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41 Windows Mobile 6.5

Why is this here? It's fine as a feature phone OS.

42 Android OS

Android is still the best mobile operating system out there. I've been an Android user since 2008. Viruses? You have to be stupid to think that you actually have a virus on your phone cause an add popped up.
If you don't buy a 50 dollar phone then you will not get any lag. I have to say that Android is much more reliable than Windows Phone.

Less secure than iOS, gets hacked easily. That's all

Android OS gets more hacked easily than Apple OS.

Why the hell Android in this list? - ARandomGuy

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43 Windows Longhorn Build 4029
44 Windows NT 3.1
45 Windows Home Server

I've never used it, but it could be all right if you want to pay for a home server.
The standard versions of Windows already allow you to create your own server (and Linux, if you really want to waste time on that). But I guess this makes it easier to do so.

46 MS DOS v6.0

Microsoft added a command to double the space on a harddrive, didn't test it out fully. They had to rush to ship v6.22 weeks after they put 6.0 out.

47 Windows 7

Why is this on here, WINDOWS 7 is best!

What the heck? If you are an XP fan I can understand (You don't want to upgrade) since I am actually one too. But for any other reason, that reason will be STRAIGHT FROM HELL! 7 IS BEAST!

Although many people hate Windows 10, I would actually prefer it over this piece of crap. I've recently downgraded to try Windows 7 again since it's been about a year since I've last used it. I instantly noticed that my ping in games were unstable. For example, my ping is normally around 42 and it suddenly spikes all the way up to 500+. The FPS is also slightly lower like maybe a 10 FPS decrease. Overall, Windows 7 is not for me. Maybe it's because I've been too accustomed to Windows 10 but I do not recommend this for Windows 10 users coming back to Windows 7. The aero theme is still cool though.

I can understand if you use XP, or 2000, but any other reasons is bad - BorisRule

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48 Windows XP

I saw 7 just 5 seconds ago on this list...Now XP? God what is wrong with you? The only reason anyone would hate XP is that you are a Linux Ass! There are no reasons to hate XP!

Windows XP is #39 on the list because it is the BEST OS THAT I HAVE EVER USED!

The only reason to hate XP is security issues. I like Luna, but many people hate it and think that it is a fisher price toy. I prefer Aero.

It was bad until Service Pack 2. That's all I have to say.

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49 Elive OS

1. You can't get Minecraft on it, I know it's the fastest operating system in the world but, dang, if you want a Operating System to be popular, you have to make it so it can run games.

YOU Cannot even play games on this big fat pile of dog crap.

50 Android

Fragmented OS. Users don't get updates when they are released. Layout is not neatly organised and in many cases features are not intuitive. No quality control on what overlays other manufacturers can put on top of stock android - as a result you get excessive bloatware with overlays like TouchWiz.

Software is open so you don't get the benefits of having the hardware work well with the software from a closed operating system. As a result phones need extra hardware specs in order to run as efficiently and smoothly as an iPhone. The ecosystem is also barely existent because of fragmentation.

Very little quality control. The goal of Google is to get as many people using Android as possible and not to producing the best system that provides the best user experience. Hence certain features are thrown in rather than implemented well like Google Wallet.

Whenever I try to play games it crashed. I've tried reinstalled the app and restart my phone, same thing happened again.

Horribly slow, fragmented, insecure, ugly OS. There are so many things wrong with Android that it makes me sad to have to write it, so I'm stopping here.

I love android. Android is so good. it can even take apks. Unlike iOS, which I also believe is the worst operating system

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51 Windows 3.0

It doesn't even have internet! But it does have a new look from 2 and 1.

Well duh dumbass, Windows 3.0 never had internet because it was released in 1990. The internet NEVER existed in 1990.

52 OS X Yosemite

This was on the list before it was released, who put this here at that time?

Since it is Mac it is bad!

OSX is much better than Windows 10!

Apple simply does not care about its old hardware, my mums white macbook has 2gb ram which all it needs but apple only allows people with alunimin macbook 2008 onward. So I can't get this or mavericks - Harri666

53 Lisa Office System

This OS was very expensive, and the computer was too.
It costs $10000 for this OS.

54 Ubuntu 12.10

Usually I like Ubuntu, but this release was absolute garbage. Performance was subpar. The Nvidia graphics driver installer broke the desktop due to lack of kernel headers. Apps crashed regularly. This release was rushed out before it was ready.

55 Mac OS 8
56 SCO Open Desktop
57 OS/360 (1964)

Not user-friendly.You need to flick a LOT of levers to even run this OS.

58 Windows 3.1
59 Windows 2000

I haven't used this OS but I've seen it in action on YouTube. But it does have least no random BSoDs like ME.

Why Windows 2000 is here? D8 < - BorisRule

60 Xubuntu V 1 Comment
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