Top Ten Worst Moments In Spongebob Episodes

There are some moments in spongebob that makes me wanna say HECK WITH YOU SPONGEBOB YOU SUCK! So heres a top 10 list about it.

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1 Plankton Attempting Suicide (One Coarse Meal)


ACTUAL Plot of One Course Meal: Plankton becomes scared of Pearl, even though HE HAS NEVER BEEN SCARED OF HER BEFORE. Whales for some reason in this world eat plankton, even though they actually eat krill. Pearl even ADMITS that she has ACTUALLY EATEN PLANKTON BEFORE! Also, cannibalism is allowed in Bikini Bottom. Mr. Krabs, being the evil greedy jerk that he is (NOW), decides to torture Plankton by dressing up as Pearl. Eventually, to Mr. Krabs' delight, Plankton becomes so psychologically tortured and paranoid that he is in a terrible state and can't even go into the light because Pearl might see him. Plankton decides to end it all by committing suicide. He asks SpongeBob to step on him but SpongeBob can't do this because it goes against his GOOD NATURE. SpongeBob, does punishing your pet because you're too stupid to see that he's being attacked by a monster go against your good nature? What about tearing off Squidward's toenail? How about ruining Squidward's entire sunday? Mr. ...more

The suicide attempt by plankton made me want to kill mr. Krabs

Is that even allowed in a kid show!? I hope Mr. crabs dies and goes to North Korea

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2 Spongebob being a stupid jerk to Gary (A Pal for Gary)

This episode always crawled under my skin. In this episode, SpongeBob becomes worried thinking about how lonely Gary must feel when he's at work (when in reality Gary is just fine). So as a result, SpongeBob comes up with the idea that he should get Gary a friend so that he isn't alone when he's at work. As much as he had good intensions, which any pet owner could feel the same way about their pet, SpongeBob is told about this specific pet he wants to get (which he names Fluffy)that it's very dangerous, especially around OTHER PETS. Even after hearing this he STILL buys it and takes it home. Not only does he make this stupid mistake, but he also leaves the two pets together BY THEMSELVES. Like what the heck, any responsible owner would know not leave new pets alone with the old pets. And SpongeBob is completely oblivious to what is happening to Gary, every time Fluffy tried to eat him, Gary would run away in fear but yet SpongeBob kept forcing him to stay with Fluffy. SpongeBob kept ...more

Put Puffy Fluffy down? Gary was in his MOUTH for God's sake! - Garythesnail

Almost everyone hate the episode. And it is the reason why.

You know, I always found it extremely bothersome how I stood up for Spongebob when the Bikini Bottomites called him out few episodes back in Stuck in the Wringer, but in this one, he started blaming everything on Gary. - Squidward48

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3 Mrs. Puff tries to kill Spongebob(Demolition Doofus)

"...It's SpongeBob who deserves it because of all the trouble he gave her. And you Mrs. Puff haters deserve to be in prison for siding with that damn sponge! "

-Woah! I get that SpongeBob can be completely reckless at times (see Hall Monitor and Boat Smarts) and did deserve to be arrested for his actions, but does not deserve to be arrested solely on the fact that he gave Mrs. Puff some trouble. Also, Mrs. Puff should've instead set up a difficult obstacle for SpongeBob to drive through where he would likely get injured (but not killed) to teach him a lesson after popping her. Murdering one of her students is not only illegal and immoral, but way out of character for Mrs. Puff. Also, how do SpongeBob fans deserve to be in prison for siding with the sponge? Please don't bring the fans into this.

This episode was undeniably horrible.

I side with Mrs. Puff. SpongeBob has gotten her arrested, and nearly killed. He even made a joke about her being popped: "For now on I guess we'll have to call you Mrs. Pop." You cripple her so much times, then you joke about it. So she really had a good reason.

What kind of teacher does that to their own student? - Croy987

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4 Spongebob Rips Off Squidward's Toenail (House Fancy)

WHAT CRAZY SADIST WROTE THIS MOMENT!?... Shudder... I just got a horrible image of the voice of squidward having to do thirty takes of squidward screaming while his toenail is ripped out

Slapstick has a line in which if crossed, will end up being too grotesque to be funny. This scene is such an example.

How is this not higher? It caused toenail fears for years! Just watch it.

"Steve, we're running out of ideas for the new episode. What should we do? "
"rip off a toenail"
"Perfect, kids nowadays love ripping toenails." - GrapeJuiceK

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5 Mr. Krabs Laughs When He Finds Out That Plankton Is Trying to Commit Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

In my opinion, I think this is one of the 2 WORST moments in SpongeBob history, right next to SpongeBob being a jerk to Gary in "A Pal for Gary." After this episode was made, I was surprised that the writers didn't make an episode about something like being racist. Laughing at suicide is something that only an INSANELY evil person would do. And this episode has one of the WORST endings that I've ever seen in a SpongeBob episode. The writers can't expect me to believe that Mr. Krabs was actually the good guy in that episode after he drives Plankton towards suicide and makes fun of him for it. If you've never seen or heard of this episode, let me just tell you one thing: NEVER WATCH THIS EPISODE! - Mattman0914

This should be number 2, right below Plankton's suicide attempt

This should be number two or one. This is almost as worse as the show "Mr. Meaty". Self explanitory at this point if you know what the show's "protagonists" look like.

This needs to be higher

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6 Squidward Attempting Suicide (Are You Happy Now)

Actually, he didn't attempt suicide, there was just 2 unbelievably horrible suicide jokes.

I sometimes wonder if the creators of SpongeBob read the creepypasta "Squidward's Suicide" before making this episode? I already ranted about Plankton's suicide, and I feel the same way about Squidwards. Suicide, bah! Such a horrible topic to put on a children's show.

This happened twice in the same episode.

