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1 Windows 8

Did Microsoft even test this with laptop users? Surely even limited tests with users would have shown that it's unpopular. They've tried to make an OS that is suitable for laptop, tablet and phone an instead created something that is awful for all of them. It beggars belief that a company with so much money is capable of creating something so bad.
To add insult to injury the Microsoft 'how to use windows 8' guides are worse than the product, if that's possible and trying to contact support is a waste of a lot of your time. There is nowhere to get real support or even make a complaint.

But then Microsoft isn't like most companies, as they have a monopoly; If Microsoft didn't have a monopoly, no one would choose their product and they wouldn't exist.

Windows 8! The slowest piece I have ever owned! When you're on internet explorer, it's always freezing and having stupid runscript errors, or even crashing sometime, regardless of it's conditions and specs. And don't even get me started on it's lack of ability. You can't download things from the web, or run EXE files! It just gives you message that says "This app can't run on your PC". You can only download stuff from what they call, the Windows store. The windows store is simply the worst app store ever! It's missing thousands of downloadable programs! Even the most common. It even lacks a lot of mobile apps you find in the apple store, or the Google play store. It's even missing the most popular, most common apps like temple run, five nights at Freddy's, Facebook, and subway surf. Instead it only has really lame apps. I have been checking the play store for two years now, and only found 5 good apps so far. And That really sucks. What good is an OS that is constantly ...more

Could be the end of Microsoft? Well look at it this way, why release an operating system that is make for tablets but make it mandatory on every new computer and notebook sold? Also the tablet market is saturated already with apple, and now Android which is now a viable OS. So, In summation Win 8 abandoned the PC and the Productivity market (which it had a monopoly on) and instead developed an OS to compete with apple and android (who own the tablet market) Utter stupidity!

It's super hard to navigate, because of Microsoft's shoddy accusation that all computers in the working world would have tablet interfaces. Basically, it works better as a tablet interface instead of a desktop interface. - stinkyjaden

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2 Windows ME

Why is it every time a new Windows operating system is released, people claim it's the worst ever? Windows 7 until the problems with Windows Installer, Windows Update issues. I do question the timing of these problems Windows 7, does anyone else?. Vista? You have got to be kidding me with that. Vista did not get a fair chance. I bought my new computer with Vista installed - I never had a problem with Vista. Windows ME wins hands down for the worst. I have NEVER had so many problems installing an OS. They should have named it MC Microsoft Crash, that's all the system did. I thought the blue screen was a new feature! (Kidding) Very unstable, there was no fixing it. It was so bad Microsoft should have tracked down every poor soul who purchased that dung. Secret teams should have been dispatched to apologize, giving us double our money back refunds. We should have got XP for free. It was a nightmare, I used to joke with my dad, if he kept bothering me, I would install ME on all of his ...more

All those people voting for Windows 8 or Vista have no clue what they are talking about. Sure they are bad but ME is in a league of its own. The reason why Vista and Windows get more votes is more people tried them. ME was Microsoft's shortest lived OS ever with lifespan of only 1 year. It is the only OS that has not been fixed and had no service packs. Microsoft gave up on this OS as there was no way to fix it. Their official fix was buying XP. Most traces of this OS ever existing has been hidden by Microsoft, it is just that bad.

There's unofficial patches to enable Real DOS mode in ME that improve the operating system. - PerfectImpulseX

I own three legacy machines. One from '98, one from '99, and one from '00. I have tried to install Windows ME on the latter two, and it didn't work at all. Halfway through the installation process they both blue screened, and many hours of messing with BIOS settings and swapping out different parts in the computers did nothing to rectify the problem. It actually managed to install on the first one, but every time I tried to install a program that worked fine on 98 SE, there was some kind of error, not to mention it ran Scandisk every time it booted. 8 and Vista are nasty, but ME is a special kind of terrible. I might as well have been trying to install Mac OSX on those machines.


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3 Windows Vista

It crashes all the time, I was using home basic and I have been using it for five years but one day it just said there is a problem and it can't even boot. It told me to remove any newly installed hardware but I didn't even got any hardware installed recently!

Blue screens all the time, run slowly, although it's intel core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM.

Worst operating system put out by Microsoft - slow, freezes up, memory hog, crashes during updates, not worth the money

Actually, this is the operating system I used a few years ago, and it's actually not all that bad from personal experience. - stinkyjaden

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4 Google Chrome OS

Is nothing but a web browser. Completely lacks any programs other than a calculator the the Chrome Web Browser.
The only programs you can get are web based, which you obtain from the Chrome Web Store, where Google calls them "APPS", and they are far from Andy applications I have seen. However, this OS can be stable and if a web browser is all you need, then I guess Chrome OS is okay for that.

