada, and in Canada we don't have Jack in the Box. During our recent trip to Seattle, we thought we would try Jack in the Box! We were super excited. We tried it.. Were super disappointed. Okay, bad quality food, that is understandable. But the worst...? The next morning. We couldn't sleep all night, had the grossest, stinkiest gas, and could not get off the toilet the next day. Maybe it was just a shock to our bodies, but honestly, Vancouver has much better quality food. We were extremely disappointed. First and Last experience with JAck in the box. I'd rather eat mcdonalds everyday than try Jack in the Box again.

We just moved into California and thought we would try their breakfast. We ate their one time and my wife got salmonella. DO NOT EAT THEIR! I also once had to use the bathroom and it was the only place around so I went in there. I would not even sit on the toilet because it was so gross. If the bathrooms are this bad, just think what they put into their food.

Never heard of it. I'm jot even sure if it's in Michigan... I think it's more of a southern food-chain... - Flowersocks2137

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The food don't taste good especially there chicken which is basically all they have! With no other meats to choose from what can you order if you hate chicken? There options are low. Do they even serve salad? Or wraps? Bojangles is the best for chicken if you ask me. They serve salad, wraps, chicken, and other meats I think. I ate there once and absolutely loved it. I hope I never have to eat KFC again. Every time I take a bite of KFC chicken I can taste the grease and fat caked on, and it makes me want to throw up. It wouldn't be so bad if I could order other stuff, but who wants to order mac and cheese or coleslaw for a whole meal. The buffet isn't so bad because they have beans and stuff but its pretty small. And still caked on grease. You only have like 7 foods to choose from which are all unhealthy. One time I ate corn and I tasted butter all over it. what? Corn is supposed to be somewhat healthy. To eat there fast I don't recommend going to the drive thru. They are also very ...more

Every time I eat there, I get spicy diarrhea, you also could get food poisoning from there, this is an awful fast food restaurant

KFC used to be heaven for me from the big old plain fillet burgers to the fat chips which were actually very good tasting! Why did they have to make McDonald's styled chips? Why!? They are rotten! Now the plain fillet burgers are all small and don't come in large even though they still have the same price! KFC is also very expensive, so that is not helping the game to catchy any customers. Just please bring back the old good tasting KFC food! Like the new tasting food (since like 2012 I think) is so bad, I have to call this the worst fast food restaurant! Hopefully that is speaking something into you! - sryanbruen

Death in each box! Please just fry your own chicken instead of eating at this horrid place.

I eat the batter off the chicken. The chicken I don't touch. - LemonComputer

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4 Taco Bell

I have no clue what you guys are talking about! Calling taco bell gross! I think taco bell is so bomb I could eat taco bell every day of the week. I know it is really bad for you but if you order a chicken burrito with extra sauce you wont regret it

Ya, I agree. I love their Doritos tacos, but some locations are kinda gross. Others, not so much though. And I love the AM crunch wrap - mpgami

Taco Bell literally has grease dripping from the tacos... GROSS!

You must understand how unnutritious Taco Bell is. Despite the miminal satisfaction acquired through mediocre taste, the food is loaded with nothing but empty calories and fats. The food provides little to no nutrients, while exceeding all of your fat, trans fat, salt, and caloric values for the day. So essentially, every time you eat Taco Bell, you are gaining weight, while still being left significantly nutrient deficient. Taco Bell also enhances their food with certain controversial oils, that have been found to be very addictive, leaving you to crave the food constantly. I had a friend who could not stop eating Taco Bell, and I watched as his health completely deteriorated. He could not get himself to stop eating there, even though he wanted to so badly. I did extensive research on the chain and their ingredients in an attempt to help him. After learning what I know now, I say to you this, please head my warning. This chain does not have your best interest in mind. They care only ...more

Do you know what they stick in their food. It's scary.

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5 Burger King

ALWAYS get your order wrong. One time, I ordered a plain hambuger with nothing on it, and they give me everything imaginable.