It looked like he was going to hang himself, but he was just pulling down a bird cage.

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7 ''I Guess Crying Does Solve Your Problems After All'' (Stuck In The Wringer)

They should change the ending so SpongeBob never gets out of the wringer but says, "I guess crying doesN'T solve your problems after all. Although you would be left feeling sad for SpongeBob, you'd probably hate the episode less.

They can't do morals right.

One of the worst ending lines from an episode. The only two worse are "Haven't you learned about sharing? " from Your's, Mine, and Mine, and "Looks like you guys forgot your boat smarts! " from Boat Smarts.

How it should have ended:
Sandy goes into his house and finds out that Spongebob is stuck in the wringer, so she tries to get him out by ka-rah-tay, but it didn't work. She called Mr. Krabs to come, Mr. Krabs tries to snap the wringer but it doesn't work. Mr. Krabs called Squidward, he laughs at Spongebob, Mr. Krabs tells him to stop laughing or he will fire him, so Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and Squidward try and push it up, but it doesn't work. The only thing to do is call Plankton, he comes over and uses his "Item Disappearer" to remove the wringer, he uses it then Spongebob is finally free, now he wonders what he is gonna use to clean him? - Datguyisweird666

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8 Pus Squirting at Mr. Krabs (The Splinter)

I mean nick, really? Nobody wants to see a pus squirting, swelling, purplish reddish splinter. If you haven't seen this episode, you have blessed by god.

Why isn't this number 2! Number 1 should be Plankton's suicide attempt, but this is a close second.

The splinter looks like a red, swelling, mutated wart spraying pus in mr Krabs face. Absolutely disgusting episode; who would like this episode.

I can handle gory things quite well but this is absolutely gross. The episode plot was also bland. - Lunala

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9 Blind SpongeBob (A Pal for Gary)

SpongeBob walks in a room and is shocked to see Puffy Fluffy eating Gary's bloody corpse.

Scolds what's left of Gary for not letting Puffy Fluffy play with him.

@Ededdneddyfan55 says the guy who enjoys Sanjay and Craig.

10 Pearl's Birthday Party (Whale of a Birthday)

Pearl's birthday party would never have been ruined if Pinkie Pie was the one planning it. Pinkie is the one pony who makes it her mission to give someone the best, and I mean the BEST, party ever! All Mr. Krabs did was ruin the party with things like stale popcorn, dishwater punch, a raw krabby statue of Pearl, AND BIRTHDAY CAKE MADE OUT OF CARDBOARD AND FROSTING! Pinkie Pie could make much better birthday party with excellent birthday treats and games, a statue made out of cupcakes, and an awesome birthday cake for Pearl than that disgrace for a father of hers. While Pearl and everybody else is having a fantastic time at the party made by Pinkie, Mr. Krabs is blasted away out of Pinkie's party cannon and not invited!

Krabs was a jerk. I WANTED CAKE, NOT CARDBOARD AND PINK FROSTING! And that Krabby patty statue of Pearl made me puke. But on the bright side, she did get a lot of presents. - Catacorn

Mr krabs: you guys want some cake
Mr krabs: here you go
Pearl & her friends: this is just cardboard!
Mr krabs: with frosting

Sometimes my parents ruin my bdays by getting me wii shovelware games, but on one of my bdays, I got smash bros brawl. best game ever.
i got sonic & the black knight one time, and THAT GAME STUNK

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? Ending (Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost)

The Contenders

11 Changing the Plot In the Middle of a Episode (Shuffleboarding)

I'd rather watch shuffle-boarding than see SpongeBob and Patrick arrest innocent people! Sigh. It did the same thing Chicken Little did with its movie.

What the heck kind of cheap writing is this?!

One minute they're shuffleboarding, the next they give every citizen a life sentence.

The title of this episode can be related to teen titans NO! episode titles

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12 Spongebob Saying No to People (The Abrasive Side)

Not a bad episode though because SpongeBob actually learns his lesson in the end

This episode reminds me of Spider-Man 3 and you know what I'm talking about.

The Pearl part made me angry! Just say yes and make her happy! - Chikinan

Low point in good episode. - SamKoffsky

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13 Patrick Admitting He Is Not Stupid (The Card)

Dude, this one line forever changes my point of view of Patrick Star! This just showed me that throughout every single episode he has aired in and all those moments of stupidity he faced and all the problems he caused BECAUSE of his stupidity was probably not because of STUPIDITY! HE ACTUALLY DID SOME OF THOSE THINGS ON PURPOSE! Shows just how cold and heartless Patrick can really be!

He admits that everything was intentional. To achieve what, I don't know. This basically ruins the character of Patrick and that every time he's been a prick or unbelievably stupid it was intentional.

WHY? This means that he intentionally burned Gary, intentionally ridiculed SpongeBob for stupidity, intentionally annoys Squidward, and intentionally didn't help SpongeBob with that splinter. - Goatworlds

This ruins his character! - Chikinan

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14 Patrick's Stupidity (The Card)

That made me hate Patrick more than before. Hell, it made me wish that SpongeBob SquarePants was never created. And so, I wish that Squidward killed Patrick/Pat.

Continually destroying a card SpongeBob cared about was bad enough, revealing that you did it all on purpose makes it worse.

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15 Subliminal Message Girl (Gary Takes a Bath)

I don't get why this is below SpongeBob and Patrick die, which never happened. - SubliminalMessages

Am I the only one who realized that Dee Dee makes a similar face in the Dexter's Lab episode Jeepers Creepers, Where Is Peepers?

Oh, I thought this episode got banned for a certain little joke SpongeBob made...

God! I hated that scene! - Squidward48

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16 SpongeBob Threatens To Send Gary To A Restaurant To Get Cooked (Gary Takes A Bath)

I thought this was funny about the different language.

