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1 Gaylord

Hail the lord of the gays

This is what Justin Bieber should change her name to.

are you the lord of gayness or something

I don't like this name because I think it means a Fibber that lies 24/7!

I am watching Lord Gay to see if he lies!

2 Dick

Poor little kid who's named like that!

I know most people know this. But there's a store called Dick's. And if your name is Dick... You DO NOT name a store after yourself. I'm sorry for all you Dicks out there-- wow, that sounds so wrong.

Obviously you shouldn't name your child this... This would be very odd if this was a girl name don't you think?

Me to that is my last name and its denotation (dictionary definition)is powerful ruler, but the connotation( the meaning we attach to a word) we all know what it means.

3 Version 2.0

WOW LOL Who would give a kid a name like that? Oh, I'd like you to meet my son Version 2.0 and my wife Verizon.

So is it a computer? no it's my kid! huh?!?!

literally thats someones name

I think their parents are lifeless scientists that spend too much time with their electronics to the point that they care more about their electronics than their kids and don't know how to raise a real kid, so they name their kid a computer name to make it easier on themselves.

4 Adolf

Forget about Hitler. Think about Adidas, which was founded by Adolf Dassler! He called himself "Adi". You get it? You have Adi, his nickname, and then you have Das, which is part of his last name. Combine them and you get Adidas, a shoe name that we all know and love! No Adolf, no Adidas!

Haha! Named after Adolf Hiltler or something? :))) It's JUST SO ' FUNNY!

Can't believe no one thought of this, because I wouldn't want this name.

It would be a nice name if Hitler hadn't ruined it. -

5 Porky

Like that boy/ girl is fatter than a pig. And got a sibling named beefy, maybe a father named fishy.

I find it hard to believe that anyone would actually name a child porky. it sounds more like something you call someone to tease or be cruel to them.

Porky pig. Loony Toons. I love that show, even though it came on maybe 60 or 70 years before I was born.

Who in the world would name there son/daughter PORKY r u serous right now! I just think it is the stupidest name ever! I don't like it at all

6 Alexis

How is Alexis a bad name? Really give me one good reason... that's right there is no good reason. There is a girl who name is alexis and she is so sweet. that's really mean!

My little sister is the cutest thing in the world; she just got out of the hospital and her name is Alexis. I call her lex Lexi and I love her

How is Alexis a bad name my name is Alexis and I am offended by it I think it is a great name!

Wow my name is alexis and I was just reading this for fun..

7 Caca

Caca means poo is Spanish... yeah who calls their kid that
"I'm going to call them caca! "
"caca doesn't that mean poo in Spanish? "
"exactly! "

A Brazilian Stock Car driver called Caca Bueno finished 3rd in the recent season. His name means "poop good" or "poop well". That's a horrible name to have. Imagine him going on to the podium and the announcer saying, "Give it up for our race winner, Poop Well! " That is so embarrassing. by the way, bueno means good in Spanish.

Hmm I'm gonna name my kid poo but that's too weird how about caca some people wont know what that means

Caca means crap in Romanian and it's a very ugly word. From the other comments, I learned it doesn't only mean that in Romanian. There were some poor villages in Romania called Cacova meaning crappy, but the Communists changed their names. You can say whatever you want about Communists, but I think they did a good thing for these villagers.

8 Moon Unit

Yeah... this is a name. From the ever creative mind of Frank Zappa.

It sounds like a robot name, or some sort of name for a rocket that is supposed to land on the moon. "Moon Unit! Time for dinner data! " Says mom. "Coming mom unit! "

That is pretty stupid

This is a ugly crappy name

9 Pubert

You know those cute little nicknames that evolve from your real name, like Owie from Owen, or something. His would be Puberty. Ha Ha. " Oh, Puberty! Come here, I want you right here. " Ha Ha ha ha!

No offense to anyone with this name, but do parents actually name their children this? You know if you want to call them Bert you could always name them Bertrand or Hubert; but really, Pubert?!

Really how stupid is that its like going up to the meanest kid in school and saying " hi my name is pubert" no offense to anyone with this name but your parents are not right they need to think of their child

Pubert sounds like Hubert. laugh out loud. Puberty, like that other guy said. I don't mean to be mean (weird repeat of words), in fact, my name (classified due to privacy. you Mad? ) is made fun of too in another list by a very un-funny idiot.

10 Olga

When I think of Olga, I think of some old, creepy, Russian witch.

I had an English teacher named Olga, she was a terrible teacher, she pronounced island "is-land" and she scolded me in front of the whole class when I pointed out her mistake.

