Top 10 Worst Hell's Kitchen Contestants

With Season 6 less than a month away, let's pick the biggest Donkeys of the first 5. Whether they sucked at cooking, were unbelievably annoying, or just plain despicable, these are the "chefs" we loved to see Gordon Ramsay destroy the most.

The Top Ten

1 Raj - Season 8

Your kidding with this guy, right total mess from beginning to end period

An absolute joke. Clearly the worst in my opinion. I mean, I know that many contestants were likely just picked to provide entertainment and were not expected to have a chance, but even if I hadn't known that, Raj gives it away.

Almost Like when your parents tell you that Santa isn't real for the first time - princepretty

Has to be a plant from the producers... My African gray parrot would be more competent in the kitchen. If the contestants are truly vetted for ability then absolute morons would be weeded out easily. Obviously such is not the case.

How someone can be SO incompetent I will never know but they should do a season where all the worst contestants compete to become the best of the absolute worst!

2 Elise - Season 9

Seriously, this is probably the most I have ever HATED a person on a show ever. Horse face embodies all the pet peeves I have about a person into one being and somehow doesn't look like a total monster as a result. Biggest mouth, no talent to back it up. It's obvious she was only kept around for the drama and, I know it wouldn't happen there, but I seriously just wish the rest of the people mobbed her, tied her down, and threw her out. I would seriously watch and just hope for some kind of accident to happen that would get her out of the competition. I wanted to pull her teeth out with pliers, I wanted to just do something that would get her out of the way. She is a sickening excuse for a human being, loosest terms there, and there is no way I would ever go to a place that would be willing to hire her. Restaurant or otherwise.

By far the contestant I've hated the most. Not a phrase I use lightly, but she was an obnoxious little girl the whole way through. There's been some annoying, pompous, disgusting people on the show - but this one outshines every other contestant in all those areas. She's not a team player, and that was obvious from the very start. A selfish, self-centered brat. It wasn't until she realized that she needed to work as a team to succeed that she even attempted to work as one - and didn't embrace the idea even then. Why Chef Ramsay didn't boot her for this reason alone I'll never know. But my biggest problem was the drama and the bullying. Always constantly targeting Kelly, most of the time out of the blue. Even if she perceived Kelly to be weaker than the rest and didn't like her personality - who gives a crap? Her behavior was inexcusable and disgusting. The banter might have been funny to watch, but it was unacceptable from someone who wants to be a professional in the industry. What ...more - jus

Big mouth, big head, big opinions. She didn't deserve to get into the top 5.
Laugh out loud, it was funny how she always argued with Kerry! If your mouth is half as big as Elise's, you could probably swallow all of Gorden's praise for this moron. She should totally be in the top three worst.

Not a team player, she'd sabotage a souschef just to get ahead. From the first episode I wanted to just twist her fat head off. Being competitive is one thing but being a backstabbing bitch throughout is beyond me.

3 Lacey - Season 5

I like it when she goes.. "I'll show them that I'm just not another pretty face". That made me so angry. She is FAT AND UGLY. What mirror was she looking in the mourning? Hey Lacey, Your FAT, UGLY, LAZY, and a BITCH.

Lazy, whiny, and useless. - PikaRamsay

Started watching Hells Kitchen late and so far Lacey is the worst! How many times does she walk out of punishment or show up late to prep? "I quit! " Is one thing she should have done. Don't understand why she lasted as long as she did!

Lacey's just another pretty face that can't cook. I'm pissed off at the fact that she lasted 8 episodes as a moron, the joke,s on her she can't cook meat. LAZY LACEY!

4 Tom - Season 2

"You're sweating in the *beep* food! " - PikaRamsay

He kept saying he was like the veteran of cooking because he was the oldest etc, but he had FOUR career changes, FOUR! He thought it was easy just to come into a kitchen and say 'i'm experienced' just because he was the oldest. He couldn't cook at all. Age does not equal talent at cooking. There is NO correlation whatsoever and Tom proves it - Aquaturtle

Tom took on the challenge at a late point in his life. He had a big heart but he was a crap cook. Sweating in his food, Burnt duck and not turning his stove on.

Until he was sent home every night the blue team lost he was up there

5 Jason - Season 4

His cooking skills were lackluster enough, but his attitude made him even worse-- he was whiny and irresponsible. But what makes him the all-time worst contestant was his overtly, disgustingly sexist remarks. Uggh. In the first episode he claimed that if he won, he would be having to turn away girls. Well, good luck finding anyone who'd want to go out with you now that you've revealed how horrible you are.