I literally cried when I saw this because I though it was gonna happen GARY TAKES A BATH Is my worst spongebob episode

That is just... Horrible! GOSH do I want to punch SpongeBob right now! And after A Pal For Gary...


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17 Squidward Visiting Spongebob (Squids Visit)

I thought this episode was way more scarier than the splinter because at least in the splinter you could tell what was going on. This episode makes absolutely no sense. Like how was SpongeBob able to break into squidward's house enough times to copy every single little detail? Everyone's afraid of the unknown.

I share all of you haters' opinions of this episode because I can't stand how much of a stalker SpongeBob was and is to Squidward. The nerve of that sponge! How would he like it if the octopus stalks him and copies his home?

I've had experiences with stalking people before and this reminds me of some stuff that I used to do to them. It was just trying to get them to tell me where they lived online, and later on without them knowing, I found where they lived! - Chikinan

(Insert "A Milli" joke here)

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18 Spongebob and Patrick arrest innocent people (Shuffleboarding)

Once again Patrick's stupidity hypnotized SpongeBob into "helping" the town. He arrests two children for loitering ( actually playing on one of those little horse rides at the mall) and SpongeBob soon arrests a prison warden for simply not finishing a perfect Krabby Patty. They soon lock up the entire population in the city, even a women who they said was TOO OLD!

This is actually patrick's fault as he started it and SpongeBob was feeling resentful when the police office thrown away the Krabby patty ( because he work so hard making them)

Who could forget THIS moment?

So I guess your shoes being untied and being too old is against the rules in Bikini Bottom! I better always tie my shoes! - Datguyisweird666

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19 The Fighting Scences With Sandy (Karate Island)

Haha! French tickler joke! NOT FUNNY. When people say that SpongeBob once appealed to audiences of all ages in the pre-movie seasons, stupid innuendos like that are NOT what they were talking about!

His name is the tickler and he's French. French tickler. They say SpongeBob appeals to kids and adults because of innuendos, but this is over the top.

The Tickler isn't really an innuendo, he's just an evil guy who weakens and distracts his enemies with forcing them to laugh.

I liked Lip Service as a kid, and now I just like all the innuendo. I never cared for this one, I liked Whale of a Birthday more. - Chikinan

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20 Squidward Burns His Arm and Gets Fried In Cooking Oil (Restraining SpongeBob)

I feel sad for squidward this was undeserved.

That scene was deleted.

TheEvilNuggetCookie, you are a horrible person if you thought this moment was funny at all.

This made squidward go insane and climb the roof. Good job SpongeBob, -_- - TeamRocket747

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21 Cop Gives SpongeBob and Squidward Tickets (Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful)

To be honest, I want to shove a crowbar on that cop's throat.

Remember when SpongeBob wrote on the Krabby Kronicles that Plankton was making chum out of people? If only that wasn't a lie, I would have been fine with Plankton turning that cop into CHUM.

If I'm that police officer, I'd give SpongeBob a speeding ticket and take Squidward's side.

This cop should be fired! - Datguyisweird666

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22 Ending (Stuck In the Wringer)

So bad it's on here twice

23 Dr. Patrick (The Splinter)

He just made it worse! But it was stupid when he tried different things to try to make it better, that what makes it funny! My opinion. - funnyuser

Dr. Patrick in Suds is a LOT BETTER than this NONSENSE kind of Dr. Patrick.

This was funny in Suds. But not here

Suds done wrong - SamKoffsky

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24 Squidward Being a Jerk to SpongeBob (Little Yellow Book)

Well, that sponge deserves it for constantly torturing the octopus's life. And all those animals who got back at Squidward were being no better than him as are you people who don't know what it's like to be in that cephalopod's shoes.

At least Squidward gets payback at SpongeBob for all those horrible torture porn episodes he went through. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Not just squid ward, but everyone else as well

Meh. Still not enough punishment to Spongebob after what he’s all done (besides Band Geeks.)

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25 Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten. (Stuck in the Wringer)

Oh my god. This character was basically stuck in a plot hole in his life. He basically couldn't do anything. Eat, Work, Have fun, you name it! And it's all because of Patrick, who's trying to make SpongeBob feel better by rubbing his glory in his poor face. Hell, he even got a black eye and Patrick's like "I GOT FIRST PRIZE! LOOK, LOOK, I'M BETTER THAN YOU! GO TO HELL SINCE YOU WONT EAT ANY COTTON CANDY! I'M PATRICK! " And SpongeBob finally decides to say, "Okay, you know what? Just stop. You've caused my life as I know it to be complete hell. I'll basically starve or choke to death in this thing because of you. And no, you can't help me again. Because I think if you'll try to help me with this again, you'll probably convince me to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. So I don't need any of your help." But in extreme anger instead. So Patrick goes off bawling and thinking that it's not his fault and SpongeBob's only being a dick. Then the townspeople think that too. And they're like, "You ...more - MontyPython

That part made me go crazy. I also hated the part where Patrick was just saying, " I was just trying to help". He had no common sense whatsoever. I saw one comment that had said, "stupidity is not an excuse". True! Stupidity is not an excuse to gain sympathy. It's like saying if the terrorists that had caused 9/11 and had said, "We are just still human beings trying to learn". What? You expect us to sympathize? No! Anyway, when that fish told Spongebob that it is his heart that's the problem, I wanted to be in Spongebob's body and say, "It's your mind that's the problem. Look what Patrick did to me, he got put this forever glue on me and he thought that it would help me. Really? We also went out for ice cream and he won't help me. He also ate all my ice cream too. Double times that jerk. He is basically inconsiderate of my feelings from home to here. How would you feel if you had a friend like that? Either have a brain, or go to hell! (Storms out)"

SpongeBob yelling at Patrick for not helping him and the Bikini Bottomites thought SpongeBob is mean despite the emotional abuse he is in. That one fish who said that SpongeBob has no heart and he deserves to be stuck in the wringer needs to be cooked. That was ironic considering they did not have a heart to help SpongeBob with the wringer. The writers are pathetic.

