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1 Stunfisk

Its cry is a fart noise! It stinks-literally! One of the dumbest ideas for a cry... Well that was stupid to say. Obviously it actually IS one of the dumbest. It's #6!

"Stop making fun of stunfisk! "

Yeah guys, stop making fun of the poor weird farting-ground-electric fish that looks like it had it's face run over by a truck! But seriously, are you DEFENDING stunfisk? Also I kinda like deino's cry. It sounds like a snapping animal and only mildly sounds like a fart

Mix farting with electricity and you'll have a bad time.

Wild STUNFISK appeared!

*loud fart noise*


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2 Trubbish

Who ever put this up is mean how dare they make fun of trubbish its my 2nd cutest pokemon

Best. Cry. Ever.
If you don't agree you can fight me... And my team of 6 level 100 trubbishes

I like the "turbbish tur." Sound but it's not the best cry out there

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3 Electabuzz

I don't like Electabuzz because of its ear-bleeding cry.

I know why do people don't put as number one worst!

This cry forces you to take the headphones off! I sounds like the game froze in a glitchy mess!

Ahhh! My game is glitching out! Huh? Oh, I mean, I found an Electabuzz...ugh!

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4 Skuntank

Ugly Pokemon, ugly cry. Its cry is a loud, droning fart... Oh how you can make a game that is immature in many people's eyes even more immature.

I almost threw up when I heard Skuntank's cry. Dude, it sounded like a grosser version of a fart!

I actually love Skuntank's cry. Skuntank: The fart Pokemon. I love farting too

Skuntank has a beautiful, majestic cry. The sound of the golden melody was like a choir of angels from heaven. It has movitated me and inspired me. This breathtakingly beautiful cry is more majestic than Milotic's appearance. Stunning. Fantastic and amazingly beautiful cry. I am now a youtuber with more subscribers than Pewdiepie because this beautiful cry has movitated and inspired me. It also have me determination to never give up. Yes, even when people spam Undertale references due to the word in the last sentence. (This is a joke)

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5 Bidoof

Ugh. The sound of this thing. It's like it's MORE than happy to see you, like if you were to literally meet it, it would go up to you and squeal "DOF! ". It has a face I wouldn't mind smashing with a frying pan.

Poor bidoof...I kinda like his cute cry...

Loud, but not that bad BID-DO sorta

Bidoof:Bom-bink (super squicky) me: what the f--- was that my cousin:that was the bidoof on your Pokemon ranger game me: quit chaising me you squicky
F---ing thing my cousin: quit swairing me: who cares this thing is Bidoof:Bom-bink me: F--- up

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6 Jynx Jynx Ice and Psychic type Pokemon. Similar to celebrity Nikki Minaj. Evolves from Smoochum. (What a great and thoughtful name.)

Worst cry ever sounds like the thing pooped it self. The little thing sucks to. Also sounds like a cat that's whimpering because it got run over by a bike and it's whimpering because the stupid thing put its tail out to get run over. WORST CRY EVER!

I kinda like that it holds the record for having the longest cry ever, but it's just to loud. And it sounds too much like Hypno's cry.

I'm scared, seriously first a creepy Pokemon, then a creepy cry, ITS LIKE THEY WANT ME TO HATE THIS ABOMINATION OF A Pokemon

Dunadunadunaduna but rlly weird sounding

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7 Probopass

An ugly cry suit an equally ugly Pokemon. - UltimateTrubbishHater1

Listen carful it's cry sounds like a sneeze!

It sounds like it sneezes and then says "kill me" - stromaemaestro

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8 Dialga Dialga

You know what, you Dialga haters? If it was real, Dialga would throw you in a time rift. Dialga is a GOD to some of us and it is a legendary Pokemon, so don't hate on him.

Why is this even on here? I like its cry

Sounds like a scream.. And some of the things below. But Dialga is still an awesome Pokemon!

Dialga is not the worst, take this out of the list

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9 Deino

Swear at the end there is a frat (only me? ) GAMEFREAK AND FARTS seriously!

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10 Zubat Zubat

Just a loud, annoying screech. - UltimateTrubbishHater1

This Pokémon's cry is not as annoying as the others

Meh, not as bad as some others

Fan noise is great.

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11 Mienfoo

Mienfoo sounds fine to me.

Just talk to my dad

Sounds fine to me.

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12 Dunsparce V 1 Comment
13 Victreebel

Your words burnt MY ears. Victreebel is a darn good Pokemon. You wish you had this one on your team.

This is my impression of victreebel. AaaaRrrrgh that sounds painful

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14 Wailmer

What's wrong with Wailmer's cry? Laugh out loud. It's actually a cry that you'd listen to more than once because it's oddly realistic. It's fascinating.

I see nothing wrong with this cry

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15 Kricketune

It sounds worse than Dora theme song.

So annoying, it's like a nuke

Oh. My. God. This has to be the mos ANNOYING cry that has entered anyone's ears.

How on list

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16 Crustle

This thing sounds like it's secretly gnawing on the inside of your ears. Tru story.

Little high pitched, sorta like when you speed your voice up

17 Diggersby Diggersby

Diggersby is a barrel with 4 arms and two legs that is burping. Screw off, diggersby.

Absolute worst cry! Makes my ears cry for mercy.

Oh my god it sounds like its puking

Sounds terrible!

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18 Terrakion Terrakion

How. you feel like after your 3 yr old son grows a dick bigger than yours

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19 Arceus Arceus Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Granit its kinda cool in the right situation but it just sounds like a malfunctioning computer it reminds me of the dial-up sound

Sounds somewhat electronic yet Arceus is not a robot... OR IS IT

It's one of the best

Don't get me wrong I love Arceus but it's cry sounds like a computer. - RiverClanRocks

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20 Garchomp Garchomp

With my garchomp, I defeated a level 100 SHINY ARCEUS!

Why is GARCHOMP on the list?!?!?!? I have a level 100 garchomp, and we are like, BFFs!

It sounds almost exactly like Scooby Doo, especially after it's sent into battle.

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