Top Ten Worst Grass Type Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 Oddish Oddish V 1 Comment
2 Bellsprout
3 Sunkern

No doubt, THIS IS THE WORST GRASS TYPE EVER! It has the lowest base stat of 180! Plus, Evolving it isn't worth it. It just evolves into a dumb sunflower. At least Magikarp and Feedbas evolve into badasses.

4 Tangela

Get a haircut hippy!

5 Shroomish Shroomish V 1 Comment
6 Pansage

I can't stand that stupid monkey. - letdot52

That's why u choose tepig.

7 Cherubi
8 Hoppip
9 Cottonee
10 Foongus V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Snivy Snivy

I have this Pokémon celebrity named Saria, and she's a Snivy. People are treating her like a stupid Magikarp, and I'll bet you know what I mean.

12 Chesnaught Chesnaught

This a good pokemon what have you all gone senile

13 Snover
14 Sunflora

Dumb design and low stats
That's all I have to say
Just use your sun stone on something that's worth it

15 Tropius Tropius

Don't get me wrong I love tropius but it isn't exactly a great Pokemon competitively. It has good bulk and access to moves like roost, synthesis, giga drain, leech seed, toxic, substitute, protect, curse, and sunny day. But offensively it falls short. BUT it has a good ability offensively in chlorophyll and has many boosting moves like dragon dance, swords dance, curse, and growth. It also has good offensive moves in giga drain, leaf blade, leaf storm, air slash, hidden power, return, earthquake, and dragon pulse. It's alright but it's bad enough to go on this list.

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