Sandals: Ya know, kid, your body isn't the problem. It's your heart. You deserve what you've gotten.
Me: Ya know, freak, your common sense isn't the problem. It's your life. You deserved to experience high tide in Bubble Buddy.
Sandals:... - TeamRocket747

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26 City People (Stuck In the Wringer)

Remember in "Fry Cook Games" where SpongeBob throws frying grease on the people? He should do it to those city people. SpongeBob is so misunderstood.

Those hypocrites. Those lousy, mean spirited, hypocrites. May you all ROT in Rock Bottom!

How is this not in the top 10? After seeing that, I wanted to kick the crap out of them!

So bad, its on here twice. - Datguyisweird666

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27 Spongebobs Best Day Ever (Best Day Ever)

This episode is suppose to be the best episode ever but however its not. I MEAN COME ON WE WANT A ONE HOUR SPECIAL OF HIM AND HIS FUNNY MOMENTS! But instaed its about spongebob helping his friends out because they have problems on his best day ever. MORE LIKE THE WORST DAY EVER!

It is just werid how they sing the song ANNOYING!

28 Smashing The Splinter With a Mallet (The Splinter)

I have to turn my head every time this is shown!

I got sick when I saw that!

That's downright disgusting! It may not be worse than a horror movie. But it's still terrible nonetheless.

I'm fine with this now because I have a messed-up mind. Phallic undertones. - Chikinan

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29 Spongebob and Patrick Die (Tea at the Treedome)

Your all hipsters. This was a good episode. By the way it was just SpongeBob trying to impress sandy

Sandy you idiot they're sea creatures sandy ask you need something
SpongeBob says water
Sandy says I'm gonna go put this in a vase AND IGNORE THE FACT THAT MY NEW FRIEND IS DYING

I wanted to punch Sandy for letting SpongeBob and Patrick get dry!

Screw you all who side against Sandy! Those guys deserve to die for all the rotten things that they did.

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30 "Have you learned nothing about sharing?" (Yours Mine and Mine)

Patrick you learn nothing about sharing stupid face starfish

This episode shows what kind of friend patrick really is - cadespencer

Really, Patrick?

Have you (hippacrit)

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31 SpongeBob Killing Scallops (To Love a Patty)

Umm why isn't this scene higher up

I remember watching this scene when I was younger, I turned it off because scallops in spongebob are basically baby birds, so he was just brutally killing them

OH yay, I get to see SpongeBob killing baby birds (scallops) just because they touched his burger he has a weird fetish for

It needs to be #3 or #4 - BlueSheepYT

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32 Ending (Nautical Novice)

Mrs puff was excited that he got his license then when she found out SpongeBob didn't save the bikini bottom she got furious and tore it up

Poor spongebob - cadespencer

33 Karen Lets Plankton Suffer and Commit Suicide (One Coarse Meal)

Karen is a scumbag

If anyone deserves abuse in this series, it's Karen!

Karen was almost as bad as Mr. Krabs in this episode by being an enabler for Plankton to commit suicide.

34 Larry Tries to Eat Puppies (Pet or Pests)

I hope I've expressed to you guys how much I hate these writers sometimes... - Garythesnail

That was way too out of character for Larry.

They were baby worms not puppies.

In Bikini Bottom, snails are the equivalent of cats, and worms are like dogs.

Did he think it was food or was he gonna eat them on purpose? - Datguyisweird666

35 The Wonders of Unemployment (SpongeBob You're Fired)

"The Wonders Of Unemployment" is just a fancy way of saying filler. - GrapeJuiceK

36 "Looks like you guys forgot your Boat Smarts!" (Boat Smarts)

I screamed when I first heard spongebob say that - cadespencer

He was a jerk in that short but I like that short

I hated how Spongebob was acting as a kid. Nothing has changed. - Bobby792003

37 Mr. Krabs Fires SpongeBob (SpongeBob You're Fired!)

This episode shouldn't have been made

That was completely pointless.

An episode exactly like this was made before this, I think.


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38 Spongebob and Patrick got Squidward kicked out of his club (Cephalopod Lodge)

I hated this episode with a passion. I'm surprised squidward wasn't super angry when SpongeBob and patrick got him kicked out of the lodge for good.

That pissed me off so bad. SpongeBob and patrick ruined the only thing that ever made squidward happy. What jerks!

It's SpongeBob and Patrick's fault. They didn't even admitted it.

Saw this episode when I was younger. It's a Squidward torture porn episode. Poor squidward - Lunala

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39 Spongebob Saying He Still Has good Nature (One Coarse Meal)

Um, New SpongeBob, can we talk just for a second? Does ripping of someone's toenail fly in the face of your good nature? Does letting your pet be attacked by a monster fly in the face of your good nature? Does upstaging Squidward at the choir for no reason at all fly in the face of your good nature? Hmmm... - Garythesnail

Supporting a crustacean bully who nearly drove someone to suicide does not fly in the face of your good nature, SpongeBob! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Oh yeah Sponge? What about all those times you tortured Squidward? - Goatworlds


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40 The Bikini Bottomites Constantly Abuse Spongebob (The Sponge Who Could Fly)

First of all, when they see SpongeBob trying to fly, they make fun of him for pursuing his dreams. Then, when they see that he's not crazy, they take advantage of him by having him doing these "favors" like cleaning Mr. Krabs' garage, balancing Mrs. Puff's checkbook, and talking to plants. Finally, when SpongeBob gets sick and tired of these take and flies to Jellyfish Fields like he originally wanted, they form an angry mob and chase after him. Seriously, note how Squidward and Mrs. Puff are among this angry mob.

