Top 10 Worst Pokepastas

If a pokepasta is on here that you wrote, or you like, I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend you, I just don't like these, okay.

Well let's go.

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1 Jessica

Just listen to Mah Dry Bread's final thoughts you will see what I mean

It's a nice pasta

2 Moaning Blue
3 Pokemon Blood Edition

Way tooo muccch bloddd.

They tried far too hard to be scary

4 Evil Zubat Cave

First they start off by bragging about impossible things, like a level 67 Charizard at gym for, the Cascade badge makes Pokemon up to level 30 obey, if the level goes higher they will ignore your command. and yet they also somehow read the zubat's health and so many more cliches

5 Do you remember

Just by the title I knew it was going to be crap.

Everything this story held has been done TO DEATH

6 Blue Tears

Far too cliche as well, Flea Markets, GOOD GOD! The character was poorly designed and unlikeable. Full of typos and cliches, and they were trying far too hard to sound deep."

7 Prevention Of Evolution

I liked this one I don't really see what's wrong but I am not mad you hate it every one has there opinion

It's bland and cliche and thinks that gore = scary. There's also no explanation for why EEeEE starts out killing Pokemon. The second version is a little bit better, but not by much, though I love the third version.

I love this pokepasta because espeevee EEeEE wants to evolve who wouldn't

8 Tick, Tick, Tick

It makes fun of Cliches. It also spoils us, that RED IS WAITING! Don't spoil it, it doesn't become scary, and why is the player named Gold, I don't care if your a girl. The regular player name has been done to death.

9 Stephanie's Revenge 4: HOW RUDE!

Why does this remind me of Full House? - Ilovestephanie

In Part 4, Stephanie and her legendary Pokemon foil the evil plans of Team Rocket who had currently injured one of her friends, saying "HOW RUDE! " in front of the thieves. - shelleyduvallfan10

10 Buryman


For goddess sake, that's a really poor story, there's just a ''deleted file'' who actually appear in a sequence of times on a game and loose. There's nothing more...


The Contenders

11 Pack Rat

Oh, DEAR GOD! This was terrible, the fact that is relieving childhood nostolgia, CLICHE!

Were they even trying?

12 Stephanie's Revenge 2: Return of the Clique

The continuing adventures of Stephanie as she travels to the far reaches of an unknown region which she uses her legendary Pokemon to battle other girls' Pokemon. - shelleyduvallfan10

13 Buried Alive Model

It may have started good, but was quickly a clichéd and gore=scare style crappypasta

14 Lavender Town Syndrome
15 Chikorita's Oil

It's dumb and cliche, enough said

16 Pokemon Fire Rapidash

This has got to be one of the most cliched Pokepastas ever, I'm usually ok with cliches, as long as they are handled well.

However the writer didn't handle it well at all. The writer says that it was a real ROM hack but was removed immediatly after, the player played it. They say it's the truth. Pokepasta makers do not do this. also the reason why people get scared when playing creepy Pokemon games is because THEY ARE NOT PLAYING ROM HACKS. I counted, and there were about, 47 cliches

17 Stephanie's Revenge: The Mysterious Holy Grail

Probably one of the worst pokepastas. ROM hack had Stephanie, a local Pokémon hero from a unknown city, finding the mysterious holy grail and getting her hands on a legendary Pokémon. - playstationfan66

18 Creepy Black

It used be okayish... Then everyone started talking about it and now it's way too over used

19 Pokemon Ms. X
20 The hacked Pokemon red cartridge

Lazy name, full of cliches, boring to read, rip off of Pokemon creepy black which was bad to begin with, has death just for the shock factor, need I say more?

21 Innocence by Youth

It's a decent story buried under 10 feet of concrete. Let's start with the basics, poor grammar, misspellings, the first half is pretty generic. Now for the bad stuff, hack cliche, bad character development, and the people we have to find simpathy for are all jerks. Need I say more.

22 Stephanie's Revenge 3: The Clique Strikes Back

The story still continues as Stephanie and her legendary Pokemon unravel the journey of The Clique's most powerful Pokemon. - shelleyduvallfan10

23 Stephanie's Revenge 5: I Dream of Jeannie

Do you still love me?

25 Strangled Red

In a world that cheated me...

Why should I play FAIR?

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