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1 Gaylord

Hail the lord of the gays

This is what Justin Bieber should change her name to. - tornadoeater

Lord of the gays. - AlphaQ

Blah blah blah who would name their kid this?!

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2 Dick

Poor little kid who's named like that!

Me to that is my last name and its denotation (dictionary definition)is powerful ruler, but the connotation( the meaning we attach to a word) we all know what it means.

I know most people know this. But there's a store called Dick's. And if your name is Dick... You DO NOT name a store after yourself. I'm sorry for all you Dicks out there-- wow, that sounds so wrong.

This is the worst name in the world, poor kid...

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3 Version 2.0

WOW LOL Who would give a kid a name like that? Oh, I'd like you to meet my son Version 2.0 and my wife Verizon.

Maybe it's a robot? - Unicorn123

So is it a computer? no it's my kid! huh?!?! - moose4life19


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4 Adolf

Who would name their child this?

Forget about Hitler. Think about Adidas, which was founded by Adolf Dassler! He called himself "Adi". You get it? You have Adi, his nickname, and then you have Das, which is part of his last name. Combine them and you get Adidas, a shoe name that we all know and love! No Adolf, no Adidas!

Your sisters mista is called this but its actually your sister

Haha! Named after Adolf Hiltler or something? :))) It's JUST SO ' FUNNY!

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5 Porky

This kid is bound to be piggish - Unicorn123

Is he really a pig LOL.

This name sucks


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6 Alexis

How is Alexis a bad name? Really give me one good reason... that's right there is no good reason. There is a girl who name is alexis and she is so sweet. that's really mean!


My friends named this it's cute not bad and awesome

How is this bad

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7 Olga

I thought I was the only one who dislikes this

When I hear that name I think of an oger

My teacher is named Olga lol - JGirlMusic

When I think of Olga, I think of some old, creepy, Russian witch. - swrs1234

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8 Caca

Caca means poo is Spanish... yeah who calls their kid that
"I'm going to call them caca! "
"caca doesn't that mean poo in Spanish? "
"exactly! "

Hmm I'm gonna name my kid poo but that's too weird how about caca some people wont know what that means

Caca means is poop in Arabic and Spanish. I'm so done-

Hey my name is caca - caca1234

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9 Moon Unit

Who would name their kid this? - Raccoon234

Yeah... this is a name. From the ever creative mind of Frank Zappa. - fireinside96

It sounds like a robot name, or some sort of name for a rocket that is supposed to land on the moon. "Moon Unit! Time for dinner data! " Says mom. "Coming mom unit! " - username34

That is pretty stupid - minongirl77

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10 Pubert


just wow.

You know those cute little nicknames that evolve from your real name, like Owie from Owen, or something. His would be Puberty. Ha Ha. " Oh, Puberty! Come here, I want you right here. " Ha Ha ha ha!


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11 Tula Does the Hula from Hawaii

Me and my friends joke about this name all the time I don't know okay?

Quite honorable

Someone was actually named this for 9 years. - Raccoon234

Amazing. - Unicorn123

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12 Gavyn

Really? This is what happens when ghetto people try to make up names, which they think are so cool, for their kids.

That is spelled weirdly in my opinion.

I think this is an accidentally bad pronunciation of Gavin. - username34

I'm pretty sure the name originated from people trying to make fun of boys named Gavin.

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13 Swquirty

Best name ever! My non existent dog has this name and it's so dumb that all ye peasants are saying that my family member has a dumb name lollololol

Just why would anyone even think of naming their poor child Swquirty?

If you name your child this I have one question for you: is your child a fish?!

It's sounds like what your girl would call you while you two are bangin

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14 Alica

Alica not Alicia. You say it a-lick-a. It's not a bad name but I'd rather be called Alicia

It's a nice name not a bad name

I see nothing wrong with this name other than the fact that pronunciation is a bit troublesome without a little help. - username34

Its such a pretty name who would put that on worst names of all times

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15 Eugene

Careful with that axe, Eugene - Nickelstickman

If my name was eugene, id change it to Flynn Rider! Ha ha ha ha ha ha that was a reference to tangled


"Eugene Krabs! You need to stop sniffing your money and start managing the Krusty Krab! " I don't mean to be offensive, it was just too tempting. - username34

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16 Le-a

Just call your kid lea then

This name is actually pronounced "Le-dash-a". You pronounce the dash. If you don't believe me, look it up. Stupidest name ever.

