Top Ten Worst Pokemon Gym Leaders / Elite Four

The Top Ten Worst Pokemon Gym Leaders / Elite Four

1 Bugsy

I beat this guy/gal. WITH MY CHIKORITA. AND JUST MY CHIKORITA. Moral of the story? Don't hate on Chikorita, hate on Bugsy.

The funny thing is...Chikorita has the obvious type advantage...the fact that you mopped the floor with this guy with a Chikorita just shows how incompetent he is as a gym leader.

Really, he, or she, as some people say, is a terrible idea! Pink hair, short jeans, neon green.

Is Bugsy a boy or a girl? Seriously, look at him/her. It doesn't help that he/she specializes in the type with the lowest average base stat total.

Honestly he has the advantage if you had made the wrong choice with a chikorita.

2 Wikstrom

His Aegislash is the only thing he has going for him in battle. Also, Klefki? Really?

He just doesn't look right.

Probably the worst looking 4 heavenly kings ever

His hairstyle is trash.

3 Falkner

His Gym and his Pokemon were GIVEN to him by his OWN Father. Yeah, that's how much he sucks

A Pidgey and a Pidgeotto. Best. Team. Ever.

That gosh darn idiot. He's a fraud. Pidgey. PIDGEY

He sucks so bad he has to spam sand attack and roost to be even decently good

4 Olympia

Get a real hairstyle girl.

Uh who oh right the really bad gen 6 gym leader

She's an old lady who needs to go jump into an active volcano.

Wait who's this person again?

5 Cilan Cilan is one of the three Gym Leaders of Striaton City's Gym, known officially as the Striaton Gym, in Pokemon Black and White. In the anime, he is classified as an A-class Pokemon Connoisseur and traveled with Ash Ketchum in the Unova region. He first debuted in Triple Leaders, Team Threats!.

Why did you put cilan on duh list he is awesome

What is Cilan doing on this list? I don't get why everyone hates him!

His pansage know rock tomb ROCK TOMB


6 Chuck

To be honest I forgot all about him after I left his gym... That can't be a good sign...

Chuck is like chucky cheeses! Dumb

He was so hard, I had to use selfdestruct.

Chuck's team is a downgrade from Morty. I mean, a POLIWRATH AND PRIMEAPE? Switch up the Pokémon's name patterns! Also, would it have KILLED HIM to have a Hitmontop?

7 Clemont Clemont originates in Pokemon XY, created by Nintendo & game freak. is a gym leader of the lumoise city. He specialized in electric Pokemon and is known as a genius. more.

I'm honestly conflicted about this character; and I'm drawing most of the inspiration from the anime. He's a decent brother and a good friend, but in context of the series, he's the least developed. Oh and if you're facing him in the games, he might as well be down graded to second gym leader position. He sucks as a gym leader and the least developed in the series.

Cute, Handsome, Nerdy, Cool, and motherly in the anime. Coldhearted, neglectful brother in the games. Geez! Just take care of Bonnie like you do in the anime!

We don't yet know how tough Clemont is as a gym leader. So I can't rate him now.

I mean Clemont looks kind of weird, but Bonnie is cute and he is kind of cute.

8 Gardenia

When I used wing attack, Bam! Her Roserade fainted. too easy! Train more Gardenia!

Honestly Gardenia, don't show your belly to the trainers. its gross.

Worst hair ever.

Stupid leech seed cherrim

9 Iris Iris is from the Pokemon bwhite version & Pokemon black 2 & white. She ether was the gym leader in Opelucid city in white version. She first appeared to aid Bianca, Burgh, and the playable character when Bianca's Munna was stolen, & acted as a bodyguard. In Black 2 & White 2, she was the champion. Iris more.

What a kid... There, I said it.

Not gym leader yet infact in the games she is champion


Iris is cool...y’all some haters

10 Glacia

I don't know if it is just me, but I just can't stand Glacia. I only played Omega Ruby, not the original one, so I don't know if she was better or worse. She was forgettable, and I didn't really like what she said before the battle. Her design is really nothing speical, and she was the number one person in the whole game that I had trouble with beating. My Pokemon were always getting confused, and were always getting frozen. I had to waste 8 revives and over a dozen full restores to finally kill her stupid Froslass. Right when I kill Froslass though, I was like, "Finally... Wait... She has ANOTHER FROSLASS!? DANGET! " I haven't played the original Ruby and Sapphire yet, so I can't say much more but in omega and alpha, I just really hate Glacia.

What are you talking about? Glacia is one of the most challenging and most interesting Elite Four members. I remember her being such a pain when I played Ruby Version as a kid. She would always mop the floor with my team no matter how much I trained.

I thought glacia was elite four...

She just was forgettable, but not as disappointing as Wulfric.