I think while going on and on about women he forgot that he was on television. What kind of person says those kinds of things? Every single episode he made (at least) one or two awful, sexist remarks. And I know that you can never take what you see on reality T.V. for what it appears to be, I KNOW he is a jackass.

If I'm perfectly honest, I didn't mind so much, because his repeated failures were hilarious. Especially the stuff with the sticking souffles. - OrbusXV

Sexist pig
"women can make desserts"-yes they can also poison your food

6 Jen - Season 4

Jen is horrendous, when Ramsay gave poorly received her dish, she told him to read some books. Then in the fifth episode, she refused to help Christina leaving her close to cracking under the pressure when she struggled on souffles and in the SAME episode, successfully gets the women to change their votes from Rosann to Christina, all because Jen didn't want to help her. Then in the seventh episode, when Ramsay told her to not call out orders, Jen became angry and unresponsive through out the night with Ramsay calling her "undirectable". Then when she moved herself to The Blue Team and they lost the challenge, she bullied Louross for forgetting the veal. In the following episode, she bossed the others around, embarking an argument between herself and Bobby (of all people), then she dictated over the menu and took offense to being called sweetheart and in Episode 11, she possessed a bad attitude all through out the night, she was lucky that Bobby was much worse because ...more

She was a complete bitch... I done care if she knew how to cook, the fact that she asked Ramsey to give her a letter of recommendation on T.V. is like selling your soul in front of the world... No bloody self respect. Also, she tried to sabotage Patroza in the final because she really didn't care about it. A selfish self obsessed bitch who I would love to smack in the face any day.

She and Elise were the worst 2 in my opinion. They both had pretty high thoughts of themselves for no reason at all. I think they were kept around for the drama to make people tune in to the show. Problem is, everyone wanted to jump into the T.V. and smack them both!

Far worse than Elise on both season they were on, at least Elise can back it up, at least Elise didn't try to argue with Ramsay and most importantly... at least Elise actually tried to help the finalist she was backing win and pretty much carried it she even said in season 9 "I thought that it was gonna be hard for me to come back and help somebody else win, but I'm not bitter like I wanna see the dude win." In all stars she didn't screw up once on the finale for Michelle, someone she didn't even like, yeah she had an attitude but she set that aside and said she's not gonna screw up on purpose. Literally go watch both season 4 and season 9 finale and you'll see why Jen is far worse than Elise could be.

7 Russell - Season 8

This guy has to be the biggest sore loser I have ever seen. He never owned up to anything, then when he lost the finale he blamed his team and said that he would stop any of them from getting a job in the same city he worked in. I personally think he was worse than Raj any day

Russel was and will always stay a good-for-nothing hateful bully. Always quick to blame and put down everyone else but never owning up to his own mistakes. Remember how many times he dissed Boris by pointing out Russia? I, for one, would never eat anywhere that thick lazy bully cooks.

I remember watching episode 5 In season 8 Russell was swearing at the prom committee students (three teenager students) when he was in pissed off mode during the punishment was the most outrageous piss off mode I have ever seen.

Russell, is a horrible person. Sneaky, slimy, and smug! What else can I say?

8 Nicole - Season 12

She has to be the WORST Hell's Kitchen contestant. Why?
- She was way too quiet and never communicated
- She constantly got into fights and disrespected her teammates
- She was so useless that she couldn't even keep her eyeliner straight
- She didn't lead at all or fight back
- No passion. At least Raj had passion and believed in himself (albeit, in a bad way). Even Lacey showed strokes of genuine effort.
- Terrible cooking. At least Elise could cook.

Nicole is not only a useless Chef, but also very timid which makes her incompatible as a head chef, not to mention she was quiet the whole time. Also the flip off to Ramsey at the end is the most disrespectful act since Joseph in s6.

Plus she has no passion, no fight back, no leadership, abysmal cooking ability and even worse attitude when compared to the others. Also she looks like a witch so... yeah

Should be higher than Raj and Elise. Of course, Elise had the mouth but she can at least cook. Raj may have been a donkey, but the passion was there.

People talk about Elise having the worst attitude of any chef in Hell's Kitchen history. Bull. Nicole may not have had Elise's mouth, but her attitude was worse AND she is one of the most disrespectful chefs to ever be on the show. Had Nicole last more than two episodes she would have proved less tolerable than even Elise. Zero respect, not really any good cooking ability, Nicole should be much, much higher on this list.

