Top Ten Worst Injustices of Life

I just didn't find a list like this one here so I did it. I'm grateful for the things I have, I've been very lucky. But I'm sad for people who aren't as lucky as me. I dedicate to those ones who have suffered one of the elements here.

The Top Ten Worst Injustices of Life

1 Many people don't live a happy life despite all of their efforts

I can relate to this SO BAD! - Lucy1402

I think this resumes it all, maybe. - keyson


2 War

There are so many lives lost during a war. Both those people who are involved and those who are innocent of anything die due to the actions that they have no voice in.

War is always unfair. But even worse, many people are forced to fight in a war they don't believe in. And this sucks. - keyson

3 Many people live without love

And I mean real spiritual love for the neighbour, not what most people think love is. - keyson

My neighbourhood is like that; insensitive. It's very disappointing. - Kiteretsunu

4 The concentration of riches and the distribution of poverty
5 When and how people are born in many cases has determined the rest of those people's lives

I hate this, it is a thing that happens, but unlike war and never finding love it can be controlled by having heart. Working hard. Doing what ever it takes. The fault of this planning is not everyone has heard of this as being truth, not everyone believes it is true (it can be hard to believe for instance that a kid from a crime ridden city, Compton, Chicago, etc. can achieve something like graduating from somewhere like Stanford), and not everyone has either a person in their life or a the self belief to accomplish this dream. This is THE greatest injustice in life.
On a side note, I want to clear up something, (this is kinda random but the injustice thing brought this up) when an athlete says,"I'd like to thank god for getting me here" they do NOT mean that they one day asked god to make them a sports star and then god said to himself,"i love the Dallas cow boys" and gave them athleticism. What they are saying is, that this will power that I've been speaking ...more

This is the worst thing. You should appreciate people for who they are; it is what makes them make a difference. - PositronWildhawk

6 Your phisical appearence many times determines who you can choose as life partner

Not my case, luckily, but it's unfair! - keyson

7 Many people can't follow or don't achieve their dreams
8 Lacking of freedom when you deserve to be free

i agree

9 Sex trafficking

It's not fair


10 Being fat


The Contenders

11 Discrimination against who's different
12 Poverty

Some people can't even afford a cup of rice

13 Child abuse
14 Not being able to help when you're willing to
15 Bullying
16 Child marriage
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