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1 Gaylord

Come on poor kid has to fight for his life in the schoolyard daily.

I want to kill the father who named their son like that. Poor kid. This name should not be allowed

Ha! Poor freakshow! Someones going to get bullied. He should change his name

Gaylord Focker

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2 Dick

Um... I was going to say something funny, but some people might get offended. Don't worry, I have a funny name too. - aeromaxx777

HA HA HA Such a funny name who would name their son penis its the same as dick - noontime123

Dont hurt yourself trying to think funny. - fireinside96

Wow... Just Wow.. Who would name there son Dick. I know some people like Moby Dick but it is a last name but who would name there sons first name Dick. Only if u look like a penis u can name him like that. Ok that was a joke not real.-...
But seriously what

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3 Satan

Satan... Ookayy...

Who named their kid satan anyway?

I would NEVER name my baby boy Satan.

Because satan is bad

Satan - Hitler's middle name.

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4 Abcde

-_-... Why the heck would you name your own son Abcde? I feel sorry for the boy... And now I feel like I want to Sing the alphabet...

I'm NOT JOKING! On the radio they said something about worst names and this guy called and said his friend was called ABCDE! By the way its pronounced A-Bes-i-ty. Sounds like obesity. Abcde is a bad name on SO many different levels

My little sister's classmate is Abcde. I had to ask him so many times because I confessed I wasn't hearing his name right, until I asked him to spell it out.

Ok... what can kind of lazy idiot would name their child this?!?

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5 Cannon

Be bad if you're last name was "Ball"... How would you feel?
I see nothing wrong with Ian or Colin though. - Guido

This is a joke. I think the parents were not ready to have a child and they wanted to blow him away through a cannon. - Slashhead

This is my name, childhood was miserable. But, I can ALWAYS get my name on any social network, or email, or website. I've always felt bad for people named John, it's like you say the name and 9 other people pop up. So lame.

I feel the same way about the name Alyssa as you do about the name John. My name is Alyssa, and from my experience at graduation Alyssa was by far the most common name. I wish I was named something less common. - anonygirl

This reminds me of that 70s detective show that stared William Conrad (think Jake and the Fat Man).

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6 Seaman

"Hey look, Tom Cruise has Seaman on his back! "

Seaman... Like the dog on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

I would hate to be named Seaman.

There's that one kid...who will call them seemen. - AnnieCallie

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7 Ian

I think that Ian is a hot name. I had a friend in my middle school named Ian and he was pretty cute. I don't think that Ian is a bad ugly name. Anyway when I have a son I am going to name it Ian.

Damn, he must of been the candles of a roasting fire in your opinion!

If I had a dog, I'd name it Ian, as a joke. Wolfgang is a beautiful name by comparison. Ian deserves to be at the top of this list. All those unfortunate Ians out there would at least be able to sleep at night knowing that they were at the top of a list for once. No offense intended

What are you talking about the meaning of the name Ian is "god is forgiving" not "it"! So Ian is a good name to have!

Ian Hecox? Smosh? No? Ah never mind

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8 Elmo

Elmo?! The parents of this child must be seriously deranged.

I think they were getting ready for the baby so much that they watched too many cartoons...

That poor kids life will be worth living and whenever kids see him the will sing the Elmo's world theme song, plus parents these days name kids the weirdest names because I go to church with a girl named Nut and I went to summer camp 2 years ago with a girl named sunshine and I know a boy named Maverick that I went to a different summer camp with and at that same camp there was girl named Propose there too.

If I ever have a kid this will be the name of that kid - toptendudes

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9 Angus

The Angus burger comes from some of the best beef in the world, developed in Scotland... Aongheas (Gaelic spelling) is a very common name there, hence the name of the breed. A very ancient and proud name in Scotland.

Well, if your baby is fat, this is the one for you

The only Angus I know is from that Disney Channel show Ant Farm and he was a chubby, lazy computer geek who liked to eat. He couldn't even do one sit-up! Plus, this name also sounds like a huge burger you'd get from a fast food restaurant

Or anus - AnnieCallie

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10 Ib

This is not a name! What a sad guy who would name his child this sounds like something you say when your bored. Seriously is anyone even called this!

