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81 Fish Tricks SpongeBob and Patrick Into Thinking He Is Hurt (Chocolate With Nuts)

This just show how people can use you. Be prepare for the world, money is like a god.

Aha, this is actually funny, and it happens...

82 The Strange People Scaring Spongebob Away at Night (WhoBob WhatPants?)

It was just random, and not in a good way. - Aragorn98


83 Pearl's Birthday Party (Whale of a Birthday)

Why would someone do this to THEIR OWN DAUGHTER?! - Chikinan

84 The Jellyfish burn Squidward's clarinet (Jellyfish Jam)

I have some choice words for those jellyfish.

85 The Magic Conch starves Squidward (Club Spongebob)

I enjoy this episode. Squidward was the jerk in this one and deserved it. Do not say that you don't care.

86 Janet and Marty Believing That Patrick Was Their Son (I'm With Stupid)
87 SpongeBob's ear bleeding crying (A Day Without Tears and SpongeBob Your Fired)
88 Patrick Being a Good Artist (the Googly Artist)

Patrick is very dumb so why is he a good artist well in this episode guess what. When the guy look at squidwards perfect art he say its NOT GOOD! But when he saw patricks dumb art. He likes it. OH COME ON THAT WAS TERRIBLE! ITS JUST A ROCK WITH a lot OF EYES HOW IS IT BETT ER THEN SQUIDWARDS STATUE? YOU FISH PEOPLE ARE MORONS!

This episode is a perfect concept of what people think about crappy shows, They like crappy shows better than good ones, and they hate good ones because they're brainwashed, The critic loves crap rather than a masterpiece. - nelsonerica

This episode was an insult to critics in fact if nostalgia critic saw this he would probably get annoyed and get extremely mad and would call on someone to help him get through this monster of an episode.

The critic kind of acted like the cop from Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful.

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89 Patrick's Attitude (Yours Mine and Mine)

This is the 2nd time I've seen Patrick as a complete jerk.(first is 'I'm with stupid' but this ones the worst! ) It just shows a trashy plot with Patrick not sharing and acting like god damn child! That's it.

2nd worst character of modern SpongeBob.

90 Squidward Ripping His Eyebrow and Skin (Pineapple Fever)

Ugh.. this really grossed me out the first time I saw this.

I agree with the poster below this, this made me cringe even as a kid. - Chikinan

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91 Mr. Krabs not caring about Spongebob and Squidward (The Plays the Thing)
92 SpongeBob Annoys Squidward (Boating Buddies)

What was up with that disturbing face SpongeBob made while he was starring at squidward and breathing in the classroom?

93 Sandy's Racism (Kenny the Cat)

I don't like cats, but what Sandy did was unacceptable. I wanted to beat the crap out of her for what she did to Kenny. Now I like cats more now. Maybe they deserve more love, but let's not bring racism in here. Thanks a lot, new writers! You just tried to use racism on a kids' show!

I do not blame who put this here. I LOVE CATS! I felt like kicking her!

Sandy shouldn't hate cats. I like cats, and I hate real squirrels (They're annoying and they carry rabies) - Goatworlds

Ummm, racism?

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94 Ending (SquidBob TentaclePants)

To be honest, I like this episode but the final scene is creepy, disturbing and too violent for an animated show for kids.

It all started when I was born... And when that idiot sandy blasted everyone with her combining ray

Excuse me but this should be way lower! This is way too freaky to ever be aired.

I like this scene because Akira. - Chikinan

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95 King Patrick (Rule of Dumb)

Patrick was just awful in this episode. Just awful!

At least he realized he was mean.

96 Mr. Krabs Triumphs (Plankton's Regular)

All plankton wanted was to make money. Unlike you who only makes money just for the sake of making money and not doing anything with it at all!

97 Squidward's Arrest (Professor Squidward)

I hate that moment when Squidward got arrested. I didn't expect that!

That's what he gets for stealing a identity

Squilliam deserved to have his identity stolen squilliam is such a snob - cadespencer

Yes because squiliam deserved to have his identity stolen cause he is a big jerk - cadespencer

98 Patrick assaults SpongeBob using his armpit (The Battle of Bikini Bottom)

Well, that's just disgusting. I'd like to see that happen to him.

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99 Retirement Home Performance (Hello Bikini Bottom)



TOO LOUD! lol I love this scene

100 Patrick Uses a Flamethrower (Pet Sitter Pat)

Patrick is s psychopath a psychopath I tell you!

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