Oh no a fast food place got my order wrong, whatever shall I do? Perhaps I shall vote for them as the WORST FAST FOOD PLACE OF ALL TIME. - Sanselephant

Burger King is just the wannabe mcdonalds, they even copied Mcdonalds chicken nuggets, and the toy with your meal thing, and both are better at mcdonalds, sure mcdonalds toys are cheap, especially the ones that talk cause they malfunction after you press it only like 10 times, but the stuff Burger King gives you is useless, all they give you is cups, and trading cards, I will admit, their chicken nuggets taste slightly better than the ones at mcdonalds but they're still not good, and their burgers are disgusting, they always have something nasty in them like hair, gross.

I got a whopper and when I started eating it there was hair in the meat patty it was disgusting. But I do like the BK stackers they taste pretty good I guess but its just the whoppers that are nasty.

Chicken Nuggets declined in quality pretty fast, now are gross and have white gooey stuff on them.

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6 Domino's Pizza

Crust tastes like cardboard and the sauce is bland, just sucks, they shouldn't have ever changed their food, it's just disgusting now!

Did you now they got bogeys in their pizza!

Most beautiful pizza I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Not a huge fan of the staff here in Michigan, but they sure know how to make a god-darn lava cake taste spectacular... I can't eat anything right now due to throwing-up and all that fun stuff, but if there was a dominoe's pizza in front of me right now, I would actually eat it! - Flowersocks2137

Are you kidding me? You guys think that its gross Really? You guys have no taste in delicious food cause this is great pizza Guys don't listen to those idiots try it Its really good - TheMinecraftGamer

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7 Arby's

If you think its bad, you went to the wrong arbys! I love arbys its the best if you disagree, try their vanilla milkshakes! I had one today it was so thick my huge tonsils I couldn't feel them! You need to get the right arbys and see its good mood food! Seriously : )

Currently employed for 4 years. All of the food is processed. If you get chicken products ask for fresh chicken because all's the chicken does is sit there with a timer of 15 minutes and people just sit there and reset it with out making new ones. And the brisket is really smoked for 13 hours but we don't do it, they send it to us frozen and all's we do is cut it and put it in the microwave for like 25 secs. And the back kitchen they never put lids over the products and the microwaves are right above the cold well and when they clean out them out all the dried up crumbs and sanitizer water fall into the pans with all the meats and vegtables below. And the cold well when they don't keep lids over the products they get really dry and nasty.

I'm not thinking Arby's. It's Bad Mood Food. It's so bad South Park made fun of it.

They don't use quality ingredients

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8 White Castle

Has anyone ever heard of White Castle?!?! Probably because not a lot of people try it, it's not as popular as the above seven... There's a reason for that... White Castle is the most stomach-churning, grossest food I've ever had the misfortune of stuffing in my mouth... Imagine the world's tiniest burger patty with two greasy, slimy and soggy buns pressed up against it. Then they feel the need to overload it with lettuce and mustard. McDonald's placement is absolutely ridiculous. Probably only rich people who feel like anything over 500 calories is repulsive voted for that. McDonalds is actually cheap, and although their food may not be the healthiest, it's delicious! Are people only voting for what's worth of the calories and health, without taking into account for how good the food tastes? - Flowersocks2137

Gross. Not sure if it was even real food!
Couldn't finish my 4 tiny sliders cause it was so disgusting!

Tried it once. I had high expectations, isn't this what everyone says they crave, like Harold and Kumar? I was very let down. Over processed crap. They call that meat? Disappointed for sure.

Tiny grey "patties" they claim to be food are a joke. They should be shut down.

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9 Pizza Hut

Awful. I went there one time and got a stuffed crust pizza with pepperoni and shared it with my brother. My dad got a boneless wing sandwich with bleu cheese. His sandwich only has a shred of lettuce on it, no bleu cheese, and tasted awful. Our pizza made me so violently ill that I was in the bathroom (a stupidly dirty one by the way) and threw up for 20 minutes, and I missed school for 2 days! In the end they only gave us a $5 discount for "inconvenience". It was a big part of my childhood, but I'll never eat there again. - Ratman18

My god is the service absolutely horrible. I actually had to once sit in that snail shell for about 1 and a half hours just to see that half the people that already were there before and after us leave with their food. And there was another time where I ordered thin crust, and when I tried to eat the pizza the crust was so crunchy and broke apart.