9 Gina - Season 11

I hate this lady so much. Gina is one of those things I despise about season 11. There are other contestants I hated from his season, but let me get to the point. Gina did make good scallops on first try, but later, it got worst. Her talking puppet really grinds my gears. It's as annoying as Sebastian's big mouth when men took an old school bus from Vegas back to Hell's Kitchen. She made a bad excuse to leave the competition. There were no obvious symptoms of her illness. Hell's Kitchen staff should never chose this lady ever. I don't want to hear from her ever.

Annoying and stupid! She even Quit herself off the show! Because she didn't like how disrespectful everybody on the show was. She talks like a goat! She is what made Season 11 bad! I was glad when she got off the show!

If Gina came to Hell's Kitchen to make friends (which is probably the reason why she came) she should've watched the other seasons before coming in

She did not even know what she was doing and who brings there pupet into hells kitchen?

10 Robyn - Season 10

Just watch her facial expressions.

Thank you person who put her on here she is a big loudmouth

She was the most annoying contestant hell's kitchen has ever seen! The stupid cow!

Agreed - she made weird faces when she talked, and she had a lousy attitude. She annoyed me, and I wish she hadn't lasted as long as she did, but I'm ultimately juts glad she didn't win.

The Contenders

11 Louie - Season 6

Look! At! This! Look... Look! LOOK! what IS THIS?! Mah boi was only there for like ten minutes anyways - Hkforever

He got ejected in the first service... Oh and he also served sausage gravy over biscuits... In an attempt to be the head chef of Araxi restaurant

Terrible chef with a terrible attitude. Even if he didn't get ejected in the first service, he'd still probably be one of the first ones to go.

Although he sucked, him getting fired in the middle of the first service was obviously scripted in order to make room for Robert. Besides, some contestants have made even worse mistakes than Louie, yet they didn't get kicked out.

12 Joseph - Season 6

Apparently, he's not no bitch.

What.He made a big deal about who was the first nominee. I mean come on. He also showed very little respect with his teammates, the red team, nor chef Ramsey. Jerk!

When he won a challenge he said it wasn't what he came for. He can't even show respect for a victory.

WHY IS THIS GUY HIGHER THAN TIFFANY?! At least Joseph could cook and was passionate - Hkforever

13 Seth - Season 5

Forest Gump Jar-Jar Binks 0 cooking skills = this guy. - PikaRamsay

When a past contestant (like the Season 4 Christina in this case) openly reveals they wish a terrible contestant (like Seth) outstayed his welcome and should've been eliminated over someone else (being Charlie), that's when you know how badly they suck.

No restaurant experience saying he never worked in a restaurant before.

This guy was dumb but knows more about chef ramsay than chef ramsay knows about himself

14 Dan - Season 11

This guy's ego is the size of a planet! He was SO unlikable he was nominated even when he had a perfect service. That says something.

He most definitely sabotaged Mary in the finals. He just ruined all the steaks and then blew up at her to get kicked out. Probably the worst sabotage I have ever seen. Mary completely deserved to win that season, Ja'Nel shouldn't have made the finals. Jon was far better than her.

His attitude was terrible from the beginning he should've been one of theirs five people gone

Lousy winner. Quick temper. But also have a big heart to admit he is wrong and to ask forgive. Look at the last episode when he apologizing at Mary

15 Sabrina - Season 8

Sabrina is stupid as well. In team challenges, she would lose her point but would blame the last person up if they lost their point. She couldn't grasp that the team challenges are about total team points, not which order. every time she lost a point she should be blaming herself.
Beyond that, she reminds me of my old roommate who was massively selfish and blamed everyone for everything that was her fault or "just an accident." She would lift a finger to save a live, but I don't think she would raise 2 fingers to save a life.

Pure evil.. She took too much pride in being a manipulative liar who is "straight from the hood".

I am gob-smacked she is not in the Top Three.

Selfish lying piece of crap. And the way she threw Nona under the bus in the first episode.

16 Matt - Season 4

There are ten billion billion billion particles in the universe that we can observe, his mama took all the ugly ones and put them into one nerd. I mean with a face that looks like he is always on the verge of crying we thought that god would be kind enough to give him a good personality. And boy were we wrong.

From the awful attitude, to the painfully ugly face, to his irritating whiny voice and non-existent cooking skills, this guy is easily the worst contestant in the history of this show. At least someone like Raj is actually entertaining to some degree; Matt is just a great example of the untalented, unstable kind of lowlife they recruited for Season 4. It's a shame he wasn't thrown out over his signature dish.

So bad, he's almost hilarious!
"I've got a Migraine, Chef! " - PikaRamsay

There once was a boy called Matt, who's kitchen skills fell flat. He was far from neat, missrible on meat so I kicked him out and that's that.