It is the worst os ever. It boots in less than 8 sec. It does not hang, it doesn't get virus. It works out of box. It does not get virus. It updates on its own. There are no drivers to install.

I hate it. It just works and this is very very boring.

Among the worst OSes I have ever used. Everything runs in Chrome, already a terrible browser, and half the time it, doesn't even work right. It's difficult to even do simple things like research projects on Chrome OS. It requires a browser to edit a text document, restricting us to the sad, sad word processors like Word Online, or worse yet, Google Docs. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. Even Windows Vista (without service packs) is more useful than Chrome OS

It will slow down over time almost to the point of being unusable and the thing crashes on me when I have 2 or more news articles open. Oh and I have gotten more viruses through Chrome OS than I have through Windows XP and that is saying something. And after my first year of using the thing, the OS has been getting more and more buggy and unstable than any other OS I have ever had the displeasure of using, and I HAVE used Windows Vista for a solid 3 years.

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5 Windows 8.1

Another OS by Microsoft
Microsoft this time promised to add start menu to make this OS user friendly but After downloading the release preview I realized that on clicking the start menu it just opened the same screen of Windows 8. Worst OS from Microsoft. These kind of OS is only meant for tablets, touchscreen devices. I think Microsoft must look forward to enhance the User Interface of Windows 7

Windows 8.1 is only a slight improvement over Windows 8.0... it's still practically unusable for business. Access to information that was one mouse click away in Windows 7.0 is now two or three clicks away. It may open and shut down faster, but there is nothing else fast about working in the Windows 8.1/8 environment. I've used every Microsoft OS since 1984. The best so far have been Windows 7, Windows 2000, Windows NT 3.1 - 4.0 and Windows 98/95. The worst have been Windows 8.1/8, Vista and Windows ME. I am surprised that Vista and Windows 8 have not been franchise killers.

I have been a Windows user since 3.0. I am well grounded in the operating system and have been able to navigate easy until now. They have completely moved things around and made it the most user unfriendly operating system to date. I'm not talking button pushers but power users. I bought a computer for my son and I know struggle to help him resolve problems. I hope this system gets put to rest along side BOB.

u suck

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6 Windows RT

This pile of vomit is worse than anything I've ever used. I used to own a Surface RT, I got it from school when I went there. Holy hell it was a miserable experience. Saying that they already upgraded all their PCs to Windows 8, which sucks, not going to lie, at least I could customise them somewhat. Not with Windows Real Travesty (RT) which was used on earlier models of the Surface before Microsoft abolished it to the fiery pits of hell along with Windows ME, where it belongs.

You can't do anything with Windows RT. Download Google Chrome to replace Internet Crapsplorer? Nope. It ain't happening. Actually you can't download anything from the World Wide Web which is plain awful. You can only download applications from the pathetically small Windows Store on the device. Also the applications aren't tailored for a touch interface. Trying to press those tiny buttons with the finger on Microsoft Word? Torture.

Simply put, Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 which is ...more - Cazaam

Completely useless can't even use adobe has its own PDF reader that has no features RT = really terrible!

This is my first tablets I got as soon as I figured out I couldn't play exe or anything I spelled it for a window 7 tablets that can play exes - Matt92647

Microsoft should really stick to PCs not smartphones and tablets. - PerfectImpulseX

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Overrated, stupid, the opposite of user friendly (actually apple tries constantly to make it all more difficult for the users), slow and with a lot of problems compared to Linux and Windows 7, over-expensive, did I mentioned slow?.. Wayward like an old man on a bad day... The list could go on forever.

I wished I threw my money in the garbage instead of buying that cancer.

Dumb and stupid usability of OSX or MacOS X makes it completely useless. The unix shell could be useful but lacks a proper package manager, everyone had to use a third party package manager like homebrew to install anything, all of which are extremely primitive and not user friendly. The graphical user interface is so stupid that it doesn't even show which applications are open properly, it shows small dots at the end of icons in dock, that does not indicate the number of windows open, so can't switch between windows of the same application. It is utterly confusing to maximize / restore or minimize a window, where does it go. All application files are hidden away, in a maze of dirty file structure with hundreds of wrong directory permissions, for example user doesn't even have full writes in their own home directory by default.

I have no idea what to say, only an idiot would pay $2000 for this os.

OS X is a Apple crap.It's SO expensive and it don't have any features.Just get a Windows Computer for more cheap and get more features... - ARandomGuy

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8 Blackberry OS

I had a blackberry before and every time I attempted to use this operating system I wanted to chuck it out the window and run it over with a car.

It's the worst mobile operating system. I tried to upgrade to iPhone but my mum won't let me have it. And my dad forced me to have Blackberry so I am stuck with this garbage.