There is someone in my school named Olga. I like the name Olga, however, some students think it is weird. They were making puns of her name and called her an ogre, and they also made a pun saying "Olga, New-ga"

WHAT THE HECK KIND OG NAME IS OLGA? We're in the 21 century, people! Oh yeah, and my Best friend's name is Alexis, so vote it off the list!

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11 Gavyn

for some reason, my gag reflex goes on overdrive when I hear that name.

Really? This is what happens when ghetto people try to make up names, which they think are so cool, for their kids.

I think this is an accidentally bad pronunciation of Gavin.

I'm pretty sure the name originated from people trying to make fun of boys named Gavin.

12 Swquirty

it sounds like they named their kid after a bad case of diahereeah

Just why would anyone even think of naming their poor child Swquirty?

If you name your child this I have one question for you: is your child a fish?!

It's sounds like what your girl would call you while you two are bangin

13 Alica

Alica not Alicia. You say it a-lick-a. It's not a bad name but I'd rather be called Alicia

It's a nice name not a bad name

I see nothing wrong with this name other than the fact that pronunciation is a bit troublesome without a little help.

Its such a pretty name who would put that on worst names of all times

14 Eugene

If my name was eugene, id change it to Flynn Rider! Ha ha ha ha ha ha that was a reference to tangled

"Eugene Krabs! You need to stop sniffing your money and start managing the Krusty Krab! " I don't mean to be offensive, it was just too tempting.

When I think about this name, it's like "Eugene Krabs! ".

It sounds like that kid in school with the dorky glasses and freckles.

15 Fluffy

" so the newest addition to my family is fluffy."
" Is fluffy a cat? "
" Dog? "
"Then what? "
" My baby sister, you idiot! "
Ha ha

Seriously? Just sad. "Hey Fluffy, come here." "You got a new dog? " "No, I'm talking to my kid."

I just want to find this person and give them a sympathetic hug.

Reminds me of a furry cat or dog. Hey Fluffy want to fight? Might sound like your to soft and going to lose. Is he or she actually furry?

16 Le-a

This name is actually pronounced "Le-dash-a". You pronounce the dash. If you don't believe me, look it up. Stupidest name ever.

When there is a dash in the middle of a name, you know it is going to be hard to pronounce.

Sounds like some manly Russia woman from the Middle Ages.

Did they like accidentally make a pencil mark when filling out the birth certificate?

17 Ian

I think its fine

The worst nickname of all time (in my world) is Baby Ian, when you look at the words, it’s not so bad, but when you are like having a super bad day and your temper is rising, your mortal enemy calls you a baby... >=( but with the name Ian is just so much worse... I pity the Ian s in the universe...

That sounds like a show in Netflix that is so weak he could not lift that is half a pound

Come on, ian isn't that bad, apart from the name looking weird

18 Cerlia

Sounds like Cereal

Celia is fine but CERLIA? No.

Pokemon anyone

Is it like Sir-relia or Kirlia?

19 Melfrid

It sounds like one of those anti-social names.

You just made your kid a butler

God gave me a good name what happened to you

"hi my name is melfrid. I work in sexual marketing"

20 Cody

Sorry I voted so I could say that this is a cool name! My friend’s name is Cody and he is so sweet! Gertrude is unfortunate tho

I actually quite like this name it's really cool! It shouldn't be on this list!

It just sounds really weird to me... I don't know

I actually like this name. And Alexis

21 Gertrude

I call my friend gertrude and she cannot stop laughing when I do

Boss: Gertrude! Go fix the regurgitating toilet on the 2nd floor, please!
Gertrude: Yeth ma'am.
( Tries to fix toilet)
Gertrude: But I can't Toi-toi and I are in love!

The sound you make when you barf

I like this name, I'm reading a book at my school library called Margaret and the moth tree and in it there is a person called gertrude

22 Opal

Actually, Opal is a gemstone. I wouldn't name my child Opal though, it doesn't really have a nice ring to it. But it does look good written down. :P

This name is cool in my opinion.

I actually wish I had this name.

This name is actually good

23 John

Why is my name on here? Why is it bad? At least it's not ridiculous like Gaylord or Shaniqua

But he is the cool guy in my school

My dads name is john

It means toilet

24 Bartholomew

Sounds like you're throwing up.

Same like my comment on John. Bartholomew is one of Jesus apostles

This is Bart Simpsons real name from the show the simpsons

Barry Allen thank you very much... his full name is Bartholomew Henry Allen

25 Erwin

Erwin Smith! I think this is a great name!

Reminds me of a bug disguised as a leaf for some reason.

This name is like a sneeze "Erwin".

It sounds like a little kid trying to say "Erin".

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