17 Mike - Season 12

Absolutely pathetic. He served packaged tortellini and canned sauce for the signature dish, and also cursed at Gordon Ramsay (VERY RUDE). Also, during the team punishment, instead of helping clean up the kitchen, he was sitting around eating chips. Are you kidding me? I don't think he would even qualify for McDonald's.

Just like Nicole from the same season, this guy was pretty much useless!

HE COULD NOT COOK, served chef packaged food for a signature dish and cooked crap in the 3rd challenge. He was super lazy

How did his dish even get selected in the team's top 5 during the 3rd challenge?

18 Nedra - Season 11

Nedra was skilled, but a terrible personality. I can't stand the ghetto attitude.

She was annoying but funny as hell at the same time. She made the show interesting but by no means was she able to win.

She is an annoying bitch.

She was completely annoying to listen to and to even look at so there is at least 2 senses she is offensive to, couldn't even understand her half the time with her ghetto accent!

19 Colleen - Season 5

She was hands down the worst. She performed badly 5 dinner services in a row.

Service 1: Cooked spaghetti in a dirty pan, cooked too much spaghetti, and made a disgustingly sweet risotto.

Service 2: She failed to cook scallops and kept burning fish.

Service 3: Couldn't even say "Four caesar sala, three shrimp, one plain. " four times in a row.

Service 4: Brought up an extra wellington and couldn't figure out the meat station.

Service 5: Left the oven door open and didn't know the pastry she served was raw with a raw pear.

She had five dinner services, and all five of them were shocking.

She teaches cooking lessons for $300. The way she cooks however convinced Chef Ramsay and the TV audience that she's a Fraud and a Robber. - PikaRamsay

This lady can't cook. She claims to be a culinary instructor, but when she appears on television, there's the irony. She is oblivious to whatever she makes. I believe many students don't like her because she can't cook anything. Environment in culinary school and restaurant are different, so experience is different. No chef experience means no survival in the kitchen. She along with Lacey are the worst participants of 5th season. That's what defines her.

She still has her cooking school and a year after Hell's Kitchen she was on a show judging steaks? How can you if you couldn't cook one and she chose her winner due to grill marks instead of taste. She and raj should be together.

20 Tiffany - Season 10

Look up "White Trash" in the dictionary and you will see Tiffany! Calling Barbie the "C" word is so disgusting just goes to show what kind of person she is.

Tiffany was so disrespectful to Sous Chef Andi after Back-talking to her. After awhile, Sous Chef Andi told Tiffany to leave.

Lazy, dirty, fat, and blames others for the teams problems. I feel bad for Barbie having to deal with her good thing she was eliminated before her. I bet she works part time as a prostitute

Should be way higher than Robyn. At least Robyn was much more passionate and honest.

21 Scott - Season 7

Scott was one of the most cockiest chefs I have ever seen. Blood Sausuage and Prunes? Really?!

Scott is like a person telling you they actually saw an alien and having no evidence to back it up

He talked about how he was the best chef in the whole of hell's kitchen, joke's on him he didn't even make top 10 - Aquaturtle

He talks out of his ego so much Ramsay eliminated him mid-plea

22 Benjamin - Season 7

Self-righteous jerk! He spoke down to everyone when he wasn't all that. 'Rice is poor food'. Smacks of privilege. Better when he came back in series 17, hopefully watching how he came across humbled him.

This 'man' was so obnoxious! I also have a theory with Ben. Towards the end, he knew he was getting worse and worried that he wouldn't get in to the final 2, as he saw Hollie emerging. So he faked his back injury so that he had an excuse to leave as opposed to facing the embarrassment of being eliminated. After all, he had a huge ego and couldn't stand to hear someone else say that he wasn't the best. We see him bend down effortlessly and run around during service with no problem. He went to take himself out of the competition but thought that Ramsey would put him through after talking to him, so stayed. You can't hand over a kitchen to someone who would lie so that may have also helped his elimination as I'm sure it wouldn't have escaped Ramsey's attention that his back problem disappeared. For this reason I feel that he is one of the most manipulative candidates but just concealed it better. He's not as good as he thinks he is.

The best part was him getting an absolute earful by Sous-Chef Scott in E12 after he was trying to run the pass when Ramsey was away. Aside from that, like Scott, he was another big mouth with a big ego. It is surprising, that he is not at least in the top 25 of this list. Was hoping Siobhan would punch him after he ignored her dish in the sandwich challenge which cost them the win.