Freggin sheer cold and her stupid tanky glalie that WILL NOT DIE and both of her retarded froslasses if you don't have a fire rock or fighting type your screwed

The Contenders

11 Whitney

She wasn't even that hard. My Skiploom could deal with the rollouts easy because it was female and I used sleep powder and leech seed. In my other gameplay my Gloom beat her clefairy and miltank because I had enough time to use growth a lot during Clefairy's metronomes. And her Clefairy was a much bigger deal than her Miltank.

How dare you I loved her mil tank it made me feel accomplished when I beat her

You hated her Milktank too and you know it...

The Clefairy was more of a problem than the Miltank. You were given tons of chances to block out the Mitank, but Clefairy could even have Sacred Fire!

12 Clair

The worst part about Clair is that you have to go out of your way to do something for her to "prove your worth" when you beat her instead of getting the final badge. At least with Jasmine, there was a sick Pokemon in need of tlc, but Clair just has anger management problems.

Will not give the dang badge! 😤

13 Aaron

Aaron uses one of the worst types of Pokemon. And to those who says he's the one with the Lucario, the Aaron we are talking about is in the Elite 4.

I ALWAYS forget about him, because he doesn't really have anything to do with the plot.

Aaron, the one that died with the Lucario? Ya, he was really annoying. I don't know any other Aaron, so..

Aaron isn't a Gym Leader. He's just a special character.

14 Maylene

Paul, is this you? Maylene is far from the worst...get her off here, she's awesome.

Can I ask what the hell Maylene is doing here?

15 Wulfric

His abomasnow only has 3 moves. THREE MOVES!

16 Clay

Take Clay off of here! He's vicious.

17 Elesa

She is a cheater, can you believe that in the anime, Zebstrika dodged Swift from Bianca's Minccinno? An attack that NEVER misses ACTUALLY MISSED. I don't like her and she annoys me in the anime, I don't hate super models but she's got to be the worst. Sorry, guys.

Despite her emolga's, this girl was pretty cool. She is in my top 10 favorites to be honest

Elesa is really irritating in the anime, and her quotes are annoying. PLUS (it's my opinion, I'm not being whiny and judgemental like I used to be) the fact that I just HAPPEN TO HATE SUPERMODELS!

Preety hot and sexy for not being a blond

18 Valerie

Uses the worst pokemon type of all time.

Yeah fairy type sucks


19 Fantina

She is WAY worse than morty

20 Blaine
21 Lt. Surge Lt. Surge is a fictional character in the Pokémon series and the Gym Leader of Vermillion City who specializes in electric type Pokémon, in the anime he's extremely arrogant, aggressive and refers to other trainers as babies for not meeting his qualities his main Pokémon is Raichu who he evolved more.

In the manga he almost killed Red, and when facing the Masked Man, he almost blew the man and himself up! On purpose!

Hands down one of the lamest gyms puzzles. All you have to is search for two switches in each bin.

His puzzle is so aggravating, but there is also fun to be had with it.

I hate this guy for some reason. Don't know why.

22 Erika

... ? Rude? He called her best product trash, Ash gets 1 for arrogance.

Exactly. People are calling Erica rude, but Ash was the rude one for insulting her perfume when he could have kept his comments to himself.

She was so rude to Ash!

No she wasn't. The other women at her gym were the ones that were rude. Erica allowed Ash to battle her and she gave him the badge when Ash saved her Gloom from the fire.

Too easy and I beat her with a wartortle

23 Alder

Even though he's a champion, he deserves to be here. he tries to hard to teach the main character, then gets beaten before he even battles! His theme sucks, he team sucks, his anime depiction sucks.

24 Sabrina Sabrina is a fictional character in the Pokemon universe as the gym leader of the Saffron City Gym who specializes in psychic type Pokemon.

Ho a psycho girl

Hah! She's relying on psychic

My name is Sabrina LOL

But I love Sabrina x(

25 Red Red is a Pokémon Trainer from Pallet Town, Kanto. He is the first character to be playable in the Pokémon series and his initial appearance is set in the Generation I main games. He has since then made various appearances in Pokémon media, including the Generation III remakes of Red, Green, Blue, more.

Red ain't no gym leader!

Not a gym leader

26 Misty Misty, known as Kasumi in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo and created by Satoshi Tajiri. She’s the gym leader in Cerulean city & specializes in water Pokemon. In the games, she’s known as ‘the tomboy mermaid.’ more.

Just look at her in Electric Tale of Pikachu. A twelve year old. with breasts.

Why do you hate on Misty? She's so much better than May, Dawn, Lyra, Iris, Serena, and that stuff. KANTO FOREVER!

Ugh, she is so bland and boring. Whenever I see her, I want to just punch her face!

What all hail misty she beat ash in whirl cup

27 Siebold

Just look at his eye!

28 Cissy
29 Luana
30 Burgh

Dewott is doomed by Leavanny. Pignite is doomed by dwebble. Servine is doomed by all three.