When there is a dash in the middle of a name, you know it is going to be hard to pronounce. - username34

I actually like that.

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17 Fluffy

" so the newest addition to my family is fluffy."
" Is fluffy a cat? "
" Dog? "
"Then what? "
" My baby sister, you idiot! "
Ha ha

Seriously? Just sad. "Hey Fluffy, come here." "You got a new dog? " "No, I'm talking to my kid."

I just want to find this person and give them a sympathetic hug. - username34

Especially if the surname is Dick or Duck... Fluffy Dick or Fluffy Duck.

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18 Ian

I think its fine

That sounds like a show in Netflix that is so weak he could not lift that is half a pound

Come on, ian isn't that bad, apart from the name looking weird

Ian is the worst name in the world because a guy from my school name is Ian and he is so gay

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19 Cerlia

Sounds like Cereal

Celia is fine but CERLIA? No.

Pokemon anyone

Is it like Sir-relia or Kirlia?

20 Melfrid

"hi my name is melfrid. I work in sexual marketing"

It sounds like one of those anti-social names. - username34

You just made your kid a butler

God gave me a good name what happened to you

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21 Adele Adele Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is an English singer and songwriter. Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. She is best known with her international hit singles ...read more.

Goodbye from the other side! - mistyglow

I love the singer Adele, so I can see myself using this as a tribute to her.

Adele is a pretty good singer, I don't love her music, but I like it. - username34

What is rong with that name. Say one good reason for that being a bad name … well oh wait there isn't one

22 Cody

This is from Warrior Cats you know... see the second series.

I actually quite like this name it's really cool! It shouldn't be on this list!

It just sounds really weird to me... I don't know - Navylexi

I actually like this name. And Alexis

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23 Gertrude

I call my friend gertrude and she cannot stop laughing when I do

Boss: Gertrude! Go fix the regurgitating toilet on the 2nd floor, please!
Gertrude: Yeth ma'am.
( Tries to fix toilet)
Gertrude: But I can't Toi-toi and I are in love!

This name makes me want to fart

It sounds like regurgitate

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24 Opal

I actually wish I had this name.

Actually, Opal is a gemstone. I wouldn't name my child Opal though, it doesn't really have a nice ring to it. But it does look good written down. :P

This name is cool in my opinion.

This name is actually good

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25 John

Why is my name on here? Why is it bad? At least it's not ridiculous like Gaylord or Shaniqua - MusicalPony

What’s wrong with the name? - blackflower

But he is the cool guy in my school

My dads name is john

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26 Bartholomew

so hot

Barf and meow... - mistyglow

Sounds like you're throwing up. - username34

Barry Allen thank you very much... his full name is Bartholomew Henry Allen

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27 Erwin

It sounds like a little kid trying to say "Erin".

Erwin Smith! I think this is a great name!

Reminds me of a bug disguised as a leaf for some reason. - username34

This name is like a sneeze "Erwin".

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28 Austin

Stephen F Austin! The city was named after him! - Unicorn123

Austin is a nice name!

Most cities and places are named for or after a person. In this case, the person who founded Austin Texas must be named Austin or something like that. - username34

I know a city and a kid named Austin. I like this name. My name is John though.

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29 Gil

Is it going to be fish tailed boy with blue hair going underwater to sing in class?

Gil's a cute name for a fish... Am I the only one who thinks of Gil from Descendants 2?

30 Felicia

Bye Felicia! - Copenhagen

Um this is actually my name... To be honest I think its kinda boss because Alicia was just too mainstream :P

It sounds like "fellatio"

Bye booboo this name is great

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31 Felicity

She's my BFF on hi puppies who quit I think this name is epic

I used to hate this name, but Arrow changed my opinion.

This is a good name not a bad name

Felicity! Felicity SMOKE! I love the flash!

32 Barney

It only works if you're having a big, annoying purple dinosaur who has his own sitcom.

