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101 Royce - Season 10

Considering he works with Ralph, the runner-up of season 1, you'd think Royce would follow in his footsteps and be one of the top contenders of season 10. Nope. Instead, he's arrogant, egotistical, and doesn't have the skills to back it all up.

Delusional, narcissistic. Talentless to boot, that man could burn water and then whinge that "it was the best dish ever! "

ROLLS ROYCE is a BIT like Russell. But not completely

I really don't like Royce, he's very arrogant weird and stupid.

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102 Giacomo - Season 2

He made so many mistakes during his short stay in Hell's Kitchen. Also, he's a pizza maker yet he didn't know how to turn on an oven? Smh

"Before you can even attempt to run a restaurant, the first thing you've gotta do is make sure you know how to cook. Giacomo? He was lost beyond belief." - Chef Ramsay

"I'm sorry chef I didn't mean to lie". Really? That was the stupidest thing I heard from him. I mean like I don't know what to say, all that is, is that it's plain crap coming out of someone's mouth!

"Dude, you don't have the ' gas on - STUPID! " From Chef Scott. What a donkey.

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103 Craig - Season 4

This guy sucks. He was the sole catalyst for TWO challenge losses for the men's team with six out of eight of his cut chicken portions being deemed unacceptable and constantly stalling on the pasta. He is also not a team player as he is usually in a bad-tempered mood and doesn't communicate with his team during dinner service and gets pissed off when he finally gives a time. One terrible chef with an abysmal attitude.

Rudely replied to Chef Ramsay & his team mates when they were asking him for a time on spaghetti in his final service he was there.

Started off bad with his stupid chef's hat in the signature dish and than was downhill from there. Only Jason might have been worst than Craig in that season as far as cooking and as for attitude, well was part of the long list of that season's chef with bad attitude (Jenn, Matt, Rosann, etc. )

100% annoying oh wait I just remembered Craig doesn't know percentages. LOL! - spodermanfan1000

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104 Tony - Season 6

Half man, half donkey...

A rather annoying contestant. I feel like he was trying way too hard to be funny.

Tony tried to be funny, but it was cooking that was the joke.

Chef Ramsay: What did I say Tony?
Tony: Capellini, one scallop, one uh, blossom squash bottom squash

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105 Ralph - Season 12

He screws up but never admits his mistake

Needs to own up to his mistakes, but far from being the worst of the season, let alone the show.

He's like the Season 4 Ben minus the bullying

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106 Stacey - Season 7

One of the absolute WORST contestants to enter Hell's Kitchen. In an interview with her, she said she signed up for fun. She didn't care about the food, she went just for fun. Also her performance in her only dinner service in Hell's Kitchen was horrible. I was glad she was the first kicked out.

"It's a good thing Stacey's a private chef, her food wasn't good enough for the public." - Gordon Ramsay

And to think Ramsay thought Jim had no passion

She had a bizarre attitude when saying "I'm not sure how long it's gonna take

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107 Scott - Season 12

I believe he was added on this list before he made a comeback. As of now, he no longer belongs on this list.

I honestly believe it's because of that one service where he got in to two arguments with Ramsay!

He got nominated seven times, that's the most amount of nominations for a winner

Scott should not have won season 12! Jason should have won!

Longest record of nominations

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108 Chris - Season 12

My condolences to all the pizzas he cremated.

To be fair Scott was on his station as well

109 Gabriel - Season 12

Made it as far in the competition as he did because of pure luck and Gordon's pity. It's not hard to see that the guy was completely clueless about everything going on in the kitchen.

Most inconsistent chef in Hell's Kitchen

He was sent home during service

This guy just can't cook at all!

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110 Corey - Season 4

Corey may be able to cook but she's a horrible person and that kind of evil seeps into the food.

Admittedly it was funny when she nominated Christina for strategic reasons & Jen for personal reasons & their amusing as hell pleas. But yeah that was a douchebag move & was slightly manipulative.

