Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants

With Season 6 less than a month away, let's pick the biggest Donkeys of the first 5. Whether they sucked at cooking, were unbelievably annoying, or just plain despicable, these are the "chefs" we loved to see Gordon Ramsay destroy the most.

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1 Raj - Season 8

Your kidding with this guy, right total mess from beginning to end period

An absolute joke. Clearly the worst in my opinion. I mean, I know that many contestants were likely just picked to provide entertainment and were not expected to have a chance, but even if I hadn't known that, Raj gives it away.

Almost Like when your parents tell you that Santa isn't real for the first time - princepretty

Has to be a plant from the producers... My African gray parrot would be more competent in the kitchen. If the contestants are truly vetted for ability then absolute morons would be weeded out easily. Obviously such is not the case.

He has to be a plant. There's no way anybody can genuinely be that horrible. His last dinner service was so entertaining it convinced me he was a setup.

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2 Elise - Season 9

Seriously, this is probably the most I have ever HATED a person on a show ever. Horse face embodies all the pet peeves I have about a person into one being and somehow doesn't look like a total monster as a result. Biggest mouth, no talent to back it up. It's obvious she was only kept around for the drama and, I know it wouldn't happen there, but I seriously just wish the rest of the people mobbed her, tied her down, and threw her out. I would seriously watch and just hope for some kind of accident to happen that would get her out of the competition. I wanted to pull her teeth out with pliers, I wanted to just do something that would get her out of the way. She is a sickening excuse for a human being, loosest terms there, and there is no way I would ever go to a place that would be willing to hire her. Restaurant or otherwise.

By far the contestant I've hated the most. Not a phrase I use lightly, but she was an obnoxious little girl the whole way through. There's been some annoying, pompous, disgusting people on the show - but this one outshines every other contestant in all those areas. She's not a team player, and that was obvious from the very start. A selfish, self-centered brat. It wasn't until she realized that she needed to work as a team to succeed that she even attempted to work as one - and didn't embrace the idea even then. Why Chef Ramsay didn't boot her for this reason alone I'll never know. But my biggest problem was the drama and the bullying. Always constantly targeting Kelly, most of the time out of the blue. Even if she perceived Kelly to be weaker than the rest and didn't like her personality - who gives a crap? Her behavior was inexcusable and disgusting. The banter might have been funny to watch, but it was unacceptable from someone who wants to be a professional in the industry. What ...more - jus

Big mouth, big head, big opinions. She didn't deserve to get into the top 5.
Laugh out loud, it was funny how she always argued with Kerry! If your mouth is half as big as Elise's, you could probably swallow all of Gorden's praise for this moron. She should totally be in the top three worst.

I hope she gets cancer. She is the only person who ruined a season.

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3 Lacey - Season 5

Lazy, whiny, and useless. - PikaRamsay

I like it when she goes.. "I'll show them that I'm just not another pretty face". That made me so angry. She is FAT AND UGLY. What mirror was she looking in the mourning? Hey Lacey, Your FAT, UGLY, LAZY, and a BITCH.

Started watching Hells Kitchen late and so far Lacey is the worst! How many times does she walk out of punishment or show up late to prep? "I quit! " Is one thing she should have done. Don't understand why she lasted as long as she did!

Shes also a crybaby

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4 Tom - Season 2

"You're sweating in the *beep* food! " - PikaRamsay

He kept saying he was like the veteran of cooking because he was the oldest etc, but he had FOUR career changes, FOUR! He thought it was easy just to come into a kitchen and say 'i'm experienced' just because he was the oldest. He couldn't cook at all. Age does not equal talent at cooking. There is NO correlation whatsoever and Tom proves it - Aquaturtle

Until he was sent home every night the blue team lost he was up there

He's a sexist fatass loud mouth who can't stop sweating. He's a disgusting old fart that doesn't deserve to be in any kitchen, even his own kitchen

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5 Gina - Season 11

I hate this lady so much. Gina is one of those things I despise about season 11. There are other contestants I hated from his season, but let me get to the point. Gina did make good scallops on first try, but later, it got worst. Her talking puppet really grinds my gears. It's as annoying as Sebastian's big mouth when men took an old school bus from Vegas back to Hell's Kitchen. She made a bad excuse to leave the competition. There were no obvious symptoms of her illness. Hell's Kitchen staff should never chose this lady ever. I don't want to hear from her ever.