Definitely got better in All Stars, once again in Final 3 with legitimate chance to win it! What a turnaround for him.

23 Brendan - Season 9

He didn't do fine on his first service either. He burnt the potatoes without realising it.
Him, Chino and Monterray all should've went home before Steven.

He sucks badly. He takes a piece of fish out of the trash, serves it to Ramsay, and then when he asks Brendan about if it was the same piece of fish, he LIES about it and ends up being one of the first to leave Hell's Kitchen Season 9. What a moron. Even Brendan said himself that he was blowing smoke up Ramsay's ass.

Chef Ramsay should've fired his ass in the middle of service after that stunt.

During reward field trip, he just rambles about random stuff about himself. He keeps talking and talking until the rest of the team gets annoyed. We don’t need to know your life story Brendan. Will goes like “blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah”. If I’m in situation like this, I would put my head down. He didn’t last long.

24 Jackie - Season 15

Beauty from Jersey? Really? More like trash from Jersey. Jackie cannot cook like a professional chef to save her life. She's rude, obnoxious, doesn't care about the customer (watch episode 4 with the chicken), quick to blame everyone else, and acts like a 12 year old boy in a professional work environment. She should've been the first out, but she'll be kept around for the drama.

She should be in the top 10. She doesn't have the experience (having only 3 months of experience is not something to be proud of, Jackie), she's not the least bit professional, she's incredibly lacking in talent, and personalitywise, she's nothing but a straight-up bully. She's undeniable proof that the show favors ratings over actual talent. It disgusts me to no end.

People like her are the reason why New Jersey folks are stereotyped as stupid, vulgar, vindictive little snakes that like poisoning others.

I hate her so much. First she put a bad word on the list; it resulted in Christina giving her earful moment. One time she dumped used cigarettes on Kristin. I believe the whole show is staged which is why Jackie stayed longer than expected.

25 Frank - Season 15

He's sexiest, horrible and who cares if you're a marine. I respect the marines. How is he a marine? Aren't marines meant to be really team originated? Just cause Amanda was the first female on the blue team it seems like he's had it out for her since then.

He didn't even seem sincere in his apology video! Mainly because he probably wasn't and got ordered to do that or else he'd be sacked.

He had a cushy job I respect all jobs in the marine corps. But I do not respect him or anyone who thought that what he said is correct in what he has said. Both me and my boyfriend love the show and he wanted me to rewind to hear the comment.

He is now in the marine enlisted aide program. Which means that he has gone from cooking for the commandant to cooking for basically paid army interns. He's an idiot, bully, no pallet and creativity. How he made it so far in the competition baffles me in my honest opinion.

I hate this guy so much. Misogynist, talentless bully who is all talk and no skill. The way he treated Amanda last episode was disgusting. He is a Marine? Really?! What an embarrassment for the Corps.

Horrible palate, not creative and is a giant coward for making other people take his food up so he doesn't have to be responsible for it.

He was disgraceful as a teammate, extremely overly sensitive, and a sexist ignoramus!

I respect his service for our country - but that is all I respect about him.

He is extremely obnoxious, and in the last episode, cooked an additional dish and didn't let Manda present her dish during the challenge. He is an embarrassment to the Marines and US Marine Corps. Compete for Head Chef at the Marine Corps cafeteria, not for Gordon Ramsay's restaurant.

26 Paulie - Season 16

Insufferable in every way. He's a brownnoser towards Ramsay, he consistently performs poorly in services, and is arrogant and delusional to the point where he refuses to own up to his mistakes. Also, he can dish it, but he can't take it. Every time one of his teammates says they're going to nominate him or if they try to call him out on his mistakes, he acts like a whiny baby and throws a fit. He has no business being in a black jacket, let alone outlasting Devin and Wendy.

I honestly never really saw him as a front runner, especially not after that last service. Also, his talent isn't matching his arrogance.

He was clearly bipolar. It's a shame Hell's Kitchen has an eye for troubled, unstable people. Better chefs get shafted from a great opportunity.

Why does he think he is so good? He makes so many mistakes and acts like he does the best service each time and CANNOT live up to any mistake. THE WORST It's SO ANNOYING TO WATCH. He has to have some type of personality disorder because I can't believe how delusional he is.

27 Sara - Season 2

Others have sabotaged teammates in other seasons, but none seemed to get as much enjoyment from it as Sara. I can only imagine how many jobs she's been passed over on since this aired. Who would want that in their kitchen?

I was so eager to see her cut! Though there have been incompetent and annoying contestants, her heartlessness towards her teammates made her the person I most disliked.

