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81 Danielle - Season 11

Favourite part was when she tried to appeal to everyone on both teams about working brigade, which last I checked was the most common way to do high end dining kitchens. The look on her face when literally every chef in the room said of course they had been on a brigade is priceless. Her constant whining made me pine for her dismissal.

"I've never worked in a brigade before! "

This person is an executive chef and has never worked in brigade before. How on earth did she ever become an executive chef if she has never worked in a brigade? That's where executive chefs are made.

Should be higher.She was arrogant,talentless,stupid and so on.She was an executive che but had never work with a brigade of chefs.That's like being a mayor with no citizens

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82 Monterray - Season 9

He was an ass! It was great to see Sous Chef Scott own him!

He's like Rock without everything that made Rock great

Attempted to be Rock but failed

83 Melissa - Season 8

Should be ranked higher than this. She might be the worst of season 8 after of course Raj. Did raw pizza (in which Boris mocked Ramsey), wasted a lot of garnishes, unable to make a proper sushi roll (with Gail), cooked dover soles like Gandhi's flip-flops, cooking filets mignons during the apps stage and wasted an entire stack of scallops

Let's just say that she wasted lots and lots of food during her time in Hell's Kitchen.

Wasted 23 fillets & 3 pounds of scallops

She is the raj for women. She had horrendous perfomances, especially her last two services in which she wasted 23 filet mignon and a 3 pounds scallops. I would rather eliminate her in episode 4 or 5

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84 Aaron - Season 13

"I found it quite strange that Aaron didn't have the will to succeed. He clearly didn't belong in Hell's Kitchen." - Gordon Ramsay

More like "Aaron knew he was out of his depth in Hell's Kitchen. I just put him out of his misery."

How come he wasn't eliminated on Episode 7 instead of Ashley. Aaron was way worst than Ashley (Aaron was nominated on Episode 1) and was far less interested in HK than Ashley. Ashley was treated much more unfairly compared to Aaron by Chef just because it was the Italian Consulate that got served undercooked calamari by Ashley.

Should've been eliminated in episode 1 along with JP. His signature dish and service performance sucked just as much as JP's.

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85 Frank - Season 13

Not performing to the caliber of an executive chef. The fact it showed the clip at the closing of the season of Ramsey asking Frank what happened in the final service pretty much shows that Frank was the main reason why Ramsey chose La Tasha as winner instead of Bryant

He's a nice guy, but he's definitely not the best chef by any stretch of the imagination.

In terms of personality, he's WAY better than Frank from season 15.

Sabotaged Bryant like Clemenza and Royce sabotaged Justin,Dan sabotaged Mary

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86 Roe - Season 13

She is the worst chef of season 13, big mistakes, didn't deserve to receive a black jacket, nominated 5 times. There were better chefs to receive a black jackets (Fernando or Sterling). This woman just can't cook properly and was only there to put drame

Like Andy from season 6, just too many mistakes and inconsistencies.

Is Roe a man and how did she get not get kicked off before Santos

Gets frazzled in many services

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87 Aziza - Season 16

While she never really stood out during her stay, she really wasn't THAT bad.

88 Fernando - Season 13

He shouldn't be this high. He was a bad chef in his first few and last few services, but was great in the middle.

He should be lower than this, but he was a crap chef on his last service.

Fernando wasn't even that bad. Why is he on here?

89 Virginia - Season 2

She made so many bad mistakes and when her ravioli split, she said she would serve it in her restaurant. She was nominated for elimination the most in that season. I don't know how she made it to the final two...

Her being in the final must have been a ploy for ratings by the producers because she's very attractive

I GOT SO IRRITATED WATCHING THIS SEASON BECAUSE OF HER! She didn't deserve to sail through the competition she literally bad at everything except salads. She barely knew how to complete sentences without sounding like a total dumbass. He favored her because she was beautiful and that's all. So many other people deserved her spot but of course nomatter how many times she went up there he let it slide and it really made me disappointed in Gordon because he was about to give this girl a RESTURANT! WHICH SHE WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO RUN BECAUSE SHES BAD

I was so annoyed when she made it to the final over Keith, yeah Keith was annoyed because Chef Ramsay thought she was more capable of running a restaurant than Keith!
Then she picks weak people in the final (funny how she thinks Keith is weak when he's not) which gave Heather an easy advantage.
Moral: in that position, pick the good chefs, the chefs you trust not to sabotage you, and the chefs you know can deliver, not the chefs that can make you look good if you win - Aquaturtle

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90 DeMarco - Season 12

Nominated every night he was there

Nominated for elimination FIVE times in a row. That's a new record.

Demented, Demoted, Denied-He just wasn't there when his teammates needed him

He was a disaster right from the start.

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91 Don - Season 10

He did absolutely nothing on the first night

Why did Ramsay not accept his nominee off The Blue Team?!

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92 Christina - Season 4

Whoever put her in this list must be a fan of Jen and/or Matt

She does not belong on this list.

Definitely doesn't belong on this list!

Ramsay was biased towards he like Virginia

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93 Ben - Season 5

Yes, he should be on this list. He constantly panicked during service and made costly mistakes, then blamed others for his own shortcomings. Then he has the nerve to talk up what a great chef he was afterward and how he was never the one that deserved to go home. I don't mind an egomaniac if they can deliver in the kitchen, but this guy proved constantly he was a fraud and nowhere near what he was talking himself up as. Ramsay doesn't realize what credibility he loses when people like this guy make it that deep into the competition.

Shouldn't be on here

But in the end I do acknowledge that he is clumsy, has a big ego and like Andrea he just wasn't quite good enough to make it in to the final four

Oh yeah, the best one been serving the chocolate brownies at the pass before the appetizers got even cooked.

You gotta be kidding me...Ben? he is good and I like him,he shouldn't be on the list

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94 Siobhan - Season 7

I feel pretty sorry for her being pushed around by benjamin. - ndog

That would be Stacey your talking about

Worst chef in season 7 in my opinion.

95 Clemenza - Season 10

Shouldn't be on here

He definitely sabotages Justin in the finals. Christina was definitely deserving, but Justin also was. The strongest season of the show so far... In fact, 8, 9, and 10 are the strongest, followed by 5.

The main reason why Justin lost along side with Royce

Does any one else think he kinda looks like a Snorlax?
HAHA JK That's just mean, but HE'S STILL A BAD CHEF!

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96 Barret - Season 11

This guy served raw chicken to Sous Chef James' 7-month pregnant wife. He should've been eliminated instead of Dan.

This guy outstayed his welcome.

He is quite possibly the most dangerous Hell's Kitchen contestant of all time.

Let me repraised that.He should have been eliminated with Dan

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97 Amanda - Season 6

In addition to sliced bread and tequila as signature dish, the put salmon in the freezer, said that 3 3's is 3, 3 times 3 is 6 and 12 3's is 9. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila... four

98 Jennifer - Season 13

Terrible attitude, mean, a frustrated and unprofessional amateur. One of the worst contestants to get the black jacket...

She's overly abrasive, refuses to trust anybody, and she's always acting hostile towards Roe.

Worst attitude ever to be in hell's kitchen

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99 Melanie - Season 12

Shouldn't be on here.

Why is she on here?!

She deserved to be in the finale more than Scott

Far more arrogant than her talent warranted. Snotty, back-talking, and self-centered.

100 Nona - Season 8

What?! Why is she on here?

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