That's a name? Wow. My mom is a daycare teacher and sometimes I volenteer there when I don't have school and I've heard some names like Wheeler and Hero It's so upsetting knowing these kids will live there entire lives with stupid names

Don't like it at all. Its too short and its sad how parents don't realize what they did. These kids deserve better proper names

Ugh Ib. What the heck were the parents thinking. I feel sorry for you Ib

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? Silas

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11 Adolf

This name should be number 2, right after Satan.

After the 2nd world war, no kid on earth ever got called Adolph anymore. If someone call his child like that, he shall not be surprised if people look at his son like he's the devil.

There's a guy on my bus nicknamed Hitler because he made constant Jew jokes. Just thought I'd share.

I feel like many people are voting because of one person with this name, but even putting him aside, I would still hate to be called this if I were a boy. - 3DG20

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12 Wolfgang

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the name of the famous composer

Sounds like a gangs of wolves and a baby of a person should be not named by this, your child will kill you - ronluna

When I was in school we were learning about him and that's exactly what I was thought

Sounds like a bad kids'cartoon

This is an awful name. I agree with the person who said it sounded like a gang of wolves. - RedTheGremlin

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13 Ashley

This is a girls name! HELO? Maybe that's Ash Ketchum's real name... - Pikachulover1

Thus is my friends name and he's a boy

This is traditionally a boy's name. It was a boy's name for decades and only since the 1970s has it been a popularized as a girl's name.

Bitch alert

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14 Osama

Oh no, it's Osama! Let's kill him again!

It was pure unlucky that Osama (bin laden) was born and terrorized... Although anyone else I am fine with the name "Osama"

Thisis the worst name anybody could ever name a kid


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15 Skyler

Skyler, I am the one who knocks!

Some people think anyone can be named skylar regardless of gender. A guy at my school is skylar and some people call him "sky high"

I have a friend named Skyler and I thought he was a girl cause of his long hair

I like Skyler for a girl, but not a boy

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16 Felix

What is wrong with this name? It's quite cool actually.

This is an unique and beautiful name many great celebrities have that name including my favourite YouTuber :).

What kind of low life would unlike this name since so many amazing (and fabulous) people wear it?!

Usually when people think of Felix, they think of PewDiePie or Felix The Cat.

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17 Zane

Just because that guy from 1D has this name doesn't mean it's an automatic bad name!

Best name ever, a-hole.

My father almost named me this! - gunsnroses

First birthday gift? A dunce cap.

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18 Shrek

You can't name your kid something like this and their siblings something normal like Jack or Billy

My brother is named Billy and he bullied me in middle school then he was bullied in high school. - DrBobLemon

Now paint the kid green! Laugh out loud for a Halloween costume

Yes there are people named Shrek. In my Grade 6 Camp, the manager was Shrek. And I thought he was Shrek the Ogre in disguise or something.

That names pretty ridiculous.

I tried to troll some baby naming site proclaiming my childs name was shrekalisa and how to stop her from being bullied. how the hell is this a real name?

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19 Guy

Who would name their kid guy it is just like saying hi I am a random guy and I don't have a name yay

My brother had a book, and there was a little black girl (no racism here) that was maybe 3 years old and was named "Guy." - username34

? What is this? Who names someone guy, were their parents all chill and then like, "Hey, guy! " Then is that his name?

Imagine calling your daughter guy

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20 Nick

Nick isn't such a bad name it's just so common that soon every boy will be named Nick and then when the teacher calls on Nick every boy will answer.

That's my cousins name!

It's so common, there are three or four Nicks in my classes, and the people in my classes are only a fourth of my grade.

What the heck is wrong with the name Nick? I like that name!

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21 Joe

But my name is Joseph

This is not really a real name. It's a nickname for Joseph. - EdRed

I think Joe is a great name! It is my brother's name

That is VERY close to my nickname, which is this except spelled J-O

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22 Braydon

I don't see anything wrong with this name. It's a lot better than other names on this list. I mean, who would wanna name their kid Satan?

It's a cute name ill name my son braydon

Looks like someone spelled Brandon wrong

I like this name

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23 Bart

Shiver me timbers matey!

This is the name of Impulse off of Young Justice and Bart is awesome!