She is by far my least favorite contestant out of any season. She was not a team player, extremely egotistical, untrustworthy, and seemed to enjoy seeing other people suffer. Sure, she had a bit of talent for cooking, but not anymore than her fellow teammates who she sabotaged. Absolutely disgusting. Her voice and the way she talked was also very irritating. And she got the most facetime on camera for some reason.

Wow way to be proud to be a backstabbing liar.

28 Jeff - Season 1

Gordon Ramsay: Are you gonna run?
Jeff: No. I'm gonna stay and finish up service.
Gordon Ramsay: Oh really. Why?
Jeff: Because I'm not a quitter.
A few seconds later, he walks out. He was useless anyway.

Jeff nowadays is a car salesman and he refuses to talk about Hell's Kitchen in anyway shape or form. Grumpy schmuck!

Was an absolute disaster in the entire time he was in HK not to mention rumors he was trying to pick a fight with Ramsey (outside) in which he apparently injured himself - so indeed he had a terrible attitude and should be much higher than 76th. He was probably the worst of the first season.

This guy quit Hell's Kitchen in the middle of dinner service.

... And was the very first chef in Hell's Kitchen history to do so. (unless you count Dewberry's attempt)

29 Genaro - Season 16

He was useless. End of story. - ndog

Got charged twice after the show.

No passion

30 Gaurav - Season 12

He put his fingers in the risotto while cooking. That is a game breaking violation in the kitchen. Anyone who did those should regret it. I wish he wasn't chosen during pool selection priority to opening season. Whatever he did could have caused an epidemic. Customers, chef Ramsay and everyone else would have become sick. He said putting fingers into food for tasting is normal, that's not true. This kid should never been chosen to be in Hell's Kitchen.

I never noticed that he cleaned his finger with his tongue after checking the risotto with it. That is just disgusting on a whole new level. Even if he cleaned it with soap and water later, I doubt there was any real time to do so during service. His reaction to the situation in the confessional did make me laugh, though. But still, gross.

One does not simply stick his fingers into the risotto. Too bad it ain't finger lickin good.

When he stuck his finger in the sauce to taste it, I was completely disgusted! He's a complete disaster. A health-hazard waiting to happen.

31 Kimmie - Season 10

My main problem with Kimmie is how she couldn't own up to her won mistakes. She tried to make Dana take the blame for putting the fish and meat on the same tray in episode 5. She also took a tipsy Tiffany's word that Dana, Christine, and Danielle were talking bad about her when it was Royce. Anyone could have seen that Tiffany was tipsy and would have gotten facts mixed up.

This woman has issues. She can barely cook, called out wrong times to screw up her team, and her first reaction to ANY conflict is to talk about how much she wants to beat them up. No wonder she didn't win. Che Ramsay foresaw the workplace lawsuits stemming from her violent attitude. And if she wasnt angry and wanting to punch people, she was crying and whining.

She cried when her team lost the "Think-On-Your-Feet Craps Challenge." I don't think she was a good sport, and the way she blamed Dana for her burned Brussels Sprouts.

She was an emotionally unstable violent wreck. The only reason she isn't in the top 10 worst is because she can at least cook. Did not seem like a nice person.

32 Sherkenna - Season 15

Got eliminated because she didn't know how to cook an arctic char. It's a real shame, because I feel she had some potential. This just goes to show you that you need to master everything if you want to compete in HK, because if you don't, you could very well end up being in charge of the one thing you don't know how to do, and that'll get you sent home.

Should be much lower. Mark, Vanessa and Kevin should all be higher than her on this list.

She should have stayed longer.

Why is she so high on this list? All she did was fail to cook arctic chars. It’s not like she was anywhere near as bad as some of the other contestants up on this list.

33 Jeremy - Season 11

The only thing he could do right was helping his team in the 2nd challenge by giving them a boost to help them get over the tall walls. That's it.

The sample plate had been made hours ago, and Jeremy served it. YUCK!

He served a sample plate and got eliminated even though he was on the winning team. laugh out loud

At least Raj was so bad, that he was hilarious. Jeremy was just painful to watch.

34 Matt - Season 16

I'm so glad that smarmy, arrogant little pissant is gone! I cheered when Chef finally booted his ghetto ass out! Matt did nothing but talk smack, even about Chef Ramsay, saying Chef doesn't know what he's talking about. Ugh. No respect.

One of the most hot headed chefs ever has a sook when things get to tough blames everybody else and bitter as when he was eliminated!