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9 iOS

One of the most stupid products made for stupid people. You need to pay to get your own content stored into your own device. Unless the user is so dumb and stupid and running on father's money, no one should need to do that. There is no use of iOS other than paying apple. And intentionally blocks any third party development to make it useful in anyway. Extreme waste of hardware on an extremely restricted software that doesn't do anything but sending money to apple.

Terrible keyboard, probably the main reason I detest iOS. Apps with no settings. Cross device OS that doesn't take size into consideration. The 12 inch iPad Pro has the same number of words on it as an iPad mini or an iPhone. Absolutely ridiculous. How could Apple be so cheap to not design something functional and relevant for their beautiful devices?

Useless attempt to try to be elitist. It is just a marketing product aimed for the masses to believe they belong to the selected group of exclusive VIP 1% when they are not. Apple hunts for customers who spend all their credit card limit in a Louis Vuitton product and at the same time collect discount coupons for McDonald's

IOS is looks like every Apple Product... A piece of Apple"s crap! It's a operating system for who don't knows anything about computers.I want to be free, I want Android! - ARandomGuy

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10 MS-DOS 4.0

If you love text based operating systems and your favorite company is Microsoft, you would use this, I mean why would you use it? It's just a giant command prompt that all the versions of Windows have, Microsoft, please get better by keeping Windows 8 and building off of it.

It's a DOS what do you expect?
It wasn't that bad - CerealGuy

Biggest pile I've ever seen.

MS DOS 4.0 is a very good DOS Operating System. It's the first os with a GUI (i DON'T KNOW IF IT IS REALLY CALLS GUI). It's better than earlier DOS OS S.

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11 Symbian

Nothing to do here.

It was good back there in 2001-2009, but now...

Never used it, but utter crap.

12 Linux

HEY! I SEROIUSLY disagree about linux being bad...
Linux by itself isn't even really an OS- there are just linux distros,
Though I can understand why you wouldn't like some of them Ubuntu is a really good distro. You should really try it sometime!


Linex is an free and open source... It was written in C..


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13 Windows 1.0

This was made before the internet existed, idiots...

Windows 1.0 is NOT an operating system. It runs on DOS.

Worst "upgrade" experience of my life, and once finally installed, still a massively buggy, unusable mess. Time to look beyond Microsoft for a reliable OS.

It Is 37 YEARS OLD retarded person - TheMagzo

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14 Windows 2.x

Windows 2.03 is not the worst OS. Also, I have never used it. And, it now includes a maximise, minimise, and close buttons. But it now has task overlapping (like todays versions of Windows) Also, Paint still looks like Windows 1.01, STILL!

Windows 2.x is not an operating system, but rather an operating environment. Same with the other DOS-based versions of Windows that were released before Windows 95. - drdevil

Without Windows 2 you would still has a 1.0 interface with no multitasking. - njalabi63989

Why Windows 2.03! WHY!

15 IOS 7

Drains battery too fast, and its too bright - Harri666

Really apple? Try again, I get headaches from looking at your interface.

IOS is the worst. You might as well put it second right below windows 8.

9 is worse.IOS 7 is cool.Not as good as android though - pugiscool

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16 Eeebuntu

That's not an Ubuntu misspell, it is bad, and it is now Aurora.

That is not how you spell ubuntu

Actually linux is better then all the other os's here

17 Red Star OS

If you think that Windows 10 is the worst OS of all time then you've never heard of North Korea's own Linux distro that blocks stuff that North Korea finds offensive. This really should be #1 because of that. - PerfectImpulseX

18 Windows 1.01

1985! 1 year after Apple puts out System 1, Microsoft pulls out Windows 1.x. I am not sure if MS was kinda ify about competing with Windows due to there popularity in MS-DOS (My theory) however if they were trying to compete then WHY! This version although was color unlike Mac, was not very good in design, where you could not overlap Windows, let alone use many at a time, and the graphics were really ugly, and hard to look at for long periods of time. Microsoft has not really changed in how they push something until it becomes something, because the mouse was yet to be widespread, yet the whole system put a lot of emphasis on using a mouse. Along with many performance issues, and a lack of really anything, this systems comes down to one of the worst. - yellowwinner

I would take old windows any day of week.Windows 10 is a joke

Seriously! You guys need to know that it has existed before the introduction of the Internet! :(

Hate it worst is ever. Msdos executive r.I.p

19 Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Someone who uses this will actually go to hell

Wow this is a thing.

It has rude images in it

And it's just a rethemed ubuntu 10.10

It should be called "Ubuntu 10.10 rethemed".
Yes, it's rethemed for satanists, if you use it you'll actually go to hell.
Is programmist, who created ubuntu was satanist?

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20 Lindows

This is what happens if you put win ME and Linux together.It can't run even 1 program designed for Windows.That is why Microsoft brougt them.

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