Anglo Singapore International School


This school is one of the top academic schools in Bangkok. Admittedly we have flaws, and food isn't perfect. But be assured we have the greatest, most dedicatated group of teachers. I have recently finished my IGCSE, and throughout my anglo life, I have never needed a tutor because not only do the teachers teach us everything, they also teach us beyond the syllabus and most importantly, taught us how to apply our knowledge. Exams in anglo are set beyond the difficulty of Singapore exams to prepare us for the worst case scenarios, unlike other schools with easy exams that don't teach students anything, letting them believe there's nothing more to learn. Our teachers are well rounded and qualified, and a lot of them, like our PE teacher are more than capable of teaching many subjects. Most importantly, Anglo probably has the best community of students I have ever worked with, most growing up to be very supportive seniors and are not condescending at all. I have had a lot of ...more

I would say from my perspective that this is one of the worst schools that I have ever been to. The food is really just horrible and when people complain the vice president says 5 stars food is served, so stop complaining. I am always starving when I get home from school. Sometimes in the food I see hair, insects and etc. Not only that is bad teachers are also not so good too. Secondary teachers are mostly Indian since not so many teachers give up because they can't teach the topics that comes out in the school exam. Even a PE teacher teaches geography. So who ever is planning to go there, Don't!

This school once had many great teachers, but so many have left. Their primary level English departments are still quite good, with qualified and dedicated teachers in 3 different campuses. I think the biggest problem is salary that does not meet the same standard of other good schools, so the expectations of the school and pressure is high but the benefits to the teachers are very low in comparison. Even a great teacher can only put up with that for so long. Everyone must look after themselves and their own families. My kids loved their English teachers and they learned a lot from them. Anglo just needs to retain the good teachers and only improved benefits and salaries will do this. - justaparent

Food is horrible, there not many good teachers.Everything there is cheap but they charge you twice or thrice the amount. The principal says,this is an academic,school but this is so not true. The English standard is very low. Teachers teach things that almost never come out in the exam so students all need tutors. Teachers will try their best but they never get to see the paper. Most students will fail.Good teachers leave in the middle of the year. The only good thing about it is that it is close to the bts station and the rest are negative.

How could one say Anglo sucks when evidences have shown their leaders and most of their Heads of Department have worked at least more than 7 years. Some even 10 years and still going strong. I know it as I have been in Anglo for a Long time. Teachers supposed to dedicate their time to students. I know some Teachers left because they cannot meet the school 's requirements. Students know who are the good teachers and who are not. So I am not surprised those that get fire or cannot get the job are the ones that writes the bad reviews. Sour grapes! Teachers who complain of hard work should not be Teachers. I love my Anglo Teachers. They are committed. The results they produce every year in Cambridge cannot be fake as the results are announced in accordance to evidences produced. Each time the announcement is made in public, it is wit the students cohort and Teachers. So how can parents say the school manipulated the data.

The principal at this school is rude and insulting to teachers. The turnover rate is quite high; they are constantly recruiting. The website itself is unfriendly and closed off. The principal expects high standards from her teaches, but the pay is low and not so extraordinary.

My friend just quit working at Anglo because the amount of work was insane and unreasonable. I went to an interview there and the amount of work asked did not match the salary offered - I even told Julie that to her face at the interview and she thought I was crazy. Actually she is the one that is not in touch with reality. The price of Singapore being number one is that it has one of the highest suicide rates. Their philosophy is that teachers are their slaves, they own the teachers, and all their free time on weekends and vacations will be spent doing lesson plans and checking notebooks and writing journals.

Anglo Singapore is the type of school where favoritism plays a huge role in whatever they do. For example, if you want to be in school teams or you want to ask the school for something, this all depends on the school administration and how well you treat them. For example, as a high school student, some students are more favored by the principal than others, and therefore reap more benefits from it. Equal chances are not given to everyone. Just take a look at the principal's daughter, who is given everything - from being student council president and debate council president. Anglo is a breeding ground for pesky students and teachers

This school has fake textbooks and all the computers and things are really the cheapest they can buy. The principal tries to make the students do too much so that they will make the school look good and they are strict to be strict. Many teachers leave in the middle of the year and the food is awful.

I've seen whats in ASIS, from outside, the first building (or what they call building A) looks "creative", or I'd say they tried to make it look good, designed for our children to enjoy the random shape and color of the building, but that's useless, my children needs a good classroom, teacher, and facilities inside the classroom, and how could the random shaped building help my children with their education? Anglo is just a place when they try to look high class and has the high tech implements, yes, they looks not bad, but when you see the inside of it, you'll know what I'm talking about. P.S. heard that many students are complaining about their principle being very selfish.

Teachers are hired through an unreliable agency. Pay scales for qualified teachers are very low. Although there are new facilities they are not used well, under-resourced and far too much reliance on homework to get the kids through.

Field trips are always very cheap and boring. Always temples or place you can go for free.

Be careful of the trolls writing fake good posts below because Anglo Singapore bites the big one don't believe the lies about being "well rounded: and "balanced". it is for square head.

Recruitment and school do not seem to work together; one hand does not know what the other is doing. (ex. recruitment offer you a job then 3 weeks later the school tells you it was given to someone else. ) Interviews are set for crazy times then start 40 min late. very slow communication. Have to wonder if the rest of the school runs like this?

We have a few good students marketing for our school because we are a small school, so what you see there is almost everybody in the class making a name for anglo because our teachers are capable of raising and teaching future leaders. Its not just a few students, take for an example that 18 out of 19 students taking the 2015 winter math exam achieved an A*

Worst School I have ever worked at. It is all about making money, everything is micro managed by the owners who treat Teachers very poorly. Just look at how many Teachers leave every year, if this was a good school why would the students have new Teachers every year? The owner writes with 'n' instead of 'and' so if you see replies here with 'n' then that is the owner responding. Parents are lied to, Teachers are lied to, illegal contracts for Teachers, poor health and safety, just a DIY business making money and marketing itself through a few excellent students.

This school manipulates data. They hire sub par teachers and promote them. They hire good teachers and treat them like dirt. Only in education for the money, no real quality. You would be better off sending your children elsewhere. The principal is a sycaphant and out of his depth.

Sad to read parents who cannot check the true background of teacher. I check n found tPE teacher has a double major n qualified to teach both subjects. These makes me angry to read the post n insult a good teacher. I feel ashamed when I found out the truth.

The school get too much profit the money go to the head master

As a student in this school I would say that this school is the worst. The school foods are terrible and the accounting systems are bad we have to pay extra fees over and over again the schhol foods are expensive the students are gangsters and bullies!

Don't believe their propaganda above with long PR, they are the dig school of Thailand brought to you by Singapore money makers.

The food's so bad that dog poop actually tastes better

A school that breeds suck-ups and that favors the principals daughters over everyone

I hate this stupid aglo school when I was back to my home I took about 5 hour to finish it

A school which is fast expanding! I have my freinds's children studying in this school.The school promises something and students get something else.One of the worst