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201 Michael - Season 11

Sure Dan was annoying, but to wanna beat him up and ruin your chance at winning the competition? That is a huge no-no.

202 Sade - Season 13

She may not be a bad chef, but her nasty attitude is just sickening!

Incredibly cocky. Believed that she was some gift from heaven.

She should be on the list bad reason

203 Amanda - Season 9

She seemed as if she would've been one of the season's top contenders but had a horrific performance in night three and seemingly gave up during dinner service which resulted in her elimination

I think it's because Carrie impressed Ramsay with her plea and therefore saved herself and Amanda didn't put up a plea that was as convincing as Carrie's so she failed to live on any longer through out the season

204 Shayna - Season 4

Not treated fairly I think, especially compared to Matt and Jen. Aside from one undercooked wellington, she didn't do major mistakes. Whether or not she should have been go as far as the black jackets that is up for debate, but Matt should have been eliminated instead of Shayna and Roseann and Jen should have also been kicked out before Shayna because they faired worst.

Got eliminated because she was a little too slow.

205 Coi - Season 5

Some fans think Ramsay made the wrong decision to send Coi home, I disagree completely because Coi made a ton of rookie mistakes and failed to cook shrimp, pancakes, spaghetti and burgers properly which are NOT difficult food to cook

She's pretty much the opposite of Jen, nice person, but can't cook

206 Salvatore - Season 7

Salvatore may be a bad chef, but you have to admit, he was one of the funniest contestants on the show.

He's a funny guy, but he just can't cook

207 Ed - Season 7

Shouldn't be on here

208 Bobby - Season 4

Why is bobby on here? He should have a spot on best contestants, not worst. Whoever put bobby on here, I have one question. What the hell are you thinking?

Shouldn't be on here

In reply to the person who said why Bobby is on the list. I suspect it is because of his terrible start and terrible finish. He almost got eliminated in the first episode for his leadership skills as he was given the captain's position on the blue team.

209 Jim - Season 6

In Episode 6, he couldn't even properly cook a risotto, so Sous Chef Scott had to take over. Also, he seemed to not care at all. He was pretty funny though at times.

Calm down and let's cook some carrots - Steam

Shouldn't be on here.

210 Christine - Season 14

Like Sarah, good on challenges but a total mess during service.

She is the golden adopted child of Season 14

Should've finished 15th place instead of Mieka

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211 Brendan - Season 14

Sounds like a clone of Kalen from last season but should've finished 10th place instead of 13th place

212 Adam - Season 14

Plastic on scallops? He was lucky that it happen on the same service which Michael left the burning pan, otherwise Adam would have been toast. The performance in the Finals could have been the reason T didn't won (although we could have said the same about Randy)

213 T - Season 14

Why T is on this list? Had made few mistakes during service aside from the overcooked snapper and that gigantic flame she caused on the fish during the High School dinner service. Does it has something to do with E14 (where we also see another gigantic flame on a station during service?

Her making it to the finals over Michelle and Milly was a joke! She does not deserve to be in the final 2. Michelle and Milly are better than her!

Don't believe that T, TEA, TEE, MR T, MS T Whatever deserved to make it to the Black Jackets to be honest.

Constantly finishing last in tests a pallet like a wooden one. Michelle came in like 10'000 meter runner and knocked the last 8 weeks out the park.

Think Ramsey is still very cautious about 20young year olds

Failing that Millie from Philly surely - elfman73

214 Alison - Season 14
215 Vanessa - Season 4

She was consistently subpar on the line (aside from a few good moments in the competition), was incredibly emotional and left the competition due to her burn and didn't have the confidence to push onwards with the burn

216 Randy - Season 14

At the start, I thought he was one of the top contenders on the Blue Team but seems that starting around Episode 7 or 8, there was big letdown/meltdown almost as severe as the one Sarah particularly after the Cook for Life Challenge that he barely won.

217 Natalie - Season 9

Like Ed (Season 7), Vinny (Season 8), and Randy (Season 14), started out as the one to beat, but then she fell apart and only got worse as the season progressed up until she was eliminated.

218 Michelle - Season 14

Why the hell is michelle on this list? She kicked ass on the show as a 22 year old with less experience. Come on what are you thinking? - ndog

219 Mary - Season 11

Shouldn't be here

She needed to keep her tongue in her goddamned mouth. If I walked back into a kitchen and saw that fat squeaky mess with her tongue out like a dog over my food is call the health department. She looked retarded and no matter how many times Ramsay said to she kept the tongue out. She isn't a pug.

Didn't seem to know how to close her mouth, it was always hanging open. I just wanted to reach a finger through the screen and shut it for her.

Can't stand her would've stopped watching if she had won! Used to hit mute when she spoke. Useless Whiney curly haired freak

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220 Gina - Season 9

Should've been eliminated before Steven and Brendan

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