Top Ten Worst Fictional Canon Couples

Canon is when it is what the author actually wrote (as in not fan-made/what actually happened). So what is the worst couple you believe was made real?
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1 Sasuke & Sakura (Naruto)

No pairing is good when sakura is involved. Her personality is insufferable and she has no redeeming qualities about her. She will treat everyone around her horribly but everyone should be obssessed with her because she thinks she's all that. The only reason anyone can like her is her apparent good looks, Which I never got she seems pretty ugly to me, I heard the author tried hard to draw her beautiful so people would like her and she would become more relevant since she had no sustaining bond with any of her friends and teammates. At no point does Sasuke seem interested in her yet she is continuously pushing her confessions down his throat even be doesn't understand why she likes him. then he just gives up and throws her a bone then ditches his family immediately...

This honestly gave me so much anxiety. Sakura is, and will forever be, my least favorite character in all anime history. She is disposable, selfish, never cared about the fact that Naruto was waiting for her all this time and chase after someone just to give him more trouble. One of my most favorite moments in the whole series is when Naruto outright rejects Sakura in the end.

Sasuke never wanted to love anyone he just wanted peace of mind. Sakura could have had a great romance with Lee. She bought him flowers in the hospital and is always so happy with Lee but she acted crazy obsessed with Sasuke, I don't call that love. in offical interviews it was even called an addiction by the writer.
Can you compare 12 year old fangirl obssession to love? No.
To be in a relationship with someone the first step is to understand them be their friend. As quoted by Sakura she does not understand or know anything about sasuke. She just finds him cool and despite having parents and friends she would be a traitor for a boy she doesn't even know. Sasuke only sees sakura as a teammate, that happened because of her pure luck too. According to Karin she chased down sasuke to marry him. If the gender was reversed think about how much worse this couple would be to people. Now they are miserable after marriage.

This was always one sided and in a very awkward way. They never had anything in common. Even after Sasuke went rogue, Sakura was still irrationally infatuated with him. Sakura also never fully appreciated what a great guy Naruto was and all of the sacrifices he made on her behalf. (Not that I support NaruSaku, because I very much don't) I have so many problems with the fact that this became canon. It's almost like Sakura's weird stalking was finally rewarded.

2 Edward & Bella (Twilight series)

Why is Harry x Ginny on the list? Sure the romance between Harry and Ginny isn't really as well-developed as Ron and Hermione but still done well. I quite enjoy Harry and Ginny's romance in the sixth book. Ginny herself isn't so bad, she is nit really as brilliant as Hermione bug her character is still done well. Although I would like Harry x Ginny pairing more if Mrs. Rowling could be more devoted to develop Ginny's character and her relationship with Harry gradually prior to the sixth book (and to some extend the fifth book) because just like most people, I feel their relationship development is a
little rushed. Still, Harry x Ginny is a well-done pairing, in the spite of the imperfection.

Edward x Bella on the hand, is not really a good pairing. I can see a lot people hate Edward x Bella pairing, their relationship doesn't make sense and irritating. Bella is too dependant on Edward and Edward is too possessive over Bella.

How the hell is this only #9? For crap's sake, "Still a better love story than Twilight" is a common phase now! The worst romance ever, which sets a terrible standard for all readers, glorifies abuse and provides absolutely no real connection between the inanimate twits that pass for characters. No one should be voting for anything from Harry Potter or Avatar as being worse than Bella and Edward unless they've never read Twilight.

I can never take my friend seriously when she yacks about how "Bedward" is her One True Pairing. Twilight is a series about a love triangle between a girl, a hundred year old guy, and a dog.
(And, looking through the Wikipedia article, this shows many, many signs of abuse...
Perhaps this proves my theory that Twilight is just a series to show how blind girls are when they're in an abusive relationship! )

Edward is possessive and controlling
Bella is bland and dependant
They are just another overrated vampire and human mix
This couple is the stupidest out there.

3 Severus Snape & Lily Evans (Potter)

Use to love this ship but after re-reading the books I found it creepy. I mean, Lily was married and had a kid but Snape was still going for her. Also if Snape truly loved Lily he would not abuse Harry and see he has parts of Lily not just James. And their fans would always talk about how Lily and James were unbelievably but they tend to forget how Snape literally joined a cult of people who hated people like her on his own accord. It is a cliche plot where the popular, smart girl ends up with the unpopular, nerdy kid but instead she ended up with James the bully who changed.

