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141 Chocolate? CHOCOLATE? CHOOCCOLLAATTTEEE!!! (Chocolate With Nuts)

This is one of the best moments ever!

When I first saw this scene, I was expecting the guy chasing Spongebob and Patrick getting arrested by the police because they probably thought that fish was going to kill them, instead just wanted the chocolate bars.

WHO PUT THIS HERE? This was hilarious. Whoever put this here must like One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, The Splinter, Little Yellow Book, Choir Boys, Demolition Doofus, and Pet Sitter pat. - Goatworlds


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142 Squidward Wins (Band Geeks)

Screw that! Squidward deserved to win at the end!

Best moment ever. Get off this right now,

Why is this on here?

This is why you liked SpongeBob SquarePants to begin with! - SAXO

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143 Mr Krabs being cheap to Pearl (Whale of a Birthday)

If it weren't for SpongeBob in the end this episode would not I repeat would not have been good.

I hated this scene, but I loved the rest of the episode. - Chikinan

144 Squilliam wins and rubs it in Squidward's face (Squilliam Returns)

That's Squid Wood, and Squilliam isn't even in squid wood.

Question... How the heck does a puppet do the same thinng as Squidward, but because he's a puppet, its good?

145 Mr. Krabs cruelly treats jellyfish, and kills them for their jelly (Jellyfish Hunter)

At least Mr. Krabs got what he deserved.

I agree I am glad that he got stung

At least the jellyfish get karma for their antics in Jellyfish Jam.

146 Patrick, Janet, and Marty Star make fun of SpongeBob and laugh at him (I'm with Stupid)

SpongeBob had every right to break through Patrick's wall. Patrick was such a jerk.

Should be higher, especially that Patrick was as much of a prick as in Seasons 7 and 8. - SAXO

147 Patrick, Janet, and Marty make fun of SpongeBob and laugh at him (I'm with Stupid)

For a "Best friend", Patrick is pretty mean.

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148 That awkward moment where it looks like spongebob and patrick are kissing - Trenchbillies V 1 Comment
149 SpongeBob Kills Everyone (Something Smells)
150 Guy Randomly Transforms into a Werewolf (The Great Patty Caper)

Where did that come from? - Garythesnail

I actually liked it

151 Homeless People Reference (WhoBob WhatPants?)
152 Spongebob being a jerk to everyone (Party Pooper Pants)

What do you expect? SpongeBob's always a jerk, which is why I want Squidward to do away with him.

153 Patchy getting stranded in a desert (Atlantis Squarepantis)
154 Patchy gets fired (Friend or Foe)

He didn't deserve to get fired it was jerky pottieĊ› fault - cadespencer

155 "FIRMLY GRASP IT!" (Jellyfishing)

WAY too gruesome, it could've hurt more than anything in real life.

Oh come on, I love this one! - Garythesnail

It was a classic and laughable moment.

I liked this part. - Chikinan

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156 "Am I really gonna defile this grave for money? Of course I am!" (One Krabs Trash)
157 Triton being imprisoned for being social. (The Clash Of Triton)

So... because triton wants to help... he's not a good god? According to Neptune, he should inspire fear, and he is happy when Triton destroys stuff... that makes no sense!

So Triton is the good guy who wants to be nice and Neptune is the arsehole that wrecks havoc on Bikini Bottom?!? I quit.

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158 Most of the Songs from Atlantis SquarePantis

The "minds/rinds" part made me lose it. To quote 21 Pilots, "I wish I didn't have to rhyme every time I sang". This is why I hate writing songs now. - Chikinan

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159 Karen Being a Unfaithful Wife (One Coarse Meal)

She didn't even help out plankton and nagged him.

Deserves to be higher on the list

160 Patrick Chewing With His Mouth Open and Ignoring SpongeBob (Petsitter Pat) V 1 Comment
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