She had a bad attitude.

This really should be higher. Just how the camera kept cutting to the guys being complete ugggh during nominations and her laughing at their passion. Now everyone can see how she acted its got to be detrimental for her now.

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111 Roshni - Season 10

She deserved way more time she faught to stay she was just abandoned

Good chef, too bad every one on the blue team treated her like crap. (Royce not as much)

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112 Chris - Season 10

He pretty much took himself out of the competition when he told Chef Ramsay that he was frazzled so early in the game.

He's actually a bit sexist & sucks, even as a cook

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113 Carol - Season 5

Carol tried to sabotage Andrea and Chef Ramsay saw it and eliminated her even though she was on the winning team!

She and Andrea should switch places on this list.

She was rude & always at war with Andrea as well as trying to get rid of her.

Should be stayed at top 100! She's basically a backstabber like Jen of S4!

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114 Ben - Season 5

Yes, he should be on this list. He constantly panicked during service and made costly mistakes, then blamed others for his own shortcomings. Then he has the nerve to talk up what a great chef he was afterward and how he was never the one that deserved to go home. I don't mind an egomaniac if they can deliver in the kitchen, but this guy proved constantly he was a fraud and nowhere near what he was talking himself up as. Ramsay doesn't realize what credibility he loses when people like this guy make it that deep into the competition.

Shouldn't be on here

But in the end I do acknowledge that he is clumsy, has a big ego and like Andrea he just wasn't quite good enough to make it in to the final four

Oh yeah, the best one been serving the chocolate brownies at the pass before the appetizers got even cooked.

You gotta be kidding me...Ben? he is good and I like him,he shouldn't be on the list

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115 Briana - Season 10

She seemed like a really confused contestant during her stay

Should've gotten a black jacket

116 Curtis - Season 8

Curtis wasn't even that bad, he had trouble on the sushi station, that Ramsay put him on knowing that he couldn't do the sushi challenge, but he did fine on the first night. Raj should've gone home that night instead

Yeah, how come chef Ramsay eliminated him, it was just a sushi. He should've been on another station.

I wish they kept him and given Russell the boot instead

Curtis has to be the only male chef who cried during his closing line on the show when was eliminated

There should be a season where unafairly eliminated chefs return like Curtis,Eddie,Hassan

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117 JP - Season 13

He made a crappy signature dish, he's useless in the kitchen, and in his plea, he didn't take responsibility and said it was the other nominee, Aaron, who brought the blue team down. So glad he was the first one to go.

As Chef Ramsay said: "JP: Just Pathetic"

To quote Gordon Ramsey "Just Pathetic".

At least JR's signature dish was good.JP shouldn't have rushed

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118 JR - Season 13

As Chef Ramsay said: "JR: Just Ridiculous"

He's too quiet.

119 Denine - Season 13

She won't even help her team. During coffee punishment, she just leave them alone. Her dinner services are beyond lackluster. She should be the second participant to get kicked out. If I were chef Ramsay, I would kick her out mid service. Shes as bad as Nicole from season 12.

An arrogant young cook still in culinary school

Here's what this little bitch should've done before she went on Hell's Kitchen. Graduate from culinary school and then work at B Cellars in Napa Valley, California for two years under the training of Season 4's winner Christina and then bought her evilness in to Hell's Kitchen

120 Jessica - Season 1

Biggest cry baby she cried every time somebody was eliminated

Completely helpless the only reason she made it as far as she did is because everyone did everything for her if you took a shot every time she messed up or said I don't know what I'm doing your liver would implode

She should have been kick off before Elsie. What I especially didn't like was her attitude towards the chicken soup Elsie made. She brought everybody down but thinks that she is a star. I can't believe how upset her and her big attitude got me. She is a big L. And lastly her annoying smile... My God! Anyways I wish the little boy good luck.

She just came across as a jealous bitch whenever someone else won a challenge.

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