Look, abusing Spongebob can work if you execute it well. Here, these Bikini Bottomies were written like hypocrites and being egotists, thinking they're better than Spongebob. Torturing a character doesn't work until said character does something heinous DURING the episode AND you write it well.

This is the beginning of the bikini bottom hypocrite episodes - cadespencer

Well, SpongeBob deserves to be abused because of all the trouble that he gave Mrs. Puff and Squidward.

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41 Squidward Gets Beat Up and Gets Forced to Wear a Full Body Cast (Boating Buddies)

Yeah beat up squidward for being rightfully ticked off.

Boating Buddies should be banned due to how cruel it is to Squidward

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42 Ending (Dear Vikings)

I couldn't agree more with the one who criticized this episode. Now I may not follow the religion of the Vikings. But I know that there are people who still do, especially since I met one of them. And so, I'm not all right with how Dear Vikings misrepresented those soldiers and their culture.

The new writer decided to in this episode insult:Scandinavians,anyone of the Norse religion,the Norse religion itself,Vikings and everything about Vikings.(also Eric the red,leif erikson and every other Viking are rolling in they're graves.

43 Patrick Destroys Card No. 54 (The Card)

At least patrick got served when he got drenched by SpongeBob's raining tears at the near end.

Patrick says in that episode that he is probably pretending to be stupid.

At least Patrick gave SpongeBob those other cards but he is not "the best friend ever" as said by SpongeBob

Wow, terrible moment. - PokemonRPGbro

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44 Patrick Has a Flamethrower (Pet Sitter Pat)

Who thought this was funny? - Garythesnail

This is the definitive moment of EVIL for this show!

Shouldn't even work underwater - SamKoffsky

We'll make up your mind is it water or fire.. , UMMM its some irrisponsible pet sitter who's trying to burn me alive

45 The Bikini Bottomites Being Hypocrites Once Again (Little Yellow Book)

Because yes. Generally annoying people certainly warrants MURDER apparently

You bet that they are! How dare they side with SpongeBob against Squidward! It's the sponge's fault for giving that octopus total bullsh**. Besides, those fish were being no better than Squidward.

Who else are hypocrites are real people who hate both the anti-Squidward fish and the Squidward for being jerkish. Why can't those jerks just pick one side like I do?!

If I'm Squidward, I'd kill SpongeBob and every last one of my haters. And if I get punished for it, I'd strike back at all who punish me and force them to let me get away with what I did.


46 SpongeBob Goes Back to Medieval Times (Dunces and Dragons)

This is so confusing. Were they dreaming or did they fly through the air so fast that they went through time and back into the middle ages?

How does a squirrel breathe underwater? - Goatworlds

That's the entire episode dingbat

To be honest, this episode was actually okay/good. It's just how they got back to the middle ages that's confusing, and the very end. In the beginning of the episode, Bikini Bottom was like normal. When SB and Patrick got flung out of the stadium, all of a sudden they're in the middle ages. Bad transitioning.

47 Mr. Krabs Crying When Plankton Finally Gets One Customer (Plankton's Regular)

This is Mr Krab's worst appearance behind One Course Meal. This isn't him protecting his business, this is him going out of his way to make sure Plankton can't make money for himself in anyway!

Its just one customer. ONE customer, whats wrong with just one customer, Mr. Krabs has like 39,395 everyday! How come he won't let Plankton have one customer? - Datguyisweird666

There's something called capitalism, or in this case, free market, you monopolistic cheapskate!

Such a cry baby

Basically, the story is about a costumer named Nat who loves Chum more than anything else, so when Plankton brags in front of Mr. Krabs about his paying customer, Mr. Krabs wants Nat to eat in the Krusty Krab by feeding him chum, in which he hated it that he would rather eat Plankton's chum (that's when he starts crying) and so, Krabs and SponeBob go into the Chum Bucket to steal Plankton's recipe, but they were both caught. Unfortunately, Nat betrays the Chum Bucket for being sick from eating too much Chum.

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48 Patrick's Stupidity (Yours, Mine and Mine)

Have you learned nothing about sharing?... Uh no but I learned that you're the most stupid sea creature here

Patrick is the worst now

Patrick is a monster that should be left to rot!


49 National No-SpongeBob Day (Gone)

It was wrong that they burned and danced on the ashes of the effigy that was made to look like SpongeBob.

That was just mean-spirited. - Garythesnail

Wow. Not even Squidward would've done that in the old seasons.

Those Bikini Bottomites are so cruel

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50 Creepy SpongeBob (Squid's Visit)

Exactly! SpongeBob deserves to be arrested for what he did to Squidward in this episode.

This is the creepiest episode in the whole show - cadespencer

51 Squidward Abuses SpongeBob (Can You Spare A Dime?)

Jesus Christ, talk about free-loaders. As the episode progressed, Squidward became more lazy, selfish, and demanding, eventually reducing SpongeBob to his own personal servant. I like Squidward, but hate him in this episode.

And this is where our usually optimistic sponge went totally ballistic for the first time in the series. Before we all get mad at Squidward first, let's take a look at Mr. Krabs in this episode. He was mad at Squidward just because a dime was missing that Squidward didn't even steal.

I may not like SpongeBob. But what Squidward did to him is wrong. Of course, Mr. Krabs influenced him into doing that to the sponge all because of his (the crab's) greed for money, whcih is what caused me to hate him (Eugene Krabs) big time.

No wonder SpongeBob blew up near the end.

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52 Spongebob Not Seeing Puffy Fluffy About to Eat Gary (A Pal For Gary)

This made me want to destroy my television. Enough said.

Is SpongeBob really this stupid?!

SpongeBob is definitely stupid in this episode. But then again, he always is that way, which makes me want to see Squidward wipe him out.