Don't have a cow about this name man! - Tylerlangford1234

Bart Baker - AnnieCallie

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24 Dakota

Only Girls Are Named Dakota For Crying Out Loud! I Mean come on!

My name is Dakota and I think that it's pretty cool. I'm a girl though so I can't say that I've been bullied for being called Dakota. I just don't like the nickname Kota, unless we're talking about Brother Bear!

No I like that name for a guy okay and of you don't that's fine but that ne is grate

There was this weird boy in kindergarten with this name. He had a paper collection in his crayon box.

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25 Tucker

That's my name everyone likes it... O well

Probably because its easy to replace the T with an F

To me, any name ending with "er" sounds more like an occupation rather than a name. Tucker doesn't sounds pleasing no do "Carver", "Homer", "Skyler", or even "Tyler". The sole exception is Xander. - Turkeyasylum

Well, this name is not bad at all. But if you have watched Fullmetal Alchemist and saw Shoe Tucker, you'd probably know why this was added. - Kiteretsunu

Well, I get it, because it is easy to replace the T With and F and it's ******** - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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26 Gary

Gary is a nice name!

Gary and Ib? Really?

Gary isn't a bad name. It could be Bruce, or Toby, you know.

Gary the snail from Spongebob Squarepants - Ihateschool

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27 Cayden

What's wrong with Ryan. Good Irish strong handsome name

Their is a boy named Cayden in my class and he is crazy and showed his private in front of the whole class.

My brother has a friend named Cayden what is wrong with it nothing

I really like this name!

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28 Justin

Justin Bieber we all hate him!

I used to like this name until that idiot Justin Bieber came along

Justin Beiber is annoying

I hate this name because of Justin Bieber, And the Justin Time show...

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29 Nathaniel

It my youngest brother's name

Nathan is a good name, but NATHANIEL is a HORRIBLE name! Why would anyone screw up a good name and turn it into a piece of crap!?

Love this good solid name and it is my brother's name!

It's sounds kinda harsh - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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30 John

I really like this name. It's underused and it can be made into cool nicknames like Jack or Johnny. What kind of idiot put this here, it's a really dumb creature. - EdRed

John is a great name! Who the heck wrote this list?

I love that name some one in my school is could that and he is very cute I mean very cute

That's my name! At least it's only 592 - JohnFedorchak

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31 Wilburforce

Because will was just too mainstream

I have no words

May the wilburforce be with you

Who are we? We are the wilburforce.

I wilburforce you to believe it - SpectralOwl

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32 Jayden

That's my name. It's awesome - JaysTop10List

You suck this is an awesome name

That's my brothers name and my friends and cousins

Its sucks - don't argue

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33 Norbert

That's Hagrid's dragon's name in Harry Potter! Every time someone says, "Hi, I'm Norbert! " I think he's a dragon!

"When Norbit was just a little boy, he used to run around the place naked, always naked. Then, one day Norbit was running around and a poisonous snake leaped up and bite Norbit right on ass; very close to hole! And so I go and ckeck boy's pulse, he's still alive, he's still alive. So, I start to think, 'do I suck poison out of Norbit's ass? Or, do I let him die? I do the most responsible thing... I say 'HELL TO THE NO, NORBIT IS OUT OF HERE, IT IS MLONG TIME IN HELL BEFORE WONG SUCK POISON OUT OF ANOTHER MAN'S ASS" The End

It makes me think of sherbert...I don't know why...I hope everyone who reads this has a good day or has had a good day

But Hagrid’s dragon was named Norbert! - Hermione_Granger220

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34 Keith

It just rolls poorly off the tongue. Think about it. Keith. It sounds so terrible when you say it, doesn't it.

This kinda reminds me of Boingo from the movie Hoodwinked! Where he's like "Darn it Keith change your name! Seriously. It's not scary, and I'm embarrassed to say it."

I strongly agree with the person who commented on it rolling poorly off the tongue. I'd never really thought about it before, but wow, you could not be more dead-on

Definitely this one. The other ones are a joke, nobody really names their kids that. This name, on the other hand? Shockingly common for how awful it sounds

It is also my da's name... so ya. defiantly

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35 Jeremy

Jeremy is a fine name

Nothing wrong with this name

You a holes my dads name is jeremy

Cool name bruh

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36 Hitler

Seriously, parents are really deranged if they name their child this.