Annoying and stupid! She even Quit herself off the show! Because she didn't like how disrespectful everybody on the show was. She talks like a goat! She is what made Season 11 bad! I was glad when she got off the show!

If Gina came to Hell's Kitchen to make friends (which is probably the reason why she came) she should've watched the other seasons before coming in

She reminds me of Lacey season 5. Immature whiny and lazy.

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6 Robyn - Season 10

Just watch her facial expressions.

Thank you person who put her on here she is a big loudmouth

She was the most annoying contestant hell's kitchen has ever seen! The stupid cow!

Her and Tiffany just complained that the other chefs were awful but could never deliver on their end. That’s a despicable trait and I wouldn’t want someone like that to cook meals for me and my family.

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7 Russell - Season 8

This guy has to be the biggest sore loser I have ever seen. He never owned up to anything, then when he lost the finale he blamed his team and said that he would stop any of them from getting a job in the same city he worked in. I personally think he was worse than Raj any day

Russel was and will always stay a good-for-nothing hateful bully. Always quick to blame and put down everyone else but never owning up to his own mistakes. Remember how many times he dissed Boris by pointing out Russia? I, for one, would never eat anywhere that thick lazy bully cooks.

I remember watching episode 5 In season 8 Russell was swearing at the prom committee students (three teenager students) when he was in pissed off mode during the punishment was the most outrageous piss off mode I have ever seen.

Trev was bad too, but he's not a douchebag like Russell.

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8 Jason - Season 4

His cooking skills were lackluster enough, but his attitude made him even worse-- he was whiny and irresponsible. But what makes him the all-time worst contestant was his overtly, disgustingly sexist remarks. Uggh. In the first episode he claimed that if he won, he would be having to turn away girls. Well, good luck finding anyone who'd want to go out with you now that you've revealed how horrible you are.

I think while going on and on about women he forgot that he was on television. What kind of person says those kinds of things? Every single episode he made (at least) one or two awful, sexist remarks. And I know that you can never take what you see on reality T.V. for what it appears to be, I KNOW he is a jackass.

Sexist pig
"women can make desserts"-yes they can also poison your food

This guy has no qualities to be top chef. He makes sexist jokes about female chefs. I don’t have much to say about him because his time in the show is short. He along Matt and Jen are worst participants of 4th season.

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9 Dan - Season 11

He most definitely sabotaged Mary in the finals. He just ruined all the steaks and then blew up at her to get kicked out. Probably the worst sabotage I have ever seen. Mary completely deserved to win that season, Ja'Nel shouldn't have made the finals. Jon was far better than her.

His attitude was terrible from the beginning he should've been one of theirs five people gone

Lousy winner. Quick temper. But also have a big heart to admit he is wrong and to ask forgive. Look at the last episode when he apologizing at Mary

Dan had a terrible attitude I couldn't even.

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10 Jen - Season 4

Jen is horrendous, when Ramsay gave poorly received her dish, she told him to read some books. Then in the fifth episode, she refused to help Christina leaving her close to cracking under the pressure when she struggled on souffles and in the SAME episode, successfully gets the women to change their votes from Rosann to Christina, all because Jen didn't want to help her. Then in the seventh episode, when Ramsay told her to not call out orders, Jen became angry and unresponsive through out the night with Ramsay calling her "undirectable". Then when she moved herself to The Blue Team and they lost the challenge, she bullied Louross for forgetting the veal. In the following episode, she bossed the others around, embarking an argument between herself and Bobby (of all people), then she dictated over the menu and took offense to being called sweetheart and in Episode 11, she possessed a bad attitude all through out the night, she was lucky that Bobby was much worse because ...more

She was a complete bitch... I done care if she knew how to cook, the fact that she asked Ramsey to give her a letter of recommendation on T.V. is like selling your soul in front of the world... No bloody self respect. Also, she tried to sabotage Patroza in the final because she really didn't care about it. A selfish self obsessed bitch who I would love to smack in the face any day.