IS he or she that purple dinosaur that I used to watch when I was little or something?

Barney Rubble! He's one of the favourite character of all time.

Barney from the Simpsons

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33 Boris

When Trump has a better haircut than the most famous person with your child's name you should give up. - Puga

It's a Bulgarian/Romanian name. To foreigners it might sound weird, but to those where it's used, it's normal.

This is the name you should give a dog. Seriously! My dog's name is Boris! - Silverstripes13

I thought of Men In Black 3 when I read this.

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34 Ramadan

Ramen noodles?

I think that's racist because that's an Islamic special month and it doesn't sound that bad

Ramadon is not racist u retards it’s part of a religion

Ramadan is an actual name guys... - Badassblackman

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35 Bob

My neighbor is called bob lmao - Unicorn123

Minion or da Bob for today?

I love Bob! Not that I would name a child that though

Bob the builder

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36 Sextina

Parents: We should boost our child's probability of becoming a hooker!
Friend: How?
Parents: By naming her Sextina!
Friend:... - username34

Invented by horny ass parents who had way too much sex.

To whoever has this name, I'm sorry

"Hi, I'm Sextina! "

"Um...um..." *runs away*

"What did I say? " - KayleeKicklighter

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37 Mary Jane

That name is in song lyrics, therefore it is good.

Name of a prescription healing herb that grows from the earth. I'm sure the many of cancer patients etc. named their kids this after the miracle plant that helped relieve pain and destroy their cancer cells. Take your "prohibition" elsewhere and go get drunk, loser.

I love that name a lot. It's better than Apple

Sounds like its from the 60

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38 Mckenzie

I love this name a lot

Heck no my friend is named McKenzie but pronounced like Mac -KEN z

I love this name But MACKENZIE pronounced Ma-ken-zee. A lot of people hate it because its boys but do you think I care if Mac is for boys. A lot of girls have Mackenzie which now makes it unisex so you can't just say its for boys.

Sounds ugly and horrible. Kinda reminds me of McDonalds (Mac should also be on here for all the same reasons).

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39 Jhon

Jhon uh that sounds just like a normal name here in the U. S which is spelled John.

it is cool

40 Ezmaralda

Sounds like a corrupted form of ''Esmeralda'' (Emerald)

Sounds like an evil witch's name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX


Sounds like an evil queens name. no offense. - username34

41 Melvin

Wow how did that comment get approved

Who would name a poor child Melvin. It doesn't sound right MELVIN

What the hell?

The the the daaa. - mattstat716

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42 Satan

Best name ever! 1!

"Satan who get the hell outa her"
"why? "
"cause you are Satan"

How mean of the parents

Yes, because naming my child after the God of evil definitely isn't going to get him teased or offend any religious people! *sarcasm*

If he's really popular, everyone is going to be like

"All hail the mighty Satan"

What messed up parents would name an adorable baby that!

But if he's JB's baby, then it would be fine.

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43 Olly

My abusive cousins name

44 Tom

My name is Tom - Jackinabox

My cats name is tom how dare u

45 Sacha

Spell it normally at least. Sasha. - username34

Too bad Sasha and Sacha don't even sound the same.

You would say this name as sucker

That's my dogs name

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46 Benalia
47 Shaniqua

That's my nickname but I'm white. My brother calls me Shaniqua. - Copenhagen

I hate all of these ghetto names. Just because you are of a different social class doesn't mean you should name your kid something ridiculous like this! It sounds like a tiny Latin American country!

Read the book freakonomics. Even if I liked the name, you have doomed the child to a lifetime of negative assumptions. I'm not saying it's fair, it reality. For similar reasons I wouldn't name my kid "Rothchild".

I love this name, it's mine and my friends nickname "shaniqua the lamb" this shouldn't be on the list, it's an awesome name.

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48 Sally
49 Boy

This name is like the name guy, is it like when boy is a kid then you call him boy and when boy is an adult you call him guy like stupid names.

I'm gonna name my daughter this when I grow up and give birth to a girl just for the sake of it

Maybe there mutants or a lesbian had sex with her and just for cover called him boy

What if someone named their daughter this name...

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50 Danil
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