Even I hate that name and I'm German

Honestly it's like the parents want the poor kid's @$$ to get kicked!

Who would their kid over the worst leader in history? - anonygirl

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37 Milhous

This is the most funny sounding name, and yes it's real. Ever wondered what the "M" stands for in "Richard M. Nixon"

"Everything is looking up Milhous! "

Milhouse van Hauten (It's he dutch? ) - RobloxBFDIPoke223

Milhouse van hauten

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38 George
39 Hayley

Who in the world putted this here! This is a girl's name no boy name! What stupid idiots are out there I saw a girl's name on this list more than once. Hayley is a pretty girl's name whoever putted a girl's name on this list is gettin TORTURED! I MEAN IT!

I actually heard of Hayley being a guys name... In the third grade a girl name Hayley said that if she was a boy her name would still be Hayley but yah it still appears to be weird to me

Um, why are girl names on this list? This is a list of worst boy names, not worst girl names. So this and other girl names should be off the list. - AnimeDrawer

"Hayley is a girl's name." Yeah. And who was the star of The Sixth Sense? - 445956

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40 Eli

What's wrong with Eli. I have a friend named that. I think it's a good name

There's nothing wrong with the name Eli. It's a great name and it totally doesn't even go in the same category as the other names on this list.

I think that this name sould be taken off the list. I have a friend at school named Eli. He's cute maybe even hot and kids are friends with him. Whoever made this list did not do very good-my opinion

I know someone who named there son Eli Richard.


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41 Beau

I love this name because it has a really unique spelling and.. Of course, beau brooks

Hot name though like beau brooks man

Beau means beautiful in French, and this is a beautiful name


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42 Facebook

Anyone who decides to name their kid Facebook needs mental help.

Why, just why? The parents must be obsessed with social media, too much that they even named their kid Facebook. What's his sibling's names? Twitter? Instagram? Tumblr? - AnimeDrawer

Laugh out loud! Why would you name a kid after a website?! - Powerfulgirl10

If you want to name your son after Facebook then name him Mark. - DrBobLemon

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43 Kevin

Kevin isn't a bad game at all.

I have a church minster named kevin and he is a wonderful guy he is the kids minster and I love it when he preaches I think

Kevin is not a bad name it should be on the best names ever so I think it is great name

I take this really nice kid named Kevin to his bus!

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44 Ivan

That's my name... And I hate it!

What?! No! I plan on naming my kid Ivan!

Ivan is actual ya Russian traditional name!

What a stupid name

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45 Robert

I am called robert so the person who made this list can kiss my ass

That's my dad's name I like rob better

What kind of CREATURE put this here!? It needs to die! - EdRed

My name is Robert and my parents called me Bob.I agree this name sucks because the name Bob gets bullied in school.Personal experience. - DrBobLemon

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46 Marluxia

KInda sounds like a disease

Remind me of my sister: sounds disgusting

Job Interview
"Hi I am Marluxia Johnson and -"
"Wait,you are named Marluxia? "
"I will make a typo on your name tag to Max."
"Everyone makes a typo with my name..."
"Your not getting the job." - DrBobLemon

47 Zachary

That has to be the name of an ass

I know a zachary, and he is an a-hole

48 Bernard

There is a reason why I hate my parents - they called me Bernard. Everyone mocks me because of it and they make fun of me. They say that my name is the worst and I totally agree.

My "Friend" is Bernard. He's Strange so maybe that has something to do with his name.

This is a species of dog! Imagine if they are a vegetarian!

Bernard isn't so bad. Better than Little Sweetmeat. - EdRed

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49 Owen

That's my cousins name! It's a good name, at least I think it's a nice name and it suits him well.

My brothers name was gonna be changed to this lol but parents weren't aloud

Owen seems like a name for a nice guy. - EdRed

My brother is named this and he is a dumbass mentally I'll son of a bitch.

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50 Gaylon

Made up crap, you are pathetic if you name your son this

Whoever has this name must be fabulous

Sounds like a mix of Gay and Salon. - KianaLexi

My friends names is Daelon. Better.

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