She and Elise were the worst 2 in my opinion. They both had pretty high thoughts of themselves for no reason at all. I think they were kept around for the drama to make people tune in to the show. Problem is, everyone wanted to jump into the T.V. and smack them both!

She was the reason Louross went down. He was clearly shaken by Jen's repeated attempts at revenge for the one time he failed to place veal reluctantly on his plate. Jen was the one who stole his ingredient. It is amazing that she was never kicked out before contestants like Ben and Shayna. Louross should have been able to last longer than Matt and Bobby. Without Jen, Louross would have been able to exercise a greater opportunity to own the Los Angeles restaurant. Psychology is enough to beat someone down in this game...but it's not fair to bully another contestant when the favor was never returned.

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11 Louie - Season 6

He got ejected in the first service... Oh and he also served sausage gravy over biscuits... In an attempt to be the head chef of Araxi restaurant

Although he sucked, him getting fired in the middle of the first service was obviously scripted in order to make room for Robert. Besides, some contestants have made even worse mistakes than Louie, yet they didn't get kicked out.

Terrible chef with a terrible attitude. Even if he didn't get ejected in the first service, he'd still probably be one of the first ones to go.

Such an obviously scripted event, his ejection. He was clearly only in there so that they could keep Robert's comeback a surprise.

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12 Nicole - Season 12

Nicole is not only a useless Chef, but also very timid which makes her incompatible as a head chef, not to mention she was quiet the whole time. Also the flip off to Ramsey at the end is the most disrespectful act since Joseph in s6.

Plus she has no passion, no fight back, no leadership, abysmal cooking ability and even worse attitude when compared to the others. Also she looks like a witch so... yeah

People talk about Elise having the worst attitude of any chef in Hell's Kitchen history. Bull. Nicole may not have had Elise's mouth, but her attitude was worse AND she is one of the most disrespectful chefs to ever be on the show. Had Nicole last more than two episodes she would have proved less tolerable than even Elise. Zero respect, not really any good cooking ability, Nicole should be much, much higher on this list.

A three old would probably be more talented, mature and determined than Nicole is. There is pretty much no redeeming quality to her at all.

This woman doesn't have the qualities to be top chef. She has no passion at all. Her attitude is so intolerable. During 1st dinner service, she could not communicate with her teammates. She despised Chef Ramsay from the start. She has no respect towards anyone. She insulted Chef Ramsay, contestants and audience upon elimination. She didn't last long. I'm sure she's not welcome in other T.V. programmes like Top Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen. I'm sure Colicchio won't tolerate her behaviour. I don't want to be friends with this prick.

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13 Matt - Season 4

There are ten billion billion billion particles in the universe that we can observe, his mama took all the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. I mean with a face that looks like he is always on the verge of crying we thought that god would be kind enough to give him a good personality. And boy were we wrong.

So bad, he's almost hilarious!
"I've got a Migraine, Chef! " - PikaRamsay

He threatened to punch Christian, Made chef Ramsey puke and served a raw chicken to a kid
What does that tell you?

Wait there was a guy called Christian in Season 4? I know there was a Boston guy called Christian in Season 11 or did you misspell Christian for Christina?

One of the worst contestants of the season. His exotic tartare is something I will never taste. Everyone will agree it's nasty. One time he got hit by chicken by Chef Ramsay. He really deserved that. He put Ben under the bus multiple times. He demonstrated being crazy by hitting his head. That's childish. Did he really have a migraine? I believe he was faking it. If he did, he should have surroundered his jacket during service. There are a lot of contestants that I don't want to meet. Matt is one of them.

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14 Nedra - Season 11

Nedra was skilled, but a terrible personality. I can't stand the ghetto attitude.

She is an annoying bitch.

She was annoying but funny as hell at the same time. She made the show interesting but by no means was she able to win.

Almost like Elise season 9

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15 Tiffany - Season 10

Tiffany was so disrespectful to Sous Chef Andi after Back-talking to her. After awhile, Sous Chef Andi told Tiffany to leave.

Look up "White Trash" in the dictionary and you will see Tiffany! Calling Barbie the "C" word is so disgusting just goes to show what kind of person she is.