"He loved her his entire, sad, lonely life! " Which isn't cute, sweet, or romantic-- it's creepy! And no they did not "truly care about each other", he was willing to let both James AND Harry die so she'd be "available" again and only "died protecting her son" out of sudden years too late remorse. Not to mention he made a "sad, lonely life" out of obsessing over her instead of may be doing something else with that life. So no, those who don't think this is such a cute, great, wonderful couple aren't "MONSTERS".

Nobody's a monster for not seeing a guy so obsessed over a girl he was willing to let her husband and baby die so he could theoretically have her, not to mention destroying property not his (the ripped family photo) and hating the now-teenage son simply because the son resembled the husband. Oh yeah, also nobody's a monster for not seeing the guy wanting to see his dead crush's eyes (by way of that being the one trait the son inherited) as he died as sweet, touching, redeeming of everything.

There relationship in a nutshell: I love you but not enough as to where I care about how you feel.

I have no doubt in my mind that snape loves lily(in his own way) but from joining the death eaters aka the wizard version of the kkk a group that hates Muggleborns like lily, hurting her sister, calling her a slur and not only being the cause of her death but was willing to sacrifice James and her son to Voldemort so that she would live.
Yeah their relationship ain't that good...
Again snape loves lily in an obsessive way but not enough to consider her feelings

4 Remus Lupin & Nymphadora Tonks

I kind of hoped that with the new book/play that this relationship would now have some valid reason for happening, that the kid everyone loves and defends so much actually had a significant purpose besides Harry claiming he'd be so much a better godfather than his own. Nope, had just as much purpose in "Cursed Child" as in the series proper I.e. none whatsoever. Tell me again why I should love this pairing and that baby.

Out of nowhere, no real point to it (no, there was no real reason for them to have a baby either since the offspring didn't DO anything and the "Harry's godson" factor wasn't played up that much), what had been an awesome strong female was reduced to a weepy schoolgirl with a sudden insatiable crush, and clearly the other half's heart wasn't in it.

How anyone convinced that this was anything resembling "true love"? And no, I am not going to even kind of "support" this pairing because of the child.

Pointless. It contributed nothing to the actual story and it just added drama to a character that didn't need it.

5 Spencer & Maeve (Criminal Minds)

If this had been fanfiction, the very people defending "Reid's one true love" would've criticized her mercilessly for being such a Mary Sue. Also it would've ended with a lavish wedding and her having a perfect baby girl if not twins or quadruplets rather than her being killed off, but that's neither here nor there.

What even was the purpose of this? Reid can ONLY find true love with a clone of himself? Can only find true love with someone he literally can't even see? What a waste of half a season, and I'd be saying that even if she survived!

They were way too alike and that whole "can't see each other must talk on payphones" thing was worse than anything a hormonal teenage girl may have written.

That whole thing was the kind of stuff a pubescent fangirl would've slapped up on, except instead of being dead she'd have given birth to seven kids by now.

6 Craig & Tweek (South Park)

No, no and no. Tweek and Craig were out of characters in Tweek x Craig. Also, Put it Down has seriously exaggerated their relationship, which make them cliche. Stan and Wendy never acted like that when they were together, and honestly, that wasn't that bad, because that would also be a cliche couple if they were like that.

Tweek x Craig: Forced couple.
Put it Down: Cliche couple.
South Park: The Fractured but Whole: Stereotypical couple! (Watched a video on youtube. And of course, Mackey became PC here.)

I really hate HOW Trey and Matt keep insisting on this couple. They still don't get it there is TOO-MANY-PEOPLES who hate this couple! They keep making this couple worse if they abuse it!

I just don't see any potential in this ship. It's just two boys forced to be together by these annoying draws. Plus, even if we have to collect them in the game, I even saw in a video Craig can be charmed by a raisin girl... So he is NOT gay!

I may ship Creek, and I may of been a bit offended when I saw this on the list. But to be honest, their relationship was very forced in the episode Tweek x Craig. It is VERY overrated in the South Park fandom.