31 Liza

Why Liza? It should be Tate and Liza... Whatever...
They should be first on this list! Why?
Because in one turn, before they could even attack, you can OHKO them with surf.
No. A Gym Leader Battle shouldn't be like that.
And in Emerald, they have Claydol which is still weak to water (surf)!

WHY DO THEY EVEN EXIST?! Not only are they too easy, but they're basically plagiarizing Roxanne!

Liza and her twin Tate, simply put, suck at double battles. The trainers I battled along the way were actually pretty challenging but when I finally got to Liza and Tate, all they had was a Solrock and a Lunatone. And just a Solrock and a Lunatone. No Gardevoirs, no Alakazams, no nothing. And this was the second last gym of Hoenn.

32 Lenora

I just randomly picked a book and stairs appeared so...

Firstly her puzzle is sort of pretty hard for the second gym also her lilipup and watchdog are the bane of annoyance with mean look not allowing you to change out Pokemon

This gym leader is ridiculously annoying, ESPECIALLY for a only a SECOND GYM leader, once her Herdier is gone, she sends out Watchdog, which will usually use Hypnosis, and spam Retaliate and Leer while you are asleep, Chesto berriers only work the first time you sleep and after that you become utterly useless, taking an entire turn of pain to use another berry or awakening, only to be put to sleep with Hypnosis once again and spammed with Retaliates, if the first dozen times didn't kill you already.

She looks like aunt jemima

33 Wattson
34 Roark

Roark was awesome!

Take him off his son skucks not him

35 Morty

He has a bland personality like a lot of other gym leaders, has an incredibly uninspired and lazily put together team (seriously, how hard would have it been to at least give him a misdreveaus? ) and has so many counters to him that it makes the battle incredibly easy without having to grind levels. Johto had tons of lame gym leaders but Morty is by far the worst of them.

36 Korrina Korrina is a fictional character in the Pokémon Series as the Shalour City Gym leader in the XY series, in the anime she's a cheerful girl with a explosive personality she has a Lucario who she raised and grew up with from when it was a Riolu, she was later tasked by her grandfather Gurkinn with finding more.

She sounds like a baby girl who loses against a weedle

Bad team; bland personality; ugly, ridiculous desing both in games and anime (especially anime); had major spotlight compared to her colleagues, and this made me believe she would return in XY sequels as a Champion. We got instead SM, and I waited 2 years for nothing, and felt trolled. She stole other leaders' spotlight for herself (for example: she shouldn't have been the one teaching you Mega Evolution)! I used to like her, and now I hate her so much. She's a literally who, a no one for me. Glad she got forgotten!

37 Wallace

Killed all his Pokémon in one hit with sky uppercut

38 Allister

She ain’t even done anything yet! Design’s odd but interesting, but she hasn’t done anything to show her battling skills yet. I say we wait until she shows her guns to judge her. Just my 2¢.

39 Tate and Liza
40 Marlon

He looks like a complete tool. and he swims away during a worldwide disaster!

"The world is doomed! " Marlon doesn't care.

In my opinion, Marlon is the worst. He irritated me so much in the games. His team kind of sucks, if you have Virvolion or Serpirior (however you spell them). And also, remember in Black and White where all the gym leaders helped you out with team plasma in one way or another, this dude doesn't. Okay, he did get them for you but, it doesn't help that he is always like "Oh, but dude, ya gotta think about why your doing dis, just because ther evil, u need to fight em? " Um, yeah! Awhile ago they made a TERRORIST ATTACK IN ONE OF THE CITIES! Oh yeah, I forgot, you didn't know that because your head is in the water all the time being the brainless, selfish person you are... Infact why are you even a gym leader?

...his gym was kind of cool though

41 Candice

Her floslass was so annoying and kept using double team.

42 Pryce

I hate his perfect team in the PWT.


43 Youngster Joey

This kid and his top percentage rattata Should be Champion, but that didn't exactly work out.

Not a gym leader but still annoying

Who is Youngster Joey?

I beat him first attempt.

44 Roxanne

No matter who you choose for a Hoenn starter, you can always beat Roxanne. ( Providing they have evolved.). Marshtomp is a Water/Ground type, which completely trumps Rock. Grovyle is a Grass type, which is also super effective. As for Combusken, it learns Double Kick when it evolves so... =I

45 Brock Brock is a character from Pokemon and is created by game freak & Nintendo. He was the first gym leader in pewter city, and specializes in rock Pokemon . more.

In anime he was so funny flirting with every girl.

HIT on all the girls!

All about girs

46 Diantha

No match for Ash or Alain

47 Norman
48 Blue

You’ve smoked him plenty of times before, and ya know his team by heart now. Just do it again and you win.

Not much of a challenge.

49 Drasna
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