Spongebob's a real idiot here. - SamKoffsky

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53 SpongeBob and Patrick Naked and Humiliated at the Ending (Pranks a Lot)

At least SpongeBob and patrick rightfully got what they deserved at the end for terrorizing the whole town.

Live Nude Pranksters is not a funny thing. This ruined the whole episode for me. This was such a cruel act.

I actually found that funny

It is like a Strip Club

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54 SpongeBob Abuses Gary (The Great Snail Race)

It's just so awful to neglect animals! :(

Seeing Gary literally crash like a race car was so heartbreaking. Seeing every part of his body exploding was just plain torture.

I swear if this stuff becomes the main plots in “normal episodes,” I will break the T.V. and never watch spongebob again. - PokemonRPGbro

55 SpongeBob Eats Patty (To Love a Patty)

It's too old to eat, just throw it out and let it rot

That part was disgusting!

I almost threw up

56 SpongeBob Not Dying (Demolition Doofus)

He deserved a slower and more painful death then what Mrs. Puff tried to do to him.

And dying's what I want to see happen to him because of what he did to Mrs. Puff.

Was really disappointed, I think everyone can agree

57 Sandy In the Rodeo Competition (Rodeo Daze)


58 SpongeBob and Patrick Making Stupid Faces (Face Freeze)

I guessing that the writers ARE trying to give kids the worst nightmares imaginable. Or that they're trying to get out of their jobs as writers by making the show as cheesy as possible.

What? Were they trying to give me a headache? - SubliminalMessages

This 1 was really creepy!

Why does he look like Maijin Buu and Gabite? That's not even making faces! That's contorting your bodies! - Chikinan

V 3 Comments
59 Sandy Kicks SpongeBob for No Reason (The Great Snail Race)

It was for being sexist, although there was a deleted scene where she gets arrested for kicking SpongeBob's butt. But seeing as this was supposed to teach kids not to abuse animals and not to be sexist, I'm glad they deleted that scene.

This isn't true, She kicked him because he was being sexist by calling Gary a lady

At least SpongeBob got what he deserved for being such a jackass to gary in that episode.

Spongebob just said sorry to gary for pushing him too far and kicking somebody's butt in a stadium would be illegal so sandy needs to be arrested

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60 Sam Destroys SpongeBob and Squidward's Houses (Big Sister Sam)

Sam destroys Squidward's house and when he complains, Patrick tells him to mind his own business... Are there even words to describe whats wrong with these writers?

In "Something Smells" Patrick said that he didn't even have a sister at all... I don't blame him for saying that. Who would want to admit to having a sibling who acts like that? Patrick may be stupid, but at least he's not a monster.

Patrick even said in Something Smells that he DIDN'T have a sister!

Squidward deserved it but spongebob didn't - cadespencer

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61 Gary, put Puffy Fluffy down right now! (A Pal For Gary)

Already at 2!

62 Squidwards Symphony

At least squidward wins at the end - cadespencer

Squidwards sympany would be calming and good to hear IF ONLY SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK DOES NOT BUT IN! I mean they do a play about spongebob as a docter and patrick a pantient and kill our ear drums with stupid stuff. WHY SPONGEBOB AND PATRICK WHY!

63 Patrick Ripping His Head Off and Licking His Brain Like an Ice Cream Cone (Extreme Spots)

Why is this a thing?

No this ones funny - cadespencer

64 Spongebob Cries at Anything (A Day Without Tears)

Not even Sadness from Inside Out cries this much

65 Mr. Krabs Abusing Gary (The Cent of Money)

Poor Gary. He was abused so much in the horrible Gary torture trilogy (The Cent of Money, A Pal For Gary, Pet Sitter Pat. - Garythesnail

At least at the end of the episode Mr Krabs got what he deserved for being such a greedy, selfish freak!

So let's see, we had a Pal for Gary, Pet Sitter Pat, and now this episode. That's 3 Gary torture porns! Wait no, that's also wrong. If you count all the episodes that his shell broke

I loved when he got crippled by that wave of coins and had to give up all his money that he got from using Gary. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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66 Sandy Gets Arrested for Public Nudity when not actually Naked (Someone's in the Kitchen With Sandy)

At least she was wearing a bikini. And besides, all of you fish are naked to! Most of you don't even wear pants and how do you know what goats and ferrets are if you live underwater?!

Plankton WAS naked, Sandy was wearing a bikini, Squidward doesn't wear pants, many fish don't wear anything (Harold in earlier seasons), and Patrick never wears a shirt, yet gets service at restaurants. - Goatworlds

The fish don't wear clothes most of the time, are the characters racist to squirrels now? - Skullkid755

This episode is awful - cadespencer

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67 Ending to SpongeHenge (SpongeHenge)

Ending: SpongeBob cries over the destroyed Krusty Krab. Before that, he asked, "How long was I gone? "
Do we ever get an answer for that question? Do we see what happens to SpongeBob? NO!
Why are we seeing strange-looking aliens looking at SpongeBob (all with scared faces for some reason), which is completely unnecessary.

The aliens freaked me out when I was little - Chikinan

This is so depressing.

So, mostly the episode is all about SpongeBob trying to avoid Jellyfishes since they keep following SpongeBob due to the wind playing tunes on SpongeBob's holes, and he hides in a cave to avoid the wind, BUT IN THE END, he rushes back to the Krusty Krab and notices it was destroyed (SpongeBob has a beard) and says "HOW LONG WAS I GONE? " and starts to cry. And then, aliens get a tour in Bikini Bottom. But I think I know the real ending according to the story. You guys might not believe me but it's a future episode. And I know that episode is gonna be the absolute worst (worse than One Coarse Meal)

Real ending: SpongeBob commits suicide and dies because he realizes that he is different from the others in Bikini Bottom, which is that everyone else are fishes while SpongeBob... is a sponge.