Salads went downhill, use to be lovely. Staff will not even get us what we ordered or they are just very slow.

Went there once and the family wasn't allowed to sit on a table that was furthest away from people. Of course, some rich-looking people were allowed on that table without hesitation. Me and my mum have anxiety issues, we really don't want to be right next to people, especially when eating, and the place was absolutely crowded. My mum was like '#### this' and we went to a Mexican place (forgot the name) which was lovely, so I'm kinda pleased for that happening really. - LemonComputer

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10 Hardee's

At least Hardees makes there burgers and sandwiches out of REAL food!

Their commercials are sexually wrong and are trying way too hard to get people to eat their burgers. Besides whatever happened to hot dogs like it was supposed to be like?

I was just wondering about the fat grams in a thick burger. How healthy is it.

Rude "go ahead with your ORDER" is what the drive thru lady said

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11 Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Are you serious? Five guys is the only restaurant that has legit never gotten my order wrong. I go to the one near my house with my friends all the time, and we never get wrong orders. The burgers taste awesome, and its real meat, because they grill it right in front of you, so its legit. Five Gus shouldn't even be on this list.

Are you kidding me! Five guys one of the top 20s on TheTopTens and It's one of the greatest fast food restaurants of all time? Their fires are deliciously and one of the best tasting fast food fries that I tried. The burger are like fast food heaven that It's made out of real meat. They never got my order wrong at five guys and their service is good. The only bad reasons that I hate five guys that their food is kind of expensive for fast and it's unhealthy but pretty good food. Five Guys Burger and Fries shouldn't be on this list.

What? Five guys is amazing! I see no reason for it to be on this list...

The fries are awful, and the burgers are burnt to a crisp! The shakes are too fatty, and my best friend has peanut allergies.

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12 Long John Silver's

Nasty hush puppies don't understand how anyone can eat their

I have not even tasted it and it looks gross. Also who wants fast food fish? - Schluets777

Where do they get their ingredients from?

No idea why this place exists...
Who in their right mind thinks fast food seafood sounds good? GROSS

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13 Dunkin Donuts

Is the #1worst place to work..

I myself was fired because I voiced my opinion in the
Following incident. I was cleaning floors when I overheard the franchise manor using the f word repeatedly when yelling loudly to the day shift girls.
I listened in and found out he was mad because the girls were using plastic baggies to put their tips in..
I, knowing the bags cost about $10.00 per 10,000
Offered to buy a case and the girls could use them..
Needless to say I was told to "f****** punch out and get out" which I did..

Remember these girls are paid rock bottom on the pay scale, worked 6 hours a day 6 days a week so they don't get over time or benefits, plus this helps to stop them from finding better jobs,
But, when you look at the wealth of these franchise owners, you can't believe they would keep their employees from having a half way decent life..

Some of these franchise owners are treating their help the exact same way people were being ...more

I had a terrible experience there. We went in the drive through. My mom asked for a simple chocolate donut. They were out. Asked for a glazed donut. They were out. She asked what flavors they had and they had only 3 donuts and 2 flavors left and no one in their right mind would try, so we just ditched the place. I'm never going there again.

From personal experience, I do not suggest working here. Unless you want to be disrespected. (Long story short).

Good donuts but it sometimes I get so full I feel like I'm going to barf - TheMinecraftGamer

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14 Checkers

Hey you stole this word from checkers the game this is a major crime that has to be dealt with by the Australian border studies, we will slap you with kebab onion and will make you do the whip and nae nae 2000000000 times

I don't care how expensive, greasy, or unhealthy it is... HAVE YOU GUYS EVER HAD THEIR FRIES! - Flowersocks2137

Eating at checker ishealthy at all the place is small for one the employees can't move around I love their fryes but they recook them at order I know it is unclean I have ordered I chicken sandwich and it was cold in the middle nasty

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15 Wendy's

I just woke up to a bag of Wendy's for dinner. I hadn't had Wendy's in months and I was not really wanting it considering I recently decided I'm done with places like these for a very long time if not forever. My unbiased verdict: The Frosty was good as always, the burgers tasted like they had mustard or pickles on them, they tasted more like a meat sandwich than a burger, the cheese was awful tasting, the meat had no taste and felt gross to bite into, I took one look at the spicy chicken nuggets and knew I'd hate them, they tasted like processed chicken in a fake breading of spices that don't bother even the most sensitive of eaters, the meal in all was just enough to make me feel like I am going to barf. I regret even falling asleep now, for had I not I could've prevented this horrific event from taking place.