I feel that the men in this season were appalling, only Devin being a reasonable guy. Matt's attitude stunk to begin with, but I feel he improved slightly and definitely wasn't as bad as Andrew, Paulie or Johnny. Doesn't mean he was perfect because he was far from it, but certain one of the better men of the series - Aquaturtle

My favorite moment of this guy was when his jacket was hung and photo was burned

35 Melinda - Season 6

Remember when Chef Ramsay found a whole bunch of pasta thrown away in the bin? Melinda was the one who put all that pasta in the bin.

Not all of it. Lovely was with Melinda on that station, and Lovely overcooked some of the pasta, so therefore, she threw some pasta away as well. It was not entirely Melinda's fault.

She took most of the blame for wasting capellini noodles. Also her signature dish was subpar because she lied about the lobster tail. Her elimination quote is hilarious. She her back to space. There are couple of contestants that are worse than her like Louie and Joseph.

I'm surprised she is ranked higher than this (should be easily in the top 25) with the silly pasta fiasco... not to mention her strange facial expressions (a.K. A deer in the headlights look as Sabrina says) and doing a lobster tail dish without the lobster tail

She sucked so much she was speechless

36 Michael - Season 14

Probably made one of the worst and dangerous acts by trying to hid a sizzling/steaming pan under the counter (certainly more dangerous than Giovanni putting the sizzling pan in a freezer in season 5). The seniors center he is chef must be very worried after seeing this act.

As he left, he said that Nick and Adam were liabilities. THAT'S NOT TRUE!

It's pretty bad when he was eliminated in episode 3, but still overstayed his welcome. He had no business being there, almost as clueless as Chrissa. I wonder how he even made it through the audition process, like it's not hard to see he was a complete mongrel.

Should've been out before Cameron.

37 Scotley - Season 18

A mediocre chef with a terrible attitude.
He may not have given the worst performance that night but he was bringing the team down with his repulsive personality.

This tall untalented sheep has attitude and needs to go home NOW

Stupid, mediocre and retarded chef. Such a bully towards Mia and Trev. YOUR MAKING SNACKS!

He's very rude and annoying towards trev

38 Aziza - Season 16

While she never really stood out during her stay, she really wasn't THAT bad.

39 Dannie - Season 15

She's a downright manipulative bully. She didn't want to listen to Hassan even after she'd seen what good he'd done for the red team. All because she let her pride and ego overtake her. She wanted to be independent, and to do that, she ignored her team. Her lack of communication screwed her whole team over. And then she manipulated her team to send up the two best chefs for elimination! Chef Ramsay made a huge mistake by not kicking her out. Can't wait to see what happens next; Hopefully she leaves soon.

She is a straight-up sore loser. It's one thing to be frustrated, but walking out like that, especially on the final service where the winner is determined is a huge no-no.

At first, she was likable. Her attitude towards Hassan completely ruined that likability. She got a little bit back when she switched teams. In the end, she seemed like someone you could root for... then came the finale.
She completely tried to sabotage Ariel in the finale. I personally think that season 15 had the worst chefs, and Dannie was a big reason why.

You wouldn't start kissing Hassan's ass if he was sweating into your lobster when he should have worn a bandana or something. - RAWdonRamsay

Dannie should have been eliminated in episode 7 instead of Hassan. Chef Ramsey should have put Hassan back to the blue team.

40 Gia - Season 16

She said she shouldn't go home because she wasn't up. Hello have never watch this show Gia

She faked a cut

Ruined the show by letting her stay will never be able to watch again so insane

Don't worry. She's gone now. Thank god she didn't last long at all. Now let's hope they get rid of Matt ASAP - HanSolo69

I fear that Gia might be the new Elise.

41 Shaina - Season 16

"Get the Chicken! "

45 minutes later: Overcooked

42 Josh - Season 3

The first contestant to be fired before dinner service was even finished! - PikaRamsay

Zero good services and yet ended up in the Final Five's black jacket team before getting an even worse service by wasting numerous risottos and binning nearly as much spaghetti as Melinda and Lovely (season 6)

This guy did NOT deserve to get a black jacket!

He should have waited for the order, not cook too early. Then he served under risotto, that costed him his place in competition.

43 Craig - Season 4

This guy sucks. He was the sole catalyst for TWO challenge losses for the men's team with six out of eight of his cut chicken portions being deemed unacceptable and constantly stalling on the pasta. He is also not a team player as he is usually in a bad-tempered mood and doesn't communicate with his team during dinner service and gets pissed off when he finally gives a time. One terrible chef with an abysmal attitude.