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68 SpongeBob attempting suicide (Gary Takes a Bath)

It did happen. SpongeBob strapped a bomb around his waist and said it would explode in 3 seconds if gary didn't take a bath

I actually agree this happened, but it was less suicide, and more of threatening Gary. Nonetheless, it was a bad moment. - Turkeyasylum

So if this scene was actually accurate, SpongeBob has mentioned suicide three times - FlakyCuddles43

No this is funny - cadespencer

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69 SpongeBob's Face Close Up (What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?)

For a kids show, another perfect example of something that kids shouldn't see. This is the creepiest face I've ever seen. - matty925

Gave me NIGHTMARES beyond nightmares.

70 SpongeBob Jokes About Mrs. Puff Being Popped (Demolition Doofus)

Screw you, Mrs. Puff haters! She had the right to retaliate against SpongeBob for what he did to her! That moment showed that SpongeBob absolutely had NO REMORSE for what he did to Mrs. Puff. Believe me, it may sound dark, but I was rooting for Mrs. Puff to kill SpongeBob! You Modern SpongeBob fans need to open your eyes and realize how much of an ass SpongeBob has become!

Mrs. Puff really deserved to kill SpongeBob for this. So you think it's okay for someone to make fun of a disabled person and let them get away with it?! How would you feel if you were Mrs. Puff?! - ModernSpongeBobSucks


Let's not forget all the other hard times SpongeBob gave Mrs. Puff by making her get arrested so many times and constantly ruining her life. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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71 The Jellyfish burn Squidward's clarinet (Jellyfish Jam)

I have some choice words for those jellyfish.

This was actually really funny

72 The Racism (Squidville)

I like Squidville now

Seriously! Everyone in Tentacle Acres is racist (Specieist) against reef blowers, sponges, and starfish for no good reason.

For crying out loud. Squidville is one of my least favourite episodes. I hated it beacause of the rascism and the innapropriate scene

73 Madame Hagfish's Curse (the Curse of the Hex)

UGH SHE IS CREEPY LOOKING! AND SHE PUT A CURSE ON THE KRUSTY KRAB JUST BECAUSE SHE IS HUNGRY! Are you serious? The price is fair stupid. Oh and guess what the curse is come on guess, that's right SHE PUT UP A CLOSE SIGN NEXT TO THE KRUSTY KRAB! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! GOD DANG YOU SPONGEBOB I WILL NEVER WATCH YOUR SHOW AGAIN! Well that's it and don't forget to vote so bye.

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74 Everyone ruined Squidward's TV show (Tentacle Vision)

Squidward chat would've been a lot more interesting show than a show about boring house parties.

He also is literally kicked/thrown out of his own house. Screw you SpongeBob, screw you Bikini Bottomites, screw you Guitar Lord, screw you T.V. producer, and screw you Patrick, Krabs, Plankton, Pearl, and whoever else was there.

This episode is one of the worst squidward tortures - cadespencer

They even therew out the people around squidward

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75 SpongeBob and Patrick Ruined Squidward's Sunday (Good Neighbors)

SpongeBob and patrick are nothing but absolute disgraces against nature!

That's just heartless. Bothering a person after a long, hard day at work. Especially on their day off!

Vote this one up to 1! It is a legend (in the worst way possible)

No I like it too

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76 Squidward Gets Impaled by a Steamroller (Boat Smarts)

How is this supposed to be funny?! It's just painful, sadistic and hard to watch! Do these writers even know the difference between funny and disturbing?

When I added this to the list, I used the worst "Impaled" to refer to the spikes on the Steamroller. It left holes in the seat and injured Squidward.

Grammar check: impaled means to get a hole in you. You can't get impaled be a steam roller ( unless your talking about that spiky roller thing ) - Thatgirl

This scene sets off my trypophilia. So I don't know why it's here. - Chikinan

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77 Mr. Krabs Explaining He Only Cared About The Children's Money (Krabby Land)

That's just what Nickelodeon is like right now!

78 Squidward and Mr. Krabs Humiliate SpongeBob To Teach Him a Lesson (Hooky)

The parts that came before it were entertaining for the most part. But the ending is when everything falls apart in the cruelest way possible. I feel so bad for the poor sponge. He did nothing to deserve that. He was not told what was really going on, and everyone was laughing at the guy who already made a promise. Life of Crime worked because they were told that it was free balloon day, and vowed never to take things without permission, as well as end with a good laugh. Here, SpongeBob took everything Mr. Krabs said seriously, believed that he was fired, ran home in the raw, and was never told that he was not really fired. No reveal to him, no vow, nothing. On top of that, Mr. Krabs, instead of going to tell SpongeBob what really happened, he just laughs at the poor guy, who would not come back to you, or something even worse in real life. If so, this teaches kids to openly humiliate those who don't follow your directions, as well as tricking them into something that you won't reveal ...more

Just because I am only 11 doesn't mean I don't know a terrible ending when I see one. First of all SpongeBob was trying to tell Patrick to stop. Second Mr Krabs was exposing nudity to hit 16 year old daughter I hate this episodes guts well if it had guts.

Spongebob did need to be taught a lesson but they took it way too far - cadespencer

The ending ruined this episode for me

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79 Patrick Eats SpongeBob and Squidward's Backstage Passes (Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom)

I wanted to reach into my T.V. screen and rip his head off.

Sloppy writing

Patrick at his worst - cadespencer

Me after Patrick placed a random and kind of disgusting fast food order on the stage during the performance: hello gun store? I would like an ak-47 with bullets and a bazooka with extra extreme-o explodey rocket's thank you 2-4 weeks later... Mail cairrer: package for Austin weaver! Me: thank you *after signing forms* hey Patrick season 6-presents Patrick: yes? Me: TAKE THIS! *starts shooting gun* Patrick: AAHHH! *THUD! * me: he's dead *walks away* me: and now! *puls out and launches bazooka shhh *BOOM! * me: that's what you get for eating SpongeBob and squidwards backstage passes you fat idiot!