Geez... How much thinner does the chicken in the chicken sandwich really need to be be? I used to LOVE their chicken sandwiches when I was a kid. They were hands-down the best around--very thick, juicy and succulent. Over the years, they have made them thinner and thinner. They are now basically just crumbs of batter held together with a thin layer of 'pretend' meat. It's pretty disgusting. Wendy's ignorance of quality has actually helped to give rise to Chick-fil-A as a viable competitor in the industry. Chick-fil-A used to only be in shopping malls; now they are everywhere. I've never thought there chicken sandwiches were as good as Wendy's used to be, but they are much better than the crap Wendy's is trying to sell now.

My dad ordered a burger there once, and some more for me and my mom. But when he opened the bag, however, there was some sort of egg salad in there instead. They only got my dad's order wrong-- I had gotten the cheeseburger kids meal I had wanted, and my mom got the chicken sandwich she wanted. My dad talked to the manager a few days later, and all they said was "Oh, it wasn't our employee's fault! Everyone makes mistakes! ". WELL, WENDY'S, AS SAD AS I WAS WHEN DAVE DIED, I THOUGHT YOU'D SEE SOME SORT OF REASON!

The food at Wendy's always have too much toppings n always is leaking grest from the grilling n the owner n crew members r always rude n don't care if you want 2 eat the worst wendy's in America go to the wendy's in york nebraska, the owner lonnie berger is always really rude n if you ask for your oder to be fresh or anything special be aware he will spit, put a lot of salt or even piss on the burger or sandwich and laught aboutique n if you ask for your money back you will get told 2 eat your order period, that is why I don't go the wendy's in york nebraska in usa

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16 Little Caesars

Your all wrong this is the best pizza ever

Little Caesars used to be my favorite, until I took a bite of Papa Johns Crust that looks and tastes better than Little Caesars Crap.

My friends dad owns 3 of these and hey are the best

Really?! I live little caesars!

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17 Tim Hortons

To save money they put a embarrassing amount of steak in a steak and cheese sandwich On the maple oatmeal I use to get the large you can stir it for a hour when you eat it the maple gone half way that has happened to much when you leave you feel ripped off the Tim Hortons in New Westminster is the worst on 6th street

Breakfast sandwiches are a no-go.

It is got to be #1 on a new list!

Are you kidding me? Timmys is so great!

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18 Blimpie

In fourth grade, on our two day long trip to Sacramento, we had this both times for lunch, I found it alright! Fifth grade (I'm in this grade now) outdoor education food was out of the galaxy good! None from other restaurants, all cooked there! Well, besides some of the desserts.

I think blimpie has a lot of calories I heard that it is not healthy than subway or quiznos veggietarin is 890 calories gross

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19 Steak 'n Shake

Good food, terrible service. Last time I went with I ended up waiting 30 minutes for our food! 30 minutes! And our waitress was pretty lazy. What else is bad I see their Cole slaw. Ever since they changed their recipe, it's never been as good.

One time I went there and I wanted cheese on burger but it was an extra 35cents! For cheese! I was so mad but it was good anyways. It just doesn't make sense that they would be doing this.

I don't know why this is on the list. It's my favourite burger place.

Steak and shake is good but the make you pay a stinkin tip to the waitres.

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20 Little Chef

All it is is fried rubber made to look like food. It's inedible and probably toxic; do NOT eat it!

Hey idiot, this is the restaurant's name, and why would we have to pay death penalty JUST FOR CALLING SOMEONE "little"?!

By far the worst of all time, their pasta made me have to pull the car over to be sick

Guys I think the one with a bunch of dislikes was just trolling lol

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