Lazy, dirty, fat, and blames others for the teams problems. I feel bad for Barbie having to deal with her good thing she was eliminated before her. I bet she works part time as a prostitute

I love when Barbie said the only thing she was passionate about was a cigarette

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16 Seth - Season 5

When a past contestant (like the Season 4 Christina in this case) openly reveals they wish a terrible contestant (like Seth) outstayed his welcome and should've been eliminated over someone else (being Charlie), that's when you know how badly they suck.

Forest Gump Jar-Jar Binks 0 cooking skills = this guy. - PikaRamsay

No restaurant experience saying he never worked in a restaurant before.

What was he thinking when he made his sweet ratatouille? If I were Chef Ramsay, I would kick out a contestant during signature dish challenge. I would do that every season for worst of worst dish or talking back to me. I won’t ask. I would have done it to him (Seth himself), Matt from season 4, Antonia, Mike from season 12 and JP. He could made the fastest elimination in history of Hell’s Kitchen.

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17 Joseph - Season 6

Apparently, he's not no bitch.

What.He made a big deal about who was the first nominee. I mean come on. He also showed very little respect with his teammates, the red team, nor chef Ramsey. Jerk!

When he won a challenge he said it wasn't what he came for. He can't even show respect for a victory.

The equivalent of a five year old. He cannot even speak properly and his behaviour is on par. However, this idiot has a more broad vocabulary than the average five year old (at least by a few words). Truly a sorry excuse for a human being. "I ain't no bitch".

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18 Gaurav - Season 12

He put his fingers in the risotto while cooking. That is a game breaking violation in the kitchen. Anyone who did those should regret it. I wish he wasn't chosen during pool selection priority to opening season. Whatever he did could have caused an epidemic. Customers, chef Ramsay and everyone else would have become sick. He said putting fingers into food for tasting is normal, that's not true. This kid should never been chosen to be in Hell's Kitchen.

I never noticed that he cleaned his finger with his tongue after checking the risotto with it. That is just disgusting on a whole new level. Even if he cleaned it with soap and water later, I doubt there was any real time to do so during service. His reaction to the situation in the confessional did make me laugh, though. But still, gross.

One does not simply stick his fingers into the risotto. Too bad it ain't finger lickin good.

He broke kitchen rule number one never eve ever put your hand(fingers) in the dish that why he got eliminaed 1st - princepretty

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19 Mike - Season 12

Just like Nicole from the same season, this guy was pretty much useless!

Absolutely pathetic. He served packaged tortellini and canned sauce for the signature dish, and also cursed at Gordon Ramsay (VERY RUDE). Also, during the team punishment, instead of helping clean up the kitchen, he was sitting around eating chips. Are you kidding me? I don't think he would even qualify for McDonald's.

HE COULD NOT COOK, served chef packaged food for a signature dish and cooked crap in the 3rd challenge. He was super lazy

Who would serve packaged pasta? Chef Ramsay prefers that they are made by scratch. If Mike makes it from scratch, he would be praised. The tomato sauce should be handmade as well. He doesn't accept his mistakes and punishments. He demonstrated no effort during dinner services and challenges. Not a team player. No respect for anyone.

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20 Colleen - Season 5

She was hands down the worst. She performed badly 5 dinner services in a row.

Service 1: Cooked spaghetti in a dirty pan, cooked too much spaghetti, and made a disgustingly sweet risotto.

Service 2: She failed to cook scallops and kept burning fish.

Service 3: Couldn't even say "Four caesar sala, three shrimp, one plain. " four times in a row.

Service 4: Brought up an extra wellington and couldn't figure out the meat station.

Service 5: Left the oven door open and didn't know the pastry she served was raw with a raw pear.

She had five dinner services, and all five of them were shocking.

She teaches cooking lessons for $300. The way she cooks however convinced Chef Ramsay and the TV audience that she's a Fraud and a Robber. - PikaRamsay

This lady can't cook. She claims to be a culinary instructor, but when she appears on television, there's the irony. She is oblivious to whatever she makes. I believe many students don't like her because she can't cook anything. Environment in culinary school and restaurant are different, so experience is different. No chef experience means no survival in the kitchen. She along with Lacey are the worst participants of 5th season. That's what defines her.

How can this donkey be so far down. Top Ten...yes she sucked!

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