7 Ash & Serena (Pokemon the Series x Y)

This ain't canon (thank the mighty magikarp above). Boreshippers may be screaming canon because they automatically assume that they confirmed Serena's crush on ash & because she's a main character with a sub "plot" (what plot? Her gushing & obsessing over ash every time her focusing on ash is brought up? Nothing with her feelings on ash really developed nor did it really seem to look like her feelings went past obsession/inflation /sorry,notsorry) with her feelings & because they want to bone this 10 yr old & because the previous director shipped their Mary Sue with the guy she wants means this will become canon.

They ignore that the director isn't the only one in charge of the anime (in fact I think he's gone now lol), Serena was only "a main character" for ONE season & never will she be again, she hasn't even been mentioned after her departure like 6 yrs ago while they teased ashxlana, other girls like macey, Annabel, & Angie had sub plots involving their crush on ash (& were ...more

According to boreshippers 'this is canon', & say this should b #1! Serena was manipulative towards ash & sexually assaulted him & ash mostly ignores her & doesn't care about her wants or needs and treats her like (used her as a coat hanger). Serena is as dependent on ash like Bella Swan is because now her other goal is to 'make ash happy' & can only muster any courage for herself is 'think what ash said! ' Serena also is extremely sue like like the Kalos queen goal she got all the ryhorn to her because they where attracted to her (YUCK). Also throughout the series she sucked at battling but then magically she was good when she battled ash. Her Pokemon evolve & get moves with little to no effort. & people now somehow believe Serena 'won' ash by sexually assaulting him when they barely talked or did things together with just them or had any deep special moments together. Worst 'canon' ever

Well, as canon as Ash anime can go. Though Serena is incredibly annoying, shallow and selfish, she goes to her travel just because she likes a guy she met years ago. I don't know why this pairing was so popular, it seems people was just tired of Ash being a virgin but they could had written a better love interest

Ash and Serena is not canon. Stop considering only the female's feelings. She may have kissed him, he was clearly uncomfortable and didn't kiss back and only went "bye bye friend! ". This couple sucks indeed, but it has nothing to do in a "worst fictional CANON couples", since it's not canon.

8 Ted & Robin (How I Met Your Mother)

This has to be one of the worst T.V. moments of the decade. For a show like How I Met Your Mother which was able to distinguish itself from other sitcoms so well it fells so uncharacteristical of it to do such a clichéd ending, let alone how it ignores all their character development (not just for them, but for Barney, which is honestley a tragedy) and how they've moved on from being lovers to be strong characters on their own. I feel the writers should have really waited to see how the series would develop before planning such an ending that may have worked in earlier season but after 9 seasons of change just doesn't work

Ted belongs to Tracy. Robin and Ted are just the back up to each other, also they dated and realized they aren't compatible, why the hell after years of being friends and not wanting each other they would marry? Just because Ted found her hot? For sure they will divorce soon

It's so sad that they ended together after they tried to descontruct the cliche stereotypes in this series. This T.V. show could be great but the finale messed everything

The show is HOW I MET your mother. A show about subverting tropes an they make Robin end with Ted? Come on...

9 Derek & Savannah (Criminal Minds)

"You don't have to worry since Derek left the show" Unfortunately this stupid pairing (which of course had to "conveniently" produce a BABY- am I seriously the only person who doesn't suddenly love and a support a pairing just because they produce "cute little" babies? ) is WHY Derek left show.

Every one of their scenes together reeked of a Tyler Perry movie or show. Not appropriate for "Criminal Minds" which is supposed to be about catching serial killers.

And no the baby didn't and will never make me love this pairing or that woman.

10 Ichigo & Orihime (Bleach)

I dunno, I just don't see the relationship properly developed at all. They have their moments, but it was always butchered by something else (mostly, by Ichigo who usually looks at something more important). Guess I'm not used to the Hero's significant other not being so significant after all.

U butthurt ichiruki fans are hilarious. Whining that your creepy disgusting necrophiliac & pedophillic paring didn't happen.

I don't care for ichihime (I like uryuhime & chadgo), but this paring is fine. It was obvious since chapter 3 that it would be canon, & ichigo doesn't treat her meanly like you ichiruki shippers like to delusion yourself to believe. Get over it, & next time don't ship questionable disgusting parings.