80 The Splinter Comes Out (The Splinter)

This is one of the grossest scenes in SpongeBob history!

THIS is the scene that makes me think of something else, alongside the part where he gets the splinter. It's phallic, okay? I'm WEIRD! - Chikinan

The pus squirting mr crabs was so disgusting.

This was disgusting. When Mr. Krabs pulled out the splinter, the pus inside Spongebob's finger erupted and sprayed all over Mr. Krabs, ew. - Catacorn

V 2 Comments
81 Patrick Uses a Flamethrower (Pet Sitter Pat)

Patrick is s psychopath a psychopath I tell you!

82 Mr. Krabs sells SpongeBob's soul to the Flying Dutchman for sixty-two cents (Born Again Krabs)

Good episode. Terrible Moment. The Flying Dutchman is Bikini Bottom's version of The Devil, and Mr. Krabs should have never even considered selling anyone's soul to The Flying Dutchman, especially his most loyal employee. Even Squidward thought that Mr. Krab's decision was heinous, and Squidward is SpongeBob's biggest hater!

I liked the episode, but I'm glad Krabs changed his mind later on. - Turkeyasylum

It was bad but he learned his lesson and apologized unlike one course meal where he laughed at plankton attempting suicide

People. At least he learned his lesson

V 5 Comments
83 Fish Tricks SpongeBob and Patrick Into Thinking He Is Hurt (Chocolate With Nuts)

This just show how people can use you. Be prepare for the world, money is like a god.

Aha, this is actually funny, and it happens...

84 The Strange People Scaring Spongebob Away at Night (WhoBob WhatPants?)

It was just random, and not in a good way. - Aragorn98


85 Pearl's Birthday Party (Whale of a Birthday)

Why would someone do this to THEIR OWN DAUGHTER?! - Chikinan

86 The Magic Conch starves Squidward (Club Spongebob)

I enjoy this episode. Squidward was the jerk in this one and deserved it. Do not say that you don't care.

87 Janet and Marty Believing That Patrick Was Their Son (I'm With Stupid)
88 Squilliam Gets Ticketed (Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful)

What?! That was actually awesome! - Squidward48

89 SpongeBob's ear bleeding crying (A Day Without Tears and SpongeBob Your Fired)
90 Patrick Being a Good Artist (the Googly Artist)

Patrick is very dumb so why is he a good artist well in this episode guess what. When the guy look at squidwards perfect art he say its NOT GOOD! But when he saw patricks dumb art. He likes it. OH COME ON THAT WAS TERRIBLE! ITS JUST A ROCK WITH a lot OF EYES HOW IS IT BETT ER THEN SQUIDWARDS STATUE? YOU FISH PEOPLE ARE MORONS!

This episode is a perfect concept of what people think about crappy shows, They like crappy shows better than good ones, and they hate good ones because they're brainwashed, The critic loves crap rather than a masterpiece. - nelsonerica

This episode was an insult to critics in fact if nostalgia critic saw this he would probably get annoyed and get extremely mad and would call on someone to help him get through this monster of an episode.

The critic kind of acted like the cop from Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.

V 5 Comments
91 Patrick's Attitude (Yours Mine and Mine)

This is the 2nd time I've seen Patrick as a complete jerk.(first is 'I'm with stupid' but this ones the worst! ) It just shows a trashy plot with Patrick not sharing and acting like god damn child! That's it.

2nd worst character of modern SpongeBob.

92 Squidward Ripping His Eyebrow and Skin (Pineapple Fever)

Ugh.. this really grossed me out the first time I saw this.

I agree with the poster below this, this made me cringe even as a kid. - Chikinan

V 2 Comments
93 Mr. Krabs not caring about Spongebob and Squidward (The Plays the Thing)
94 SpongeBob Annoys Squidward (Boating Buddies)

What was up with that disturbing face SpongeBob made while he was starring at squidward and breathing in the classroom?

95 Sandy's Racism (Kenny the Cat)

I don't like cats, but what Sandy did was unacceptable. I wanted to beat the crap out of her for what she did to Kenny. Now I like cats more now. Maybe they deserve more love, but let's not bring racism in here. Thanks a lot, new writers! You just tried to use racism on a kids' show!

I do not blame who put this here. I LOVE CATS! I felt like kicking her!

Sandy shouldn't hate cats. I like cats, and I hate real squirrels (They're annoying and they carry rabies) - Goatworlds

Ummm, racism?

V 8 Comments
96 Ending (SquidBob TentaclePants)

To be honest, I like this episode but the final scene is creepy, disturbing and too violent for an animated show for kids.

It all started when I was born... And when that idiot sandy blasted everyone with her combining ray

Excuse me but this should be way lower! This is way too freaky to ever be aired.

I like this scene because Akira. - Chikinan

V 6 Comments
97 King Patrick (Rule of Dumb)

Patrick was just awful in this episode. Just awful!

At least he realized he was mean.

98 Mr. Krabs Triumphs (Plankton's Regular)

All plankton wanted was to make money. Unlike you who only makes money just for the sake of making money and not doing anything with it at all!

99 Squidward's Arrest (Professor Squidward)

I hate that moment when Squidward got arrested. I didn't expect that!

That's what he gets for stealing a identity

Squilliam deserved to have his identity stolen squilliam is such a snob - cadespencer

Yes because squiliam deserved to have his identity stolen cause he is a big jerk - cadespencer

100 Patrick assaults SpongeBob using his armpit (The Battle of Bikini Bottom)

Well, that's just disgusting. I'd like to see that happen to him.

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