Rudely replied to Chef Ramsay & his team mates when they were asking him for a time on spaghetti in his final service he was there.

Started off bad with his stupid chef's hat in the signature dish and than was downhill from there. Only Jason might have been worst than Craig in that season as far as cooking and as for attitude, well was part of the long list of that season's chef with bad attitude (Jenn, Matt, Rosann, etc. )

"I don't know percentages."

44 Jen - Season 3

Gah! Hated Jen for being mean to Bonnie and she got very arrogant towards the end. Very strange for someone who takes food out of the trash. Also, did someone say she was 26? That's a lie, right?

Too far down. She took food FROM THE BIN! Who knows what raw, dangerous and dirty food she took that off of? UGH! Also, she started fine but then became so horrid to Bonnie, really patronising. She was annoying to watch and listen to, she'd definitely in my top ten most hated. And, I agree there is no way she was 26. I call bull.

Why is she on here?!

Just rewatched this season and I never noticed how awful she became before.

45 Johnny - Season 16

Looks like we now have the male Elise. He had no right to talk to Kimberly that way and I'm so glad she fired back at him.

He is a bully. He runs his mouth but his performance is pathetic. He enjoys ripping on people and making ladies cry. Shameful this is the kind of cooks they put on the show.

I have no respect for him whatsoever. He's an insufferable bully looking to win through intimidation instead of actual skill. I don't see how any can still root for this douchebag after the display he's put on.

"Chef Ramsay's not looking for a jerk to win this competition.
It doesn't matter how funny or how rude you can be.
It's pretty much putting your cooking skills where your mouth is, and unfortunately, we saw Johnny's cooking skills were not up to par." - Kimberly

46 Aaron - Season 3

He seemed like a really nice guy, but I'm sorry to say his performance on the show was very poor.

But Aaron was awesome D:

Although Gordon tried to be more patient with him, it didn't stop the crying cowboy from taking 15 bloody minutes to "debone" a fish in front of a costumer. - PikaRamsay

Good Lord you bombarded with dislikes (though I do understand your issue with Aaron filleting the fish. )

Aaron was just a pathetic mess in hells kitchen.. Not trying to speak ill of the dead, but I he was completely incompetent, had poor quality control, and his crying routine was just disgraceful! I was truly surprised Chief and everyone babied him so much. No way he should have lasted as long as he did.

47 Monique - Season 14

It only took 10 minutes to realize that she is going to be the villain of this season (at least on the red team)

Lasted for 4 services, and a nasty attitude. Bottom line is that she is a crap cook. - ndog

Her attitude is unmatched. She looks like she has deleterious hygiene, for someone who is so keen to criticize (not to mention the abstinence of logic in this regard). All in all she is one irritating brat.

Monique reminds me of Dan from season 11. Both were hated by everyone on their team, could barely cook, and had horrible attitudes.

48 Steve - Season 13

He'd make a great couple with Season 15's Jackie! Both revolting slobs who look like 20 years older than what they are and have this mentality that if everything doesn't go exactly as they wanted, you can always threaten with physical violence.

Sabotaging is a no-no Steve! You suck!

Obnoxious ass.

Should have been sent home on Episode 6 instead of Katie

49 Chrissa - Season 14

She was completely lost. I have to admit. She was more useless than Raj.

In the signature dish challenge, dinner service, deliberations and elimination, she was out of her depth, and It made the red team laugh.

She was WAY out of her depth.

Is quite possibly one of the most useless contestants the show has ever had.

She seems like a nice person, but she can't cook

50 Zach - Season 11

Really annoyed me how HK's producers made sure to shove him down your throat as much as possible.
Zach's a manipulative 2 faced snake who had the audacity to sabotage Ray(on Military night) & Nedra.
Makes you think of how he acts off screen, when an entire Red team 2nd thinks jumping to Blue assuming Zach wasn't gonna be around by then.
Which reminds me! Michael & Anthony were both wrongfully eliminated, and overall better chefs than Zach.
Gordon must've thought to himself:
How can we make this season worse on top of already establishing HK's most toxic Blue team in years, with the silliest challenge losing streak? I got it! Let's keep Zach around after cluster so bad, but eliminate better chefs over 2 mistakes.

There once was a chef named Zach,
for words he didn't lack,
But in the kitchen he was no magician,
And he won't be coming back.

Just an arrogant narcissistic bastard who constantly liked to refer to himself from the third person and was incapable of admitting his mistakes

Completely full of himself, should have been kicked out after being caught trying to sabotage another chef.

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