This couple is just like NaruHina at this point. Although, they had more memories than their Naruto counterparts. But some people didn't want this couple as canon. IchiRiku would have been canon if it wasn't for the ending. Way to go, Kubo. You and Kishimoto might as well be best friends for messed up y'all respective mangas with terrible endings.

Would've been fine if there was more build up from Ichigo's side but it came completely out of nowhere. Both sacrificed their dreams to settle down for no reason

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11 Harry & Ginny (Harry Potter Series)

I'm so glad people agree with me on this. Hinny is JKR's worst written ship. At least the concept for Remus/Tonks and Ron/Hermione had a basis (even though I wasn't a fan of how those ships were written either, mind you) but H/G literally came out of nowhere. Ginny is a Mary Sue. Too bad JKR didn't pursue Harry/Luna (they have a great connection that actually isn't superficial and they can bond over similar experiences and comfort each other), but to be honest maybe it's a good think since Rowling can't write romance well at all

Pretty much every major pairing in the Harry Potter franchise was done poorly. Ginny had a one sided crush on Harry for years and then somehow Harry just magically started liking her for seemingly no reason. If I was in the Harry Potter world, I'd accuse Ginny of using love potion to be honest.

They were cringeworthy to watch in the films. They weren't much better in the books either in my opinion. Ginny became a Mary Sue in between books 5 and 6 and before that she had no real personality besides being shy around Harry. Can't believe JKR had the hero of the story marry his fangirl.

Harry just randomly started liking her and fantasizing about her and they didn't really show how it would be a good relationship.

12 Mako & Korra (Legend of Korra S1)

Since LoK was supposed to be 1 season I'm counting this, and it was canon at one point so...

Anyways, they started out consistently fighting, not saying much to each other. Than SUDDENLY Mako goes ape over Korra when she was kidnapped when he was PERFECTLY calm when HIS ONLY BROTHER gets kidnapped. Afterwords they're all lovey-dovey.

The show sucked anyway. Other than poor character development and bad-written romance for more than half of the series,it ruined already cool characters(example:Mako)he looked so promising in the first season but he was an as ass in season 2&3 and a matchmaker in season 4. The only redeeming element of the show for me was the ending. Korrasami was much better-handled than that abusive Makorra.

I don't like kataang, but come on, this joke of a couple should at least be above it.

I think they were even worse in Season 2.

13 Tony DiNozzo & Ziva David (NCIS)

I actually liked this one. She was snarky and mean to him at times. He was snarky and mean to her at times. They had definite chemistry and there was a feeling that they cared for each other as co-workers and as friends (and as more). At certain points there was a lot of sexual tension too. Strong ship, good ship, Gibbs built it

I just don't like how it ended, especially how it was used to write Cote de Pablo and later Michael Weatherly out of the show.

I love this one

14 Ana & Christian (Fifty Shades of Grey)

It should be placed in 3th after Twilight just because it's a fanfiction based on it. Sometimes I even think that Bella and Edward is better because he is a vampire and Bella is a dumbass teenager, which is creepy but justify why they act so idiotic. But Anna and Christian are supposed to be adults and act really toxic towards each other. Also it's so unbelievable.

I hate this movie & I hate Ana & Christian as characters. She's so stupid & a huge desperate slut. She just let this guy use her for the majority of the show, then throws a huge fit & finally completely leaves him when he finally does what she wanted him to do! Dumb, whinny, & so boring! Christian is so delusional seeing something 'special' in her. She's just a desperate boring girl. And mr. Gary Stu is no better. He's rich & has girls drooling all over him! And besides he's into BDSM there is nothing interesting about him. He is bland and has no personality besides maybe hotheaded. He's 'mr. Mysterious' like that hasn't been done before. Awful movie, as bad as twilight bet the book is just as 'good'

I think this couple should be higher just because of the abuse! There is nothing sexy about this. The Dom on "Lost in Adaptation" perfectly stated why these two are horrible together and I agree %110. At least with Edward and Bella they were on common ground (sorta).

Well, this story was once a fanfiction of Twilight just written in a way more amateur style. This explain how bad this pairing is. The only difference is that Christian is not a vampire to back up his creepy behavior, and Anna is not a high school student, she is just stupid.

15 Inuyasha & Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Um, hello? Kagome and Inuyasha get TOGETHER and it actually makes sense! (Even if it takes way too long for them) kagome and inuyasha are one of the ships I actually approve on, so of course I'm going to vote no on this!

Kikyo, the woman responsible for sealing InuYasha to a tree, still stalks and wants to be with him... what kind of logic is that?

They did not trust each other at all.
And Kikyo wants to drag Inuyasha to the hell.
Great couple indeed.

It's just really twisted

16 Lily & James (Harry Potter)

It's almost as bad as Lily X Snape. It's not as bad only because James is not a racist terrorist but they are both very annoying people.

Lily Evans was a gold digger, generic popular girl that falls for the bully jock type, playing hard to get, faking she was not interested on James all this time. And probably they married because she was pregnant, considering that their wedding and Harry's birth happened when they were both..18, 19?

Not saying that it wasn't love or anything, but they aren't a so relatable couple. At least they werent evil people and fought on the right side.

I can't see a romance like this working realistically. A divorce would happen or they would be unhappy forever. James was a bully pampered rich guy and Lily was perfectionist and hypocrite popular girl. The pairing is better than Snape x Lily but it's still bad.

Lily felt in love with a guy that bullied her best friend for years. I know Snape was creepy and the end of their friendship was deserved but it says a lot about Lily's character. There's nothing likeable about this couple. Harry just idolized his parents, but they weren't perfect

17 Kazuma & Ayano (Kaze no Stigma)

Agh Ayano for the MAJORITY of the anime complains about him, whines, is useless, and just complains. Why would Kazuma want to be with her? Later on they just forced the idea that 'they r perfect 4 each other! 1! ' for no reason, when Kazuma showed little to no interest in her and Ayano was just a whinny brat around him.

18 Vegeta & Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

There really was no development with them. After they heard from Goku trunks was their child, bam! Not too long later, they are a couple without any explanation... Well, DBZ was always about the action anyways.

As with Goku and Chi Chi, it's a wonder they ever managed to conceive one child (Trunks) let alone two (Bra).

19 Starco (Star vs the Forces of Evil)

To be clear, they are not canon, Or if they are, I would hate it.

They will be canon. Get over it.

How is this even on here?

20 Wave & Kurome (Akame Ga Kill)

Another ship that is truly the worst, also.

Weak couple that shouldn't happened!

A couple of freaks.

Ugly couple ever!

21 Rainbow Dash & Soarin (My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic)

Who put this here? Thought Rainbow Dash and Soarin were friends. I'm guessing some fans hate this ship just because they want Rainbow Dash to be with Sonic, which is so wrong because Dash never met Sonic, let alone they're from different franchises and did not even appear in a crossover game or two together. At least Rainbow Dash and Soarin know each other and are from the same series.

This isn't exactly canon.

This isn't even canon.

This ain't canon

22 Knuckles & Rouge (Sonic)

Do we even have to bring up Sonic shippings? Wait, are they even fictional canon? You know what, I'm just gonna stop since this might lead to me sounding like a rabid Sonic fan who tries to look for what's canon and not canon.

They're just rivals and nothing more. Yet dumb fans think that Rouge's "crush" on Knuckles makes them automatically a married couple when they're not. She is just flirty and wants the Master Emerald.

Also, this pairing would make Knuckles much dumber than he was in Sonic Boom, and we don't need that. Knuckles isn't stupid.

Exactly! There are no "canon" couples in the Sonic universe.

23 Finn & Flame Princess (Adventure Time)

They where awful when they where dating and only got together at love at first sight. Lame. All Finn did is lust over her while he rarely cared about her feelings. Not surprising she broke up with him.

Yes, I dislike that couple. Their fans are bunch of idiots.

24 Tatsumi & Mine (Akame Ga Kill)

100 reasons why this couple shouldn't be canon at all in Akame Ga Kill.

Worst couple that is both forced and ended in 2018!

The worst ship in Akame Ga Kill.

25 Ace & Mira (Bakugan)

It's hard to see them as the other cutest couple ever all because of their constant fighting. This couple's worse than not only just Dan and Runo but Ash and Misty too.

Double date between Dan and Runo and Ace and Mira can be one of the most all time worst nightmares ever so far.

They not only just remind me a lot of Dan and Runo but they also remind me a lot of Ash and Misty too.

This other couple's also hard to like too all because they remind me a lot of Dan and Runo.

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